Family Friendly Free Roaming Mod .ini update 2.5.1 to 2.6

Nov 7th, 2016
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  1. Information for those who wants to update their old configuration file from 2.5.1 to 2.6 instead of using the latest one directly, coming with the mod:
  3. Difference in .ini between 2.5.1 and 2.6
  4. https://www.diffchecker.com/P7w78bHa
  6. Removed settings in the ini:
  7. Under [Both_Options]
  8. fix_windows (Might come back later, if a fix is found)
  10. New settings in the ini:
  11. Under [Key]:
  12. activate_2=-1
  13. ;Key 2, used together with the first one. Leave at -1 to inactivate use of this ;extra key.
  15. Under [Controller]:
  16. mod_on_off_2=-1
  17. ;Button 2, used together with the first one. Leave at -1 to inactivate use of this ;extra button.
  19. Under [Player_Options]:
  20. removal_of_disturbing_player_skins=1
  21. ;If set to 1, players skin will be reset if altered to a disturbing one. If 2, only ;reset if sexually disturbing.
  22. ;3 only reset if the skin is violent including Wade.
  24. New description for the setting no_visual_jacking:
  25. ;If no_visual_jacking is set to 1, peds_like_you_and_wont_flee set to 0 and ;ped_can_be_dragged_out is set to 1, this
  26. ;setting removes the dragging out, smashing of windows etc. but you still get ;into the vehicle.
  27. ;Has no effect when peds_like_you_and_wont_flee is set to 1. In that case ;ped_can_be_dragged_out set to 1 will give
  28. ;about the same outcome.
  30. Under [Pedestrian_Options]:
  31. no_tattoo_shops=1
  32. ;If set to 1, all tattoo shops are closed and locked and the interior lowered in ;quality (part of the game's exterior).
  33. ;Setting it back to 0 reloads the shop if you're close. You might have to restart ;your game to get back the others.
  35. Under [Radio]:
  36. no_static_location_emitters=1
  37. ;test/dev.
  39. peds_radio_same_as_players=1
  40. ;If set to 1, allowed radio stations also applies to peds vehicles.
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