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  1. [f=0054603] rooks[vegan] added point: i think their scylla ran away
  2. [f=0055635] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  3. [f=0055717] [snoke (replay)] wow
  4. [f=0055788] [snoke (replay)] that was lame
  5. [f=0056277] Speed set to 2.0 [server]
  6. [f=0056338] [hokomoko] enough commentary snoke
  7. [f=0056797] GreenPixel added point:
  8. [f=0056802] GreenPixel added point:
  9. [f=0056875] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  10. [f=0056910] Playback paused
  11. [f=0056911] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  12. [f=0056911] Playback continued
  13. [f=0056911] Playback paused
  14. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  15. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  16. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  17. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  18. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  19. [f=0056911] Input grabbing is enabled!
  20. [f=0056911] Playback continued
  21. [f=0056911] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  22. [f=0056973] > SPRINGIE:User Astran|turretaafar|7_4||False|TMNL||ZA
  23. [f=0057002] Speed set to 2.0 [server]
  24. [f=0057016] GreenPixel added point: nuke it already
  25. [f=0057019] Connection attempt from Astran
  26. [f=0057019]  -> Version: 104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc maintenance [Windows 32-bit (emulated)]
  27. [f=0057019]  -> Connection established (given id 17)
  28. [f=0057123] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][map-checksums]
  29.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  30.     client=5030b62b8369ff1f12db7c26418b4216e4fcaa20adad2fe03a1f689a4f26e946c23e4e509dff35e428e6d7cd5354e02ad4ce24027e4e9008498718731d226483"
  31. [f=0057123] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][mod-checksums]
  32.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  33.     client=f7404aa961d500a755dcc7800a1b7521c692a561150e526a6287cd6d0b653299f7876b4f2b1ac3c7226a872326565e2e301f547b568f5a333f37a63407309fac"
  34. [f=0057618] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  35. [f=0057662] [snoke (replay)] cuz i publicated so much game relevant intel right hokomoko
  36. [f=0057759] Playback paused
  37. [f=0057789] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  38. [f=0057789] Playback continued
  39. [f=0057789] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  40. [f=0057789] Playback paused
  41. [f=0057789] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  42. [f=0057809] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=16][SHA_DATA=301005e837ce46201ab3361887344a92ce407f3b3e6578488cce70120bccdac94702fb463e3be618449e5c8316a5cd1cb44e05c06c92282e9702353e17612c6f]"
  43. [f=0057857] TLama added point:
  44. [f=0057876] TLama added point:
  45. [f=0057876] Playback continued
  46. [f=0057891] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=32][SHA_DATA=650215e988512eaeb5a89692f64bf5651082d4f7b5127d8f46338051dbe23a11e3f6d37b0d40412ee88dcb5d271e8ce1068b81428b715b9613c9a07dc22e1a4a]"
  47. [f=0057915] TLama added point:
  48. [f=0057928] TLama added point:
  49. [f=0057941] TLama added point:
  50. [f=0057952] TLama added point:
  51. [f=0057963] TLama added point:
  52. [f=0057971] TLama added point:
  53. [f=0057978] TLama added point:
  54. [f=0058099] TLama added point: lob!
  55. [f=0058317] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  56. [f=0058705] Player Astran left the game:  normal quit
  57. [f=0058876] > SPRINGIE:User Astran|turretaafar|7_4||False|TMNL||ZA
  58. [f=0058917] Connection attempt from Astran
  59. [f=0058917]  -> Version: 104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc maintenance [Windows 32-bit (emulated)]
  60. [f=0058917]  -> Connection established (given id 17)
  61. [f=0058943] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][map-checksums]
  62.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  63.     client=5030b62b8369ff1f12db7c26418b4216e4fcaa20adad2fe03a1f689a4f26e946c23e4e509dff35e428e6d7cd5354e02ad4ce24027e4e9008498718731d226483"
  64. [f=0058944] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][mod-checksums]
  65.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  66.     client=f7404aa961d500a755dcc7800a1b7521c692a561150e526a6287cd6d0b653299f7876b4f2b1ac3c7226a872326565e2e301f547b568f5a333f37a63407309fac"
  67. [f=0059169] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  68. [f=0059353] Speed set to 5.0 [server]
  69. [f=0059369] Input grabbing is enabled!
  70. [f=0059369] Input grabbing is enabled!
