Jan 20th, 2021
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  1. 0. Combat Guide
  2. Essential
  3. Physical Damage
  4. Elemental Damage
  5. Total Damage
  7. 1. The Game
  8. 1.i. Versions
  9. 1.ii. Rerolling
  10. 1.iii. Characters
  11. 1.iv. Gear
  12. 1.v. Crystals
  13. Spending
  14. 1.vii. Endgame
  15. 1.viii. Notes
  19. 1. The Game
  20. 1.i. Versions
  21. Pick whatever region is closest to your own for ping or active lobbies. Simple option
  22. is to install off of google play or the app store; if you want to play on computer,
  23. NA/EU/SEA have native PC ports, or you can download the apk directly from the SEA site.
  25. NA/EU:
  26. SEA:
  27. *EU supposedly has the easiest PvE endgame due to low pop,
  28. but gl finding co-op lobbies. Also, play SEA if you want to
  29. uncle-bad-touch the early valks.
  32. 1.ii. Rerolling
  33. Don't. With the first two dorm-gacha guarantees at 25 pulls, it really isn't worth it
  34. anymore. If you're a masochist, there are guides on youtube, it involves cycling guest
  35. accounts and playing the first chapter til you have 600-800 crystals. If you really
  36. want a powerful start, buy an early game SN account.
  39. 1.iii. Characters
  40. There are three different character rarities in the game: B, A, and S. These are roughly
  41. similar to other games R/SR/SSRs. There is also a rock-paper-scissors type matchup, but
  42. the ingame tutorial will explain. New characters can be acquired either by farming stages
  43. for fragments or by rolling the gacha. Some S-rank characters can also be farmed by playing
  44. the endgame boss time-attack known as memorial, but it's more of a marathon than a sprint.
  46. Quick list follows - format is: Name (Abbreviation) / Base Character
  48. Characters (as of v4.4, ordered by base character)
  49. B-valks:
  50. White Comet (WC) / Kiana
  51. Weak. Like, really weak. Mostly useless, but sees a little use
  52. in higher level memorial due to her on-dodge SP battery and time
  53. fracture.
  56. Crimson Impulse (CI) / Mei
  57. Useless. First character you get from the tutorial gacha.
  58. Isn't it sad, Mei?
  61. Valkyrie Chariot (VC) / Bronya
  62. Best of the B-ranks, solid single target damage dealer with a fast
  63. dodge cooldown. Ultimate has the big succ, great for gathering
  64. wayward enemies for your dps to slaughter.
  67. Battle Storm (BS) / Himeko
  68. Abbreviation is apt. Useless without specific gear, and then
  69. only useful as a sword carrier, not a dps.
  72. A-valks:
  74. Valkyrie Ranger (VR/VD) / Kiana
  75. Weaker gatherer. Semi-useless to start, then becomes one of the better
  76. burst damage dealers with her augment, Void Drifter (hence the VR/VD)
  78. Divine Prayer (DP) / Kiana
  79. Healer/physical supporter. While her ultimate heals, she's mostly
  80. used for her off field "impair". This condition applies every few
  81. seconds when she's benched, letting a physical damage dealer do a
  82. shitload more damage. Very useful.
  85. Valkyrie Bladestrike (VB/SFM) / Mei
  86. Bad, but gets better with her augment, Striker Fulminata (SFM). Base
  87. VB sucks, since she knocks back enemies, but doesn't chase, roots while
  88. attacking, but can't dodge. Striker Fulminata is much better, good chase,
  89. fast attacks, mostly used in co-op for her massive SP-battery skill.
  90. Still not top-tier.
  92. Shadow Dash (SD/DS) / Mei
  93. Bad, but your only option for blue physical damage early on. Will get an
  94. augment later in 4.2 to Danzai Spectramancer, physical semi-support/dps.
  95. Might be a good carrier for 70% impair Sky Breaker with augment.
  98. Snowy Sniper (SS) / Bronya
  99. Was once a meta damage dealer, but no longer. Now, she's only used for
  100. the damage malus on her ultimate.
