07/01/2016 - KTOS (V2)

Jan 6th, 2016
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  1. 07/01/2016
  3. Hello ! This also includes the changes made from the original post (
  5. [Fixes]
  6. 1) Collection Items requiring Multiples of the same material registering incorrectly has been fixed.
  7. 2) Some player's instance reset time being incorrectly applied has been fixed.
  8. - From now, all players should now have their instances reset at 6AM Servertime.
  9. 3) Characters who started in Orsha and became a Wugushi not being given the Miao Hair Ornament has now been fixed. Any players who were already wugushi's during this problem, the headpiece should now be in the marketplace for you to re-claim.
  10. 4) Zombies, Companions, Skeleton Soldiers, Statues Etc. reacting slow has been modified to act faster.
  11. 5) Golden Bell Shield, Goddess Ausurine Buff states will be fixed so that you no longer recieve damage when in these states.
  12. 6) Counter Spell modifying magic attack damage will be changed.
  13. 7) Dunkel Staff not being sold by NPCS has now been corrected.
  14. 8) Aston 2H Sword Image and Icon having different icons has been fixed.
  15. 9) Being able to use Locked-in cards for Card Battles will be modified (TN : untradeable cards? - i've not played cards before)
  16. 10) Corrected the problem where the Companion was in abnormal parts of the map in the lodge.
  17. 11) When casting a skill that is unavailable for that weapon type, but you have the weapon available in your weapon swap slot. Using the skill will now automatically change weapon for you to use the skill. (Note: This was how i interpreted it, i don't know if this is the case! )
  18. 12) 델무어 성주 추격(2) Quest not remaining persistent with progress has been fixed.
  19. 13) Problem where players were unable to learn the Kepa Emotion will be fixed.
  20. 14). Skills will no longer deal damage to anvils.
  21. 15) Guild tower max lifespan is 1 week.
  23. [Updates]
  25. 0) 2 New costumes have been added to the TP Store, Both outfits cost 129 TP Each.
  26. - Swordsman Master Outfit (Male Only, Wearable by All Swordsmen Class)
  27. - Peltasta Master Outfit (Female Only, Wearable by All Swordsmen Class)
  29. 1) Urgent Repair Kit has been added to the premium item list. ( Cost N/A)
  30. - Adds +5 Durability to an item. (unconfirmed?)
  32. 2) A change has been made to allow cancellation of daily quests
  33. - If you cancel a daily quest, the quest counter is reduced by reduced by one.
  34. - The same daily quest canceled on the same day will not be given again.
  36. 3) Instance dungeons will undergo the following changes:
  37. - An Automatic Matching system has been added.
  38. - Please select "Automatically find party" from the instant dungeon NPC.
  39. - Automatic party finding is possible when currently inside an instance dungeon that has not been completed if more than 5% experience can be gained.
  40. - If a party fails to complete an instance dungeon within one hour, the instance dungeon will be terminated.
  41. - Historic Ruins Instance experience gained has increased slightly ( Monster stats inside have also risen slightly)
  43. 4) A new instance mission " 염원의 비석로 " has been added.
  44. - Lv 115 Requirement, Located on the Fedimian Suburbs map
  45. -115 instance monsters added. Appears to have to bosses, Grinender and Flammidus.
  47. 4.1) Level 160 instance changes:
  48. - mobs before: 600% hp, 120% atk, 600% exp
  49. - mobs after: 600% hp, 125% atk, 1000% exp
  50. - bosses before: 12500% hp, 140% atk, 3000% exp
  51. - bosses after: 7000% hp, 200% atk, 5000% exp
  54. 5) Skill related changes will be listed below.
  55. - during mounted status When attempting to cast a skill that is not usable whilst riding a companion, Your character should now dismount automatically without having to press the dismounting key and use the skill.
  58. [Cleric Classes]
  59. - Cleric: Divine might not correctly applying to the skill 'Heal' has been fixed.
  60. - Bokor: Fixed problem where cure caused zombies to stop moving.
  61. - Effigy not applying additional correctly has been fixed.
  62. - Sadhu: Problem with bind effects not disappearing has been fixed.
