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SCP-087 Test Document 087-IV

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  1. "Secure, Contain and Protect. That is the name of our secret organization. All throughout history, many anomalies, both living and non living, have haunted this earth, giving great powers or causing horrible death. We at the SCP foundation are the answer. We secure it, finding it and deeming it quarantined from the rest of the world. We contain it, putting it in one of our many secure facilities, with protection built according to the anomalies' powers. We protect it, ensuring no one can get in or out of their containment cell, unless for testing, so they may no longer cause harm to the world. Research and personal are assigned clearance levels, from 0 to 5. 05-X commands are the head leaders and overseers of the SCP foundation. D-Class are death row inmates we gather, offer 1 month of service for their freedom, and use them for testing on the SCPs. We still do not know why these anomalies exist in our world, their purpose, how they came to be, or what they plan to do, but our job is to keep them away from the general public, both to help them, and to protect them." - Dr. Thompson, 05-1 Command Overseer
  5. The following video log entails this experiment, recorded in Document 087-IV, on subject SCP-087. SCP-087 is an unlit concrete platform staircase on the campus of [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-087 descends at a 38 degree angle for 13 steps before reaching a half-circle platform of approximately 3 meters in diameter. Descent direction rotates 180 degrees every 13 steps. It is unknown how deep SCP-087 goes, but from previous tests it is known that SCP-087 descends much further than any structure on the school's campus. SCP-087's darkness gives subjects a visual range of about 1.5 flights with a light source, regardless of how bright the light source may be. Previous test have determined that within SCP-087 lies SCP-087-1, a [DATA EXPUNGED, Please read Test Document 087-IV].
  9. Test Document 087-IV on SCP-087 as directed by Dr. Airdo with the help of D-Class personal D-9934:
  13. D-Class D-9934 is a 28-year-old Caucasian male of tall height, average build and athletic physique. D-9934 was put on death row for stalking a gas station owner in the middle of the night and murdering him in the pitch black desert at 2:34 in the morning. D-9934 has a history of child abuse, depression, and violent tendencies. Because he is very compliant and obedient when given orders by a higher command and lacks a fear of the dark, he has been specifically chosen for testing on SCP-087. D-9934 has been outfitted with an color helmet camera with microphone, 75 watt flood lamp with battery packs to last 4 days, a sleeping bag, food and water provisions to last 5 days, a single set of spare SCP D-Class inmate clothing and a Beretta M9 pistol with dud ammo. D-9934 is not to be told his pistol contains dud ammo, for the pistol is only to help D-9934 feel safer and enable him to trudge through SCP-087 with minimal psychological issues.
  17. The following video and audio logs have been deemed viewable to all Class 4 or higher personnel by 05-6 commander Dr. Klien. Any unauthorized viewing of this file will result in immediate termination and disposal of personnel.
  21. The video feed starts with some light camera static before fading into a clear video feed. D-9934 walks through the doorway to SCP-087. The metal door makes a faint creaking noise as it opens. D-9934 closes the door behind him and it makes a loud bang as it closes. Video feed is pitch black before D-9934 turns on his flood lamp and illuminates a few feet in front of him. He slowly walks over to the first flight of stairs at the top of the staircase, stops, and waits for orders from Dr. Airdo. Dr. Airdo's voice blazes through the silence of SCP-087, via D-9934's communication earpiece. "Have you checked to make sure all your gear is where it should be?"
  23. "Yeah. Everything is here." D-9934 responds firmly, showing no signs of fear in his tone.
  25. "You may proceed" Dr. Airdo orders.
  27. D-9934 starts his descent down the staircase at roughly 3 steps per second. D-9934 descends 2 flights of stairs before stopping and pausing at the half circle. "Is there a problem?" Dr. Airdo asks, noticing D-9934's hesitation.
  29. "Do you hear that?"
  31. "I am not picking anything up other than your voice."
  33. "It sounds like... a crying child. Its saying 'please help' repeatedly"
  35. Dr. Airdo pauses before responding."Can you approximate where the source of the sound is coming from?"
  37. "Uh, I would have to guess... I don't know. 150 to 200 meters? I'm not so good with measurements."
  39. "Thank you, please continue." Dr. Airdo confirms. D-9934 proceeds down the staircase as directed. Even after multiple flights of stairs, audio of the crying child cannot be picked up on Dr. Airdo's end. D-9934 continues his descent for 13 flights before again pausing. "I'm not getting any closer to the child. She still sounds very far down." he observes. "Noted, please continue" replied Dr. Airdo.
