Snippet to safely store PayPal API credentials

eventsmanager May 11th, 2017 272 Never
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  1. <?php
  2. /*
  3. This snippet stores PayPal API keys to the wp_options database table.
  4. Useful if site is not running SSL but you can upload via encrypted FTP or SFTP.
  6. For installation instructions, see here (use the mu-plugins method) -
  7.  */
  8. function my_em_paypal_api_keys_save(){
  9.     update_option('em_paypal_api', array (
  10.         'username' => 'YOUR USERNAME',
  11.         'password' => 'YOUR PASSWORD',
  12.         'signature' => 'YOUR SIGNATURE',
  13.     ));
  14. }
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