  102. Yamabuki Armor (YA/DK) / Bronya
  103. Very useful, was meta before for her shield, and her augment, Drive
  104. Kometa (DK) is still meta for her massive melee physical damage buffs
  105. and gathering ultimate. Team SP on shield block. Get her to SS-rank
  106. minimum.
  108. Wolf's Dawn (WD) / Bronya
  109. Awakened form of YA, shares some skills, but needs an increased number of
  110. fragments to unlock. Shield provides off-field elemental damage boost. OK,
  111. but a bitch to farm, and has lost a lot of ground in endgame. SS-rank min
  112. for any serious use, possible pass.
  115. Valkyrie Triumph (VT) / Himeko
  116. Bad. Was meant to be a hybrid healer/physical supporter with her ultimate,
  117. but lags behind badly these days. Ultimate also costs way too damn much.
  119. Scarlet Fusion (SF) / Himeko
  120. Rhythm games, ahoy. Mixed electric/physical damage, but still bad.
  122. Arctic Kriegmesser (AK) / Himeko
  123. Alt name: Polar Warblade. Ice melee, subpar. Has some use as a filler
  124. character to carry debuffing greatswords. Passive skill can add some
  125. damage vs frozen/slowed enemies - bosses are usually immune. Disable
  126. her QTE and learn to dodge-cancel the switch skill.
  129. Gyakushinn Miko (Miko) / Yae
  130. Decent early physical damage dealer. Awakened-type character, but you'll
  131. be flush with her frags by playing Open World. Falls off hard endgame.
  133. Flame Sakitama (FS) / Yae
  134. Only fire-type creature unit, so get used to her. Awakened, can only be
  135. acquired through open world missions or by spending asterite. Needs SS
  136. to be useful. Only free valk that has type/elemental advantage vs Rimestar.
  138. Darkbolt Jounin (DJ) / Yae (Kasumi)
  139. Middling creature lightning elemental - needs SS, double Typhoons and LE - with
  140. everything, she's p. good. Excellent at killing Clocc Boi with a paralyze
  141. nuke build.
  144. Valkyrie Pledge (VP) / Theresa
  145. Worlds Cutest. Primarily a Judah carrier (5* lightning cross), demoted to
  146. supporter endgame with specific gear. All Theresa's are very cross reliant.
  148. Sakuno Rondo (SR) / Theresa
  149. SP-hungry fire damager, unfortunately weak, even with endgame equipment.
  151. Luna Kindred (LK) / Theresa
  152. Smashes enemies with a giant axe. Unfortunately in a competitive niche, decent
  153. but not fantastic. Easy to rank up, though, the second open world drowns you
  154. in her frags.
  156. Starlight Astrologos (SA) / Theresa (Zhuge)
  157. Cannon wife. First off-field QTE unit, super useful with varied on-hit support
  158. stigs (JST/Newt B, etc.) At a minimum, get her zither. Mandatory support if you
  159. have BKE.
  162. Valkyrie Accipiter (VA/HotF) / Fu Hua
  163. Shield debuff support base, when augmented becomes the second best lightning
  164. damager in the game as Hawk of the Fog (HotF). Full upgrade recommended.
  166. Night Squire (NS) / Fu Hua
  167. China numba-wan. Best ST-creature physical damage dealer, works well with F2P
  168. gear. Fully upgrade.
  171. Imayoh Ritual (IR) / Kallen
  172. Awakened unit, mecha ST-melee physical with some I-frames. Falls behind quickly.
  174. Sundenjaeger (SJ) / Kallen
  175. Another awakened mecha kallen, ranged physical this time. Not too useful, since
  176. she's a field-hog, and most of the damage in this game comes from switching and
  177. applying your supporter's debuffs - better now with SA's off-field support and the
  178. changes to her sustained impair.
