Starlight Glimmer as Anons pet

Nov 8th, 2016
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  1. >you are Starlight and you are currently being hugged by Anon
  2. >while that is all nice and such, you would much rather do some reading or magic
  3. >but unfortunately ANon's magic immunity is radiating off of him and now you are stuck with his arms wrapped around you
  4. "Anon, I would really like to know, do something now?"
  5. >he doesn't respond
  6. "Anon?"
  7. >he turns on the TV
  8. "Ok that's not what I meant"
  9. >still no response
  10. >one movie later you are still stuck in his arms
  11. "Anon please, I really appreciate your affection and all but I must do so-"
  12. >Anon's hand makes its way to one of your ears and he starts scratching
  13. >a silent moan escapes your mouth and you quickly prevent yourself from showing more
  14. >too late unfortunately as you can see a grin form on Anon's face as he simply continues to pet you and scratch your ear
  15. >you turn your face away from him to hide your growing blush
  16. >it feels really good, but he can't know that
  17. >after a while he stops and when you feel comfortable enough you make a quick glance towards him
  18. >he seems to be sleeping
  19. >finally
  20. >f-finally? You can't get his arms off of you, he is still holding strong onto you, even during his sleep
  21. >you are slowly starting to worry a little
  22. >you would even go so far as to say that fear is building up
  23. >Anon, a strong alien being, with a magic resistance, has you helpless and at his mercy
  24. >he could do anything to you that he wants and actually that's exactly what he has been doing
  25. >petting you, scratching your ear, booping you, belly rubs
  26. >and there was nothing you could do
  27. >you feel a little arousal go through you
  28. >not now brain, go away
  29. >you can't deal with that now
  30. >Spike walks by
  31. >thank god
  32. >you whisper to him
  33. "h-hey spike, help me out of here"
  34. >Spike tugs at Anons arms, but nothing
  35. >suddenly Anon starts shifting and laying himself down on the couch instead of sitting, wrapping himself around you and now holding you even closer
  36. >and tighter
  38. "help me Spike"
  39. >Spike just shrugs and walks away
  40. "Traitor"
  41. >hours go by and even after Anon woke up again, he still insisted on hugging you
  42. >another movie
  43. "Anon please, you can't keep doing this forever"
  44. >he just lets out a small chuckle
  45. >surely he would let you go eventually
  46. >you changed your mind as the next morning came and you were still a prisoner of Anon's embrace
  47. "Anon this is ridiculous, please, I have to go to the toilet"
  48. >Surely now he would finally let you free
  49. >Anon stands up, carrying you, and starts to walk towards the toilet
  50. >nope dot fucking exe
  51. >h-he can't be serious
  52. "Y-you can't be serious"
  53. >he walks into the bathroom and just looks around for a while as if to check something
  54. >"big or small?"
  55. >wait what
  56. "s-small"
  57. >"fine you have a couple minutes"
  58. >he leaves you and closes the door
  59. >thank celestia, this was starting to get creepy, actually it still is
  60. >it feels more and more like you are his cuddle slave more than anything else
  61. >at least you have a little time alone
  62. >but you ain't going to have that again
  63. >time to teleport
  64. >time to teleport?
  65. >why can't you use your magic
  66. >oh no, Anon's anti magic must still have an effect on you
  67. >who knows how long this is going to take to wear off
  68. >what if Anon knows it? maybe he didn't risk it, maybe he checked the bathroom to see if you can escape or not
  69. >no windows
  70. >Anon walks in again, startling you
  71. "I-I am not done yet"
  72. >"What were you doing till now?"
  73. >trying to find a way to escape but you can't tell him that
  74. >"Trying to find a way to escape?"
  75. >How did he-
  76. "How did you..?"
  77. >"Good guess"
  78. >fear is creeping up now
  79. >this is starting to get really uncomfortable
  80. >but surely Anon had no ill intentions, after all Twilight would still save you if something bad happens, right?
  81. "Anon you are creeping me out"
  82. >he just shrugs
  83. >what, that's all you are going to get?
  84. "Could I please be alone now?"
