Jan 25th, 2014
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  1. (by God-Emperor of Mankind)
  3. Faline ambled thorough the Imperial encampment, the proud elf following the sound of hammers beating metal. Still distraught after losing her chosen battle axe, she sought the employ of a blacksmith to make another, though nothing would replace her old one. It was a fine sturdy piece of dwarven steel about one-and-a-half times the length of a dwarf, and perfect for her in every way. As she followed the distinct metal on metal sound, she spotted a black skinned man working a forge in naught but a brown apron and his dark tan pants. His shoulders and face were covered in sweat that glistened in the summer sun. He peered up at the elf approaching him.
  4. "Well, what have we here, a nice clean high born elf." He noticed the religious iconography on her pristine white armor. "And a Paladin no less." He spoke with a smile, raising an eyebrow.
  5. "Oh, they let you out of your hole?" She retorted with a half cocked smile. "Isn't the blazing inferno too much for you?"
  6. "I like it hot." He struck the hammer down as he looked the beautiful elf over. "So what can I do you for?"
  7. "I want to commission you for a battle axe."
  8. "Wouldn't you like something more suitable, like a thin long knife, something a little thing like you can 'handle'?" The drow let out a hearty laugh.
  9. "Oh trust me, I can handle a good axe." She winked. "Long axe at that. I like 'em big."
  10. "I'm sure you do." He quipped sarcastically. "I'd offer you a seat, but I'd imagine that stick in your ass doesn't make it easy sitting. Being a paladin I bet that's the only thing you feel there too."
  12. He spoke quietly, but the elf's keen ears could still hear them. She took a few slow steps towards the drow, making an obvious effort to sway her hips as she did. Faline's face was a few inches from his. She curled her lips into a flirtatious, and devilish smile. The drow's gaze was fixed on her, his eyes narrowed like a predator closing in on its prey.
  14. His gaze was only broken by the leathery fingertip of the elf, pressing against his chin. Her palm was facing up, with her fingers curled but not touching. A light hand that closed his mouth and tilted his head upward slightly. She slowly tilted her own head closer to the drow.
  15. "Wouldn't you like to know." She purred.
  17. Her hand dropped and she took a couple steps back. She too began to wander the man with her eyes. His form was very masculine, with toned muscles along his arms. His chest puffed out the apron with clear lines running along his chest. Faline found him to be in exquisite shape for a drow. She clicked her tongue along with a wink as she stood back from the forge. The darkness of the drow's face saved him from an embarrassing moment as he began to blush.
  18. "Now, will you make the weapon or not?"
  19. "Of course, anything for you, high born." He jeered "It'll be a few days though."
  20. "Shame, I thought they taught you males to show respect to a female." She placed her hands on her hips.
  21. "Yes, but to true females of the underworld, but to you..." He chopped his lips a couple times. " I'm a bit peckish, perhaps you'd fetch me something to eat?"
  23. Faline's eyes widened, though her smile had not faded. The elf was more entertained at the dark man's insults than offended by them, but she could not come up with a suitable insult to return to him. Instead, she stood there with her mouth slowly opening. Satisfied, the drow crossed him arms leaning towards Faline looking impatient, as if he expected her to actually fetch him food. Faline composed herself, curling her smile to the side of her face.
  24. "Very well, spider bedder. Would you like it with dirt or mushrooms?" She spoke condescendingly.
  25. "Who says I was talking about food?" He winked.
  27. She was speechless once again. This time it was her to blush. She tilted her head away from the drow while still looking him in the eye. Her neck was clearly showing as the wind began to pick up her shining blond hair. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her blush. They stood silently, the drow still gazing expectantly as Faline slowly built into a laugh. Her laugh became louder and she doubled over. When she recovered she looked up at the man, who had gotten closer.
  28. "Oh my! I'm sorry, but I doubt you could handle me." She stood upright still chuckling.
  29. "Well, I'll have to take the stick out first, wont I?"
  30. "I'm sure you wouldn't have trouble fitting with it in there." She glanced down at him then back up to his face, tilting her head to the side.
  31. "You said you like them big. So will the high born sun worshiper fetch me something to eat?" He licked his lips seductively.
  32. "What will your matron think if you 'sully' yourself on me, Commoner?" She gritted her teeth.
  33. "I don't have one, tree lover." He jutted his chin smiling smugly.
  34. "Web sleeper." She taunted taking a step forward.
  35. "Leaf eater." He responded in kind.
  36. "Labor slave!"
