Jul 27th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >"WE SAID WAKE!"
  2. >The DEAFENING voice in your ear not only makes you scream, but also has you jumping right out of the bed!
  3. >Or at least that's what you tried to do.
  4. >Instead you find yourself tangled in...
  5. >W-what...?
  6. >You struggle to focus your bleary eyes on what you surely can't be seeing, only for a jet black hind hoof to set itself on your chest and shake you!
  7. >"We don't deny your dreams were entertaining, pet-"
  8. >She spits the last word with enough venom to send shivers down your spine!
  9. >"But there ARE things to be done today. As much as we're sure you'd be content to waste away in our bed yet again, we desire your flank no larger. Up!"
  10. >This time it's a real kick to your chest!
  11. >Enough to send you flying out of the massive four poster bed entirely!
  12. >There's a least a carpet below, but being launched out of the incredibly soft bed onto the hard floor hurts!
  13. >You scramble to you hooves, back away a bit, and look around in both shock and confusion!
  14. >What?
  15. >How?
  16. >Where?
  17. >The last thing you remember is going to crawling into bed with Anon and now...
  18. >This DEFINITELY isn't Anon's and your room that's for sure!
  19. >The central theme of this room is definitely, well, darkness.
  20. >You're hardly an interior decorator, but you recognize a theme when you see one.
  21. >Moons, stars, dark woods and fabrics in various shades of blues and blacks.
  22. >Is this...?
  23. >How could it be though?
  24. >There's no room for doubt though when an undeniable black-as-the-night Alicorn steps out of the bed and shakes her ethereal mane!
  25. >You can stare wide eyed as she pops her neck then looks down her muzzle at you with an air of annoyance.
  26. >"No apologies? No 'good morning mistress'? Nothing of the sort?"
  27. >Trotting the few steps over to you she raises a foreleg and lifts your muzzle by the chin just... studying you.
  28. >"Oh my. You don't remember do you?"
  29. "R-remember what...?"
  30. >You manage to find your voice, as shaky as it may be.
  31. >Unfortunately for you, that just seems to make the Nightmare smile.
  32. >Those are some wicked sharp teeth!
  33. >"Oh, our dear sweet little trophy."
  34. >Trophy?!
  35. >"Our favorite pet. Our most entertaining of prizes."
  36. >You aren't liking these terms at all, but at the same time trying to backup only ends in her catching you from behind with her magic and pushing you even closer!
  37. >"Perhaps we gave that dream a bit too much of a nudge. Our apologies."
  38. >Even her winking at you sends shivers down your spine!
  39. >"Mortals are so frail, as we're sure you - no, we suppose you don't remember that do you? Well perhaps that's for the best. You are shaking less, after all."
  40. >This is LESS?!
  41. >Wait, then what did she do before that had you even more afraid?!
  42. >Your mind runs wild with terrifying possibilities before being interrupted with a loud full-throated laugh.
  43. >No, a villainous cackle!
  44. >"Thinking about how much you miss 'Master Anon'? Or perhaps your 'dear friend' Rarity?"
  45. >You are now!
  46. >Where are they?!
  47. >Where are you?!
  48. >Just what exactly is going on?!
  49. "I-I don't understand...?"
  50. >"Oh, that is just too cute."
  51. >She says, removing her hoof from your chin and dragging the back of it across your fuzzy cheek.
  52. >"We should have done this ages ago! So... innocent."
  53. >!!!
  54. >The kiss catches you wildly off guard!
  55. >There's absolutely no backing away from the hungry, dominating, possessive Alicorn of the night pushing you until your back hits the side of the bed though!
  56. "Mmmm!"
  57. >There's no give and take here, only large alicorn tongue domination of a very shocked you!
  58. >You can't help but squirm and whimper as she greedly explores the inside of your mouth!
  59. >Your legs helplessly push against chest her and wings quiver very much involuntarily!
  60. >[spoiler]Wait, wings?[/spoiler]
  61. >After what seems like forever, she FINALLY decides to allow you a breath!
