Soul Spell 'listen' end (Anon x Twilight, mc fetish)

Apr 19th, 2015
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  1. >Celestia took a deep, long sigh before responding.
  2. >"Alright."
  3. >Holy shit.
  4. >You dodged a fucking bullet there-
  5. >"But I am not to be tormented any further, so be warned."
  6. >You give her the envelope, and she begins to open it.
  7. >"This is...this is the Last Will and Testament of Twilight Sparkle.."
  8. >Oh shit
  9. >So she planned this for what might be days.
  10. >Before she gets a chance to read it, Rainbow Dash and the others come bursting in.
  12. >oh shit intensifies
  13. >Bleu Fast pinned you down and started demanding answers.
  14. >Luna tried to calm them down by explaining what had happened to the best of her knowledge
  15. >You pointed towards the will, and they immediately knew that they'd been too late.
  16. >"Master?" you heard from the other room.
  17. >Sighhh
  18. >Might as well tell her.
  19. "Give me a moment, please."
  20. >The others nodded, and you got up to go to the other room. To visit Twili-
  21. >no
  22. >the 'slave' that took her body
  23. >She looked up at you, almost as if she wanted your approval.
  24. "Twilight...I-"
  25. >"Yes, Master?"
  26. "...I'll be back in a bit. Stay there, please."
  27. >She nodded.
  28. >"Yes, Master."
  29. >You left her alone, in the room, as you rejoined the others.
  30. >With nothing left to do, you start to read the will.
  33. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  34. To whom it may concern
  36. If you are reading this, I am gone. I've cast the new
  37. spell that will forever seal my former self in my mind.
  38. If Celestia is here, reading this, tell her that she should
  39. not cast her memory spell, as it will spare her the heart-
  40. break.
  42. Ever since Anonymous cast the spell, inadvertently,
  43. might I add, I'd come to realize that somehow, deep
  44. inside, I wanted him to control me. I probably hadn't
  45. wanted that before, in all honesty, but in my current
  46. state I cannot think of a time I didn't want it. One
  47. explanation is that it took my biggest fear, the fear
  48. of disappointing my mentor, Princess Celestia, and
  49. magnifying them beyond capacity, distorting it into an
  50. infatuation with Anonymous, who'd I decided while
  51. the spell was taking place was my Master.
  52. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  54. >Upon reading this, Celestia whispered something. It was barely audible.
  55. >"Oh, Twilight.."
  57. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  58. As Princess Celestia explained to me the day after
  59. she restored my memories, the spell was intended to
  60. take everything about me, destroy it, and replace it with
  61. thoughts of obedience and enslavement so I would not
  62. have a breakdown. I fear it may have been more than
  63. that, sadly. For it wasn't just playing with my mind,
  64. it was showing me the things I truly desired, and
  65. in those moments of true obedience, I had felt an
  66. experience I had never felt before in my life:
  67. True happiness.
  68. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  70. >Those last two words were underlined.
  72. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  73. It was at that moment I realized that this was what I
  74. was meant to be, that it was what I wanted to be.
  75. If I had kept my rational thought while going through
  76. this I would have immediately realized I was being lied
  77. to, that the voices in my head were feeding me thoughts
  78. that I hadn't wanted. But they spoke in my voice, and
  79. as my voice spoke to me I felt an otherwise impossible
  80. urge, an urge to listen to it, and I believed in that moment
  81. that it was the honest-to-Celestial truth.
  83. But as my memories were restored, as the voices were
  84. banished from my head, they (in this context, Celestia,
  85. Luna, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, everyone who had been
  86. my friend and family) told me that it was bad, that I wasn't
  87. a slave. But deep down, I had already tasted true, pure
  88. happiness, and it was nearly traumatizing to see that
  89. happiness taken from me in the blink of an eye.
  91. And over the course of the next few days, I had ponies
  92. try to help me get readjusted to normal Equestrian
  93. society. Rainbow Dash tried to chat with me every day,
  94. and even spotted me with a mug of apple cider. Applejack
  95. did basically the same thing, and I helped her on the farm.
  96. Pinkie Pie made sure to hug me every day. Fluttershy was
  97. there to comfort me when I felt I needed to cry. Rarity
  98. kept me stocked on clothes that befitted a Princess, and
  99. I do apologize for wanting a slave outfit, that must have been
  100. a ruckus. Thank you all for giving everything you had to
  101. help me. The truth of the matter was, each time I saw each
  102. and every one of you, although my restored memories
  103. told me that you were my very best friends, I felt as if
  104. (asdhasf)
  105. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  107. >That last word was smudged by a teardrop.
