Book Mark ver. 2.0 (FEMTO 3.0)

May 18th, 2022
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  1. Character Information
  2. -Name: Book Mark
  3. -Race: Unicorn
  4. --Unicorn Catalyst: Your horn counts as a casting catalyst.
  5. --Unicorn Telekinesis (Spell): Manipulate objects through force of will. It's about as strong as you are, and can't inflict harm.
  6. --Winkmaster (Racharge 2, Spell): You're an expert at teleportation, allowing you to teleport yourself a short distance provided you can see your destination. You may use this skill in combat to avoid non multi-target attacks.
  7. Gender: Male
  8. Age: 20
  10. Trained Talent:
  11. -Inscribe Rune (Passive): When you succeed in cast a spell targeting yourself or an ally, choose an Elementalist Effect. The target gains a Rune, which can be expended to grant any attack or offensive skill a +1, as well as the chosen Elementalist Effect. There is no limit to how long a Rune can be held, but a target may only have 1 Rune at a time. [Trained Talent]
  12. Special Talent:
  13. - You're a bookworm at heart. You gain a +1 to rolls related to research.
  14. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  15. Class: Thaumaturge (Mage/Cleric)
  16. -Master Caster (Passive): All of your spell skills and catalyst basic attacks have +1. [Multiclass Skill]
  17. -Heal (Recharge 1, Spell): Heal a target to full Hits. On a crit, restore a Wound as well. On a critfail, the target takes a Wound of damage. [Free Skill]
  18. -Inure (Recharge 1, Spell): Surround an ally with protective magic, granting them a shield that negates 5 Hits worth of damage. On a Crit the shield's energy slows the attacker, allowing the Inured ally to take a Bonus Action to make an attack that turn against the attacker. [Class Skill]
  19. -Reflect (Recharge 2, Unique, Spell): Focus your magic into a special barrier around a target. The next successful or critically successful attack against that ally is reflected back towards the attacker. On a Crit the barrier instead absorbs the momentum and force, allowing the affected ally to choose between the normal reflection effect or to use the roll of the triggering attack for one of their own actions that turn. [Class Skill]
  21. Inventory:
  22. -Shortsword (Single Weapon)
  23. -Runic Tome (Lens-Type Catalyst)
  25. Appearance:
  26. -Book Mark is a short, scrawny unicorn with a light red-coat and a slightly darker red mane. His tail and mane are both well-kept and combed, though the back of his mane seems to curl regardless of what he chooses to do. His purple eyes are constantly filled with excitement, and he carries a pair of saddlebags loaded with books, scrolls, and various magical implements. The most notable book is a large, well-bound book with odd, pale blue or purple sigils inscribed upon its cover.
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