  181. Umbral Rose (UR) / Rita
  182. Solid psychic melee physical dps. All Ritas need their gacha weapons.
  184. Phantom Iron (PI) / Rita
  185. Attempt at a mixed dps/supporter. Needs all her gacha gear or she sucks, so,
  186. generally not worth the crystal investment. Can be used with WD to support an
  187. elemental solo team.
  190. Blueberry Blitz (BB) / Lilya
  191. Perfect guard. Fun, but Void Drifter steps on her toes. Sometimes misses her
  192. perfect ultimate due to knockback/low posture. Needs Swan Lake to support MC/can
  193. sort-of substitute with Aural Judgement and DXY [M] on qte rotation. Can nuke AKA
  194. in Memorial with Uriel PRI.
  197. Swallowtail Phantasm (SP) / Seele
  198. Only A-rank physical quantum type in the game, get used to playing her. Usability
  199. maxes out at SS-rank. Can use SN's scythe.
  202. Valkyrie Gloria (VG) / Durandal
  203. First elemental quantum type, middling DPS and shockingly has good gear in the foundry.
  204. Jingwei [M] / Musician/Fuxi [B] are perfect for her, and Lucia is probably the only
  205. red core weapon you can spend cores upgrading without feeling cheated *Replaced by
  206. Endothermic VF*. Can also share VK's old/new set. Sieg Goose.
  210. S-valks:
  211. Knight Moonbeam (KMB) / Kiana / Farmable / Egg 1
  212. Useful for her on-demand timefracture and leader skill. Gets an OP endgame support
  213. pistol that can be farmed. Can be picked from the first valkyrie egg.
  215. Herrscher of the Void (HoV) / Kiana / Dorm Gacha (as of v3.7)
  216. Original bullshit imba powercreep, hard countered by crabs in endgame abyss. Needs
  217. all her gacha gear or is seriously gimped.
  220. Lighting Empress (LE) / Mei / Farmable / Egg 1
  221. Great leader skill, mandatory lightning supporter, needs SS for secondary damage dealer
  222. use. Had a moment as a primo dps unit with her endgame PRI sword, but was quickly replaced
  223. by HotF. Isn't it sad, Mei?
  225. Herrscher of Thunder (HoT) / Mei / Limited
  226. Finally a Mei suit that isn't a bit of a joke or relegated to support. Deals shitloads
  227. of damage to mech units, but lacks the type mitigation that HoV and HoR have. Really
  228. wants the KoC.
  231. Dimension Breaker (DB) / Bronya / Farmable / Egg 1
  232. Was a mandatory supporter...2 years ago. Can be fun, but isn't too critical to have
  233. these days.
  235. Black Nucleus (BN) / Bronya / Dorm Gacha
  236. Also known as Xenodark Bronya. First real whale-only character that was added to the
  237. game, was used for single-shotting Memorial bosses at SS-SSS rank. For fun only at
  238. S-rank, even with her endgame PRI cannon.
  240. Herrscher of Reason (HoR) / Bronya / Limited
  241. Most recent do-all imba power-creep. Needs her cannon at minimum, but will need 2pc
  242. Welt in endgame. Slightly less imba due to current abyss boss selections.
  245. Blood Rose (BR) / Himeko / Farmable / Egg 2
  246. Strong single target fire DPS masochist. Needs SS-rank, but has fallen off alot
  247. lately. Learn to turn off her ult after two/three windmill sequences. Got a strong
  248. buff with the release of Surtr PRI - might be worth it now.
  250. Vermilion Knight (VK) / Himeko / Dorm Gacha (as of v4.2)
  251. Fire AOE with lots of I-frames. Has an abyss weather all her own - expect to demote
  252. without her. Semi-meta due to Mihoyo constantly spamming ice/bio weather.
  255. Goushinnso Memento (GM) / Yae / Farmable / Egg 2
  256. Ice bunny. Great when the game came out, got worse, got buffed, got an endgame weapon,
  257. still generally worse than HoR. Still good with her PRI ice-stick against certain bosses
  258. with a multi Newton [B] switch comp. Needs SS-rank or you'll never have enough burst
  259. charges. All her endgame gear is now "farmable" if you're willing to suffer for 3pc Ana.