  108. >Damn, she was crying when she wrote this.
  110. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  111. I had not recognized any of you. As if you were
  112. all ponies I'd never met.
  114. In what research I had done on the spell, in what research
  115. Princess Celestia allowed me after that had happened,
  116. I learned that most ponies who did recover from it
  117. had no Master to go to, that it took weeks to convey
  118. to them that their 'Master', usually a cruel pony, was dead
  119. and that it was time to move on. With Anonymous being
  120. alive, however, my urges got more and more unruly,
  121. making me crave his adoration even if I could not
  122. ever have it. Doing things under his instruction became
  123. my one true hope, but he would never order me to do
  124. his bidding. Not after what I'd done.
  126. It was stressful, getting adjusted to doing things without
  127. being told to. It was as if I needed to be told to do these
  128. daily chores that in the past should easily have been
  129. natural for me. This gave me a dilemma, one that
  130. I fear I would have for a very long time. If I gave up control
  131. to him again, he would tell Princess Celestia, and the process
  132. would repeat, perhaps worsen. If I kept having therapy,
  133. if I kept being told over and over that I was not a slave
  134. the knowledge that Anon was alive only made me
  135. want to be a slave even more. If I allowed him to
  136. be my Master in that he only managed my daily life...
  138. ...he would not have wanted me to give up control.
  139. No pony would have wanted that. Which brings us to
  140. what I've probably already done.
  142. As you probably might have guessed, I've casted a
  143. 'soul spell', essentially sealing my fate as Anonymous'
  144. slave. However, this is a variation of the spell
  145. that I created, specifically for use on me alone.
  146. Its intent was to amplify the effects of the original
  147. and lock away every memory I had, only to be reclaimed
  148. by somepony the resulting mare trusted, that somepony
  149. being, of course, Anon. This is why I wanted him to
  150. give this to Celestia before she tries to recover them.
  151. I fear that the 'slave' persona that remained would
  152. react violently to her attempts.
  153. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  155. >Whoa, she was prepared for Celestia this whole time.
  156. >This only made you feel worse by the minutes.
  158. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  159. If I haven't already, I want somepony to find the
  160. schematics of the spell and burn it so that no other
  161. pony in Equestria can become subject to the same fate.
  163. I won't ask for forgiveness or permission. All I ask is
  164. acceptance and for you all to know that no matter
  165. what, I love you all.
  167. As I've already made my decision, I would like to
  168. Give my worldly possessions to those I was closest to.
  170. To Spike, my brother and closest friend, I give you
  171. my castle and the title of "Princess of Friendship".
  172. I realize I cannot rob you of your home for the sake of
  173. Anonymous, so I leave it, and all the responsibilities
  174. that come with it, to you. I know you can do it.
  175. (Plus, 'Prince of Friendship' has a great ring to it,
  176. don't you think?)
  177. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  179. >Spike gave a very weak smile as you read that part.
  180. >You always figured that if she were murdered the castle and title would fall to him.
  182. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  183. To Rainbow Dash, the Element of Loyalty and the
  184. fastest flier I have ever met, I leave you my training
  185. gym. I had allocated the space for it a while ago because
  186. I figured you might want to use it. However I feel like
  187. now is the best time to give that to you. It's big enough to
  188. hone your skills, so if the Wonderbolts think they can take
  189. you on, now's your chance to prove them wrong.
  190. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  192. >Rainbow Dash gave a tear-filled salute.
  194. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  195. To Rarity, the Element of Generosity and the most
  196. helpful unicorn I've been friends with, I leave you with
  197. all of the notes I've made on being a big sister.
  198. I know having a little brother is not the same as having
  199. a little sister, but it might help. You never know.
  200. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  202. >Rarity started to tear up at this.
  203. >Damn, you never saw her cry.
  205. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  206. To Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter and the bestest
  207. party pony there is, I leave you with all of my laboratory
  208. equipment. I don't know if it will be of use to you, but
  209. knowing you, you'll probably find some way to create the
  210. biggest party Equestria has ever known with it. Just be sure
  211. to label the buttons as necessary, because you can never
  212. tell with them otherwise.
