Chapter 5

Apr 13th, 2017
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  1. >A changeling
  2. >A very bizarre, weird and curious-looking creature
  3. >To anyone who has seen one on the show, they couldn’t look menacing
  4. >But
  5. >There’s a difference between a nice looking colorful children cartoon character on the screen and having a being who’s supposed to be a drain from your most elemental source of life there before your eyes
  6. >How does it look?
  7. >Well, it’s like a small horse without a coat and with a cold bright skin cold as steel, with a green cocoon in its back and two mirror reflective wings. Weirdly enough these wings aren’t transparent like in the show, but are mostly silver with veins like house flies. The head has two big blue deep and empty voids for eyes, as if the creature doesn’t have any soul and only possess of one aim to steal all the love you have.
  8. >Love
  9. >Even the most tough creature in this world has even a little
  10. >What is it like being out of it, absent of love itself?
  11. >Uncanny
  13. >Your pony instincts kicks extremely hard to run out of its presence
  14. >But your determination screams that you have to resist
  15. >Fear is not an option
  16. >You would prefer to perish like a warrior than live like a wimp
  17. >You resist your urge to run and instead you get up on two legs and then you twist, falling on your back to smash the damn bug. Weirdly enough he doesn’t fight you.
  18. >He looks weak, starving
  19. >He faints
  20. “Discord, can you start telling me what’s happening?”
  21. >He’s in a beach bench eating popcorn “Bravo Pepe, you’ve done a good job. I was expecting nothing but you running in circles and screaming like a chicken”
  22. >You feel proud that somehow Discord thinks positively of you but still, you want some answers
  23. “Thanks Discord, but again, why do you have a dying changeling in your basement?”
  25. >”Because if he was fed, he would be a danger to you. It would be interesting to see you in a real combat situation, but… another dead partner in my conscience would a heavy burden on me”
  26. “Okay, let me reformulate my question, why do you have a changeling in your basement?”
  27. >”To get information from him, you surely know that these bugs are plotting something big, and I think that our new friend could help us to our purpose seeing success”
  28. “I’m gonna guess that you didn’t say a word to SMILE about your personal quest”
  29. >”Why would you doubt I didn’t, Pepe? In fact, they gave me this bug to make him talk, but the stubborn creature keeps babbling on about how he doesn’t betray his queen and such nonsense. I’m sure you can share a bit of your love with him and make him speak a little more”
  30. >You have some pity for the wretched meek, if a bit scary, creature
  31. >Sure you have some fear from the horror of having your love ripped from your still warm heart
  33. >But he didn’t choose to be a predator
  34. >And there he is laying on the cold hard floor with the mouth ajar trailing a thin stream of saliva with the tongue rolling out and the eyes half-closed, his breathing is a forced and shallow wheeze
  35. >You approach the creature
  36. “Hey mate, what’s the buzz?”
  37. >The changeling prepares to talk and with much strain demands “You… are partner of that… idiot?”
  38. “Yes I am, but I also want to be your friend”
  39. >”You can’t *cof*cof* fool me, you want to destroy my queen!”
  40. “Maybe, but you are dying, aren’t you?”
  41. >”Leave me *cof*cof* alone”
  42. “You know, I can respect a determined warrior, but I feel you’re not fighting your own battle”
  43. >”It’s my battle. I’m the hive and the hive is me”
  44. >In middle of this conversation something bothers you, the pill is wearing off. You hope that this works like a benefit to you and not against your plan
  45. ”You’re kinda cute, you know that?”
  46. -----
  47. >“Leave me alone, I’m not gonna *cof*cof* say a word”
  48. “You’re soooo stubborn~ but tell me one thing, when was the last time somepony kissed you” and you kiss his forehead
  49. >”The only satisfaction I need is to have completed a good mission”
  50. “Come on, don’t you want some of my love? I have plenty and don’t mind to share a bit with you, cutie bug~”
  51. >”Don’t play with me, I know your intentions”
  52. “My intentions? I only want that every one of us can get along together”
  53. >”There’s no ‘together’, we are a superior race”
  54. “Superior?”
