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AN - 14 - Uppercut Ceiling

Darkgenerallord Mar 29th, 2020 95 Never
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  1. But Sheeva was seemingly tireless. Relentless. She pressed in at Liu with incredible speed as he came out of a roll, landing a monstrous uppercut to his chin that lifted him off the ground. He sailed through the air like a rag doll, smashed through the temple’s ceiling, thudded onto an outside terrace, and was still trying to collect himself when Sheeva came climbing up from the hole, the muscles of her upper back and shoulders a corded mass.
  3. As she came scrabbling onto the terrace, Liu sprang to his feet, cocked his right leg, and delivered a roundhouse kick to her middle, the leg traveling parallel to the floor, his hip and supporting foot rotating slightly, the ball of his foot connecting with shocking impact as the kick reached the end of its arc. She grunted and staggered drunkenly, doubled over, her arms folding around her middle.
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