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Raikiri and Kitsunebi Interview

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  1. Bom-Pom@GeneralFreedom: The dynamic duo of fox girl and lightning girl make their way to the new, shiny, fresh smelling Prodigy Center. They are greeted at the gate by a robot guard that waves them along and directs them towards an interview room set up for Gen Prime applicants. The Prodigy Center looks mostly done already and has several robots buzzing along the halls already at work. In the meeting room Bom-Pom sits behind a desk with an advanced robot standing at her shoulder. She looks like she's on her phone and the robot taps her shoulder and gestures to their guests to get her attention. "Oh. Hey, take a seat." She gestures to a pair of armless, brightly colored chairs across the desk.
  3. Kitsunebi@ag167: Kitsunebi waltzes into the Prodigy Center, curling her three fluffy tails up towards her back to avoid clipping them in any errant doorways. She waves off the flickering flames around her, extinguishing them as she looks around the building. "This sort of reminds me of being back home. All steel and glass." Once she's certain that she's in the relative clear, Ai relaxes her tails, stretching them out as she rolls her shoulders about. Once she makes her way into the meeting room, she lifts a hand to wave at Bom Pom, awkwardly shuffling herself about to sit on the offered chair.
  5. Raikiri@SomethingWitty: Raikiri follows behind Kitsunebi, running fingers through her hair in a constant struggle to keep it from frizzling and generally goign crazy. It doesn't seem she's making much progress, despite her best efforts to make herself more presentable for the interview. She eventually gives up with a defeated sigh, and opts to fold her arms across her stomach instead, shrugging aside especially when they cross paths with a robot. "Mmm, it is... I had not expected it to be so similar. It's comforting," she agrees. She greets Bom-Pom with a bow, and slides into her chair. "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss... Neven? Yes?"
  7. GeneralFreedom: "Umhm! Becky Neven, or Bom-Pom, when I'm all dressed up," she grins and gestures back to the robot. "And this is my co-leader, Tutor." The robot gives a polite bow. "Good day to you both."
  9. ag167: Ai nods, shifting about in the seat some more. "Good day to you as well, Bom Pom!" She lifts a hand, wiggling her fingers in a greeting. She turns to look at the robot, wiggling her ears at it. "And to you, Tutor! Are you remotely piloted?"
  11. GeneralFreedom: "I am an android with a pre-imprinted AI that represents the interests of the groups sponsor, Trevor Neven." Tutor answers. "He pilots himself, basically," Bom-Pom nods.
  13. SomethingWitty: "Likewise, Tutor." Raikiri bows her head respectfully to the 'bot, then again to Bom-Pom. "My name is Tsubame Hisakawa. My companion is...." Raikiri trails off, unsure whether or not Kitsunebi wishes to offer her real name to others.
  15. ag167: "Fujioka Ai! Ai is fine."
  17. GeneralFreedom: "Alright! Let's get down to it then! You two are joining together, so I guess you're a duo?" Bom-Pom asks. "Are you two just starting out or have you been doing this for a bit?"
  19. ag167: Ai just decides to curl her tails about to rest in her lap, finally comfortably sitting down. She drums her fingers on the fur. "I used to work with a small team in Japan, about...oh, five of us."
  21. SomethingWitty: "This is not our first time engaging in heroics, no, though we have only recently moved to America. We were on the same team, but it has since split apart."
  23. ag167: Ai nods her head rapidly to confirm.
  25. SomethingWitty: "Fujioka's father wants her to join a team. After she informed me I have decided to join her as well - and the team in specific was yours."
  27. ag167: Ai puffs her cheeks out, scowling.
  29. GeneralFreedom: "I see... I've always preferred working alone, but this whole team thing started started to get more appealing over time. It's way more interesting." Bom-Pom laughs softly. "Well, this is a good choice for a team. It's going to be the best in the city. You've only seen part of the Prodigy Center, but I'm sure it will really impress you!"
