MGE Side III Character Quotes

Oct 23rd, 2019
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  1. Jacket Difina Side
  2. Divas of the city of water sing their feelings to their loved ones
  3. Birds sing a song of passion
  4. Mermaids sing a song of love
  5. Mamono sing a song of devotion to you❤
  7. Jacket Asura Side
  8. Divas of the city of water sing their feelings to their loved ones
  9. Birds fall in love with you
  10. Mermaids make love with you
  11. You are imprisoned in the mamono's bewitching voice and song❤
  13. Arial
  14. In the name of Lord Poseidon, in the name of the Great Songstress, let us form an eternal vow on the one sea with seven(islands).
  15. Let's sing a song of blessing for you who are bound this day♪
  16. This is the Isle of Blessing, Al Mar, your new beginning.
  17. Let us color the departure of these two in love with a great blessing♪
  19. First Song Island "Al Mar" Diva
  20. Arial
  21. Species: Sea Bishop
  23. Lilynanna
  24. I want to convey it, this unconveyable feeling!
  25. My feelings on the wind, delivered to you!
  26. Hey, where are you looking? Don't look at anything but me!
  27. Make sure to hold my hand, it's out of the question to let go!
  28. Get a hold of yourself, you are my prince❤
  29. I'm always crazy about you. I'll forgive you for that nonchalant face, even if it's frustrating♪
  30. 'Cause I have you, and that alone is enough to make me smile❤
  32. Second Song Island "Matori" Diva
  33. Lilynanna
  34. Species: Siren
  36. Eustine
  37. The crimson roses that colour the stage, the blue moon floating on the water
  38. The actors assemble here, and tonight the applause resounds.
  39. My troupe, let us greet the fanfare, at last the leading role enters!
  40. What's wrong? Take my hand without hesitation, and I shall guide you as a diva.
  41. Improvisation is fine, now let us bloom a flower of passion together!
  43. Third Song Island "Nevia" Diva
  44. Eustine
  45. Species: Merrow
  47. Levin
  48. Resound, thunder of Saida! Together with my voice, shake the heavens!
  49. This thunder roars of passion, completely blowing away anything that gets in the way!
  50. Unnecessary reason, boring common sense, both are meaningless before me!
  51. Stuff like determined fate can eat shit! Alright let's go, are you ready?
  52. My love and thunder, thoroughly taste it with that body of yours!
  54. Fourth Song Island "Saida" Diva
  55. Levin Dill
  56. Species: Thunderbird
  58. Fulafel
  59. Why have you come here?
  60. The voices of passing people, of lovely transient spirits...
  61. Even though I was always alone in this eternal land where the songs and sea intersect...
  62. Hey, why did you come here again? This hand I held softly...
  63. I hope it doesn't let go. I will dream only of you.
  64. Today I will dedicate a song that believes in you whom I love.
  66. Fifth Song Island "Mira" Diva
  67. Fulafel
  68. Species: Flow Kelp
  70. Meivia
  71. Do you regret it? Can you feel it? I wonder if you can bear that?
  72. As soon as I traced you with my fingertip, you were my adorable prey❤
  73. Did you notice? You are already bound.
  74. This is a never-ending dream. An endlessly enclosing darkness.
  75. I'll completely satisfy you in a prison of love deeper than the sea♪
  77. Sixth Song Island "Dé Ryúa" Diva
  78. Meivia
  79. Species: Nereid
  81. Asura
  82. Pitiful you who has come to me, seeking salvation
  83. You who suffers from loving one of another social standing, and you who yearns for a wonderful prince
  84. I shall save you with my song. That is my life's purpose♪
  85. I am a kindhearted sea witch, I will grant your desire with a magical song
  86. Now that the deal has been made, both of you in love are now masters of this island
  87. Spend peaceful time eternal with your beloved, in this abyssal sea♪
  89. Seventh Song Island "Queen Diana" Diva
  90. Asura Mythra
  91. Species: Kraken
  93. Difina
  94. Traveler, can you hear my voice? Please softly close your eyes.
  95. If you listen closely, you should hear the song of the spirits, the guidance of the rainbow, the voice of the wind.
  96. The voice that invites you beyond the arch of water, to the white walled town that spreads out to sea
  97. It's okay, one day you shall surely arrive there. As time flows, and the seasons change.
  98. That feeling that never fades is the guide towards the seven islands.
  100. Great Songstress Controlling the Seven Islands
  101. Difina
  102. Species: Undine
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