  62. >Not without keeping you firmly pinned with a hoof though.
  63. >"Oh yes, just as good as when we first claimed you. And to think, we once considered giving you to our guard!"
  64. >G-giving you?!
  65. >You can't help but feel small as she looks down at your panting, pinned body.
  66. >That twisted evil smile too...
  67. >"It was all a dream pet. We may not walk as easily amongst dreams as some, but we still know a trick or two. We were having so much fun watching your sick little slave fantasy we thought we'd let you enjoy it a bit longer, see where it goes..."
  68. >She learns in closer to nuzzle you, quite against your will!
  69. >Dreams?
  70. >Fantasy?
  71. >She's lying, she must be!
  72. "I-I don't believe you..."
  73. >Is all you can stammer as she looms over you with that cruel, amused grin.
  74. >"Is that so?"
  75. >She practically purs.
  76. >J-just what is she planning...?
  77. >You don't have to wonder long as you're suddenly lifted in her magic, turned around, and violently bent over the side of the bed!
  78. "Hey!"
  79. >There's no time for further protests before an Alicorn-sized hoof slams into your poor purple presented flank!
  80. >"Shall we deal with you like your precious 'Anon', then?"
  81. >firm hoof crashes into soft flank HARD causing you to cry out in sudden pain!
  82. "Owwww!"
  83. >"We knew you could be a needy whorse given the proper handling, but we never thought our pet such a pervert!"
  84. >Smack! Smack! Smack!
  85. >She doesn't miss a beat as she, well, beats your hindquarters!
  86. >Oh Celestia that's really starting to burn!
  87. "That hurts, it hurts! Quit it! Ohhh!"
  88. >"Giving orders to your queen?! We think we'll enjoy reminding you of your place just as much as you'll enjoy learning it, you perverse mare!"
  89. >As if to confirm her theory, she yanks your tail up and out of the way with magic, exposing you completely!
  90. >Not like she really even needed to, with the embarrassing tail tie you only now noticed you were wearing!
  91. >"We would have never guessed a student of our sister to be so very, very naughty..."
  92. >She whispers into your ear.
  93. >Her large powerful body practically drapes over your small, shivering, vulnerable one intimidatingly.
  94. >At least the hoof slapping your poor flank has stopped but now she's...
  95. >You guly nervously at the sensation.
  96. >She's rubbing you from cutie mark to cutie mark back there, evidently very pleased with what she found under your tail and intent on teasing you for it!
  97. >J-just why are you so... excited...?
  98. >"Is this how the mighty Celestia dealt with errant students?"
  99. >Don't talk about Celestia!
  100. >"We bet she put you across her lap like a mother with her foal. Is that what you'd prefer?"
  101. >You can't help but squirm as the hoof squeezes and rubs wherever it pleases.
  102. >"Her intentions were far from pure, you know."
  103. >Shut up!
  104. >"Maybe when you were a foal they were, but a teen? A young adult still obediently doing whatever she was told?"
  105. >Y-you you didn't... well you didn't always...
  106. >"She enjoyed this flank just as much as I do."
  107. >No!
  108. >"Your 'pure' princess licked her lips every time she slapped this adorable little flank of yours."
  109. >You aren't listening to her!
  110. >"The more you kicked and shook that overgrown plot the more slick it got her."
  111. >Lalalalala not listening!
  112. >"Just. Like. You."
  113. "Ahhh!"
  114. >You gasp as the edge of her hoof suddenly grinds into your humiliatingly wet marehood!
  115. >"Ahahahahah! You little pervert! We can't say if you were conditioned by our sister or born a dirty little sub, but it matters not to us!"
  116. "I-I'm not a - Ahhhh!"
  117. >"Silence slave!"
  118. >She practiaclly screams as she yanks the hoof out of your need and delivers several rapid fire new hoof prints to your cutie marks!
  119. >Holy buck, those really hurt!
