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  1. Sasuke - Assassin
  2. Passive- Chidori Blade, Press D to spark Electricity onto your sword and every melee does electric damage.
  3. 1 - Sharingan For 5 seconds, if Sasuke is hit with a melee strike, he will teleport behind the attacker and trip them.
  4. 2 - Chidori - 1-5 variations
  5. 2 > 1 Chidori Spear is a 4-5 tile Lightning damage move
  6. 2>2 Chidori stuns and has a chance to bleed.
  7. 2>3 Chidori Stream electrifies people in an Aoe, depending on how close you were to sasuke you take greater damage and your body becomes numb, Being numb = cant run
  8. 2>4Chidori Senbon Can be fired from the sky downward, shoot it upwards or straight
  9. 2>5 Kirin Anyone in the aoe rain gets hit by kirin and is Electricuted and numbed
  10. 3 - Fire ball , hold for dragon fire (cs2 only), jump to phoenix
  11. 4 - Throws the demon wind shurikens, wWires wrap them up , 3 turns into dragon fire.  Upon shooting dragon fire into the air it summons a aoe of rain.
  12. 5 - Snake bite, trip does speed decrease, upper does bleed. Sasuke fulls heals and loses 20hp perma and some chakra regen temp.(cs2)
  14. A = Cs2
  15. Numb Effect = Cant run or jump.
  16. Summon = Manda(edited)(edited)
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