  55. > You laugh at the irony as you spray spittle onto the changeling’s head
  56. “You need to steal something elemental, so basic that every little creature can make and enjoy. And what you do? my ‘superior’ friend? You have to fight to steal it. Even the smallest creature can do it on his own. In fact let me show you something…” and you hug and nuzzle the big bug “How this feels?”
  57. >The changeling start to recover his form and stands on four legs. He chuckles “You fool, you really think I’m gonna have some mercy on you just because you gift me some of your pathetic love?”
  58. >With some fear you start to walk backwards
  59. “I wasn’t expecting any less of you”
  60. >You start to run while he chases you. But before he could reach you some iron bars quickly raise from the floor and then a cage surrounds the changeling. You face the trapped bug and with sternness you inquire of him
  61. “So again, how does it feel having some affection given so easily?”
  62. >At first he just growls, after a minute he sighs “It’s pretty practical to have food without the necessity to do any strategy or pretend to be a dumb pony”
  63. “I’m gonna interpret that you said like ‘I want Pepe to be my friend and he’s going to show me the path of love through cuddles and kisses~”
  64. >”There’s no way I could say any of that crap. I’m going to drink bleach first if I have to feed on your love on pain of hearing such stupidities”
  65. “Ohh-oh, somepony needs to”
  66. > Out of nowhere, you take a rose in your teeth
  67. “Dance! Discord, would you be a good friend and put a muzzle to the señorita?”
  68. >Discord start to rub his beard “Pepe, what ever do you have in mind?” You approach him and start to whisper something to his ears and he laughs a little and then nods.
  69. >Suddenly you have a suit and a hat while the changeling is adorned in a red dress and a plaid impeller hat
  70. >You’re holding the bug with a hoof and then start to dance passionately as he twitches both eyes above his menacing scowl set wide with the ball gag. At the same time Discord is playing Astor Piazzolla’s tangos with a bandoneon.
  71. >You keep dancing passionately with the bug, making some twists and even holding him in a middle position
  72. “So, are you gonna cooperate with us, or are you gonna choose to rot in a cell?”
  73. >He tries to speak, but he can’t due to his muzzle. But you can tell how pissed he is with the vapor coming out from his ears.
  74. “Oh, I’m so wacky, I forgot how you can’t speak with that in your--”
  75. >You stroke his face tenderly
  76. “--cute face”.
  77. > He has such nice eyes, so sensual… you can’t help kissing the creature at his mouth, obviously you can’t touch his lips due to the halter. It’s a shame, he looks so handsome~
  78. >To do a more audacious movement, you take the bug close to you and then you make him twist with more energy. He goes out of your hoofs spinning fast as a tornado to hit with the walls and falling on the floor.
  79. >His cell walls come back and he’s trapped again
  80. “Now, what are you gonna do my new friend. We could do this every time I want to and have fun humiliating you with my fun antics or you could... help us”
  81. >”I choose to die…” the changeling remarks with cold and dry tone
  82. “Tsk tsk! That choice isn’t available, but don’t worry, we’re gonna get along after the next several years of forced friendship we have ahead of us!”
  83. >The bug sighs and then lies on his tummy “I don’t care, I ain’t gonna say a word to help anyone who interferes with my Queen’s plans”
  84. “Yeah, let’s find out how much time you can stand me fraternizing with you. I can be more irritating than a indian customer service and a feminist activist combined.”
  85. >The fatigue is getting strong and you need to get a nap. You hadn’t slept in a whole day
  86. “Discord, I need to go home to take a rest. And quick, surely there’s some time before the sun rises”
  87. >He cackles at your comment “Oh, Pepe… You need to get used to my realm. You’ll see, I care about you. I couldn't possibly take you away from your nap time. I simply froze time outside this dimension. So, at the moment you get back to your home sweet home, you will sleep the hours you need. So go easy on yourself and rest. Hasta la vista, baby”
  88. ------
  90. >In a flash the image of Discord and the caged bug are left behind and replaced with a dark vision of your room.