  262. Violet Executer (VE/TP) / Theresa / Farmable
  263. Cutest eviscerator. Sucked for the longest time, got a core augment (Twilight Paladin).
  264. Excellent ST-mecha physical dps. Needs SS-rank, core 5. Eats Jizo and DXY alive in
  265. memorial/abyss.
  267. Celestial Hymn (CH) / Theresa / Dorm Gacha
  268. Critical physical supporter, especially with her endgame PRI weapon. Impair and succ
  269. on ultimate, impair on switch, and a number of damage passives. Mandatory if you use
  270. physical damage dealers (can replace with SA+DK w/Bri PRI^2).
  273. Phoenix (PX) / Fu Hua / Farmable / Egg 2
  274. Critical elemental supporter (supplanted in 3.7 by AE, but still the only good farmable
  275. ele support.) Good leader skill and provides sp pack support. Needs SS-rank. Get her
  276. from Egg 2 (if she wasn't your dorm guarantee) and farm her.
  278. Shadow Knight (SK) / Fu Hua / Dorm Gacha
  279. Ora ora that used to solo Red Lotus abyss. Has endgame gloves, but isn't super critical
  280. to have. Nice lead skill, though. Murders AKA in Memorial.
  282. Azure Empyrea (AE) / Fu Hua / Limited
  283. Ink Fu Hua. Gathers and applies a new damage multiplier, the power-creep version of
  284. Phoenix for big dick elemental damage. No SP pack drops though, so PX still has her
  285. uses. Needs Nebs at minimum for self SP gain. Mandatory endgame due to bullshit
  286. mob+boss stages fucking over PX due to lack of gather/root.
  289. Sixth Seranade (6S) / Kallen / Farmable
  290. Painful to rank up, but only good against mobs of enemies. Tranquil PRI didn't save
  291. her from the dustbin (the gather is nice tho.)
  294. Argent Knight Artemis (AKA) / Rita / Limited
  295. Ara ara and tits. Solid damage output and constantly freezes enemies, but has no time-
  296. fracture, so falls behind in time-attack stages like memorial. Must have her scythe -
  297. doubly so now, since Skadi PRI covers most of her weaknesses, and she's actually good now.
  299. Fallen Rosemary (FR) / Rita / Battle Pass / Farmable
  300. Quantum lightning semi-support type. Similar function to BD+JST, but better for more
  301. drawn out fights. Made for the whale trifecta of HoT/AE/FR. Gear and frags are currently
  302. readily available through battlepass or by spending resonators. Get the scythe.
  305. Molotov Cherry (MC/FTD) / Rozaliya / Dorm Gacha / Farmable
  306. Was bad, did the fusion dance with Lilya, is now one of the strongest physical DPS units
  307. as Fervent Tempo Delta (FTD.) Can do quick, high damage rotations, and Michel [T+B] /
  308. Ekat [M] work well and are farmable. Really wants her PRI for forced activation of her
  309. ult. QTE still has succ, so she can still be used as a Blood Dance carrier without having
  310. to switch off the core skills.
  313. Stygian Nymph (SN) / Seele / Limited
  314. Do-all semi-powercreep character. AOE as light seele, ST as dark seele. Released just
  315. after Twilight Paladin (do you see a pattern here?) Needs her scythe and full Allan Poe,
  316. but is neutral to all enemies, so can brute force almost any abyss weather with proper
  317. team composition.
  320. Bright Knight Excelcius (BKE) / Durandal / Limited
  321. Big goose. AOE Physical mecha DPS, but hogs the field, so needs SA and full Dante/Dirac/
  322. Zorro for the 3pc impair effect to be comparable to TP/SN. Can skip boss phases by spiking
  323. them. Dem jiggle physics.
  325. Dea Anchora (DA) / Durandal / Limited
  326. <insert Saint Seiya reference here> New memorial/abyss stomper for rimestar. Fire Bio, so
  327. no real meta alternatives, since FS's kit is so old. Whalebait, like BKE - really wants her
  328. full gear, everything else is a 25-40% drop off.
