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Star Citizen Leaks - 3.6.0 Initial ETF Notes

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Jun 17th, 2019
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  1. Star Citizen Leaks -
  3. Star Citizen Patch 3.6.0
  4. Alpha Patch 3.6.0 has been released to Evocati, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-1908949.
  6. It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE.
  8. Please monitor etf megachat in spectrum for updates and testing instructions.
  10. UPDATED USER.cfg settings:
  11. r_displaySessionInfo = 1
  13. The new setting will display a QR code that we can use to track down server information when looking at your bug reports and videos. Then can be disabled by setting it to "0".
  15. Note: This patch does not contain all of the intended features, which will be added iteratively to the notes as they become available. Additionally, some features may be implemented in a partial state and as such are not ready for testing. When those features reach a playable state they will be detailed on the notes and added to the "Testing Focus". In addition, not all ships are currently available and pledge copy is disabled. We will provide a small selection of ships for usage for now.
  17. Testing Focus
  18. Ship combat balance: Ship shields, missile damage, missile counter-measuring
  19. Flight: Hover mode, acceleration control
  20. Head tracking
  21. Component degradation and misfire
  22. Ship purchasing
  23. Known Issues
  24. We expect this build will have some instability.
  25. Not all of the rest stops have been replaced with the updated ones and will be missing from the persistent universe.
  26. The updated criminality and law system is only partially implemented, with some missing behavior and needed elements. We will not be describing or taking feedback on this topic just yet.
  27. Textures will display across the visor on some helmets.
  28. The StarMap has extra non-functional buttons.
  29. There is an interaction prompt for debugging which will be removed later.
  30. Chat is missing from the visor.
  31. New Features
  32. General
  33. Added a hold to activate option for head tracking (available at the comms menu).
  34. Added option to select head tracking source and camera selection.
  35. Universe
  36. Added automated turrets to GrimHex.
  37. Missions
  38. Added illegal style delivery missions for prohibited and stolen goods.
  39. Ships and Vehicles
  40. Added hover mode.
  41. Hover mode will automatically engage near planetary surfaces at a low enough speed. When engaged, ships will swap to VTOL thruster modes, which will include alternate thruster configurations when applicable. When in hover mode, the ship will hover level until the player gives an input. Pitch forward/backward will result in moving forward/backward and roll will result in lateral movement. If the ship attains enough forward velocity it will automatically switch to rear thrust driven forward flight.
  42. Added ship purchasing kiosks to ship shops around the verse.
  43. Added visual wear to ship components and tweaked the parameters of wear.
  44. Ship weapons now have visual degradation and the rate of normal degradation for all ship components has been increased. Degradation can accumulate through time and through specific behaviors (frequent overheating, damage).
  45. Added "misfire" events to ship components.
  46. Ship components now have a chance to misfire. The base chance for a component in perfect condition is extremely low. Misfire chances increase with increasing degradation, damage, and heat. Misfires can be minor visual blips, major with periods of reduced functionality, or critical temporary shutdowns.
  47. Added nozzle flaps to the F7C and F7CM.
  48. Grouped thrusters into a "power group" which can now be throttled to control thruster acceleration.
  49. Thruster power throttle is default bound to RALT+mouse wheel and is available in the keybinding menu. To allow players to track current power throttle to thrusters, a meter of percent power has replaced what was the hydrogen fuel meter and hydrogen fuel has moved to a static percent readout on the bottom of the HUD.
  50. Added a cargo grid to the Valkyrie.
  51. FPS
  52. Added the ability to free look and activate head tracking while holding a weapon.
  53. Free look in first person now operates as a hold rather than a smart toggle.
  54. Feature Updates
  55. General
  56. Translational and roll motion for head tracking has been temporarily removed.
  57. Unified TrackIR and FOIP head tracking buttons.
  58. Universe
  59. Complete update of Rest Stop exteriors and shapes, including thematic variations.
  60. Moved Delamar further away from Crusader and into its own object container.
  61. Updated commodity pricing to reflect the addition of black markets and stolen goods.
  62. Updated several locations to now use decoupled lighting for improved visual look.
  63. Reduced the volume of the combat music and added an option to mute this music event.
  64. Added Oxypen and MediPen to Lorville Tammany and Sons shop.
  65. Updated transit system to streamline flow and usage.
  66. Trains are now on loops with multiple trains on each line, which should reduce waiting times across the board. Elevators can now move to any pad/hangar and are no longer specific to one hangar/pad. A selection of available destinations will be available via interaction at the interior elevator button panel.