  85. >he gives you a stern look and walks out
  87. >this time you will actually do what you came here for, you don't want to risk Anon not allowing you another try
  88. >the day goes by as normal as it can get while constantly being held by a big strong human
  89. >until Anon decides that it was bath time
  90. >and with that he didn't mean just for him
  91. >you find yourself in the bathroom once more, Anon trying to undress himself as good as he can with one hand while holding you with the other
  92. >why didn't you do anything today to prevent this
  93. >you could have prevented this
  94. "ANON this is you know..v-very inappropriate"
  95. >he gets into the bathtub together with you and you slowly sink into the warm water and strong blush over your face
  96. >"You think so?"
  97. >your embarrassment prevents you from forming a response
  98. >"I want my pony to be nice and clean"
  99. >d-did he just call you 'his pony'
  100. >a shudder runs through you
  101. >and arousal
  102. >suddenly a realization hits you
  103. >if Anon keeps that up for longer, you wouldn't be able to masturbate at all
  104. >Anon hands on your body force you out of your thought
  105. >he starts to rub rub your fur and mane
  106. >embarrasment, sexual arousal, confusion
  107. >many things go through your head, but you stay completely frozen as he works his hands through your body
  108. >once he is done with your upper body, his hands start to make their way towards your lower part
  109. >you want to stop him, say something, but you just stay frozen, you can't manage to say anything
  110. >his hands starting to rub your tail, your thighs, your cutie mark
  111. >and lower, and-
  112. "Ah~"
  113. >you let out a moan and Anon quickly stops
  114. >"Sorry didn't mean to do that"
  115. >why did he have to stop
  116. >you wish you could ask him to continue
  117. >the bath you had together leaves you in great confusion
  118. >you expected Anon to go all sexual on you, but nothing
  119. >it leaves you frustrated
  120. >you are now in bed together with Anon, once more having him wrapped around you
  122. >he is way off in dream land, but you are far from it
  123. >all you can think of is how he cleaned you in the bathtub
  124. >how his strong hands held you close to his body
  125. >how he slowly moved one down
  126. >and you could only helplessly accept it
  127. >again a moan escapes you as your hoof made its way downtown
  128. >your fantasy of having Anon forcing you to orgasm continues inside your head and more moans fill the night
  129. >as you feel your orgasm reaching close something interrupts you
  130. >you can feel your hooves being pulled away
  131. >Anon had grabbed them and they were now both pressed against your body as he held you close
  132. >instead of a moan a whine escapes your mouth now and you continue humping the air, wishing for that sweet release
  133. >but you quickly give up, realizing how futile it is
  134. "Why did he have to do it now..."
  135. >you can hear Anon whispering into your ear
  136. >"My pet didn't ask for permission"
  137. >you almost cum from that
  139. >the next morning arrives and Anon is acting as if nothing ever happened
  140. >sleep was horrible, your hornyness prevented you from going into dreamland
  141. >you probably kept squirming for about 2h before you finally gave up
  142. >and now you are sitting at the table for breakfast
  143. >on Anon's lap
  144. >he is still holding you, like he did yesterday all day
  145. >but this time it gives you a different feeling
  146. >a feeling of arousal mostly but also confusion and embarrassment
  147. >especially as you see Twilight and Spike walking in and joining you at the table
  148. >Twilight let's out a chuckle
  149. >"What, you two are still at it? Are you now a couple or something?"
  150. >w-WHA
  151. >you bury your face into Anon's chest, trying to hide the huge blush on your face
  152. >unfortunately you relize what you just did and it brings only more embarrassment
  153. >Anon, as always, stays completely calm and gives Twilight a smile
  154. >Twilight starts chatting with Spike and you finally manage to show your face again
  155. >you definately need some food
  156. >as you try and grab something to eat from the desk, Anon quickly interrupts you and puts your hoof down again
  157. >you can hear him whisper into your ear
  158. >"Tsk tsk, if my pet wants something, it has to ask, seems like a punishment is necessary"
  159. >w-was he serious
  160. >before you even manage to reply you can feel his hand rubbing your belly
  161. >and then a bit lower
  162. "hng-"
  163. >you try your best to hold back your moans, Twilight was right there
  164. >he can't fucking do this to you
  165. >but what should you do?
  166. >tell Twilight?
  167. >tell her what? That Anon is rubbing you off infront of her
  168. >no, no fucking way
  169. >you feel so exposed, so embarrassed, if she looks at you...