  71. [f=0059593] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=16][SHA_DATA=301005e837ce46201ab3361887344a92ce407f3b3e6578488cce70120bccdac94702fb463e3be618449e5c8316a5cd1cb44e05c06c92282e9702353e17612c6f]"
  72. [f=0059631] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Astran" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=32][SHA_DATA=650215e988512eaeb5a89692f64bf5651082d4f7b5127d8f46338051dbe23a11e3f6d37b0d40412ee88dcb5d271e8ce1068b81428b715b9613c9a07dc22e1a4a]"
  73. [f=0059972] Player Astran left the game:  normal quit
  74. [f=0060344] TLama added point:
  75. [f=0060480] > <snoke>!ring hokomoko
  76. [f=0060779] > <snoke>since when and why is commenting games forbidden?
  77. [f=0060780] game_message: Giving all units of rooks[vegan] to Slaab due to lag/AFK
  78. [f=0060930] game_message: Player rooks[vegan] is no longer lagging or AFK; returning all their units.
  79. [f=0060951] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  80. [f=0061089] Playback paused
  81. [f=0061090] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  82. [f=0061090] Playback continued
  83. [f=0061090] Playback paused
  84. [f=0061090] Input grabbing is enabled!
  85. [f=0061090] Input grabbing is enabled!
  86. [f=0061090] Playback continued
  87. [f=0061090] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  88. [f=0061126] Speed set to 3.0 [server]
  89. [f=0061192] TLama added point: DJINN
  90. [f=0061392] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  91. [f=0061534] [hokomoko] if you want to tell people what they do is excellent, go ahead
  92. [f=0061582] Input grabbing is enabled!
  93. [f=0061582] Input grabbing is enabled!
  94. [f=0061731] Input grabbing is enabled!
  95. [f=0061731] Input grabbing is enabled!
  96. [f=0061792] Speed set to 3.0 [server]
  97. [f=0062934] [hokomoko] if you want to tell people they did something not very good, word it politely if at all
  98. [f=0063036] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  99. [f=0063404] Input grabbing is enabled!
  100. [f=0063404] Input grabbing is enabled!
  101. [f=0063418] Playback paused
  102. [f=0063418] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  103. [f=0063418] Playback continued
  104. [f=0063418] Playback paused
  105. [f=0063418] Input grabbing is enabled!
  106. [f=0063418] Input grabbing is enabled!
  107. [f=0063418] Playback continued
  108. [f=0063418] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  109. [f=0063453] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  110. [f=0063518] TLama added point: Dante
  111. [f=0064114] > <Astran>if we want to talk about firepluk's mom? :p
  112. [f=0065289] Hellaciouss added point: how many times are we goign to lose this island
  113. [f=0065434] TLama added point:
  114. [f=0065447] TLama added point:
  115. [f=0065457] TLama added point:
  116. [f=0065464] TLama added point:
  117. [f=0065470] TLama added point:
  118. [f=0065536] TLama added point: scylla
  119. [f=0065728] [hokomoko] she's a lovely lady I'm sure
  120. [f=0066073] TLama added point:
  121. [f=0066087] TLama added point:
  122. [f=0066100] TLama added point:
  123. [f=0066110] TLama added point:
  124. [f=0066121] TLama added point:
  125. [f=0066267] > <Astran>:D
  126. [f=0066298] <BLaNKMiND> Allies:  I gave 1 unit to Jummy.
  127. [f=0066558] [hokomoko] and I appreciate if we choose other subjects to discuss
  128. [f=0066732] Spectator Manu12 left the game:  normal quit
  129. [f=0066738] TLama added point:
  130. [f=0066893] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  131. [f=0066936] Hellaciouss added point: here we go losing this reclaim again
  132. [f=0066989] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  133. [f=0067070] > <Astran>just kidding, obviously ;)
  134. [f=0067845] [Game::ClientReadNet] added new player FredzteR with number 31 to team 0
  135. [f=0067845] > SPRINGIE:User FredzteR|staticradar|5_4||False|||GB
  136. [f=0068748] > <snoke>i dont get it hokomoko
  137. [f=0068831] > <snoke>20:29] hokomoko: if you want to tell people they did something not very good, word it politely if at all
  138. [f=0068986] > <snoke>where did i tell anyone to do anything
  139. [f=0069181] > <snoke>where was i unpolite?
  140. [f=0069477] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  141. [f=0069747] Input grabbing is enabled!
  142. [f=0069747] Input grabbing is enabled!
  143. [f=0070403] > <snoke>seriously got no clue what your problem is hokomoko
  144. [f=0070492] Input grabbing is enabled!
  145. [f=0070492] Input grabbing is enabled!
