Jiàndào [7/6 Kirin Knight]

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  1. Name: Jiàndào
  3. Gender: Mare
  5. Race: Kirin
  6.     Special: Kirin Horn: passive; A kirin’s horn counts as a basic catalyst for the purposes of spellcasting only.
  7.     Special: Tempered Rage: passive; A heated argument becomes literal when a Kirin gets angry. Whenever your temperament boils over in a discussion, or any situation, you transform into a Nirik, a creature of pure fire, and gain +1 to all Intimidation, Fear, or other aggressive non-skill social actions.  In Combat this form triggers after you are helpless for 3 turns in a row or fall helpless immediately after recovering from a previous helpless state. This form makes your recovery roll Instant with DC3, allowing you to act immediately on success with a +2 to your other skill that turn. In combat this form lasts until you recover. Outside of combat it lasts until you calm down.
  9.     Special: Tranquil Hooves: instant, recharge 2; The calm lifestyle and mountainous home has made Kirin light and nimble to walk without disturbing even the grass or air. On success you can walk across any terrain you normally can without causing any disturbances or triggering any traps. Or you can leap high into the air, gliding through the wind to reach as high as those who can fly and land as soft as a feather.
  11. Class: Samurai (knight/Monk)
  12.     Special: Revolving Blade: recharge 3, weapon; Autocrits. A Crit by any other skill or attack of yours refreshes this ability immediately
  14. Skills:
  16.     Free: Stances: instant automatic; Take a form to exemplify a fighting style, gaining a bonus effect. This is permanent until you change into a new stance.
  18. Stance of the Bear: Sturdy and forward. This stance increases your Max Hits by half your current wounds, rounded up.
  20. Stance of the Tiger: Reckless but fierce. This stance forgoes all outside aid and prevents you from benefiting from or using weapon and catalyst skills but you gain +1 to all basic unarmed attacks and you can deal full wound damage when unarmed.
  22. Stance of the Cross: Loose and calm. This stance leaves yourself in controlled mercy to your enemy, causing self-inflicted helplessness from skills and Crit Fails to not cause a wound of damage.
  24.     (3) Cavalier: locked, passive; The exotic warrior. The fabled fighter. The knight and their trusty steed. There are many tales of the lone master, or a duo with their companion at their heels, having the strength of armies. You are one of those. When learning this skill you must choose whether you are the lone knight, or have minion who aids you. You also can pick 3 of the Doctrines listed below.
  26. Lone Knight: You fight by yourself. You have a Bonus Action every turn for basic attacks only. You have +2 Max Hits and +1 Max Wounds. All Doctrines from Cavalier apply to you.
  28.     Doctrines:
  29.         - Unbreakable: passive; You only take 4 hits of counterattack damage from Crit Fails, instead of instantly being rendered helpless
  31.         - Tactician: passive; A master of strategy and planning. At the start of combat, declare a number X. On turn X of combat, you gain +X to all actions that turn. This replaces all other modifiers you would have on those actions that turn.
  33.         - Unmatched: passive; Whenever your roll result and an enemy’s match, lower the enemy’s roll by 1.
  35. Special Talent: With a calm demeanor and a steely gaze, Jiandao is a tough pony to read, giving her a natural advantage speaking with others. When rolling a social check, roll 1d3 and add the result as a bonus
  37. Trained Talent:
  38.     Stance of the sword Saint: Instant Automatic, once per Long rest; Through a focusing of one's energy, the user of this technique gathers great power into their motions, at the risk of their body and mind. While active, gain +2 to all non-spell attack and dodge rolls. At the start of each turn, Reduce the user's total wounds by 1. Wounds lost this way recover after a long rest (Full night's sleep). When the ability is canceled, the user falls helpless without losing a wound, unable to stand unless assisted by an ally.
  40. Hits/Wounds:
  42.     7/6
  44. Weapon and/or Catalyst:
  46.     Twin Swords: Dual; A pair of ironwood swords sheathed on her side, the silver-painted 'blades' lacking a honed edge, merely appearing sharp at first glance
  48.     Short blade: A traditionally designed short blade, also made of ironwood and also just as edgeless.
  50.     Bag: Slung along her side, quick to ditch in the event of a battle.
  51.         - Brush for a mane/tail, scissors to maintain her mane's trim
  52.         - Tea Set, including a plain pot, a measure of tea leaves and multiple cups
  53.         - Coin pouch for currency, currently empty
  54.         -
  56. Character Traits: A wandering blade traveling to Horizon, Jiàndào Arrives in search of work, hearing talk of Various parties within the city hiring those willing to fight.
  58.     - Reserved in conversation, as is common among the Kirin.
  59.     - Loyal to her benefactor(s), She has no qualms dealing with whatever task she is given, though she prefers to avoiding conflict when able.
  60.     - Ferocious in combat, despite the wooden blades the force delivered behind them is enough to rend metal and break bone.
  61.     - Wielder of the sword saint style, a dangerous technique which channels inequine power behind her movements, but wracks the body with pain once relaxed.
  63. Born to a pair of temple guardians, Jiandao had begun her training in the art of the sword saints, warriors who are capable of channeling their energy through matter, allowing them to hone cloth and wood to a blade's edge by strength of body and mind alone. Having grown up in an age of rapid technological development, she bore witness to the erosion of traditions as her temple and the acolytes within were evicted to make room for industry along the mountainside.
  65. The order scattered, many turned their blades towards fighting for coin, a generation of monks hired for the work of common thugs. With little left in the old country, Jiandao took an airship headed for Horizon in hopes of earning money for her family back home.
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