Meetings Matter

Apr 30th, 2020
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  1. >Be Luna
  2. >Be very annoyed
  3. >Your sister was supposed to meet with you an hour ago
  4. >The minotaurs had been getting sassy as of late, and you thought a hard, fast, thorough, and savage raiding of their countryside might fit their attitudes
  5. >You had spent an afternoon gathering data on why killing those worthless, smelly cows would be beneficial
  6. >You had even taken the time to draw pictures
  7. >Mostly of you butchering heifers and stealing all of their cheese
  8. >Masterpieces, every single one
  9. >Your sister had not turned up for the meeting
  10. >You didn't receive a letter, nopony came and spoke to you about her absence, nothing of dire importance was happening in the castle
  11. >From what you could gather, your sister just played hookie
  12. >So, you were not a happy pony
  13. >In fact, you were rather grumpy
  14. >Which was why you were marching toward your sister's room, intent on giving her a piece of your mind
  15. >Two of your sisters guards stood on either side of her gaudy door
  16. >They attempted to ask your business
  17. >Noneofyourbuckingbusiness.scroll
  18. >You lifted both mares into the air with your magic, ignoring their yelps
  19. >Moving them out of the way, you opened your sister's door and stepped inside
  20. >Your sister's quarters were dark
  21. >You could hear her deeper inside
  22. >And, with just a single sniff, you could tell funny business of the sexual verity was happening
  23. >It was thick and pungent
  24. >With each breath you took, your tail began to twitch, even though you were becoming increasingly more upset
  25. >This was no scent of a mere stallion...
  26. >With a huff, you walked deeper into the chambers
  27. >Sure enough, there was your sister, casual as you would like, draped over her bed
  28. >There was another being in the bed as well
  29. >Anonymous the hyoo-man
  30. >The stallion had his back pressed up against the headboard
  31. >His arms had been tied, and some strange device was keeping his legs apart
  32. >A strip of cloth covered his eyes, and he had earmuffs covering his eyes
  33. >You could see he had a gag in his mouth
  35. >There was writing all over his body
  36. >Most all of it was filthy
  37. >Walking cock
  38. >I cum for alicorn pussy
  39. >Breeding stud
  40. >Race traitor
  41. >You could also see your sister's cutiemark drawn over his heart; a clear call back to ancient branding practices
  42. >It really was a sight to see
  43. >If any of the public would have gazed upon it there would be uproar in the streets
  44. >At the very least, some gentlemare would have attempted to punch your sister in the mouth
  45. >Thankfully for Celestia, you knew better
  46. >This probably was Anon's idea more than hers
  47. >The colt was hornier than a filly in her first heat daily
  48. >It had something to do with his hormones and being fertile year around
  49. >The thought of that was exhausting more than anything to you
  50. >Your sister was in her own little world
  51. >Her snout was resting on his thigh, just close enough so she could pepper his cock with kisses
  52. >His stallionhood was pointed to the ceiling
  53. >It was a very fine specimen, you had to admit
  54. >Long, thick, with a lovely mushroom head
  55. >That, coupled with the powerful pheromones his body was producing as if it were going out of style had your tail fully flagging
  56. >But you ignored it
  57. >You were an annoyed sister that was here to voice her displeasure darnit!
  58. >You loudly cleared your throat, trying to get Celestia's attention
  59. >She didn't seem to notice you, giggling as she dragged her tongue up Anon's length
  60. >His cock twitched, slapping wetly against his belly
  61. >No doubt she had been edging him for the better part of the morning
  62. >It seemed a bit cruel to do that to a stallion, denying him a release
  63. >In fact, you recall it being a form of torture once upon a time
  64. >But the hyoo-man seemed to enjoy it, especially during the finish
  65. >More than once, your sister had some away covered in his potent seed from horn to hoof
  66. >Celestia had gotten good at edging too, so much so that she could keep him at a knife-edge for hours
  67. >You cleared your throat a little louder
  68. "Sister."
  69. >You got nothing
  70. "Celestia? Sister."
  72. >Again, you got nothing
  73. >A growl left your throat
  74. >Alrighty...
  75. >No more mister nice mare
  76. >With a flap of your wings, you marched over toward them
  77. >You hopped into the bed
  78. >Celestia knew you were there
  79. >She was probably aware of you when you were outside of her room
  80. >So she wasn't surprised as you nudged her out of the way with your magic
  81. >A lesser mare might have just finished Anonymous with a lick, or a nuzzle to the balls
  82. >You weren't having any of that nonsense
  83. >Cum wasn't some sort of potion or meal
  84. >If a colt was to cum he should do some in the one place that mattered
  85. >Giving your sister a glare, you turned around, lifted your tail out of the way
  86. >With a deep, steadying breath, you dove backwards, taking him to the hilt in one smooth, clean motion
  87. >You bit your bottom lip as you were suddenly filled to bursting, clit winking
  88. >Anon groaned around his gag, body jerking
  89. >You tensed your inner muscles, massaging his length
  90. >It only took a moment before you felt him twitching
  91. >Then you felt it
  92. >Warm, thick cum
  93. >Rope after rope of it
  94. >You had heard of humans impregnating mares out of their seasons and you believed it
  95. >You were filled
  96. >Beyond filled
  97. >Stuffed like a preverbal turkey with enough sperm to knock up an army of mares
  98. >It was nearly enough to send you over the edge as well, but you resisted, if only barely
  99. >You glared at your sister as you slowly pulled yourself off Anon's length, allowing what felt like a gallon of sperm to seep out of you
  100. >The tension left Anon's body
  101. >His cock, still hard, twitched a few more times, sending spurts of cum into your tail and onto your rump
  102. >Celestia just smiled
  103. >"Afternoon sister," she said brightly
  104. "Don't you afternoon me! Get your rump up! WE have to discuss the issue of the minotaurs."
  105. >"The minotaurs? Are you speaking about your proposal of destroying half of their cities?"
  106. "Yes!"
  107. >Your sister, for some reason, rolled her eyes
  109. >"Before what I'm sure will be an... interesting discussion, why don't we see to Anonymous first."
  110. "See to him? I've already--"
  111. >You looked back to see that the human was still hard, cum leaking out of his tip
  112. >He would get like this sometimes, able to go multiple rounds without rest
  113. >Thankfully for every mare in Equestria, you and your sister had gotten to him first
  114. >As alicorns, you were more durable; your bodies able the strain of human copulation far better than a normal mare, and even then it could leave you exhausted if you weren't prepared
  115. >Harmony knows he'd put some regular filly in the horsepital in some sex coma...
  116. >"It would be rude to leave him like this, no?" Celestia said, cocking her head to the side
  117. >You opened your mouth
  118. >Anon groaned, thrusting his hips
  119. >His cock slapped against your rump, making you twitch
  120. >You closed your mouth, letting out a huff
  121. "Fine. FINE. But when we're done I insist that we speak about this!"
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