  146. [f=0070791] > SPRINGIE:User Onix1|shipriot|2_1||False|||GB
  147. [f=0070792] > SPRINGIE:User Onix1|shipriot|2_1||False|||GB
  148. [f=0070824] Connection attempt from Onix1
  149. [f=0070824]  -> Version: 104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc maintenance [Windows 32-bit (emulated)]
  150. [f=0070824]  -> Connection established (given id 13)
  151. [f=0070831] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Onix1" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][map-checksums]
  152.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  153.     client=5030b62b8369ff1f12db7c26418b4216e4fcaa20adad2fe03a1f689a4f26e946c23e4e509dff35e428e6d7cd5354e02ad4ce24027e4e9008498718731d226483"
  154. [f=0070831] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Onix1" string="[PreGame::GameDataReceived][mod-checksums]
  155.     server=10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  156.     client=f7404aa961d500a755dcc7800a1b7521c692a561150e526a6287cd6d0b653299f7876b4f2b1ac3c7226a872326565e2e301f547b568f5a333f37a63407309fac"
  157. [f=0070872] TLama added point: fuk
  158. [f=0071005] Input grabbing is enabled!
  159. [f=0071005] Input grabbing is enabled!
  160. [f=0071043] Playback paused
  161. [f=0071043] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  162. [f=0071043] Playback continued
  163. [f=0071043] Playback paused
  164. [f=0071043] Input grabbing is enabled!
  165. [f=0071043] Input grabbing is enabled!
  166. [f=0071043] Playback continued
  167. [f=0071043] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  168. [f=0071064] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  169. [f=0071289] [hokomoko] "that was lame"
  170. [f=0071383] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Onix1" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=16][SHA_DATA=301005e837ce46201ab3361887344a92ce407f3b3e6578488cce70120bccdac94702fb463e3be618449e5c8316a5cd1cb44e05c06c92282e9702353e17612c6f]"
  171. [f=0071390] [Game::ClientReadNet][LOGMSG] sender="Onix1" string="[PE::CalcChecksum][BLK_SIZE=32][SHA_DATA=650215e988512eaeb5a89692f64bf5651082d4f7b5127d8f46338051dbe23a11e3f6d37b0d40412ee88dcb5d271e8ce1068b81428b715b9613c9a07dc22e1a4a]"
  172. [f=0071540] > <snoke>i said that was lame, when 2 scyllas fought each other with 500 rockets
  173. [f=0071650] > <snoke>which is lame
  174. [f=0071856] [hokomoko] nobody asked you
  175. [f=0072037] > <snoke>im allowed to speak
  176. [f=0072085] > <snoke>so im asking
  177. [f=0072111] Playback paused
  178. [f=0072113] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  179. [f=0072113] Playback continued
  180. [f=0072113] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  181. [f=0072145] > <snoke>since when and why
  182. [f=0072254] > <snoke>is commenting games forbidden
  183. [f=0072260] [hokomoko] you can say that it is a waste of ammunition
  184. [f=0072266] Playback paused
  185. [f=0072270] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  186. [f=0072270] Playback continued
  187. [f=0072270] Playback paused
  188. [f=0072270] Input grabbing is enabled!
  189. [f=0072270] Input grabbing is enabled!
  190. [f=0072270] Playback continued
  191. [f=0072270] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  192. [f=0072484] <Jummy> Allies: stop your striders and mike small units to finish tghis
  193. [f=0072593] > <snoke>seriously hokomoko  no clue whats up with you
  194. [f=0072938] TLama added point: seriously.kill dat scylla nubz
  195. [f=0073494] > <snoke>you forbid commenting games, but give no reason and just talk some bullshit philosophying how evil and unpolite saying "that was lame" is
  196. [f=0073891] [hokomoko] read the CoC
  197. [f=0073963] Playback paused
  198. [f=0073965] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  199. [f=0073965] Playback continued
  200. [f=0073965] Playback paused
  201. [f=0073965] Input grabbing is enabled!
  202. [f=0073965] Input grabbing is enabled!
  203. [f=0073965] Playback continued
  204. [f=0073965] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  205. [f=0074279] Playback paused
  206. [f=0074292] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  207. [f=0074292] Playback continued
  208. [f=0074292] Playback paused
  209. [f=0074292] Input grabbing is enabled!
  210. [f=0074292] Input grabbing is enabled!