  67. Added "average" skill level for AI pilots to increase variation.
  68. Updated and expanded player carriable items.
  69. Adding clustering for mineable entities.
  70. Mineable rocks now appear in medium to large clusters rather than single rocks and their locations have been updated to reflect this.
  71. Lighting pass on exteriors of underground facilities.
  72. Various visual tweaks around Lorville.
  73. Missions
  74. Re-enabled ECN missions.
  75. Various improvements to FPS based missions.
  76. UI
  77. Video and lighting improvements to comms calls.
  78. FPS
  79. Improved the look and feel of the character jump mechanic.
  80. Updated ragdoll properties to improve look and feel in all situations.
  81. Polish to smooth out first person turns and crouch turns.
  82. Ships and Vehicles
  83. Revised the P-52 Merlin.
  84. Updated the HUD of the Gladius.
  85. Decreased the hull strength of the Arrow.
  86. Increased the hull strength of the Reliant.
  87. Significantly increased the hull strength of the Khartu-Al.
  88. Updated industrial quantum drives for increased durability and more distinction from other classes.
  89. Further updates to ship weapon audio.
  90. Reworked shield values and functionality
  91. Shields have been reworked to add major differences between manufacturers and classifications with the goal of providing a difference in feel and value. Size 1 shields have had their health pools readjusted and regen reworked. For size 1, shields now stop regenerating on hit and once a set period of time passes without further strikes, the shields will began to regen again. The functional goal of this is to limit shield regeneration during a fight and have the shield work more to stop the enemy doing significant damage right at a fight's outset. There is one exception, ASAS (manufacturer) shields constantly regenerate, but have a reduced health pool Size 2 shields work similar to before, but now with more difference between manufacturers. At size 2 there is no damage delay, low regeneration, and a large health pool. Size 3 shields have very large health pools and regeneration rates, with the goal of requiring multiple ships working together to overcome their regen.
  92. Reworked ship shields so power setting only impacts regen.
  93. Toned down the shield shader VFX.
  94. Changed the shield regen delay to be per generator rather than per face.
  95. Overclocking no longer affects shield allocation rate or hardening.
  96. Updated Prospector main engine with VFX.
  97. Updated AI Hammerheads to "gunship" type flight behavior.
  98. Updated ship weapon audio.
  99. Increased the damage output of missiles.
  100. Updated the cooling for Dragonfly and Nox thrusters to make them more usable.
  104. Major Bug Fixes
  105. Missiles should now be able to be counter-measured appropriately.
  106. Fixed missing thruster damage VFX for the 300 series.
  107. Ship controls for the Nox should now animate when strafing.
  108. IFCS sounds for coupled/cruise should now work for all ships.
  109. Strafing should now animate on the Cutlass HOTAS.
  110. The HUD should now properly update when changing fire-mode on the KSAR Scalpel.
  111. Players should no longer get stuck inside of ArcCorp rooftops when they go prone.
  112. Players should now be able to vault or mantle from a crouch.
  113. Players should no longer be able to force pass out by jumping.
  114. Loading into Arena Commander as a spectator should no longer cause an infinite load screen.
  115. The comms MFD should now update properly.
  116. Added an interaction to the interior of the cargo bay of the 300 series to avoid players getting stuck.
  117. The Eclipse radar should no longer be reversed.
  118. Fixed a head-flip and smooth tracking issue when doing fast turns on foot.
  119. Fix for visual blurring on rotating asteroids.
  120. The attitude flight HUD should now appear properly when flying at Delamar.
  121. Industrial class quantum drives should now have a distinct feel from other types.
  122. The Reliant series should now be able to store handheld cargo.
  123. Combat music should no longer seem much louder than others.
  125. Star Citizen Leaks -
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