  331. *Note: Just because a character isn't a do-all or fantastic dps, doesn't mean they have no uses. Except
  332. CI Mei.
  336. 1.iv. Gear
  337. Too much to list, but to be brief, all characters can be equipped with four types of gear: 1 weapon,
  338. and 3 stigmata pieces ([T]op, [M]iddle, [B]ottom) When a character is released, they generally get a
  339. bespoke set of equipment designed for them. Until later releases powercreep them, this gear is usually
  340. the absolute best choice for them - at the very least, their motif weapons are nearly mandatory. You
  341. can mix and match if you don't have a character's full set, but you lose out on the set-completion synergy
  342. bonuses. Essentially, read the stigmata texts in the ingame encyclopedia, and look for similar effects on
  343. farmable gear. Cross-link to a quick overview of the gear you can grind for:
  346. 1.v. Crystals
  347. The jewish lifeblood of the game. General income breakdown is as follows:
  349. F2P:
  350. Dalies: 40/day 280/wk
  351. Weekly Login: 100/wk
  352. Armada Member: 25/wk
  353. Memorial Bosses: 100/wk
  354. Abyss (pre-lv81, bi-weekly, more if you promote, less if you relegate)
  355. Forbidden 80/cycle 160/wk
  356. Sinful 180/cycle 360/wk
  357. Agony 260/cycle 520/wk
  358. Red Lotus 420/cycle 840/wk
  359. Battle Pass: 480/patch(45d avg) ~74/wk
  361. Paid Options:
  362. Monthly Crystal Card: 60/day+1330/mo ~730/wk
  363. Battle Pass: 680/patch (45d avg) ~105/wk
  364. Top Up: As much as you can spend, baby
  366. So, assuming Agony retention and buying the monthly card and battle pass,
  367. average income is ~8000/4wk. This isn't counting events or first clear
  368. stage bonuses. F2Pers get about ~4500/4wk with agony retention.
  370. If you can swing the ~11.5usd/month, it might be worth it to get the monthly card and/or
  371. battle pass (imo, knight pass is best.) Assuming you login every day (do NOT miss a day,)
  372. monthly card gives 3130 total crystals (330 on purchase, 60/day for 30 days, 500/15
  373. days login- if you miss a day, you WILL lose the second 500) Passes can stack, so you
  374. can buy multiple for the 330 crystal bonus if you need it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW - the
  375. length of active time will be increased by 30 days with each purchase, you still get
  376. only 60 crystal/day.
  378. Battle Pass comes in three flavors, F2P, Knight (Minnow), and Paladin (Dumb Whale).
  379. These passes give assorted items, crystals, and a special currency (Lucion,)
  380. that can be used to purchase specific older gacha gear. This currency doesn't
  381. expire, so you can save it up until something you want is in the shop.
  383. Notable Battle Pass Rewards:
  384. F2P:
  385. 480 Crystals
  386. 2 Purple Lucion + 2 Purple Lucion/patch from Dormitory Shop
  387. Knight (in addition to above):
  388. 680 Crystals
  389. 520 Stigmata Resonators
  390. 8 Purple Lucion (12/patch total, so 1.5 gacha stigmatas)
  391. Shit-tons of A-rank frags
  392. Fallen Rosemary Frags (v4.2-4.6)
  393. 2.5 lv of pass/0.5 lv of bravo points per week
  394. Paladin (in addition to above):
  395. +20lv worth of pass EXP
  396. +10lv worth of bravo EXP
  397. 3.5 lv of pass/0.7 lv of bravo points per week
  399. Note: If you want to buy the pass post v4.2, make certain to buy it early in the season.
  400. MiHoJew removed the overflow rewards post lv50 and added a 4 patch point ladder (bravo points)
  401. - knight+ gets bonus points per week towards this - this new system also serves to fuck you
  402. over if you don't play and have to buy the Paladin upgrade to finish the pass.