  120. >Kicking your limbs only seems to entertain her though, as she rains down smacks that grow harder the more you struggle!
  121. >"There is no benevolent master to save you this time. No pushover 'human' you can wrap around your hoof-"
  122. "Owwwww! Please please please, it hurts! It hurts! Oh! Ohhhhh!"
  123. >"-just your queen-"
  124. >Owwww your ass!
  125. >"-who you will worship."
  126. >For a moment you think it's over as she removes her hoof and moves.
  127. >Where she moves to though...
  128. >A second later you gulp as the Alicorn seats herself on the bed, one thigh settling on each side of you...
  129. >leaving you pinned in the middle with little choice but to look right at her... imperialness...
  130. >"You do remember how to worship, yes?"
  131. >She asks as she rubs a cheek with her forehoof, before she wraps it around the back of your head!
  132. >"No matter if you don't."
  133. >Something solid and paddle shapped taps your already roasted flanks!
  134. >"You'll learn."
  135. >She says as she starts pulling your muzzle forward!
  137. >Rarity's eye twitches for the third time in the past few minutes.
  138. >This is...
  139. >Oh goddesses this is...
  140. >"We never knew young Sweetie partook in the olden arts of quill and parchment."
  141. >There's no quill, but you get what Luna means.
  142. >Writing...
  143. >Writing smut...
  144. >Writing smut about you!
  145. >Granted, it's not that great, and you've embellished [spoiler],not to mention proofread,[/spoiler]some parts in your head, but still!
  146. >"SWEETIE BELLE!"
  147. >Rarity screams as she storms out of the room to find the little white coated deviant!
  148. >You've dabbled in writing a bit, but this is...
  149. >This is just wrong!
  150. >Well, ok, you've written clop, but not about ponies you know!
  151. >[spoiler]Except that one time, but if AJ and Dash didn't want ponies to talk, they shouldn't have been mud wrestling.[/spoiler]
  152. >Without Rarity here, though, that just leaves you and...
  153. >The large alicorn LOOMING OVER YOU says nothing as she watches Rarity, go then picks the tablet back up in her magic.
  154. >W-wait...
  155. >When did she wrap a hoof around your other side?!
  156. >You squeak and blush furiously, as she pulls you a bit closer and turns the page!
  157. >"The next chapter, then?"
  158. >Help!
  160. ~~~~~~~~~
  163. "Wait, wait, wait! Let's talk about thi-AH!"
  164. >It's been years since you were carried by the scruff of your neck like a foal.
  165. >However, it's been zero seconds since you were sent bodily flying across a room!
  166. >Again!
  167. >Thankfully the dark goddess opted to chuck you into a body of water this time, rather than onto the hard stone floor.
  168. >You briefly recall your recent discovery of wings upon your purple personage, but with only theoretical knowledge of how to operate them, all you manage to do is turn your fall into a useless spin as you splash down into the pool.
  169. >Pool? Bath?
  170. >Looks like one of the royal baths to you.
  171. >...
  172. >Again?
  173. >"Hmm. Consider us impressed."
  174. >The awful alicorn says as she smoothly steps into the waters via the non-projectile way, the stairs.
  175. >"You've managed to not only forget, well everything, but even how to use your own wings! Ha!"
  176. >Why is everything an evil cackle with her?
  177. >You slip your head further down into the steamy waters in the silly hope she'll lose sight of you.
  178. >"Come, our clumsy little duckling. Your gracious queen will teach you. It is perhaps our fault after all."
  179. >She forcibly drags you closer with her magic and lifts your chin with a hoof.
  180. >"What fun though! Perhaps once we've trained you this time we'll tinker with that smart little head of yours some more!"
  181. >Struggling doesn't stop her from bringing you right over to her smirking regal visage.
  182. >You'd be lying if you told yourself you weren't scared BEFORE she mentioned using mind magic on you!
  183. >Mind magic!
  184. >Actual mind magic!
  185. >It's one thing for some magical side effects to affect somepony, such as her alleged recent Sparkle dream tinkering, but to deliberately manipulate another pony!
