When Worlds Collide 5

Mar 24th, 2017
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  1. "Hmm... Interesting..."
  2. >Prince Anonymous's x-ray photos sat next to Lero's
  3. >Even though you already had your husband's x-rays, from when he first found himself here to the last one taken at his physical, you had decided to take some new pictures
  4. >Though you didn't expect there to be any change in his anatomy, it didn't hurt to have fresh data
  5. >Like you thought, Lero hadn't changed a bit
  6. >There was no abnormal growth, nothing seemed out of place; everything seemed healthy and whole
  7. >Prince Anonymous on the other hand...
  8. >Your eyes narrowed as you leaned forward to stare at the prince's picture a little more closely
  9. >Overall, he wasn't any different than your husband
  10. >One heart, two lungs, big and small intestines, kidneys, liver, spleen
  11. >It was, as Lero had told you, basic human anatomy
  12. >...Except for one small thing
  13. "There they are," you murmured. "Two healthy, normally-sized Magicae Equum Organo... Right underneath your spleen..."
  14. >You scratched your chin while Anon leaned forward
  15. >"Oh, you mean the horgans?" he said
  16. >You twitched, looking over your shoulder at him
  17. "They're not HORGANS," you said, trying your best to keep calm. "Magicae Eqqum Organo is an organ that most creatures on Equus have."
  18. >Turning around, you walked over to the prince and placed a hoof on his belly
  19. >It all made sense...
  20. >No wonder he could take Honeydew's kick and be perfectly fine...
  21. "It helps us take the magic from the air so that it can be used in different ways. With minotaurs it helps them get so big, with earth ponies it helps them channel the magic in the earth, with pegasi it helps keep them in the air."
  22. >Your horn sparked to life
  23. "With unicorns it works in conjunction with our Magicae Rigida Fecit to help us cast spells."
  26. >You slide your hoof to Anonymous's side, where the organs would be
  27. "And not only does it supplement our abilities, it also converts the magic into a form of insulation."
  28. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Lero staring at the x-rays
  29. >"That's why you were able to take that kick, Anon," he said
  30. >You nodded
  31. "Yes, even though it doesn't seem to have changed him in any way, according to the size of his glans he should be as durable as a pony."
  32. >Which meant that he could take lightning bolts, falling pianos, anything that Equestria threw his way...
  33. >Your nose scrunched up
  34. "Are you sure you haven't noticed anything unusual, Anon?"
  35. >Anon shook his head
  36. >"Nope."
  37. "No things moving around your room randomly? Maybe you could jump a little higher than before. It could have been as simple as grass being a little longer if you stood on it too long."
  38. >Yet again Anon shook his head
  39. >"Nope. Nothing like that," he said as you gave his side another poke. "I feel the exact same as I've always felt."
  40. >Nodding, you stepped away from the prince and turned around
  41. >Eyeing the x-rays, you slowly made your way toward them
  42. >He'd never be as strong as an earth pony, or a minotaur...
  43. >But even still, he had the organs...
  44. >A creature not native to Equus had grown these organs
  45. >Not for no reason
  46. >You knew there was a reason
  47. >There was always a reason for something like this happening
  48. >Maybe Equus's magic helped his body form them
  49. >Maybe it was just his body's reaction when faced with a totally new environment
  50. >Your wings twitched in excitement
  53. >There were so many possibilities as to why this happened, and the nerd in you wanted to leave no stone unturned
  54. >More bloodwork, tissue samples, magical readings
  55. >Were the organs fully functional?
  56. >Did they get in the way of the body's other systems?
  57. >How many calories did they burn?
  58. >Now that you thought about it, Anon's blood seemed just a little too red
  59. >And wasn’t his temperature a little lower than Lero's usually was?
  60. >Did that have anything to do with anything?
  61. >You have a feeling that you could have spent WEEKS studying Anon, maybe even MONTHS!
  62. >And it would be glorious
  63. >It might change the way that the world looked at magic!
  64. >You might even get an article written about you in N.E.R.D.S Monthly!
  65. >...
  66. >But you couldn't...
  67. >Unfortunately...
  68. >Prince Anon had a life on the other side of the portal, and even if he didn't you couldn't keep a thinking, feeling person holed up in your basement...
  69. >And Rainbow and Lero would yell at you if they saw you throwing yourself into your research like you wanted to...
  70. >Apple sauce...
  71. >A sigh escaped you
  72. >A sad one
  73. >But still, you did your best to reign in the sadness
  74. >You might not be able to study Anonymous like you wanted to, but you could ask a very important question
  75. "Prince Anonymous?"
  76. >The prince, who was staring down at you, raised an eyebrow
  77. >"Yes Twilight?"
  78. "I'm assuming that my other self either gave or was in the same room as you when you received your first physical?"
  81. >"She was there for my first and every one after," Anon replied, a small smile coming to his face. "Even when I don't want her in there. I swear I've caught that girl hanging out of a window more than once."
  82. >Lyra snorted, looking at you meaningfully
  83. >...
  84. >Alright...
  85. >You MIGHT do something like that...
  86. >But you'd feel REALLY bad about it afterward!
  87. >Still, if his Twilight was anything like you she had already examined Anonymous here
  88. >If you asked you could probably bum some of her notes
  89. >Maybe the two of you could even put your heads together and figure out why Anon had the organs and Lero didn't
  90. >Because if Anon had them, Lero should have
  91. >Well... not SHOULD...
