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  1. Chuchel
  3. In one of the funny stories, the chuchel was the stage of the vodka. He says the state between the Chuchvalca and the Big Chuchle. However, Chuchel from Amanita Design's Czech game maker looks like something that is being made from the dog, it comes to life and runs out of the cherry into the garden. The mellow hairy hood and his game can not be ignored. This is because Chuchel is not an ordinary game, but a groove for the whole family. Humor and grimaces replace more or less anything that usually belongs to games. In a good way, it's a true and non-counterfeit gambling game.
  6. Chuchel is an exceptional piece of work with an unusual style, even on the part of the authors who have never spent the original. Relatively modest content and uncomplicated game mechanics have been exchanged for a great portion of humor in an animated fairytale that is even easy to identify with people who are too impartial to play.
  8. Enthusiastic spectators-ladies Chuchel attracts perhaps more than real gamers, some of whom are sure to disappoint the fact that instead of logical platforms they get "only" interactive entertainment with artistic overlap beyond the limits of everyday life, such work requiring a new look and starting a certain portion of forgiveness. In any case, the rules and principles are said to be here to break sometimes, and Chuchel is the best reason to do it.
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  11. A new game by Amanita is rewarding for its rebellion because it overcomes stereotypes, and in fact it is not a self-serving or unplayable oddity. In fact, it's an immensely entertaining game that fights against steady creative practices armed with fun, great artwork and an unforgettable atmosphere. It's one of the few games that show that virtual entertainment can play its part without violence, aggression, and vulgarity, and can do without mass multiplayer, social elements and microtransactions, the usual tools of the entertainment industry without which they say today players can no longer do ... They will go! Chuchel, on the other hand, is not a classic game of old forms for lovers to retreat. That's too liberal for that.
  15. That's Chuchel's untypical work, he's known from the first seconds. Without a sound, without words, and without knocking, one finds himself in a room where, with his feet tied to the floor, a black bunch of hairs snaps in the small bed. So that's him, the main hero (not only) of sleepy morning! Chuchel will not leave without your intervention and the game will not start. The first task, which comes from itself without anyone saying it, orders it to wake up the happy blowing ball.
  17. The introduction of the game is like cut out of The Incredible Machine. Because the radio does not help, even the alarm clock, after which the spattered bunch only slips out of his shoes, begins playing with a fairy vodka sitting on the ledge at the ceiling. Click on the hastrman, he grabs a bottle of water, pours it into the muzzle next to a monster, and the one with a pinch of stomach crawls and drops down directly into the rising sponge of our bobble. Chuchel is on his feet and the first joke was born. Starts a game that looks like a platformer with the shelves, but it does not really use the boxes.
  20. As a comic book, the game from the beginning to the end is composed of very humorous gestures. On them, simple mouse clicks put into motion certain templates, but the meaning of the game lies more in the humor itself, to which all puzzles go. In one scene, for example, Chuchel slides into the "body" of a giant amaranth jelly, sometimes escapes from the revitalizing clam of your grandmother's glass, or sends home a hostile alien with colonial intentions. Sure, it's a humor of Ice Age rather than Cimrman, but the simplicity, clarity, and cuteness fit into this game beautifully.
  22. Nothing but funny gag does not suit the game. For example, there is also a classic story, because authors have generally left the story in favor of animations to communicate everything. There's no single word in the game, and you can not even hear the lyrics, except for the huge caption CHUCHEL, which from time to time lands on the screen to underline the joke, just like the drums sound up in a fun talk show. There are not too many games to communicate with the player, and Chuchel does it very well.