  43. By this time in the video log, 36 minutes have passed, and D-9934 has descended roughly 84 flights of stairs.
  45. "I'm feeling a bit uneasy" D-9934 says with an edge to his voice.
  47. "You have been underground, in pitch black darkness for 40 minutes. Its only natural. Please continue."
  49. "No, its not that. Its not the darkness it- something seems off here."
  51. "Please continue, D-Class." Dr. Airdo replies steadily. D-9934 pauses for about 3.4 seconds before continuing his descent. At about 120 flights of stairs, D-9934 stops to rest and eat some provisions; two and a half protein bars and half a bottle of water. By this time, roughly 1 hour and 4 minutes have passed.
  53. "Doc, this doesn't feel right." D-9934 blurts out suddenly through the silence.
  55. "Duly noted."
  57. D-9934's voice grows agitated. "No, I don't think you understand. Something isn't right about this staircase. This isn't just a normal expedition... what are you not telling me?"
  59. Dr. Airdo's voice through the earpiece remains firm. "D-Class, we are not giving you your freedom so you can ask questions. Follow our orders and you will be released in a months time."
  61. "Yes, I have done everything you asked, but can you at least tell me what the hell is going on here?"
  63. "D-Class, finish your provisions and continue your descent. That is an order." D-9934 angrily grunts before throwing a half-eaten protein bar back into his backpack, obviously irritated. D-9934 descends down the staircase for another half hour, descending a total of 250 steps, without interruption, before stopping. "Hey doc, I don't feel too good. Can I rest here for a few minutes?" asked D-9934. Upon receiving consent, D-9934 removes the sleeping bag from his backpack, unrolls it across the concrete half-circle and lies down face up. After reporting feelings of nausea and dizziness, D-9934 takes a short nap of about 15 to 20 minutes before waking with a violent start.
  67. "Oh Jesus Christ!" D-9934 shouts. His outburst is explained by a pale white, featureless face staring down at him from atop the staircase, right at the 1.5 flight visibility mark. The face has no mouth, no ears, and no nostrils, only eyes and a nose. The eyes have no pupils and are milky white. Only the face can be seen, estimated to be about 6 to 7 feet above where the staircase floor is. The face is staring directly into D-9934's camera. This anomaly is from here on to be known as SCP-087-1.
  71. "Oh Jesus Christ has it been watching me?!" D-9934 cries out as he quickly draws his pistol and starts hastily running down the staircase, leaving behind his sleeping bag and backpack, taking with him only the flood lamp and pistol. D-9934 is heard heavily panting and descending at an incredibly fast rate of about 1 flight every 3 to 4 seconds. D-9934 does not look behind himself at any time during the pursuit. "Jesus Christ I knew something wasn't right here I knew it!" D-9934 shrieks as he continues to rapidly decend. Audio of the crying child is finally received, and is getting louder the further down D-9934 descends, indicating he is getting close. D-9934 confirms the audio of the child is getting louder as he runs. D-9934 descends at a total of roughly 400 flights before audible sounds of vomiting from exhaustion are heard. It is noted that D-9934's descent speed is rapidly decreasing. Roughly 1.5 hours have passed by this time in the footage. "I'm almost there, I'm almost to her" D-9934 pants, attempting to breathe deeply a few times. At this time, audio of the child is very loud. She is estimated to be only a few meters away. "I'm almost there, I-" D-9934 voice is cut off and he abruptly freezes, pointing his flood lamp up to view SCP-087-1 in front of him.
  75. SCP-087-1 has a fully pale white body, standing seven to eight feet tall, with thick, sharp fingers extending about two to three feet long from grotesquely large hands, estimated to be the size of SCP-087-1's torso. SCP-087-1's arms reach down to about its knees, causing its fingers to be dragged on the ground. At this moment SCP-087-1 is holding his hands at a somewhat outright position, making his fingers at least a foot and a half above ground. D-9934 remains paralyzed, and stares at SCP-087-1, who stares directly into D-9934's helmet camera. Notable increased audio “ringing” can be heard the longer SCP-087-1 stands and stares. "D-Class, please confirm what you are seeing!" Dr. Airdo yells, but no response is given.
  77. D-9934 is completely frozen and cannot move or respond.
  81. Video feed at this point becomes slightly distorted, but from what is gathered and estimated by SCP staff, SCP-087-1 quickly wraps D-9934 in his fingers at an incredibly fast speed, audio of D-9934 gagging and grunting as if being stabbed can be heard through the video. Sounds of bursting organs and crunching bones can also be heard in the background.
  85. End document 087-IV.
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