  170. >you lean back into Anon's chest, trying to hide yourself from the world
  171. >it feels so good
  172. >you feel one of his fingers inside you, playing around, massaging you
  173. >it's too much, you are going to cum, infront of Twilight, infront of Spike
  174. >you try to hold back as best as you can, but you can't
  176. >silent moans of pleasure escape, you have to be quiet
  177. "Hmm..hngg"
  178. >s-so close
  179. >you tense up, in try to make yourself as small as possible in Anon's lap, so that Twilight surely wouldn't see you
  180. >Anon: "Say Twilight, what do you guys have planned for today?"
  181. >why Anon....why
  182. >you almost want to burst out in tears
  183. >he can't do that, how could he be so cruel
  184. >but that wasn't all, on top of that you didn't feel him anymore, he stopped
  185. >his hand making it's way up to his face and you can see him liking it clean
  186. >Twi: "Starlight? Is everything ok?"
  187. >you look at Twilight and realize that you have been staring at Anon in shock the whole time as he licked his fingers clean
  188. >no you were not ok, you were absolute not ok
  189. >you were capture by a big human that constantly hugged and teased you and you needed to cum, so badly...
  190. >but you can't tell her that
  191. "Y-yeah, I just had a bad night that's all..."
  192. >Twi: "Oh alrigh then.."
  193. >Twi: "To answer your question Anon, me and Spike are meeting with Rainbow later. How about you? Anything planned for today?"
  194. >Anon: "Yeah I thought that maybe we will do some shopping today"
  195. >wait, we, what did he mean with we!?
  196. >he surely wouldn't carry you through town would he?
  197. >WOULD HE??
  198. >the answer to that question follows soon after breakfast as Anon heads out together with you
  199. >carrying you
  200. >for EVERYONE TO SEE
  201. "Anon! That goes too far, please I can't take that."
  202. >"I have been hugging or carrying everyone in this town at some point, don't be scared, everyone knows how weird I am"
  203. >he was right in this, didn't change the fact that it was still embarrassing as fuck
  204. >after a few minutes you find yourself in sugarcube corner, looking at Pinkie as Anon orders some muffins
  205. >this whole situation was awkward but Pinkie seemed to completely ignore it
  206. >as if it was totally normal
  207. >to your surprise Anon puts you down before taking the muffins
  208. >"I have to deliver this to a friend of mine, now you be a good pet and wait here till i come back"
  210. >you freeze as you hear his words, hoping that Pinkie didn't hear it
  211. >before you can manage to say something he has already left, leaving you alone
  212. >the first time that you felt truly in control again
  213. >it felt a little weird but you were glad
  214. >finally you had a chance to escape
  215. >without a thought you walked out of the store
  216. >as the door closes behind you, you can feel two strong arms grabbing you and lifting you up in the air
  217. >Anon was waiting outside, of fucking course, how could you be so stupid
  218. >HOW
  219. >"If my pet can't behave and stay in a place for even a minute then I will have to do this the classical way"
  220. >the classical way?? What is he talking about!??
  221. >you are again carried by Anon to an unknown place
  222. "A-anon were are we going??"
  223. >you didn't need him to answer, you already saw it infront of you
  224. >a pet store
  225. "no nonono nono no no"
  226. >your face completely red now
  227. >he can't drag you in there, your life will be ruined if someone sees you
  228. >but he does
  229. >a salespony greets him with a smile
  230. >again kind of ignoring you
  231. >Anon walks over to a section with collars
  232. >with collars
  233. >w-with collars
  234. >NO PLEASE
  236. >you want to scream
  237. >he couldn't, he wouldn't, THERE IS NO WAY
  238. >Anon picks a black collar and a leash
  239. >you want to say something, fight, struggle, ANYTHING
  240. >but you are just frozen in shock
  241. >this can't be happening, this whole situation felt unreal
  242. >like it was taken right out of a bad fetish fanfic
  243. >there was just no way that Anon was seriously doing this, that he was even CONSIDERING this
  244. >what would he do? put it on you?
  245. >walk you around town?
  246. >present everyone his new pet?
  247. >you feel yourself getting wet and so does Anon
  248. >that was it, your stupid fucking body signed your death contract
  249. >now he thinks that you like it, now he would surely do it
  250. >as much as you had to accept that this was some weird fetish inside your brain that you wish to ignore, you could never actually do it
  251. >no way, the embarrassment would kill you
  252. >all your thinking distracted you from the world outside and as you snap back into reality you see Anon was already outside again
  253. >"There we go"
  254. >? What? Who?