  404. Also, new colored Lucion is designed to fuck over F2Ps, since you can only get 16 of them without
  405. buying a pass before they rotate out in 4 patches.
  407. Essentially, get monthly card to save for limited valkyries, and/or the battle pass
  408. to fill out your gear collection.
  412. 1.vii. Spending
  414. Save your fucking gems starting out. It costs 28,000 to guarantee a new S-rank,
  415. and while the guarantee carries over to the next banner, you'll have a far better
  416. time if you have the newest powercreep. Later in the game (lv 80+,) you can be a
  417. bit profligate, but without a solid base, it's going to suck.
  419. This does not apply to the first 25-pulls in dorm gacha, though. Get your 2x guaranteed
  420. S-ranks from that (either by gems or by the dorm cards they throw at you as a new player,)
  421. then consider buying one or both Land of Wishes Eggs from the bonus tab. Do NOT do land
  422. of wishes first - duplicate S-ranks only give a fraction of their value back, make sure
  423. you know what your guaranteed dorm S-ranks are before buying those eggs.
  425. Valks Available in Land of Wishes
  426. LoW 1 Egg:
  427. Knight Moonbeam / KMB: On call dodge, which is nice. Super useful with
  428. PRI Railguns, but you'll probably have time to
  429. farm her before lv. 80+
  431. Lightning Empress / LE: Mandatory for HotF usage, big starting battery,
  432. best choice early-on.
  434. Dimension Breaker / DB: Avoid, unless you magic both KMB and LE from the
  435. dorm gacha.
  437. LoW 2 Egg:
  438. Blood Rose / BR: Single target fire dps, but needs SS-rank and
  439. PRI Surtr. Avoid unless you get PX from dorm.
  441. Goshinnso Memento / GM: Good with her ice stick, shit without it. Needs
  442. SS-rank/Schro T to do damage. Avoid early game.
  444. Phoenix / PX: No Brainer. Get her here, then farm 100-frags from
  445. memorial. Best all-purpose elemental supporter til
  446. 3.7, and still the only farmable one.
  448. After getting your S-ranks, never spend on the dorm gacha again. You get 2 dorm tickets
  449. per month as an armada member/3 per patch from errands, be satisfied with that. Focus on
  450. getting your DPS good gear instead - don't bother trying for support
  451. gear until you have a perfect dps setup, it isn't worth it.
  453. NOTE: Above is slightly off now - with the rise of dual use sets like Shuijing and the addition
  454. of competitive damage stigs to bounty as G2-G3 items, your new focus should be on the motif weapon
  455. for your DPS (to unlock the new OP PRI arms MiHoYo is shilling each patch, and since most bounty
  456. weapons currently suck, barring PRI arm precursors,) and T1 support valks like AE, CH, YA/DK, SA, etc.
  457. Lv81+ abyss is mechanically designed to punish you, (e.g. spreading mobs on elemental boost floors that
  458. need AE to gather,) if you don't have a rounded roster of support units.
  462. 1.vii. Endgame
  463. Abyss and Memorial are the two PvE endgame modes - most of your crystals will come from Abyss
  464. after you deplete the story stages, and all of your S-rank farming is done in memorial. Learn
  465. to cruise Youtube/Bilibili for whales flexing on Memorial bosses and try to mimic with what you
  466. have. Search for "崩坏3" to find chinese tryhards - you can infer alot by watching their
  467. memorial/abyss runs.
  469. Don't get sucked in to the idea that you need one more piece of equipment to be good. This game
  470. needs a deep roster of gear for the endgame, blowing out for one piece of gear is moronic. Except
  471. Newton [B] - buy at least two/three from the resonator shop when you have enough currency - never
  472. roll for it.
  476. 1.viii. Notes
  477. Links are in the thread header - use them.
  478. EXP boosters are a trap - never use them.
  479. Join an armada (Play the Sim Battle, you lazy faggots.)
  480. Do your fucking cadet missions.
  481. You Lost, see line 1.
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