  37. "Child toucher!"
  38. "Spider fucker!"
  39. "Arrogant trickster!"
  41. They glared at each other with gritting teeth not more than inches away. Their eyes peered deeply into each other, his vibrant red eyes reflected in her stunning blue gems. Neither blinked, neither took a breath. They stood motionless. Until a slight breath from Faline escaped. Instantly their arms flung around each other wrapping tightly as their lips mashed together almost violently. Obnoxious grunts and moans escaped between the two as they pressed together in passionate embrace. His dark hands tangled themselves in her long blond hair, fraying the perfect flow, as hers pressed into his short white hair pressing the top of his head closer. It wasn't kissing so much as a clash of flesh, with their aggressive actions leaving little room for breath.
  43. Faline pressed away gasping for breath. Her face was deeply reddened, her breath was heavy. The drow continued to kiss her face and nibbled her neck. She joined back, pressing her tongue against his, fighting for the top. Moments passed and she broke away again, This time staring into his face.
  44. "My tent, or yours?" She blurted between her breaths.
  46. Without a word his grip dropped to her arm. He gripped tightly at the white metal and began pulling her up to her feet. The elf's body jerked as not all of her followed as quickly. The first few steps she took were off balance as she gleefully charged with the drow. The blacksmith shouted to his friend to 'cover the forge.' while he was gone. They ran through the encampment recklessly, almost knocking a few people down, while others gave a few friendly cheers of encouragement at the couple. During the dash Faline spotted one of her companions, Voren, with the redhead he spoke of. She smiled and shouted back at him in a flurry of almost incomprehensible words as she passed.
  47. "Hi Voren! Tell Aeric I'll be a while!" her words grew quieter the further she ran.
  49. The young Paladin stood dumbfounded, not sure how to respond. When they finally arrived at the large infantry tent the drow tossed the entry flaps open. The blinding sunlight surged into the room causing the occupants to shield their eyes. The drow stood with his arms out huffing heavily at the entrance, Faline attached to one. The several members in the tent stared back in confusion; some of them were playing card games, others chatting idly. The dark man took in a deep breath.
  50. "GET OUT!"
  52. The occupants hurriedly fled, leaving with well wishes and offerings of good luck. One woman left telling him to 'Bang her like a wardrum.' Before the flaps could even close he quickly threw Faline to the ground. She turned and landed gracefully on her back with no harm to herself. as the drow dropped on her they both began to hurriedly remove the metal plates from her body. They were tossed haphazardly around the tent, knocking over cots and night stands. She hadn't even been fully revealed of all her armor, as there were still a couple pieces on her hands and legs. Her breastplate had long since been discarded. The drow fumbled with the leather strings of Faline's gamberson, while continuing to kiss her. His attentions kept alternating between the two as the elf tried to unbind her vambraces and take the apron off the male at the same time.
  53. "Just rip it off!" She shouted in frustration.
  55. His fingers plunged between the stitching and his muscles bulged as he pulled the heavy cloth apart. The sharp sounds of the fabric tearing were muffled under the clanking of the plates still on the elf's legs. Once the padding was torn away, her skin was exposed. Though the tent was still and warm, the sensation of flowing air on her body was a wonderful feeling. The drow wasted no time covering one of her breasts with his soft lips, dancing his tongue on her flesh. His hands ran down her body flicking through the assorted belts to release more of her armor.
  57. Faline moaned softly, pressing his head closer into her. With her free hand she too began undoing more straps of her armor. She bent her knees bringing her legs closer as the drow pressed between her legs. His attention once again had to turn from her body to her adornments.
  58. "Why is there always more belts!?"
  59. "I didn't say you could talk, male!"
  61. One by one the bits of armor on her legs were removed and quickly tossed aside. The final obstacle was her her finely crafted pants. His fingers wrapped tightly around the waistband. She lifted her hips allowing him to begin tugging them away from her body, revealing more of her light flawless skin. The pants bunched around her ankles. He lifted her legs into the air, looking her in the eyes as with one final tug they were off her body. His hands firmly grabbed both of her legs, they slithered to the inside of her thighs.
  63. They opened up to reveal the beautiful shape of the forbidden fruit of his kind. The shape so familiar, and so different. He licked his lips lustfully as he grew closer. Faline brought her knees up, following his hands as she rested her legs. She felt the warm breath on her body, and soon the drow would envelope her entirely with a curt shout of pleasure from the elf. She was sweet and soft. He engorged himself greedily on her. Faline rested her hands on the top of his head assisting him. Her fingertips began to dig into his scalp as she moaned.