  186. >You know an evil goddess probably didn't pass Magical Ethics 102, but still!
  187. >W-what if this isn't even the first time…?
  188. >Was the whole 'dream' thing even true?
  189. >She's called you her "pet" and "prize" a few times already. It's clear you're more of a toy to her than a pony.
  190. >Just how long has this been going on?
  191. >You can't trust a word she says, is Twilight Sparkle your real name or a implanted one?
  192. >Your rising panic must be etched on your muzzle, given the queen's introspective gaze and haughty humph.
  193. >"You truly are a different creature aren't you? The Twilight Sparkle of moons past would have spit in our face, not quivered like a leaf."
  194. >She seems to think for a second before cracking a toothy smile.
  195. >"We do believe we like the new you…"
  196. [spoiler]>But do you?[/spoiler]
  197. >"We'll keep it!"
  198. "Wha-!"
  199. >Without warning, an explosion of water, wing, and dark fur wraps around you and pulls you into an aggressive embrace!
  200. "Wait! Please! Ow! W-what are you… S-stop… Stop, y-you can't…"
  201. >With you wrapped in a pair of wings and two powerful forehooves, she most certainly can do whatever she wants!
  202. >A fact you're made all too aware of, as she leans down and runs a pair of sharp teeth down the side of your oh-so-vulnerable neck!
  203. "Ah… N-no..."
  204. >Is all you can manage as the razor sharp fangs poke and prod your vulnerable throat!
  205. >Just a bit more pressure and…
  206. >No, don't think about it!
  207. >It's hard to ignore ancient prey instincts telling you that you're about to be gobbled up though! One way or another!
  208. >"No? Bold of our plaything to speak to her queen so. And after requiring such motivation to properly *worship*, too."
  209. >You can just barely see the long sharp alicorn horn light up out of the corner of your eye.
  210. >Goddesses, now what is the psycho mare do - oh no.
  211. >If the tingle of magic encircling your throat didn't set you on edge, then the tiny shock sent through it certainly does!
  212. "Ow!"
  213. >You reach up with your hooves to disrupt the magic only for it to solidify into a thick band AND shock you again for your trouble!
  214. >"Perhaps something like this is what our new pet is more accustomed to, hmm?"
  215. >She's teasing you about that dream again.
  216. >Well, dream according to her.
  217. >You still aren't convinced you imagined all that, but the very hooves-on alicorn is pretty hard to deny.
  218. >"Shock collars, how… inventive. Truly we aren't even sure where you got the idea from, perhaps some depraved book you read once. Either way, if you like the idea then perhaps-"
  219. "I-it's not something I came up with! The humans they…"
  220. >The more you say the sillier it sounds… but you know it was real!
  221. "I'm not a pervert! Get this thing off me and quit - Ahhh!"
  222. >That one wasn't tiny!
  223. >Instead of an instant zap like before, the magical taze courses through your cutie mark for at least a couple seconds as the cruel tyrant grins!
  224. >Buck, that hurt!
  225. >Even with it over, the muscles in your haunches tremble and you find your fiery defiance has vanished.
  226. >Black Snooty snorting in amusement brings you back to your senses a bit, making you realize you'd basically face planted into her chest floof.
  227. >Ugh, she's even petting your mane now...
  228. >"Now that WAS effective!"
  229. >Shut up.
  230. >Or at least that's what you want to say if you didn't feel so… ugh, right now.
  231. >Anon never shocked you…
  232. >Well, a few times early on in your relationships but never a big one like that.
  233. >Between the warm water and your suddenly aching muscles though -
  235. ~~~~~~~~~
  237. "Wait, water? You can't just shock somepony in the middle of a body of water without shocking everypony."
  238. >Sure it's just a dumb story, but Sweetie should know better!
  239. >That's not scientifically accurate at all!
  240. >Your outburst, however, causes your alicorn reading buddy to take her eyes off the 'story' [spoiler]if you can call it that![/spoiler] and look down at you.