  255. >a collar was now around your neck
  256. >for a moment your brain stops all functions
  257. >Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'collar'
  259. >you start shifting around uncomfortable
  260. "Anon I can't do this, please, this is too embarrassing, it's going too far"
  261. >he pets your mane softly and gives you a little kiss on the forehead
  262. >"Shouldn't a pet call its owner 'master' ?"
  263. >o-owner?? MASTER??
  264. >too many things, too fast
  265. >you have never been that nervous and confused in your life
  266. >you have also never been so helpless, this whole situation made you realize how much you relied on your magic
  267. >and now that you don't have it anymore, you feel utterly helpless
  268. >if it means that you don't have to be outside any longer what else could you do but obey Anon
  269. "Can we please go home m-master"
  270. >he gives you a smile and pets you once more before heading towards the castle
  271. >unfortunately you could see 2 mares heading your way, it's over, they will see you
  272. >Anon wraps one of his arms around your upper body and you quickly get what he is trying to accomplish
  273. >you hide your neck behind his arm and nuzzle it thankfully
  274. >the mares greet Anon and give you a look of confusion but Anon passes by quickly after greeting back
  275. >the time till midday flies by quick, with cuddles that you would have enjoyed to the fullest if it wasn't for the collar that Anon made you wear
  276. >Twilight didn't come back yet and Anon started to prepare food
  277. >during this time you were allowed to roam freely around the kitchen
  278. >a shudder runs through you as you realize what you just thought
  279. >"Dinner is ready!"
  280. >Anon places a plate on the table and a bowl on the floor
  281. >your thoughts spin around again, shock, confusion, arousal
  282. >you stumble back
  283. "No! I am not going to!"
  284. >Anon raises an eyebrow
  285. "I-I am not a dog! I am NOT going to do it Anon!"
  286. >you take off the collar and throw it to the side
  287. >Anon looks at you with an expression you can not clearly identify. sadness? no, disappointment?
  288. >h-he was disappointed in you?
  289. >he can't expect you to actually become his dog, he has already gone too far, but this
  291. >what would come next? you had to stop it at some point
  292. >"Ok"
  293. >he says it in a tone you don't like, it wasn't an accepting ok, it was something different, something that told you, you will be punished for this
  294. >Anon takes the bowl away and comes back with another plate and puts it on the desk
  295. >he sits down and starts eating, you just stand there staring at him
  296. >"Don't you want to eat?"
  297. "Y-yeah sure.."
  298. >you sit down aswell and enjoy the meal, nothing out of the ordinary
  299. >was that it?
  300. >was that all it took to get free from him?
  301. >a clear and strong no?
  302. >or was he playing mindgames with you?
  303. >dinner ends and you realize that it was in fact not over as Anon picks you up once more and continues to hug and cuddle you like he always used to
  304. >during the week you quickly learned what the 'punishment' was that you feared would happen
  305. >he used every spare time he could to bring you to the edge and never giving you release
  306. >you started to loose it slowly after day 3
  307. >you were sure he drugged you in some way, you were in constant heat, unable to think clear
  308. >you also had no idea how he managed to always stop before you came, he must have some magic you don't know about or maybe he can read minds
  309. >nothing was clear anymore, except that you badly needed release
  310. >but he kept going, and going, sometimes for hours
  311. >you really wanted to tell Twilight, but it was too late at this point, what would you tell her anyway? and would she even believe you?
