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  1. Written by Request: Lilly eating McDonald's for the first time.
  6. It was a normal day at Yamaku. The sun was high and warm, but the summer heat was not too oppressive at midday. It was helped by an almost constant, gentle breeze that kept the air nice and cool and made the leaves dance and hiss as they brushed together on the branch. Lilly sat in front of the window of the tea room, her chair scooted close to the opening to enjoy the summer gusts. The leaves made a white noise that blocked out the sounds of the school around her and she could detect the hissing of the yard's sprinklers as they flipped on. The air carried the delicate scent of freshly cut grass from the schoolyard. Lilly had been able to hear the groundsmen mowing about an hour before and the damp, dewy grass had an unmistakable fresh aroma. She could smell flowers from somewhere and the smell that warm pavement gets after it rains. The showers had come and gone the last few days and left the air heavy and thick and she could tell by the dampness that it wouldn't be too soon before it would rain all over again. She could tell the sun would sometimes dimmed by the way the warmth came and went on her face, so she was sure there were plenty of clouds left over for another storm.
  8. There was something else she could smell, something she couldn't quite place. It was definitely the smell of food, like she could pick up as she walked past the cafeteria, but this was a far more appetizing scent than anything she had detected from the school's kitchen before and it was getting stronger. Along with it came footfalls and Lilly carefully turned away from the window and posed herself at her place in front of the table, expecting company.
  10. Within seconds the door opened and she kept the grin of satisfaction for her foresight off her lips with a practiced, aloof expression. “Good afternoon, Hisao. Running late are we?”
  12. The footsteps were right, but the lack of knocking was uncharacteristic of Hisao who always announced himself before entering the tea room for when he joined Lilly and Hanako for lunch. It was safe to say that he was running behind, though Lilly had lost track of time while she was enjoying the sensations of sitting in front of the window. For all she knew, lunch could almost be over and she still hadn't eaten anything herself.
  14. “Ah. Hello, Lilly. Sorry I'm late.” Hisao closes the door behind him, a bag in his hand. The scent is stronger now and Lilly's nose twitches just slightly as she picks it flooding into the room, the delicious odor from before now even stronger.
  16. “No need to apologize, I lost all track of time myself.“
  17. Hisao steps around the table, pulling chair out for himself across from Lilly, the sound of the chair legs scratching against the floor giving away his position. Lilly smoothed her skirt to cover her slight readjustment, facing him more properly as he takes his seat. “How are you doing today? Did you already eat something?“ Hisao asks as he opens the bag and begins pulling some paper wrapped objects from it.
  18. Lilly can't help pick up the sound of the paper rustling, he minds eye forming the image of Hisao setting his food out. It could be nothing else as the smell is directly across from her now. “I'm well, thank you for asking, but no, I haven't eaten myself. I couldn't make up my mind and I wasn't all that hungry to begin with.“
  20. It was true, but now the smell of Hisao's lunch was making her regret not breaking her fast that morning. She had rushed to class and had gone without, but by the time midday had come around, she still hadn't found her appetite. Now that someone else was enjoying a meal, it came upon her very quickly and reminded her she had not eaten anything today.
  22. “Not hungry? You're not feeling sick, are you?”
  24. Lilly smiles, flattered Hisao would be so concerned about her just with a mention of not being hungry. “I'm fine, thank you for asking.”
  26. He makes a sound, pleased that she is doing well. Lilly detects the tiniest sound of his chewing as he begins to have his own lunch. There are some sounds Lilly loves very much; the breeze rustling the leaves, the hiss of water, the hum of a distant mower. There are some sounds she finds intolerable, though; chalk skittering across a blackboard, sneakers squealing against a tile floor and, worst of all, the sound of people chewing. Thankfully, those she chose to take her lunch with, Hisao and Hanako, were very quiet eaters and she wasn't bother by it very much. Lunchtime was almost intolerable back when she was in the student council with Shizune and Misha. Misha talked with her mouth full and Shizune had no idea how loudly she was capable of chewing. Every meal was a trial. Thankfully, lunch time with Hanako and Hisao were covered by conversation rather than the murmuring gnaw of food being consumed.
  28. She tried to keep her mind off of her now unsettled stomach, starting to remind her of her hunger.
  30. “I know I'm late, but is Hanako not showing up?” Hisao asks.
  31. Lilly tries not to read too deeply into Hisao asking about her before Hanako, given that Hanako was absent today. “She won't be joining us today, I'm afraid. She has some extra credit work she needs to catch up on in class.“ Lilly prevents herself from sighing in worry over Hanako's studies. She had been spending more time in class than before, but she still had a great deal of work to make up for due to her previous absences. “I'm surprised she hadn't told you herself in class.”
  33. Hisao swallows before speaking, for which Lilly is thankful. “I wasn't in class, I was in town doing some student council work.“
  34. Lilly flinches. “By which you mean you skipped morning class with Shizune and Misha again.“
  35. Hisao chuckles, taking a sip of his drink. “Yeah, that is pretty much what it means. They asked if I could help them with some paperwork in the student council room, which turned into taking a short break and the short break turned into an all morning thing in town. They did ask yesterday, so I got up early to help and I forgot to eat something this morning. I was in such a rush, I forgot my wallet, so I couldn't get anything at the Shanghai either. All I had was a pocket of change, but I picked something up on my way back here.“
  37. “It smells delicious. If you don't mind me asking, what is it?“
  38. “Just some fast food. It was all I could afford.”
