oomukade onsen (greentext)

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  1. >get a ticket to an onsen resort from a prize drawing
  2. >it's deep in the mountains, but whatever paid trip
  3. >the bus comes to a stop, leaving you at the front
  4. >the name on the entrance and the ticket match, so this is the place
  5. >the innkeeper guides you to your room and quickly leaves, probably to attend other arrivals
  6. >decide to go for a soak
  7. >it's only one spring, and mixed-gender at that
  8. >suddenly, you can hear something skittering against cobblestone
  9. >you see a girl standing at least eight feet high though aside from her centipede lower-half, she's more closer to four and a half before her pelvis goes into the bug parts
  10. >you've heard about these before, ookumade or something like that
  11. >supposedly recluses until they get in front of a guy, then they'll poison him and drag him off as a cocktoy
  12. >they're weak against saliva, and you remember keeping some jolly ranchers in your trunks pocket before came down here
  13. >might as well make the best of it
  14. >find one left, it's blue raspberry, whatever
  15. >the centipede skitters over, and to her surprise you strip down, not even bothering to cover up as you step in the spring
  16. >she's quick to take your trunks and set them aside in on a set of shelves before coming back to accompany you
  17. >she's pretty direct, her bug parts are inches away from you while she's giving your cheek a good feel of her B-cups
  18. "Why don't I keep you company? I'll let you taste them as much as you like."
  19. >it's there you see the maxillipeds on the end of her tail trying to catch you in the side
  20. >before she can get the drop, you pull her torso into your arms and help yourself to the underside of her jaw
  21. >the things on the side of her neck are twitching, and you can feel her legs squirming against yours
  22. >she slips down, letting you get in mouth-distance of her
  23. >you close the distance, the taste of blue raspberry being sloshed with that of an unusual spiciness from her
  24. >you dance the nectar against your tongue before giving her a taste as well
  25. >it feels like an hour passed when you let her fall limp against the side of the spring, a lust-drunk blush smeared across her face
  26. >you reach inside, taking out the blue candy lozenge from her lips with a pop
  27. >you run it down her jaw, neck and further until it's in the center of her chest
  28. >bon appetit
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