  312. >Anon is certainly a better friend of her than you are
  313. >at day 4 he somehow managed to get a vibrator
  314. >and at that point you did not know anymore if this could be considered torture
  315. >you feared bedtime and bathtime the most
  316. >but especially bedtime
  317. >you never knew how long he would tease you
  318. >it's been a week now and lust has completely taken over your mind
  319. >it is bedtime once more
  321. >and you lay on top of Anon facing the ceiling, one of his strong arms holding you thight to him and preventing your hooves from going places
  322. >in the other he holds the vibrator and you know what is about to come, hours of teasting again
  323. >you were already wet, leaking all over Anon
  324. >"Spread"
  325. >you know that command very well, too well
  326. >disobeying has no use anyway, he would just punish you with more teasing
  327. >you do as he said and spread your legs, exposing your lower parts for him to play with
  328. >"Good pet"
  329. >you shudder in arousal
  330. >the vibrator brings you quickly close to orgasm and Anon does what he always does when that happens
  331. >he moves it away and leaves you humping the air, sometimes for minutes until you realize that there is no way for you to get off
  332. >once you calm down a little he continues again
  333. >and again
  334. >and again
  335. >after about an hour you think you are finally losing it completely
  336. >he has the vibrator pressed hard against you, moving it in circles, his thumb rubbing you gently
  337. >slowly he lifts it away from you and you try our best to lift yourself up to follow it
  338. >you barely manage to rub against it, but it's still there
  339. >the sweet release so close, you know he will remove it, but you can't stop, you need this
  340. >you need this so badly
  341. >you need to somehow confuse him, not letting him be aware that you are about to cum
  342. >but your body does the exact opposite, load moans fill the room
  343. >you are getting close, this is it, you will finally be allowed to go to heaven
  344. >Anon can't take this away from you, he can't, he can't
  345. "A--AHh hngg~"
  346. >he did
  349. >you try your best to fight against Anon's arms holding you
  350. >you needed to get off somehow
  351. >but it is no use, you are quickly tired out
  352. >as you realize that this was not going to end for a few hours you decide it was time to give up
  353. "Anon please I will do anything, please, PLEASE, I will be a good pet I promise"
  354. >he just looks at you with a smile on his face, a genuine one, as if he was happy to see you after a long time
  355. >you shut your eyes in embarrassment
  356. "woof..."
  357. >"What was that?"
  358. "woof! WOOF!!"
  359. >you keep barking like a dog for a while in hopes to please him
  360. >as you look at him you can see a look of confusion on his face
  361. >"Aww does my little pet want to be a dog now?"
  362. >he pets you
  363. >want? WANT??? he made you! he forced you-
  364. >it doesn't matter now, as long as he would let you cum
  365. >he turns you around and puts you close to his face
  366. >you can feel his nose rubbing against yours
  367. >it distracts you a bit and gives you a warm feeling inside
  368. >but there was something important on your mind
  369. "An-...m-master, will you allow me to cum now?"
  370. >you give him the best puppy eyes you can
  371. >he gives you a kiss on the cheek and rubs your ears gently
  372. >"It took you a week, so as a punishment you will have to wait another"
  373. >your eyes widen in fear
  374. >"But as a reward I will go easier on you"
  375. >another week?
  376. >ANOTHER WEEK?????
  378. >the following day turns out to be nothing but horror
  379. >yesterday you kind of agreed to become Anon's dog and no matter how embarrassing this situation is now, you will not risk the punishment again
  380. >on this particular day Anon decided to humiliate you more than usual, or at least you think so
  381. >he was kind enough to wait with breakfast until Twilight and Spike were done already
  382. >because for you it was the bowl again
  383. >you stand infront of it, blush all across your face
  384. >you just have to get this over with, eat it, it's done, Anon will be happy
  385. >as you try to take a bite though you can hear Anon raising his voice at you
  386. >"Ah! Did master allow you to eat yet?"
  387. >you take a step back, keeping your eyes on the floor, somehow you can't look at Anon right now, maybe out of fear, maybe out of embarrassment
  388. >"Sit"
  389. >every command he gives you lets a shudder run through your body
  390. >why do you even put up with this, you could just try to run now, make it out
  391. >"That's a good girl"
  392. >he tenderly moves his hand through your mane and starts scratching behind your ear
  393. >it feels so good
  394. >you know he must posses some kind of magic unknown to anyone yet
  395. >as far as you know, you are not the only one who gets affected in a weird way whenever Anon is near
  396. >in his time here he had done a lot that would, in any normal circumstance, be considered inappropriate
  397. >giving boops, ear scratches, hugs, belly rubs, to basically any pony he wanted
  398. >and it seemed like they all got affected in a similiar way, maybe not sexually like you, but they all just accepted it
  399. >let themselves go, forget the world around them for a while
  400. >it must definately be some kind of mind control that Anon is doing
  401. >are you under his control?
  402. >another command snaps you out of your thoughts
  403. >"Hooves up"
  404. >you put your front hooves up and close to your body, making you look like a begging dog
  405. >"Is my pet hungry?"
  406. "Y-"
  407. >"AH! I do not remember dogs being able to talk."
  409. >no. not the barking again
  410. >yesterday you simply lost it, but now...