  92. >Lero having them should be a very high probability
  93. >Him and Anon were very similar biology-wise, and from what you could gather Anon's Equestria wasn't that much different than yours
  94. >Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide levels were almost the same in the air
  95. >The magical composition in the ground was only off by point zero-zero-zero-zero-six-three-one percent
  96. >...
  97. >Hmmm...
  98. >This called for more research...
  99. >A LOT more research
  100. >"Twilight..."
  101. >Flinching, your gaze snapped over to see your husband looking over at you with his arms crossed
  102. >Oh horse apples...
  103. >You must have had your "science mode" face on...
  104. "I was, um, just..."
  105. >Come on Twilight...
  108. >Pull something out of your flank...
  109. "Thinking about where to take you later...?"
  110. >"Bull," both Anon and Lero said, one smiling and one frowning
  111. >Again, Lyra snorted, smirking at your misfortune
  112. >"I know that look, hon," your husband said, getting up and making his way over to you. "Last time I saw it the girls and I didn't see you for three days."
  113. >You grimaced as he placed a hand on your back
  114. "...Yeah."
  115. >"When we did finally manage to get you out of this basement we had to bathe you twice to get the smell out of your coat and you were dehydrated."
  116. "Only a little!" you insisted, looking up at him
  117. >This time Anon snorted, covering his mouth with a hand
  118. >Lero squatted down
  119. >"Hon, I know you're excited about Anon here. To be honest, I am too," he said, tucking a bit of your mane behind your ear. "Maybe if you find out why Anon has these organs you can figure out how to give me them."
  120. >You could...
  121. >Which meant that you wouldn't have to worry about him as much
  122. >He'd be able to take a kick, a lightning bolt, whatever a pony could take and maybe more
  123. >The organs might even let him channel magic in some way...
  124. >Seeing your eyes lose focus, your husband cupped your face and leaned forward
  125. >"I understand, but I don't want you working yourself to death," he said, pressing his forehead against yours. "Pace yourself."
  126. >You looked into his eyes
  127. >Your gaze then snapped over toward Lyra, who was staring at your expectantly
  128. >...
  129. >Fine...
  130. >Sighing, you leaned against your husband
  131. "Alright. I won't go overboard. I promise," you said, rubbing your nose against his.
  132. >Your husband smiled
  135. >"Thank you," he murmured, giving you a kiss
  136. >Not able to help yourself, you leaned forward, kissing him as he retreated
  137. >Lero chuckled, returning the kiss as you stared into his eyes
  138. >Sweet Celestia above do you love this stallion...
  139. >You were about to wrap a hoof around your stallion and pull him closer when Lyra cleared her throat
  140. >"Twilight, you're making out in front of the prince."
  141. >Eyes widening, you quickly broke your kiss and looked over at Anon
  142. >He was looking at Lyra, his eyes narrowed and his nose scrunched up
  143. >"When I get up I'm putting you over my knee and beating you like one of my kids," he said, pointing at her
  144. >Lyra bowed
  145. >"Of course, your highness."
  146. >Making a noise of disgust, Anon looked back at you and Lero
  147. >"Hey, I know that you'd like to run a whole bunch of tests on me but would it be alright if we start heading up to Canterlot? I kinda want to be home to help my wife feed the kids."
  148. "Oh course," you said, stepping away so he could get up. "And, um... sorry you had to see that."
  149. >"You should see what me and the missus do when she's in the middle of court," Anon said with a wave of a hand. "So don't worry about it. Now where the hell is my shirt? I gotta hide all of this glorious dad bod before I go outside."
  151. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  153. >The trip back to Canterlot was a quiet one
  154. >You stared out the window the whole time, lost in your thoughts
  155. >There was still so much to process...
  156. >Anon here GREW a set of organs...
  157. >Organs that made him durable, among other things...
  158. >You might not have been the smartest man in the world, but you couldn't help but think on what those other things might be
  161. >Sure, he might be able to use earth pony magic or anything else, but what if they gave him other passive abilities?
  162. >What if they were the reason he was able to have kids?
  163. >You might finally be able to have that big family you always wanted...
  164. >The castle would be filled with the sounds of kids...
  165. >"Lero. Hey, Lero. Hey."
  166. >Brought out of your thoughts, you looked over to see Anonymous staring at you
  167. >"You alright there? You look a bit pale."
  168. "What? Oh, no, no, I'm fine," you said, leaning back in your chair. "I was just thinking."
  169. >"Yeah, I can understand that," Anon said with a nod. "A lot of stuff came to light today huh?"
  170. >You nodded slowly, staring at the back of the seat in front of you
  171. "Yeah..."
  172. >A sigh escaped you
  173. "A lot of stuff."
  174. >Leaning over, Anon placed a hand on your shoulder
  175. >You couldn't help but twitch, looking back over at him
  176. >"Hey, I'm sure that when my Twilight give your wife her notes you'll find out everything that you want," he said, giving your shoulder a squeeze
  177. >God above you hope so...
  178. >Shoulders sagging, you couldn't help but smile ruefully
  179. "Yeah, probably."
  180. >Giving your shoulder a few pats, Anon leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes
  181. >"Oh, and before I forget. Could you do me a favor and thank Luna for me?"
  182. >...
  183. >Thank Luna?
  184. "Yeah, sure. But what do you need to thank Luna for?"
  185. >Anon's eyes snapped open
  186. >His gaze was aimed at the ceiling, but if you didn't know any better you would have said that he was looking at something else
  187. >"Just tell her I said thank you. She'll know what for."
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