  39. Lilly hesitates. “'Fast food?'”
  40. “Yeah, 'fast food.' You know what that is, right?”
  42. Lilly hesitates, not liking it when she's caught ignorant of something. The first thing that comes to mind is something that Emi Ibarazaki would prefer, but she doesn't say it. It must be something quick to eat when you're on the run. “I've heard of it, but I've never tried it before.”
  44. Hisao is silent for a moment. “You've never had fast food?”
  45. “Not that I can recall.”
  46. “You've never had a cheeseburger or a soda or french fries?“
  47. The conversation was again reminding her of her hunger. “Not that I can recall. My family may be half western, but our habits were strictly Japanese, including our suppers. When Akira and I lived together, she would sometimes bring food back, but I almost always had dinner ready for when she came home from work. Also, I don't like soda, it's too strong, I prefer tea or juice myself.“
  49. No too mention she had to be careful about what she ate, her mind turning towards her difficult to maintain figure.
  51. There was the sound of shuffling and something pushed against the table towards her. “Here, try some fries, they're really good. I used to eat this stuff all the time back at home. Probably not good for my heart, though.“
  53. Lilly hesitates not wanting to take Hisao's meal, but her own hunger wins out in the end. “Well, thank you, Hisao.” She stops mid motion. “Do you have any utensils I could borrow?”
  54. “What?”
  55. “Like a fork perhaps?”
  56. “Lilly, you don't eat fries with a fork.”
  57. “Chopsticks?”
  58. “No, you use your hand. It's a finger food.”
  60. She seems upset by her lack of knowledge but musters through it. Lilly feels out the place before her, her fingers tracing the spot out in her mind. A small napkin, a few pencil shapes objects on it but soft and warm, slightly greasy but crispy as well.
  62. Lilly takes one on the edge carefully between thumb and forefinger, lifts it to her mouth and delicately nibbles at the end.
  64. The taste was salty and savory, the potatoes cooked warmly throughout, the outside crisped to a crunchy, satisfying texture. Far from being greasy as she had been expecting, the french fry was delicious and it's flavor was far stronger than she had anticipated. Comparatively, it was stronger than the taste she was used to in food and with the saltiness on her tongue, she was quickly sure she enjoyed it.
  66. Her stomach growls loudly.
  68. Lilly's cheeks spring a bright red color as one of her hands covers her rebellious belly.
  70. Hisao laughs in good nature. “Want some more? I have plenty.”
  72. Fry still held between her lips, Lilly nods, not wanting to take more of Hisao's food but her hunger getting the better of her.
  74. Hisao pours some more fries out into Lilly's little napkin, then pulls another sandwich from the bag. “Here, I have plenty. It's better than you eat something before we have to get back to classes.“
  75. “I am hungry, but I wouldn't want to take your lunch, Hisao.“
  76. “I've got lots, it was cheap. Consider it my treat.”
  77. Lilly smiles and nods gratefully for the gesture.
  79. Lilly tries everything, all of it a new experience. The fries are her favorite and there are more than enough to satisfy her, but she also has her first cheeseburger. Warm and tasty, it's a wonderful compliment to the salty fries and Lilly knows why they're sold together so often. Her appetite getting the better of her, she consumes everything Hisao puts in front of her, still carefully maintaining a lady-like demeanor by taking it slow and thoughtfully. It is a trial though not simply dig in and forget her manners, but she manages she keep conversation going even as her mouth waters for the next bite. Hisao seems to take some pleasure in watching her eagerness and she blushes when he laughs at her zeal.
  81. Soon enough, Lilly feels suddenly very lethargic as she sits back in her chair. “Goodness, I couldn't eat another bite.”
  82. “I bet. You must be stuffed.“
  83. “I do not think I have ever eaten that much food in one sitting in my life.“
  84. “Careful, this stuff isn't really that good for you.“
  85. Lilly smiles and dabs her cheeks with a napkin. “Trust me, I won't make a habit of it. Where did you get the meal? it was delicious.“
  86. “They just opened in town. Like I said, I used to eat it all the time back home, but when I went to the hospital, this sort of stuff was off limits. When I came to Yamaku, there wasn't any places around so I kind of fell out of the habit. I saw the new store and knew I had to buy something for old times sake. It's only for special occasions, I should avoid food like this too often.“
  87. "Is it really that bad?"
  88. "Let's just say that if Emi had seen me with this bag of food, she'd have had a fit and threw it in the trash. If she finds out this place just opened, she might organize a protest to have it closed."
  89. “You'll have to show me where it is then before it's too late.”
  90. Hisao laughs. “Careful, you don't want to get fat, do you?”
  92. Lilly pouts as best as she can. “You're the one who brought it here....” she says, clearly making it Hisao's fault for her indulgence.
  94. “Okay, I admit that. Tell you what, next time we go shopping in town, I'll take you there and we'll get something to eat. I can justify the food if I walk to town for it and if it's a special occasion.“
  96. Lilly smiles demurely, glad she'll get the secret location of the restaurant out of him, Hisao volunteering to go shopping with her as well as pleased by the fact that the two of them would be going out for something to eat all by themselves, especially with him considering it a 'special occasion'. “Well, thank you, Hisao. I'll take you up on that offer.“
  97. She pats her belly once thoughtfully. ”Are there any more fries left?“
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