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  1. This piece is part of the shared #Voice project, and was written by someone entirely Anonymous (original paste here
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I was born with the internet, but was ignorant.
  7. ABC,CBS,and NBC taught me of the world, I was deceived.
  9. I was orphaned by IBM.  I hold no grudge.  
  11. Apple opened a door for me, just a 1200 baud crack.
  13. A premier den of thieves, stoned by mishaps, hoisted the jolly roger aloft.
  15.  A dead man's keyboard washed clean of his blood, a miniscribe wiped clean of data, pirated dos3.3 (bite me Bill, I helped build your empire) Fidonet and dialtone brought an inkling of truth.
  17. Yankee doodle played as Michelangelo waited.  The battle lines were being drawn.
  19. After a 35 year slumber, the internet came to my fingertips, email, a browser, a search engine to find the knowledge I craved.   Evil, deception, enlightenment and truth were all there, uncensored, I decided what to believe.    
  21. A few silly hacks and the pirates circled as the legion gathered.  I ran afoul a reef in the Ozarks, a siren's call to my doom, but she was a pretty sight.  I escaped and washed up on the shore north of Boston, hungry and cold, and found more bandwidth than I ever dreamed.  I had been gone a long time.  
  23. Wiki wiki, the news sure gets around, take heed, power corrupts.
  25. The Dali Lama has a facebook page, I had to get one too.  
  27. Stuxnet was a weapon unleashed for destruction of my(?) enemies, am I safer now?
  29. The Lulz boat shows my country's weakness, and my own.  I wonder what my enemies have already  pirated and not told the world about?
  31. Sen. McCain, we don't need a committee on cyber-intrusion,  I want better security for my government.  A handful of disparate  hackers ravish information on our servers and you want to hunt them down?  They are doing us a service!  How do we know if our defenses go untested?  And forget about telling me what kind of light bulb to use, I'll figure it out for myself.      
  33.  Squelching freedom of speech will leave us all living in kim jong il's version of hell.  
  35. ---Anonymous
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