  241. >"Is it true? These 'shock collars'?"
  242. >You meet her eyes at first, but look away uncomfortably.
  243. "I mean yeah, some collars can give bigger shocks than others, but they all have to have it for some reason."
  244. >You know Anon had equipped all of you with the lowest voltage possible, but if he really wanted to they could still give you a good jolt!
  245. >Nothing like the straight up tasering Sweetie wrote, but something like that's definitely possible with the more heavy duty collars for more… difficult ponies.
  246. >"Has thy master ever 'shocked' thee so?"
  247. >Is she trying to judge Anon? Judge you?
  248. >You scratch the back of your head awkwardly.
  249. "I mean… it's been a while…"
  250. >When was the last time? That day years ago when you forgot to do the laundry and hid in the closet?
  251. >It was a low jolt even then, but he had really roasted your hide once he'd found you!
  252. >The memory of kicking and apologizing over his knee with your reddening plot in the air makes your face flush and your tail twitch!
  253. >No no no no no! Don't think about that kinda stuff now!
  254. "We get along a lot better now. He hasn't used it in years. I don't think he's ever done it to Rarity and I know he hasn't with Sweetie."
  255. >Spoiled brat.
  256. >At least Rarity has had her white coat marred when she screwed up.
  257. >[spoiler]It's been too long since you got to see one of those![/spoiler]
  258. >Her little sister can seemingly do no wrong though.
  259. >Boo!
  260. >Then again an irate Rarity had run out of the room to hunt her down just a few minutes prior, maybe she's finally getting her Belle bottom rung.
  261. >Heh.
  262. >While you've been lost in thought about your slave sister's backsides, Luna's leaned down to inspect your collar and even started to prod it.
  263. >"Fascinating. We held prisoners of war in Equestria's darker days, but it never occurred to us to incorporate a shock spell to keep them in line. May we see it?"
  264. >Wut?
  265. "See what?"
  266. >"Your collar of course. We are curious about the construction and ingenuity of the humans."
  267. >Does she really think you can just slip it off?
  268. "I-it's a collar princess. A slave collar. It's not that simple, I can't just take it off whenever I want. That's sorta the point."
  269. >Granted you know the password to Anon's phone so you probably *could* get it off if you really wanted, but, well... it's yours. It's the mark that you're his, and you don't want it off.
  270. >No, that's not the stockholm syndrome talking.
  271. >"Of course, but surely we can simply…"
  272. >*Zap!*
  273. "Ah!"
  274. >That was the tamper shock!
  275. >"Oh! Our apologies, we see what you mean by 'not that simple'. This time we shall be more careful."
  276. >This time?!
  277. "Luna Luna don't - *Buzz!* - AHH! Holy buck, stop touching it!"
  278. >You unceremoniously slap the large alicorn in the chest with your hoof causing her to jump in surprise!
  279. >"Our sincerest apologies once again young Sparkle. We thought if we merely insulated the - "
  280. "They thought of that! They thought of everything! As soon as it senses magic it tries to disrupt it and goes off."
  281. >If you could just magic them off then unicorns would have run off a long time ago.
  282. >You rub your neck and hiss in pain as the poor muscles protest.
  283. "Gonna need a massage tonight…"
  284. >You grumble to yourself, though not quietly enough for the other mare to not hear.
  285. >You maintain the right to be grumpy even when she shuffles around behind you to put you right between her large forelegs.
  286. >They rise on both sides of you like big protective pillars with a soft cushion of floof behind you.
  287. >Hiding in the solar alicorn's embrace like this was your favorite place to read as a filly and the apologetic nuzzle from on high only serves to remind you of that even more.
  288. >Ugh, fine…
  289. "We can ask Anon if you really want to look at it. Just… no trying to take it off yourself, please."
  290. >No doubt Anon's received two notifications on his phone about collar tampering.
  291. >Plenty of other masters would see that as reason to bust into the room and beat your flank.