  213. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  215. >Pinkie nearly squeeared from this.
  216. >'Squeeared'?
  217. >You meant to say-
  218. >Nevermind
  220. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  221. To Applejack, the Element of Honesty and the best
  222. Apple family member I've had the pleasure of knowing,
  223. I leave you with the recipe I've been working on for the
  224. best Apple Pie there might ever be. I know it isn't much,
  225. in all honesty, and I'm not a very good chef. However,
  226. I feel like you have the skills to make it into something
  227. far greater than I would have made.
  228. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  230. >"Hoo-wee, T-Twilight," Applejack whispered. "Ya know how to g-git stuff done sometimes."
  232. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  233. To Fluttershy, the Element of Kindness and the kindest
  234. pony I've ever met, I leave you my private quarters.
  235. I've already told you that me and Spike had different rooms
  236. before, and Spike tells me he's loved having his own,
  237. for lack of a better term, 'stallion-cave'. All comics and
  238. hoofball and everything. However, I feel like my room
  239. would be best suited for some of the animals you've
  240. been keeping.
  241. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  243. >"W-Well...I don't, I'm not-"
  244. "Come on. You know you've got that exotic animal that likes to stay indoors, right?"
  245. >"...meeep!"
  247. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  248. P.S.: keep Discord away from my fanfic library
  249. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  251. >wat
  253. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  254. To Princess Celestia...
  255. I know I've disappointed you, if you're reading this.
  256. And I'm really sorry I had to do this. Again, I won't
  257. have asked for forgiveness or permission, though
  258. all I can ask is that you remember fondly of me, and
  259. to not hold a grudge against me or Anon for what
  260. happened. Consider this my final friendship report,
  261. that in my time of being alive, I've been grateful to
  262. have such good friends to keep me going, even when
  263. I felt like I couldn't go on. And know that, even at the
  264. end, even when the pony who calls to her Master
  265. still lives, I will always be your faithful student.
  266. Thank you...
  267. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  269. >Damn, this will was gonna kill you if it hasn't already
  271. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  272. And to Anonymous.
  273. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  275. >Oh shit
  276. >Y-You're gonna read it
  277. >You're not gonna cry
  279. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  280. I'm sorry to force this on you, and again I only hope
  281. You won't hate me for this. But if you're reading this,
  282. and if what has transpired already transpired, you'll
  283. know what I'm leaving you with. All I can ask of you
  284. now is that you don't hate 'her' either. She isn't 'me',
  285. and she will never be 'me' for as long as she lives.
  286. But she loves you, and she wants to be your good
  287. girl for as long as she loves you. And I've seen her
  288. mindset for days. She IS a good girl. Please...
  289. please let her be happy. If not for her sake,
  290. for my sake. Let her have pure happiness,
  291. Anon. Because with you, only with you is she truly happy...
  293. The hour of my fate grows nearer and nearer as I
  294. write this. Thank you all, thank you for trying to help.
  295. And, well...this is goodbye. I'm sorry it had to be this way.
  297. Your friends forever,
  298. -Twilight Sparkle
  299. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  301. >You try to hold as many tears in your eyes as you can.
  302. >God dammit Twilight
  303. >Why did you have to do this?!
  304. >This wasn't right, you could have-
  305. >"Master?"
  306. >Your heart skipped a beat as you turn to face the voice.
  307. >Twilight had left the room to see what was going on.
  308. >"...are you okay, Master?"
  309. >You weakly nod, hoping that will satisfy her.
  310. >Hoping that she will understand.
  311. >"M-Master, what's wrong?"
  312. >You couldn't answer her.
  313. >No...
  314. >"H-Have I...have I been a bad girl?"
  315. >You look towards the other ponies.
  316. >They knew it was too late.
  317. >But they no longer had faces of hatred.
  318. >It was more...
  319. >Accepting?
  320. >...
  321. >You bend over to give the pony a hug.
  322. >"M-Master?"
  323. "You''ve been a good girl. Thank you..."
  324. >In that moment, Twilight was dead.
  325. >It would take a lot of getting used to, having her as your willing slave.
  326. >You hadn't wanted this to happen.
  327. >It might be crazy to think, but you felt some portion of her that was still alive
  328. >Some portion of the princess remained in your new slave.
  329. >Some portion that you called your friend.
  330. >You promised to yourself, and to your slave, that you would cherish this pony for as long as you lived.
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