  64. "So much better, isn't it?" She threw her head back.
  66. He replied back with a slow and gravely moan that tingled her. He placed his thumb under his lip on top of her. It began rubbing in circles gingerly before slowly disappearing into her flesh. His other fingers circled just below. She grunted each time they pressed, but made no attempt to stop him. She laid back in ecstasy, enjoying the skill of the smith. Her chest rose and fell quickly, rising higher and higher as the drow's tongue danced on her sensitive clit. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, closed tightly, she took in a deep breath letting out a loud groan of satisfaction as she reached satisfaction. Her body jumped slightly, and her eyes flew open once she felt the fingers begin entering her. The drow lifted his head, dragging his tongue on her body.
  67. 'Whatda'ya know. No stick." He smiled.
  68. "Not yet, anyway." She purred.
  70. The drow began to remove his pants with his free hand, the other still placed firmly on Faline's body. The pants rested at his knees. After a bit of thrashing he could only remove them from one leg. Faline grunted at him, rushing the drow back to her body. She felt the warm and firm press of flesh against hers. He slowly rubbed it up and down her moist slit. The elf bit her lip in anticipation. The male simply shook his head with an evil smile.
  72. She left the male enter her body and grabbed him digging her nails into his back. She thrust her lips onto his, engaging once again is a passionate kiss. He pushed and pulled several times enjoying the warmth of her body, each time pressing deeper into her until his lap pressed against hers. The speed of his thrusts increased each time until there was a sharp slap every time their bodies met. Moans escaped their enclosed lips.
  74. The elf's legs locked themselves behind the drow's back pressing him even closer to Faline. Her body eagerly taking in his member. Each slap grew louder, every time it grew faster. The elf threw her head back and began moaning loudly, digging her fingers into his back. But at the height of their passion the drow stopped, slowly pulling himself from her.
  75. 'What we aren't finished!" Her breathing hardly allowing Faline to talk.
  77. She felt a pressure building in a different spot. She gasped suddenly and her eyes flew open as she realized what was happening, yet made no attempt to dissuade him. Her facial expressions turned once more, as her teeth started to grit and her eyes began to close. He was entering her, slowly. Though it hurt, she pressed him harder with her legs.
  78. "What's the matter, elf? A true woman can have a man anywhere."
  79. "There's a stick in my ass, remember?" She joked through her teeth.
  81. She protested finally, pushing him away. As the male sat back, he shook his head. Faline propped herself up on her hands breathing heavily, her body now glistening in sweat.
  82. "Its a bad angle..." She turned her self around, placing herself on her knees,then bent over. "Here. Try it now."
  84. The drow greedily grabbed her hips, dragging her into his lap. Once again he pressed into her. this time her body graciously accepting him. The moan she let out was almost lyrical the deeper he began to press. Her body pressed into him as well. She curled her lips and grunted as the last bit of his length was in her body. Her hips swayed lovingly as the drow hovered over her back.
  86. The drow kissed her and slowly began to pull himself from her. As he would press back into her, she jutted her hips into him, grunting. The ring around his member slowly loosened with every wave. The tension her body felt lessened along with the pain, allowing the drow to begin again in earnest. He leaned back, grabbing her hips firmly as he guided her hips onto his member. The drow watched his dark flesh plunge into her fair skinned cheeks. Their bodies began to clash harder shooting out the distinct slap of flesh.
  88. The strength in Faline's arms gave out and her body fell to the ground. She grabbed at the dirt with her hands digging into the ground. Her clenched teeth gave way to loud passionate moans as she felt him press into her over and over. It wasn't long before the male felt himself swell, and Faline began shouting with anticipation. With a sudden tightening of his grip he thrust his body one last time, releasing himself into the elf.
  90. His body draped over her, panting heavily. Their bodies clung together temporarily until the male rolled off of the elf. Faline's body stayed as it was, her hips jutted into the air, gasping for breath. Between the two the only action was heavy breathing. Faline took in a breath.
  91. "So..... About that axe." The two started to laugh.
  93. Later in the day, Faline returned to her companions. Her face with adorned with a large grin, her hair was unkempt, and specks of dirt still clung to her face. She attempted to sit on a bench, but quickly jumped back to her feet before sitting again. The other members of her group were going about their own matters. Aeric approached her sitting across from her.
  94. "So I found someone who will make my new battle axe."
  95. "How long will it take?" he replied.
  96. "A couple of days."
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