  211. [f=0074292] Playback continued
  212. [f=0074292] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  213. [f=0074452] > <snoke>at least say what point you referring to
  214. [f=0074481] [Game::ClientReadNet] added new player katastrophe with number 32 to team 0
  215. [f=0074481] > SPRINGIE:User katastrophe|vehsupport|7_5|donator_1|False|MC|Federation|DE
  216. [f=0074498] TLama added point:
  217. [f=0074599] TLama added point:
  218. [f=0074608] TLama added point:
  219. [f=0074615] TLama added point:
  220. [f=0074627] TLama added point:
  221. [f=0074629] [hokomoko] I told you how you should behave, if you don't follow that, there will be consequences
  222. [f=0074633] TLama added point:
  223. [f=0074639] TLama added point:
  224. [f=0074647] TLama added point:
  225. [f=0074682] > SPRINGIE:User Archetherial|turretriot|6_5||False|||MX
  226. [f=0074688] > SPRINGIE:User Archetherial|turretriot|6_5||False|||MX
  227. [f=0074748] Playback paused
  228. [f=0074778] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  229. [f=0074778] Playback continued
  230. [f=0074778] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  231. [f=0075018] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  232. [f=0075086] > <snoke>seriously
  233. [f=0075124] [hokomoko] first point - be polite
  234. [f=0075196] > <snoke>cuz i said "that was lame"
  235. [f=0075205] Playback paused
  236. [f=0075206] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  237. [f=0075206] Playback continued
  238. [f=0075206] Playback paused
  239. [f=0075206] Input grabbing is enabled!
  240. [f=0075206] Input grabbing is enabled!
  241. [f=0075206] Playback continued
  242. [f=0075206] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  243. [f=0075234] Speed set to 3.0 [server]
  244. [f=0075307] > <snoke>it is lame
  245. [f=0075322] [hokomoko] yes
  246. [f=0075449] > <snoke>go ahead hoko
  247. [f=0075502] [Memequisitor] Allies: hoko is referring to how insecure he is
  248. [f=0076175] > SPRINGIE:User Zynn|shieldscout|1_0||False|||DE
  249. [f=0076206] [hokomoko] my insecurity or lack thereof is irrelevant
  250. [f=0077335] <TLama> Allies: I am kinda bored playing 1vs 3
  251. [f=0077496] [Memequisitor] your a sad little boy hoko. Muh "consequences"
  252. [f=0077550] game_message: TLama resigned, giving all units to BLaNKMiND
  253. [f=0077565] > <bombman>!notify
  254. [f=0077566] [hokomoko] heckling is not acceptable
  255. [f=0077607] Playback paused
  256. [f=0077622] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  257. [f=0077622] Input grabbing is enabled!
  258. [f=0077622] Input grabbing is enabled!
  259. [f=0077622] Playback continued
  260. [f=0077622] Playback paused
  261. [f=0077622] Input grabbing is enabled!
  262. [f=0077622] Input grabbing is enabled!
  263. [f=0077622] Playback continued
  264. [f=0077622] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  265. [f=0077653] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  266. [f=0077714] [hokomoko] !kick Memequisitor
  267. [f=0077959] [Memequisitor] Allies: oh look im still here
  268. [f=0078101] Slaab added point:
  269. [f=0078181] [Memequisitor] Allies: sad little boy
  270. [f=0078234] > <hokomoko>!kick Memequisitor
  271. [f=0078381] > <hokomoko>hehe
  272. [f=0078403] Hellaciouss added point: you keep making these garbage units
  273. [f=0078479] Playback paused
  274. [f=0078479] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  275. [f=0078479] Playback continued
  276. [f=0078479] Playback paused
  277. [f=0078479] Input grabbing is enabled!
  278. [f=0078479] Input grabbing is enabled!
