Aug 29th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. <Alyx> So, did you all bring one?
  2. <D4rkGh0st> yup
  3. <WhiteRose> yeah
  4. <D4rkGh0st> I still don't get why u asked for it.
  5. <Alyx> I have to make sure you are all good before working together
  6. <WhiteRose> We already told you lol
  7. <D4rkGh0st> ight
  8. <WhiteRose> why both of us tho?
  9. <Alyx> well I need backup if anything happens
  10. <Alyx> anyways who sends it first
  11. <D4rkGh0st> I'll start
  12. <D4rkGh0st>
  13. <WhiteRose> yeah well idk about that
  14. <Alyx> solved
  15. <D4rkGh0st> ???
  16. <WhiteRose> how tf?!
  17. <Alyx> idk, it was a good one tho.
  18. <WhiteRose> since you are that good solve mine
  19. <WhiteRose>
  20. <Alyx> the picture is indexed! I'm reversing the mobo, shouldn't take me much time
  21. <WhiteRose> that's not it, you idiot.
  22. <D4rkGh0st> solved
  23. <Alyx> ????????????
  24. <Alyx> impossible
  25. <WhiteRose> probable, actually
  26. <D4rkGh0st> that was pretty easy.
  27. <WhiteRose> yup, you got yourself into a rabbithole Alyx (as always).
  28. <Alyx> whatever.
  29. <Alyx> here is mine
  30. <Alyx>
  31. <D4rkGh0st> interesting, colorful, long, mmmmmmmmmm
  32. <WhiteRose> I think I know this
  33. <Alyx> do you?
  34. <WhiteRose> yeah solved ez
  35. <D4rkGh0st> how.
  36. <WhiteRose> cry
  37. <Alyx> well, everyone solved one
  38. <Alyx> I think we can work together
  39. <WhiteRose> in what exactly?
  40. <D4rkGh0st> yeah what is this all about
  41. <Alyx> Welcome to N0tPr0n operation.
  42. [D4rkGh0st moved to safe channel]
  43. [WhiteRose moved to safe channel]
  44. [Alyx moved to safe channel]
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