  411. >it feels more embarrassing than ever
  412. "woof..woof"
  413. >he seems to accept your weak barks and gives you the sign that you are allowed to eat now
  414. >and so you do, quick, Twilight or Spike could potentially walk in at any moment
  415. >you can hear hoofsteps approaching and panic quickly takes over
  416. >Anon makes his way to the kitchen entry and you can hear him starting to talk with Twilight
  417. >seems like he does not want her to see you yet, much to your liking
  418. >but you stop eating anyway just in case and hide the bowl
  419. >something in the conversation between Anon and Twilight grabs your attention
  420. >"...magic to prevent a pony from orgasm?"
  421. >"o-okey, w-wow Anon, that's- y-yeah I guess"
  422. >the world shatters infront of you, you press your back against the wall and sink down to the floor wishing you could somehow vanish into it
  423. >did Anon really just ask Twilight that?
  424. >she surely knows what this is about, she is smart as fuck, by now she must have figured out everything
  425. >the princess of fucking friendship, your mentor
  426. >knows you are a pet now
  427. >is she in this?
  428. >is this some kind of weird punishment for the things you have done?
  429. >in an instant your mind changes your priorities, from the embarrassment of having Anon discussing this with your mentor it went to the realization of what Anon's goal actually was
  430. >he fucking asked her for some way to make you unable to orgasm
  431. >probably he realized that eventually he wouldn't be able to prevent it anymore
  432. >your body starts shacking, imaginations of what Anon could do to you if he got to that magic
  433. >what might happen to you
  434. >he would have total control over you
  435. >you would never again be able to orgasm unless he allows it, unless you do what he says, unless you be a good pet
  436. >he could bring you to the edge and instead of stopping just continue
  437. >until you lose your mind, the Starlight you know would fade into a lust filled, squirming mess, begging for release
  439. >your right hoof is now furiously rubbing your clit
  440. >Twilight could walk in any moment, Anon could walk in
  441. >you would be punished severaly
  442. >but you don't care, if he is going to break you, you want to enjoy your last day to the fullest
  443. >one last orgasm before-
  444. >you can feel a collar being wrapped around your neck
  445. >Anon is standing infront of you, putting the collar on you again
  446. >you just ignore him, you have to get off before he stops you
  447. >but it is too late, he already picked you up and prevented you from further touching yourself
  448. >what he didn't take into consideration though was that you could still hump against him
  449. >"Now look at the mess you made on the floor, you really are a naughty pet aren't you"
  450. >his words only help you getting off faster, turning you on more and more
  451. >you will finally cum
  452. >you wrap your front hooves around his neck, pressing your body against his as strong as you can
  453. >it was here, the final moment, you could feel it
  454. >like in slow motion approaching, not even Anon could stop it now
  455. >your whole body tensing up, muscles awaiting the rush of orgasm running through, your mind ready to give you freedom
  456. >you are about to cum
  457. "I'm- I AA-"
  458. >It doesn't happen
  459. >all processes in your brain are awaiting the callback of the orgasm, but it doesn't happen
  460. >the request timed out, no server response
  461. >some very small subprocess that somehow managed to survive your lust filled mind tried to tell your conciousness the obvious
  462. >Anon already has the magic he requested from Twilight
  463. >probably your collar is enchanted
  464. >"I am very disappointed in you...I am away for one minute and you try to disobey, I will have to extend your punishment time and I will have to think about how to punish you during bedtime"
  465. >your life flashes by
  466. >maybe you actually died, maybe this was in fact the afterlife
  467. >your punishment
  468. >after the initial denial, your mind decides to turn on all alarms
  469. >cum. now.
  471. >all you can do is scream in terror
  472. >Anon quickly grabs your snout and forces it shut
  473. >"Don't want Twilight to walk in do you? I will have to get you a muzzle"
  474. >the rest of the day was pretty much what one would describe as a hell of lust
  475. >you struggled, you cried, you begged
  476. >during the evening Anon calmed the punishment down and it was just cuddles from that point on
  477. >even during bedtime he did not tease you anymore
  478. >he probably realized that you were on the edge of losing your mind
  479. >now you lay once again with him in bed, gently nuzzling his side
  480. >this time feels different than all the other previous times
  481. >you feel tired, very tired, this day has been a mess
  482. >but besides that, you feel a lot of other different things
  483. >so much that you can't really put it all together in your head
  484. >most of all you feel confusion and uncertainty
  485. >what are Anon's intentions?