  279. [f=0078479] Playback continued
  280. [f=0078479] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  281. [f=0078496] Hellaciouss added point: and dying
  282. [f=0078506] Speed set to 4.0 [server]
  283. [f=0078641] Hellaciouss added point: instead of helping with spam
  284. [f=0078710] > <hokomoko>give me a sec
  285. [f=0078988] <Hellaciouss> Allies: im done
  286. [f=0079050] game_message: Hellaciouss resigned, giving all units to BLaNKMiND
  287. [f=0079214] nimor added point:
  288. [f=0079270] [Memequisitor] Allies: your just proving my point you insecure little boy
  289. [f=0079308] nimor added point: smoke
  290. [f=0079485] > <snoke>ffs i just said 2 scyllas shooting each other with 500rockets is lame, there was no insult or anything, if you want to play the kindergarden cop, go ahead i just ignore you
  291. [f=0079936] > <snoke>sad cant ignore mod
  292. [f=0080216] [TLama (replay)] Allies: People play like shit today
  293. [f=0080356] [hokomoko] you are not even playing
  294. [f=0080454] > <Manu12>i actually think that what snoke said is not rude in any way i can think of atm
  295. [f=0080546] <BLaNKMiND> !poll resign
  296. [f=0080547] > Poll: Resign team 1? [!y=0/5, !n=0/5]
  297. [f=0080547] > Poll: Resign team 1? [!y=1/5, !n=0/5]
  298. [f=0080605] [hokomoko] you said it in open chat
  299. [f=0080612] [Memequisitor] Allies: abusing his power like the little boy he is
  300. [f=0080940] [Hellaciouss (replay)] Allies: i have cleared both those mid islands so many god damn times only for no one to make units and help secure them
  301. [f=0081088] > <Manu12>because he neither specified what or who at this point
  302. [f=0081322] > <snoke>i dont get it what hokomoko is tlaking bout
  303. [f=0081582] [Hellaciouss (replay)] Allies: instead they make jugs, get emped, and die to fucking snipers
  304. [f=0081699] > <snoke>what did i say in open chat? that was lame? yes i did, whats the point
  305. [f=0081970] Speed set to 10.0 [server]
  306. [f=0082080] [TLama (replay)] Allies: I lost 1 Jug
  307. [f=0082133] > <snoke>hokomoko is weird and hard to follow actually
  308. [f=0082161] [Memequisitor] Allies: he is literally a soy boy trying to make something of nothing because he infact insecure about himself
  309. [f=0082323] [Game::ClientReadNet] added new player EtSuRii with number 33 to team 0
  310. [f=0082324] > SPRINGIE:User EtSuRii|shipscout|7_5||False||Empire|CA
  311. [f=0082347] > Poll: Resign team 1? [END:FAILED]
  312. [f=0082407] [hokomoko] Manu12 the question whether we know what he talked about or not is irrelevant
  313. [f=0082421] [TLama (replay)] Allies: And had literally 0 help
  314. [f=0082634] > <EtSuRii>!notify
  315. [f=0083218] Playback paused
  316. [f=0083218] _Shaman (spec) paused the demo
  317. [f=0083218] Speed set to 1.0 [server]
  318. [f=0083218] Playback continued
  319. [f=0083218] Playback paused
  320. [f=0083218] Playback continued
  321. [f=0083218] _Shaman (spec) unpaused the demo
  322. [f=0083238] Speed set to 10.0 [server]
  323. [f=0083493] [Hellaciouss (replay)] Allies: tlama i cleared that island, both of them, several times
  324. [f=0083558] > <Manu12>well if every information players are allowed to give should be relevant, why is firepluk still playing zero-k then? XD
  325. [f=0083580] game_message: Jummy resigned, giving all units to BLaNKMiND
  326. [f=0083637] [hokomoko] snoke has a history of heckling, hence why I'm more strict
  327. [f=0083735] [Hellaciouss (replay)] Allies: and literally 5 minutes later they retake
  328. [f=0083739] <GreenPixel> !poll resign
  329. [f=0083739] > Poll: Resign team 1? [!y=0/5, !n=0/5]
  330. [f=0083740] > Poll: Resign team 1? [!y=1/5, !n=0/5]
  331. [f=0083760] game_message: BLaNKMiND resigned, giving all units to GreenPixel
  332. [f=0083793] > <snoke>wtf?
  333. [f=0083824] [Hellaciouss (replay)] Allies: cause no one making any units
  334. [f=0083996] game_message: North-East has been destroyed!
  335. [f=0083996] game_message: South-West wins!
  336. [f=0083996] <autoquit> Automatically exiting in 10 seconds. Move mouse to cancel.
  337. [f=0083996] Playback paused
  338. [f=0083996] Chili: tried to add multiple times "scrollpanel9" to "Player List"!
  339. [f=0084003] Playback continued
  340. [f=0084048] > <snoke>all i did i said "that was lame"
  341. [f=0084111] <autoquit> Autoquit canceled.
  342. [f=0084117] Spectator hokomoko left the game:  normal quit
  343. [f=0084123] Player ehtomlol left the game:  normal quit
  344. [f=0084123] Spectator BLaNKMiND left the game:  normal quit
  345. [f=0084129] Player nimor left the game:  normal quit
  346. [f=0084129] Spectator Hellaciouss left the game:  normal quit
  347. [f=0084129] Player Albator left the game:  normal quit
  348. [f=0084135] Spectator GreenPixel left the game:  normal quit
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