  25. The game was designed to illustrate the events of the Penguin Ping, so it's easy to see what's happening on the screen and what's going to happen. Simplicity goes hand in hand with little attention to attention, because the individual scenes are not too heavy on each other. It is not necessary to remember them, nor to infer anything complicated. Gagy, and hence the rebellions, combines only a simple leitmotif ✓ the form of a frustrating Chuchla hunt for breakfast ✓ the form of a beautiful juicy cherry. Whenever he stretches out and tears his teeth, Garfielda catches it with the mood of the other characters on the scene, which are the next highlight of the game. The artists have given up imagination, perhaps even more than usual, and created a dream in which, through a cartoon character
  29. The game is mixed with something from Rákosníček and Příšerek sro Magic is not only the appearance but also and most of them were forced to take on the role of filths with an uncomfortable expression on their faces, but with a lot of cunning under the cap to make the hero a nice torture: Chuchel himself, who does not seem to be able to count as many as five, you will eventually be able to help with every hitch but you will often need your help in logical and motorbike rebellions.BUNNING OF BIO Interestingly, the creators have also dealt with gameplay backdrops, which in fact do not exist, because most screens with puzzles take place on white What, however, at first glance it works outwardly and Spartan, genius focuses attention t Chuchel is an example of what can be done from the traditional creative concept without the work being in any way looked ruined and stupid. In fact, he's incredibly focused on what he wants to show, and he's doing well. If something is missing in Chuchel, or it's white, it's not an emptiness, it's a refined way to play. At first it is difficult to understand, but after playing the game, few people leave with a feeling of obedience. Similarly austerity, but actually focused, are game rules and arcade mechanics. In the action, the hairy hero does not receive any game prizes or points. He does not even have any special abilities that he would constantly build. At the most, the authors give it a specific feature within a given task, so when, for example, to shoot a target, it changes into a cannon ball or stretches through a water pipeline like a drop. But it is neither a permanent nor a conceptual one, because the cognitive character of the game is a cliff. Not that one scene of accelerating turns the other, but deliberately wants to tell something a little different, which fits perfectly into the grotesque concept. Huchel is like a ruthless hyperactive child, one hand pulling a cat by the tail, the other one extending after the dog . That's exactly right. In each other, shuffling and wobbling would be annoying and flawed, but thanks to: an exciting sketch, the player can look forward to literally every new moment that will bring interesting change. Even short-term effects have nostalgic interludes parodying some game phenomena. For example, the game of styled Tetris and Pac-Man puzzles, and even the sound of a dying from Prehistory. Memories are really just moments. The jewel is that there is no need for more. TROUBLESHOOTING Despite of their appearance, there are no enemies any more. Therefore, it can not be said that the difficulty of the game will increase significantly over time. On the contrary, the complexity of the puzzles in which more and more concurrent tasks need to be debugged. A certain degree of urgency also calls for frequent skipping between the different types of challenges. Some honors the right sequence of solutions, other precise timing, another good treff, or logical reasoning. Usually it takes a while for you to orient yourself. It is interesting that they do not change the motivation for their pinning. Surprisingly, it does not matter if the puzzle ends with success or not. Not so much because the players do not punish for the mistakes, but because it's just the first time to solve the riddle in Chuchel, it's just a shame, again thanks to humor. With a quick and correct solution to the puzzles, one can get rid of the best, a joke everywhere. The success of the game shifts from one screen to the other, but you will not want to chat. Zmar and jostling will give you a chance to laugh again or joke to another. You will want to win but also lose, actually try anything, just to make your surroundings more aggressive. Basically, every detail can make you laugh and the best of your tears. The quick and perfect way is in this case somewhat counterproductive. Who would say about a game ... Thanks to humor, you will want to experience the game in a non-more intense way, and it will multiply its otherwise modest, about two-hour game time. If you try to play Chuchel as quickly as possible, it will give you the impression of constant foreplay before the main part, but it will never come. This can be especially for a conservatively-tuned player problem. Ribbons last, except for occasional snaps, just a few minutes, the interface and the controls are minimalistic, the help is limited to a couple of cartoon-shaped planes, all because of the batch of gags that are not related either. Whoever does not match with the game will be really disappointed with Chuchel, or a trench out of the target. Chuchel is a game-play, but it has a wonderful gift to improve the person's mood. And that's her big trump, which overwhelms everything else. With her slightly childish, but not a low-minded humor, she fits into the taste of a society that is used to making a smiley behind every sentence. A sense of humor is universal and addictive to it, just like the "language" that everyone understands.
  31. with a splendid artwork, it becomes a truly extraordinary game paradise, which can be forgotten to forgive, in fact, everything. First of all, it's a short game and, according to standard genre, it's actually feasible - it's often played alone, and animations are more important to it than the way the player has come to them. If Chuchel snips you without loops and snips, (him) to look at your child as Večerníček. But you play again. Calm and multiple times. You may find something hidden at a faster pace, and you will understand the meaning of games that are not necessarily gaps, points or seconds, let alone torn heads and the destruction of the omnipotent.
  33. ■ Ondřej Švára
  35. (Image caption) Chuchel experiences a variety of little adventures that you will often laugh at.
  38. Chuchel is a magical game that goes beyond the usual boxes. Actually, it's more like an animated grotesque. There is more humor than interactivity. If you do not mind and accept this fact, you will have great fun at the game.
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