Predator and Prey

Dec 18th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >It was another lazy Thursday
  3. >You were sitting in your living room
  4. >Your feet were propped up on the ottoman in front of your couch
  5. >There were a bunch of pillows on either side of you
  6. >In your hands was a book, which you were reading through
  7. >It wasn't a bad book...
  8. >Not that great, but not bad either...
  9. >It had something to do about some wizard trying to find his mother...
  10. >You've seen the setting like a million times, but there were some fun bits...
  11. >Wiggling in your pillows, you licked your thumb before turning a page
  12. >In the silence of the room you could very clearly hear the slight crinkle of the page as it was turned
  13. >You could also hear something else...
  14. >It was very quiet, even in the quietness of the room, but you could hear the floorboards creaking underneath your carpet
  15. >This was an old house, and you knew how old houses likes to creak and groan during the winter, but if you didn't know any better you would have said that someone was creeping around...
  16. >Looking up from the top of your book, you looked around the room
  17. >There was absolutely no one and nothing suspicious around you
  18. >Shrugging, you went back to your book
  19. >The creaking came again, but you ignored it, tearing into the first paragraph of your new page
  20. >The brave young wizard was trying to cross a bridge...
  21. >On his heels was the evil marshall, who wanted him both for his magic and to warm her bed...
  22. >For the entire book they had been doing this back and forth bullshit
  23. >If you had been in the story you'd have told the two to get a fucking room
  24. >The creaking grew louder
  25. >Behind you, you could hear someone letting out a quiet curse
  26. >Oh?
  27. >What's all this then?
  28. >Placing your bookmark in the proper space, you looked over your shoulder
  29. >A pair of green eyes stared back at you from over the couch
  30. >...
  31. >Huh...
  32. >You thought you had smelled bacon...
  33. >In a flash, the person attached to the eyes vaulted over the couch with a growl
  35. >They grabbed your shoulders, taking you with them as they softly fell to the floor below
  36. >A moment later, you found yourself staring up at the ceiling as they straddled you
  37. >Thighs clamped around your sides, hands pinned your shoulders to the ground
  38. >In the dimming light the green eyes seemed to gleam as your attacker lowered herself down, mouth opened
  39. >"Grrrrrrr."
  40. >Sunset wiggled her shapely rump as she gently bit down onto your neck
  41. >She didn't bite down hard enough to hurt you, but hard enough that you'd feel it
  42. >You let out a hum, trying to look down at her
  43. "Well, hello to you too."
  44. >Sunset said nothing, giving your adam's apple a nip
  45. >You reflexively swallowed, wiggling around
  46. >Sunset shifted her weight, making sure that you were properly pinned
  47. >She tilted her head to the side, dragging one of her canines across your throat
  48. >Though you didn't see it, you could feel her smiling
  49. "I don't know why you like those "fangs" of yours so much," you said as she made her way up to your chin. "They're not even that long."
  50. >You tried to reach up to touch her sides, only for Sunset to let out another growl
  51. >Teeth clamped down on your neck, her tongue darting out to lap at your flesh
  52. >For as long as you've known her, Sunset had always gotten a kick out of being a "predator"
  53. >She liked that she had canines
  54. >She lied that she could eat meat and hunt down weaker prey
  55. >Nevermind that she wasn't a predator to anyone but your poor self, and that she didn't know the difference between a pistol and rifle
  56. >Sunset, once the lowly super-powered unicorn, was now an apex predator
  57. >And since she was an apex predator she got to do the things that apex predators did
  58. >Which was why you found yourself on the floor, bracing yourself for the inevitable hickeys you were going to get
  59. >A gentle nip on your cheek was followed by a kiss
  60. >As she made her way toward your nose, Sunset's face came fully to view
  61. >Her hair hung loosely around her shoulders
  62. >Her green eyes seemed to sparkle
  64. >Her teeth were bared, placing her sharp little toofers on display
  65. >You couldn't help but smile at the sight
  66. "You look silly," you said
  67. >Sunset's lips twitched, though she was able to hide her smile with another growl
  68. >Leaning down, she nuzzled your cheek
  69. >You took this opportunity to give her nose a bit
  70. >Not that hard, but hard enough that her head snapped back
  71. >"Grrrrrrrr..."
  72. >She wiggled on top of you, brow furrowed
  73. >You just smiled
  74. >Without warning, Sunset darted down, kissing you
  75. >She pulled back, kissing you again before taking your bottom lip between her teeth and sucking on it
  76. >You lifted your hands up and placed them on Sunset's side
  77. >Sunset, took busy trying to eat your face, didn't even notice
  78. >Minutes passed
  79. >Sunset continued to kiss, nuzzle, and bite you at her liesure
  80. >You took this all in stride, letting your hands slowly but surely make their way upward
  81. >Sunset's lips tasted sweet...
  82. >She must have went out to get ice cream with her friends or something...
  83. >Or maybe Rarity got her a new lip balm...
  84. >Up and up your hands went
  85. >Sunset was giggling to herself, cupping your face as she planted kissed on your nose
  86. >That's right Sunny...
  87. >Everything's fine...
  88. >You're totally in control...
  89. >Nothing bad could ever--
  90. >Scrunchbattlefuckinggo!
  91. >Sunset let out a yelp as you grabbed her middle and pivoted to the side
  92. >Since she had been lured into a false sense of security, she hadn't been prepared for it
  93. >She wiggled and squirmed, but you were able to roll her onto her back with you on top
  94. >Looking down at her, you saw that her face was red
  95. >She also seemed to be breathing a little heavier than usual
  96. >And, if you didn't know any better, you'd have said that she wasn't wearing a bra
  97. >You grinned down at her, making sure to show off your "fangs"
  98. >The predator has become the prey
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