  292. >He probably just wonders what the heck is going on.
  293. >"Of course."
  294. "If you're really curious maybe he'll get you one of your own."
  295. >You say more to yourself than to her.
  296. >Get her one of those heavy duty shock ones if she's so curious!
  297. >Then you remember how good alicorn hearing is.
  298. >You look up though and she's… not offended?
  299. >Thoughtful maybe?
  300. >Buck if you can read alicorns, and you've spent more time around them than most.
  301. >She gives a small shake of her head.
  302. >"We do not think we could, how do they say it, 'pull off the look' as thou can."
  303. >P-pull off the look!?
  304. >You blush and look down at the expensive, and comparatively tasteful, collar.
  305. >D-do you pull off the 'collared' look?
  306. >What does that even say about you?
  307. >You aren't ashamed to be Anon's, but you never thought you'd hear from a princess that you look good owned!
  308. "I… umm, thanks? I think? I really don't know what to…"
  309. >You trail off awkwardly, but she's happy to pick the conversation up.
  310. >"Indeed! Tis a compliment! Young Sweetie is certainly correct that the nightmare would have been most pleased to snatch up a certain purple pupil of our sister as a valuable trophy in the olden days!"
  311. >What!?
  312. >"Not only would it be the ultimate triumph, but thou would make an excellent advisor once motivated to her cause."
  313. "M-motivated!?"
  314. >You're suddenly uncomfortable in the large alicorn's grasp, but there isn't really anywhere to go!
  315. >"Indeed! As we said though, those were days long ago. 'Twould merely be for old times sake now. Both to 'one up' our sister as siblings do, but to also keep thou and thy friends safe amongst the rising chaos. We have little doubt most ponies would flee to our side after the initial cataclysm brings about the collapse of the current world order."
  316. >???
  317. "Collapse!? Cataclysm?!"
  318. >Didn't Celestia say Luna had learned her lesson!?
  319. >[spoiler]You also notice it's now 'our' as in Luna instead of 'her' as in Nightmare! [/spoiler]
  320. >"Oh, worry not, tis simply a thought that occurred to us when we first noticed our magic links us to the human's moon just as it does our Equus namesake. A mare as smart as yourself no doubt is aware the moon controls and balances many a natural system. A higher tide here, a powerful wave there, perhaps a few strategic star falls if necessary. We believe the humans call them 'meteors' here actually. No matter, the result is the same."
  321. >Buck buck buck, this is bad!
  322. >Can she really do that, or is she just messing with you?
  323. "P-princess I don't think-"
  324. >-you should destroy society as everypony knows it!
  325. >Sure it's not perfect, but let's take a moment!
  326. >She just scoffs and bats a hoof through the air.
  327. >"Yes yes, our sister desires to try a more subtle approach as well. We are… humbled, after our previous dealings with the humans ended up far from satisfactory. Had we but known our powers extended to this realm initially… A missed opportunity."
  328. >You aren't sure if Luna not destroying the human world was a good or bad thing…
  329. >"Perhaps what she says had merit though. Thyself and thy 'Anon' seem to have a strong bond. We would see to it he stayed by your side in the new world order. With switched roles of course."
  330. >...
  331. >What?
  332. >A-anon wears the collar?
  333. >The thought makes your brain short circuit in a way that must be readable to the wrathful deity.
  334. >"No? Well, thou could continue to wear it instead, it matters not to us. We've been told he does not abuse his position over you and you do seem to wear it proudly."
  335. >Please, just stop talking before you die of embarrassment.
  336. >"You must show us more of what you see in him so that we can understand these humans' appeal."
  337. >Oh, good. Now you get to convince Princess I'm-gonna-destroy-the-world that humans are redeemable, deal with Rarity's stupid social media engineering shenanigans recording every detail of your relationship, keep that little tramp Sweetie Belle in her place, burn this awful excuse for a story to cinders, live up to The Princess's expectations, AND find time to play your own stuff!
  338. >You just want to play video games and get span - er, firmly loved!