  91. >A yawn coming out your mouth is your only response to the quick scenery change. The large number of questions raised by the whole Discord dimensional travel you felt had to wait. For now the only thing that your head needs it’s a pillow.
  92. >Good night
  94. ~
  96. >The morning it’s announced through chirping noises of small birds in the distance, sun rays, and the smell of toast and coffee tickling your nose.
  97. >This is a glorious morning or a morning glory to be more precise
  98. >Your dong: it’s really hard
  99. >The goat milk pills are on the lamp adorned side table
  100. >A little fun with your new body would be just the fun you desire
  101. >And also necessary for investigation purposes
  102. >But… it would be a problem if one of your aunts--SMILE agency partners--see you doing a filthy deed done down dong, dog first thing in the morning as their toasts toast and coffee brews
  103. >Maybe if you do it quickly and besides, surely they would knock before barging into your room in the case that some of them want to come, too
  104. >Ok, now or never
  105. >How adequate are these hooves for your own fellation?
  106. >They have a big and thick nail surrounding the edge of the hoof but the center is more flexible and sensitive. It even has something like little flat fat fingers to manipulate objects in a basic way. When you walk, the center contracts to the inside for avoiding getting hurt, while if you use a hoof to take an object then expand to use those weird fingers.
  107. >Taking a moment, you reflect on the bizarre anatomy of Equestrian Ponies
  108. >With some caution you fondle your winnie with molesting members
  109. >It’s pretty big considering how undeveloped you are
  110. >And sensitive
  111. >This feels so nice
  112. >And was just a little touch
  113. >This dong is more sensitive than a tumblr queer to trigger words
  114. >You took your dong with both hoofs to shake it
  115. > ~~~~
  116. >It’s nice
  117. >Your new body is rather flexible and your tongue lengthy
  118. >That means you could complete every man’s dream
  119. >Autofellation
  120. >You start to curl into a ball and your muzzle is touching your stealth
  121. >Suddenly you see the same quick smooth movement that followed you yesterday thru the window
  122. >Is he still spying you?
  123. >Surely he doesn’t expect to see such a good show now
  124. >You ignore the voyeur to continue with the experiment
  125. >But there’s something bothering you
  126. >You know this is wrong
  127. >What is your caretakers see you in such a dishonored act?
  128. >Sorry dick, you need to wait until a better time
  129. >The smell of a delicious breakfast catches your attention
  130. >Smells like coffee and toast
  131. >But you need to take one of these pills because you don’t want to be haggling with your dick all day
  132. >So, you take one the pills and your [spoiler]penis[/spoiler] retracts
  133. >Having a sheath it’s something you need to get used
  134. >After your business you walk up to the kitchen where Lyra is making fried eggs and Bonbon is seated on the table reading a newspaper while she kicks one leg off the other knee in idle abandon
  135. "Good morning girls"
  136. >They hear you and address you back in warm greeting. Lyra turns to you as Bonbon answers you "How did you sleep?"
  137. "Pretty good, though before sleeping Discord took me to his place to make a changeling confess--"
  138. >The coffee mug that Bonbon was drinking from, now is broken in the floor as she spits the contents into your face "WHAT!?"
  139. >Lyra opens a shelf with a lot of copies of the same mug "Almost a week without having to replace it, a new record!"
  140. >You get close to your mint aunt as she hands you a towel to pad off your Bonbon coffee spittle covered face
  141. "Lyra, what’s with Bonbon?"
  142. >The act of rage from the candy horse it's concerning you and Lyra tries to calm you "Oh~ Don't worry, she always gets emotional when something bothers her a little bit."