  486. >that question ran through your mind before but you never really tried to figure out an answer
  487. >besides the endless teasing he has been treating you nice
  488. >all that has happened, simply happened too fast for you to process
  489. >you became a pet and had many weird fetishes fullfilled
  490. >but those were just nice to imagine, you never expected to ever practice any of it
  491. >you can not even do that anyway, Anon just forces you
  492. >but does he really? so far you haven't put up much of a fight
  493. >whenever you felt very uncomfortable he seemed to understand and go easy.
  494. >except on the teasing
  496. >but what is this all about?
  497. >is it a sexual thing?
  498. >you expected so but thinking over the last days gives you a weird feeling
  499. >he never fucked you, he never made you suck his dick
  500. >did he even ever get hard while he was playing with you?
  501. >what if he truly just sees you as his pet?
  502. >what if this is not even a sexual thing at all and he just uses it to train you
  503. >are you nothing more than a pet to him?
  504. >are you not attractive enough?
  505. >you are sure that Anon is attracted to ponies in a sexual way, he stated it often enough
  506. >then what is wrong with you? why did he never make a move?
  507. >is he waiting for you to do it?
  508. >thinking about it...when did he cum the last time?
  509. >he was with you all the time, you don't remember that he ever masturbated
  510. >and you know he used to do that very often
  511. >was he holding back for some reason?
  512. >maybe...for you?
  513. >you need answers, you need to know if he finds you sexually attractive
  514. >you want to be more than just a pet, or is that just the lust speaking out of you?
  515. >or whatever mindcontrol Anon has put on you?
  516. >probably not...
  518. >the next morning arrives and you find yourself half asleep rubbing yourself against Anon
  519. >another wet dream, of course
  520. >not even Luna can save you from these nightmares
  521. >god you hope she doesn't
  522. >that would be the real nightmare
  523. >the day just started and you are already horny as fuck
  524. >but you notice that you aren't alone in that
  525. >Anon's hard dick is pressing against your belly
  526. >you take a quick look at him
  527. >looks like he is still asleep
  528. >this could be the moment
  529. >if Anon doesn't want you for sexual, then you are going to make him
  530. >you free his dick from his underwear
  531. >have you really gotten so low that you would molest someone in his sleep?
  532. >fuck yes you have!
  533. >you start with little licks around the head
  534. >your lust filled mind makes it out to be a lot better than it probably is
  535. >but this feels so wonderful, so tasty
  536. >subconciously you already started sucking his dick
  537. >you can feel Anon shift around
  538. >he is going to wake up
  539. >better make sure he wakes up to the correct sight
  540. >you move forward and let his dick slide smoothly into your pussy
  541. >a deep moan escapes you as you start moving your hips back and forth
  542. >one moan turns into many and you can see Anon waking up
  543. >"h..huh..St-Starlight!?"
  544. >he has a look of shock and pleasure on his face
  545. >"W-what are you..hghng-... doing"
  547. >he is trying his best to hold back the feelings of pleasure you are giving him, probably in order to not shatter the illusion of him being the dominant one
  548. >but now you are in charge, now you control his pleasure!
  549. >now you can decide if he is going to cum or not!
  550. >ok not really, you would never be able to stop fucking him right now
  551. >you know you won't be able to cum, but this is still the greatest pleasure you can get
  552. >a look at Anon makes it clear that he is enjoying this aswell
  553. >his moans filling the room just as much as yours
  554. >suddenly you can feel his arms wrapping around you thight and pressing you against the bed
  555. >he has taken control over the situation once more and is fucking you like an animal now
  556. >you can feel him tensing up, it's going to happen
  557. >he is going to-
  558. >"HNNgA~"
  559. >you can feel his dick twitching as load after load of his cum shoots out and fills you inside
  560. >this is the closest to an orgasm you have felt since this all started
  561. >he collapses onto you and you can still hear his heavy breathing and feel his heartbeat
  562. >it feels wonderful being responsible for this
  563. >"Hey Starlight..."
  564. >for a moment you are startled, his voice sounding more serious than usual and he actually used your name instead of calling you pet
  565. "Y-ye-"
  566. >"I love you"
  567. >?!?!?
