DQ5 Glitchless RTA

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  1. Dragon Quest V Glitchless SFC Version RTA
  3. I've been working on this run for awhile. This is a Hitoshi Konomi glitch, no Old Man technique run, which is the 2nd most popular category. Glitchless is the most popular in Japan, but is brutal (and honestly not fun.)
  5. Q: What are the major glitches in this game?
  6. A: There's quite a few, but there are three major ones:
  7. 1 - The "Hitoshi Kinomi" technique (as the Japanese call it.) The glitch is activated by having the following items in the Hero's inventory, in order, unequipped:
  9. Cypress Stick
  10. Sharpened Bone
  11. Hat of Happiness
  12. Club
  13. Saw Blade
  14. Cloak of Evasion
  16. Once activated, the glitch has two major effects- every physical attack is a critical, and every monster that can join your party, will. It is an obviously broken glitch. You can first access it when you reach Granvania, about halfway through the game.
  18. 2 - Infinite Metal Slime hunting
  19. In order to do this glitch, Hero must know Parapunte (Chance) and someone on your party needs to have a one hit kill weapon (Poison Needle or Demon Spear.) The game glitches out when a party member kills an enemy, then another party member uses the command Item --> Select Poison Needle/Demon Spear --> Equip on that same enemy after they die. Afterwards, if you can get Hero's Chance to cause numbness to the enemies, you can set up a glitch where you repeatedly kill the enemy over and over, up to 255 times.
  21. 3 - "Old Man" technique
  22. You can abuse the old man's services where he hosts your party members who are not in your immediate travelling party.  By abusing deaths and depositing members of your party in a strange fashion, you can glitch out the old man's inventory of your party members. Basically, some advanced rewriting of memory occurs, and you can cause item glitching, party member glitching, and wrong warping- right to the credits.
  24. If you want a summary page and some explanations (in Japanese of course) on this glitch, look at these two links:
  28. Q: Why don't you run a glitched category?
  29. A: The glitchless runs are much more popular and competitive, and it is hard to say where the glitches should stop for a glitches run. The "Old Man" technique is the exact same up until about an hour into the run as a glitchless run, then basically warps to the credits. With enough support, I may do a Glitched No Old Man technique run, but it is not popular.
  31. Feel free to ask me questions.
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