  143. >"How he dare it!? He can't take you without permissions! I-I'm going to have a talk! Talk with that idiot! IDIOT!" Bonbon is so pissed she’s unable to coherently express herself. You take a step backward as she pounds her hooves on the table waving her hind legs off the edge and screams at the ceiling finally abandoning words for nothing but beastial wailing
  144. > Maybe she should try the decaf.
  145. > Though you really appreciate her concern you also trust Discord, he just has strange ways to work but he's not a menace to you
  146. "Bonbon, thank you for your protection and care, but I need to remind you that I'm just an adult in a kid body. I can take care of myself and Discord doesn't seem like a bad dude, at least not now..."
  147. >She lets out a sigh "Ok Anom, I believe you, but at the moment he puts a finger on you... he will see" and then she breaks the floor with a stomp.
  148. >Oh boi earth ponies strength wasn't a joke
  149. >They're really strong
  150. >And they have good rump
  151. >Like Jade, he has the firmest ass that his unicorn twin brother could want
  152. >Meanwhile Lyra is goes to seat herself while witnessing the rage of her friend without a concern marring her sunny disposition.
  153. >She finishes a sip of her coffee "Bonnie, calm down, next time I see Discord I tell him to not take Anom that late nor without his permission, ok?"
  154. >Bonbon looks at the crater she has made with cringe worn repentance
  155. >"Dont worry, later we call somepony to fix it" Lyra tries to calm to her candy friend with no avail.
  156. >"Sorry about that, Anom."
  157. "No problem Bonbon, I didn't mean to make you feel bad."
  158. >"So... Lets should be leaving now" Bonbon changes the subject and begins to exit the building. You haven’t even taken a bite of toast yet.
  159. >Bonbon takes two lunch boxes to bring them to Lyra and you.
  160. > "I made you both meals, you’re gonna have a long day ahead." and she kisses Lyra on the cheek and strokes your mane.
  161. > Lyra thanks her and the both of you leaves home
  162. ---
  163. >You can tell something happened with Bonbon. Now you are alone with the mint pony on the street way to the SMILE HQ and you take advantage to talk with your partner.
  164. "So Lyra, what happened with Bonbon?"
  165. >"What do you mean?"
  166. "Come on... I know I'm intelligent, cute, sympathetic and such, but why she's being so... motherly, to say the least."
  167. >She sighs and take a minute to answer you "She feels like it's her fault that you are involved with the mission."
  168. "Her fault? What you mean by that?"
  169. >"Do you have an idea about why are you here?"
  170. "Mmmm... It has something to do with changelings?"
  171. >She nods calmly "She tried long time ago to figure out what's up with their hive with... bad results. She feels like you are paying for her failing. That's why she insisted SMILE allowed you to live with us."
  172. >That makes you feel a bit guilty. You are enjoying this new world while your aunt-- caretaker-- is sad and feels like she ruined your life.
  173. "It's that? I could be more satisfied with the result. If I wasn't by this series of bizarre events I would be just a boring and lame overpaid secretary in the La Matanza's Municipality"
  174. >"Were you some kind of politician?"
  175. "Close, a friend of mine whom I met while I was assisting urban planning made some connections with local government to accommodate me for some months. But that doesn't matter anymore because now I'm a winged kid horse in a strange and magic world. It couldn't be better for me."
  176. >To impose a determined look, you search something to stand over. You find a bench and you stand on it with pride written firmly across your face.
  177. "I make a vow to make her proud and complete the mission in honor of her name"
  178. >Lyra looks at you with deep sensual satisfaction punctuated by a lewd toss of her mane AS you get off [spoiler]on[/spoiler] the bench, totally forgetting your sense of decency in the moment of ribald passions for wooden slats.
  179. >Both of you take to your walk again as you move toward the SMILE agency mailbox
  180. >Lyra rests her hoof in the front surface of the discrete mailbox and with nobody in sight, a light comes out from a line conforming a small door that slowly opens.
  181. >The both of you enter to the mailbox and the door closes very fast, almost hitting your face.
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