  63. - Monk: All skills animation speed increased slightly.
  64. - Skills Affected: Palm Strike, Hand Knife, 1 Inch Punch.
  65. - Pardoner: Spell shop now has a maximum cap of Level 5. (Effects are added per skill Level)
  66. - Pardoner: It is no longer possible to sell Dievdirby statue buffs via spell-shop.
  69. [Swordsmen Classes]
  70. - Swordsman based classes have received some animation time changes, Skill animations will now be cast slightly faster than before.
  71. - Skills affected: Thrust, Bash, Helm Chopper, Seism, Cleave, Targe Smash, Shield Push, Slithering, Hexen Dropper, Mordschlag, Redel, Zucken, Attaque Coquille
  72. - Barbarians: Fixed problem where a barbarian could throw NPCS/Monsters away with Giant Swing.
  73. - Rodelero: Slithering Cooldown has been reduced.
  74. - Hoplite: Synchro Thrusting cooldown time is now 15s and has overheat. (down from 35s cooldown)
  75. - Throwing Spear: Cooldown Removed. ( Now you must pick-up spear to recast)
  76. - Squire: food table has no SP cost.
  79. [Wizard Classes]
  80. - Alchemist: When preparing a potion via Tincturing, the materials will be added. (to the bowl animation?)
  81. - Cryomancer: Snow Rolling not properly preventing monsters from moving will be fixed.
  82. - Wizard: The missile hit rate for Magic Missile will increase.
  83. - Wizard: Cancel time increased on Magic Missle.
  84. - Thaumaturge: Fixed problem where using Enlarge skills didn't increase class EXP gained.
  86. [Archer Classes]
  87. - Fletcher: SP Cost for all skills have been reduced by 20%.
  88. - Broadhead Arrow sp cost decreased from 35 and +5.3 per level to 28 and +4.7 per level.
  89. - Bodkin Point sp cost decreased from 37 sp and +5.6 per level to 31 and +4.9 per level.
  90. - Barbed Arrow sp cost decreased from 37 sp and +5.6 per level to 31 and +4.9 per level.
  91. - Crossfire sp cost decreased from 40 sp and +5.8 per level to 33 and +5.2 per level.
  92. - Magic Arrow sp cost decreased from 42sp and +6 per level to 35 and +5.3 per level.
  93. - Singijeon sp cost decreased from 42sp and +6 per level to 35 and +5.3 per level.
  95. - Quarrel Shooter : Deploy Pavise now has a chance to apply bleeding to the enemy.
  96. - A chance to bleed attribute will be added.
  98. - Scout: Casting range on Flare shot has been increased slightly.
  99. - Scout: Perspective distortion skill effect is now based on the skill level used.
  100. - Ranger: Critical Shot sp cost decreased from 18 and +3.2 per level to 15 and +2.5 per level.
  101. - Rogue: Vendetta cooldown decreased from 40s to 30s.
  104. 6) When registering items for sale on the market, if you register under a certain number of items, it will be adjusted to a fixed amount ( rounded ? ).
  106. 7) Party member killing monsters will now give the journal data to other party members who haven't killed the monster before.
  107. 8) If you cannot give up on a quest, an option to give up on the current quest progress will now appear.
  108. 9) The TP Merchant (Letizia) in Klaipeda & Orsha have been relocated closer to the market NPC.
  109. 11) Level 220~280 elite monsters have had silver and drop rates reduced.
  110. 11) Changes to the world map UI
  111. 12) F11 will now open the collection list where you can see your collection items. However, you still have to visit the Magic Association NPC in order to register items.
  112. 13) Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 2F Boss Spawn location randomized
  113. - Crystal Mine Lot 2 - 2F Boss Respawn Timer randomized
  116. [Issues]
  118. - Zombies not gaining increased stats in proportion to the Bokor's INT will be fixed later.
  119. - Divine Might only partially working will be fixed soon.
  121. *Undocumented
  122. Chaplain job rank updated from unobtainable to hidden cleric rank 5. Job change quest and relevant job data added as well.
  126. Source Post:
  128. Credits to Gunnr, Gwenyth @Tos Forums.
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