  568. >his lips meet yours and for a moment you feel the biggest rush of happyness through you
  569. >some said that when you are in love it feels like having butterflies in your stomach, but this doesn't feel that way
  570. >this feels like an intense warmth inside you
  571. >burning brighter than the sun
  572. >you don't remember ever feeling that happy
  573. >after what feels like an eternity in heaven your lips depart again and you look each other in the eyes
  574. >he looks at you with that honest, caring smile, it says more than words ever could
  575. >"I am going to punish you so badly for this..."
  576. >he gives you a soft kiss on the forehead
  577. >...
  578. >some words can say more apparently
  580. >you never know what you have until you have lost it
  581. >the punishment that Anon had in mind was something you did not expect, or rather you expected it but not like this
  582. >it's been an hour and all he has done so far was rubbing you
  583. >ALL. OVER.
  584. >your ears
  585. >your belly
  586. >your hooves
  587. >your butt
  588. >but never your pussy, never.
  589. >"Keep it spread my pet."
  590. >It takes all your willpower to keep obeying his command, but each time he circles around your pussy, your legs instinctively want to close
  591. >"I see...your behaviour lately has been unacceptable, looks like I will have to train my pet harder from now on."
  592. >not long after, your legs are bound to the bed, forced apart, your front hooves tied as well
  593. >you start to panic but you are already helpless, Anon puts a muzzle over your snout, silencing any more protest
  594. >then he blindfolds you and you are left in darkness
  595. >"Now you can focus on your punishment..."
  596. >those words bring a shiver down your spine.
  597. >his hands continue playing with your body, this time they softly caress your inner thighs
  598. >going slowly lower..and lower...
  599. >his fingers circling around your pussy, never giving you a single touch
  600. >an hour, two
  601. >your pussy leaking, winking, begging for some kind of stimulation
  602. >you thought that the orgasm denial was bad, but this was a whole new level
  603. >at least you got to feel something before, the denial was horrible, being brought to the edge and then never get to feel the final release
  604. >to never be free again, never feel that wonderful feeling
  605. >but at least you got to enjoy the ride until that point, it felt good having your pussy rubbed, vibrated, fucking Anon
  606. >now you get nothing, only lust, it isn't just orgasm denial anymore
  607. >it is the denial of any kind of sexual pleasure
  608. >you feel the blindfold go off
  609. >Anon forcing you to look down at your pussy
  610. >you can see his hand floating over it, make rubbing motions
  612. >hear him whisper softly into your ear
  613. >reminding you how things could be
  614. >feeling his touch
  615. >why did you have to be a bad pet
  616. >it goes on and on and on, rubbing your belly, your ears, your thighs, throughout the day, driving you insane
  617. >you try struggling, begging through your muzzle but it goes on
  618. >every half hour or so he gives your pussy a faint touch, making you shiver
  619. >making you go a little bit more insane
  620. >eventually Anon takes the muzzle off of you and you are allowed to speak again
  621. >at least you hope so because you are not able to prevent your begging to instantly start
  622. "Please master-"
  623. >he gently kisses your ear
  624. >"Shh..see, this is what happens if you don't behave. Do you wish to go back to being denied normally instead?"
  625. "Yes master, please, please"
  626. >"Then I want you to say it every time from now on and you will be thankfull every time"
  627. >in the state you are in, all you can do is blindly accept
  628. >but soon you start to realize what he really meant with that
  629. >the next few days were spent with training you to follow the new order
  630. >and no matter how often you did it, you could not get used to it
  631. >each time before Anon started to 'play' with you, you had to beg for him
  632. "Please master...p-please deny me to cum"
  633. >and each time he brought you close and took away that final moment you wished for more than anything, you had to be thankfull
  634. >and each time it was so god damn difficult to say it..
  635. >...
  637. >he is rubbing your pussy softly
  638. >squeezing it from time to time
  639. >his fingers gently going up and down, in and out, wriggling a little
  640. >softly circling around
  641. >it feels...soo...good....
  642. "Hnn...m-master...I-..."
  643. >tears start to form in your eyes
  644. >again you will be denied, again you will have to say it...
  645. >your muscles tense up as you are about to release the greatest orgasm in the history of equestria
  646. >but again your collar goes into action and prevents it
  647. >Anon moving his hand away
  648. >leaving you with nothing
  649. >leaving you on the edge
  650. >you are crying again, you don't know exactly why, the frustration is just too much for your brain to handle
  651. >and have to...
  652. "T-thank y-you master...thank you for..d-denying me to cum"
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