  339. >She chuckles. It's not quite a nightmare moon chuckle but it still worries you.
  340. >"We have heard the rumors that they rut like beasts…"
  341. >Oh Goddesses no…
  342. >Not when you're trapped down here between her forelegs!
  343. >"Perhaps that has something to do with our sister's reluctance to bring their sun to bear?"
  344. >CAN The Princess do that?
  345. >Luna isn't known as a liar, but she does get ahead of herself sometimes.
  346. >"We can see that her 'Bill' not only showers her in gifts, but provides her enough cake to grow even her plot larger!"
  347. >You gasp!
  348. >Heresy!
  349. >The princess has the perfect proportions! Always!
  350. >"What? It's true! Why, even your own Anon seems to be far from starving his not-so-little ponies…"
  351. "What's that supposed to - ow!"
  352. >She pinched your flank with her magic!
  353. >Rude!
  354. >You've only gained a few pounds on earth!
  355. >"Males, some things never change. He probably stumbled over himself to snatch up Miss Rarity when he layed eyes on her… 'assets'."
  356. >Ok, you can't help but giggle a little about that one.
  357. >In his defense he hadn't at first, but he certainly appreciates those 'assets' now.
  358. >And you're happy that they're happy together.
  359. >She had a lot of trauma to work through, especially regarding being touched by humans, and he was the perfect gentlecolt helping her work through them.
  360. >Rarity is for spanking if anyone asks you though.
  361. "They... get along well."
  362. >She inhales his cock like an absolute semon demon.
  363. >How does she not choke and die? You have no idea.
  364. >"Hardly a surprise! More than once we had to scold our guard for letting their eyes linger on a certain part of the mare for longer than was appropriate. Her time on earth seems to have been nothing but kind in that regard. A shame sister banned the royal harem. Not that we're sure she looks at mares that way."
  365. >A recent memory of Rarity smiling and calling you a 'good girl' as you licked the double sided dildo she was about to mount your bound plot with flashes across your mind, making you blush hard.
  366. "S-she does…"
  367. >"Truly? Perhaps we will inquire. Her backside rivals our sister nowadays, a feat not seen for generations. Why, the three of us could - "
  368. "You know what let's just keep reading ok yeah that sounds great!"
  369. >The words desperately tumble out of your mouth as you quickly pick up the journal and try to NOT hear how Princess Luna would take over the world, take you as a war trophy, or bed you and Rarity at the same time!
  370. >Wait, did she skip a page?
  372. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  374. >You can't help but shiver as the princess dumps another bucket of water over your head.
  375. >At least the scrubbing is done…
  376. >She hadn't skipped a single inch of your soaked, weak, spirit broken, and recently electrocuted body in a frenzy of dozens of painfully aggressive brushes!
  377. >At least it was over and the water was warm.
  378. >The cramping's fading quickly and it's starting to look like she's finally done with you.
  379. >Thank the goddesses.
  380. >Not this one of course, but, yeah.
  381. >Dunking you one last time she finally lets go of you with her magic and turns around to focus on herself, a clear dismissal.
  382. >Can you just, like, go?
  383. >Surely not.
  384. >"You're late."
  385. >What? Oh, she's talking to somepony else.
  386. >A unicorn mare in what can only be described as a uniform with her purple mane up in a tight bun.
  387. >R-rarity…?
  388. >But is this your Rarity or somepony else?
  389. >"Apologies mistress. Matters in the great hall demanded my attention."
  390. >She says with a small bow.
  391. >Probably not your Rarity…
  392. >"If I wanted excuses I'd have asked for them."
  393. >The boss of the room spits, but her employee remains stoically unphased.
  394. >"We want our pet dressed today. As much as we usually enjoy our guard drinking in her naked form, we desire something special today. Something that draws the eye. We may have taken our playing with her a tad far last night, so you'll find her much more… agreeable today. Agreeable and tad forgetful. Let's remind her of her place, yes?"
  395. >You really don't like the sound of that!
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