  31. ag167: "It's already very nice! Er...minus all the steel beams jutting out..."
  33. SomethingWitty: Raikiri nods her head in agreement. "It is already shaping up to be a most impressive headquarters. Walking through the doors filled me with a sense of nostalgia." Raikiri smiles at Bom-Pom, the warm expression at odds with her overly-formal tone of voice.
  35. GeneralFreedom: "It will all be filled in soon enough," Bom-Pom says dismissively. "I'm glad you like it though! I want to make sure it's the best in the city!" Tutor goes next, "It's good to have members with some experience! I would like to ask about your powers next. Do you have any other abilities aside from these powers that will prove useful in the field?"
  37. ag167: Ai lifts her palms up. Blue ghost lights flicker out, swirling about her before alighting on the ends of her tails. They give off faint heat and light. "I can control fire - like so! My dad tells me that one day I'll be able to shapeshift, but so far all I can do is hide my fox features." She itches at one of her ears, seeming slightly put out by the statement.
  39. SomethingWitty: Raikiri tilts her head towards Kitsunebi. "Like Ai, I too control one of the basic elements of nature, though it is lightning and thunder, rather than fire, that fall under my purview. I can provide a demonstration, if you would like. Other than that, however.... er, no. I am afraid I do not possess any sort of, say, investigative skills. Or anything similar."
  41. ag167: "Oh! I am very good at lying, I am told." Ai smiles. She is pleased by this.
  43. GeneralFreedom: "I'm not sure why you'd want to hide those. They're cute," Bom-Pom giggles at Ai. "It's a good skill to have. But we prefer to call it stretching the truth most of the time." She turns towards Tsubama for a moment, then looks back at Tutor and raises an eyebrow. "Er, go ahead. Just please be careful." The robot doesn't want any accidents so early on!
  45. SomethingWitty: "Right. I promise, no one or no thing will come to harm." Raikiri takes a deep breath, then lets it out slowly, centering herself in preparation for using her powers. The sky outside begins to darken, as stormclouds that certainly were not there before start to roll in. A peal of thunder rattles the windows in their frames - windows that suddenly become very hard to see out of, due to the torrents of rain splattering against them. A green flash of light brightens the room as lightning scores across the ground outside.
  47. ag167: Ai curls her tails up tightly around her torso. She does not like it when Raikiri shows off.
  49. GeneralFreedom: Bom-Pom turns to watch the display. "Oh. That could be very useful," she muses and taps a finger to her lips. "A private local rainstorm whenever you want it? I'm sure you could find a use for that," Tutor comments and Becky gives him a look, not sure if that was sass or not. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  51. ag167: "Yes, it's all very nice."
  53. SomethingWitty: Raikiri breaks her focus on maintaining the thunder storm, and the rain blows over almost as quickly as she drops her focus. "I am also capable of smaller displays - electrogenesis, I believe is the term I read, for handling less large-scale threats." She starts running her hands through her hair again, trying to smooth it back down.
  55. GeneralFreedom: "That sounds about right. It's probably better than having to call up clouds and rain every time you need to zap something," Bom-Pom nods. "So I know why you're both joining, but what do you hope to get out of working with this team?"
  57. ag167: "I'm hoping that getting back into the fray will help me get better control over my nature." She wriggles her ears again, then promptly flattens an ear with a hand, temperamentally.
  59. SomethingWitty: "And I am here to make sure that Ai /actually/ attempts to make that effort." Raikiri looks at Kitsunebi from the corner of her eye, a thin smile pulling at the corners of her lips.
  61. GeneralFreedom: "That's a good goal, and part of Trevor Neven's hopes for the team. Learning restraint in an environment with other young heroes is key to the future," Tutor says, then glances over at Raikiir. "...and it helps to have friends that care about your progress." He's very positive. "Sounds like good reasons to me," Bom-Pom snickers. She gestures and the robot slides two fancy Gen Prime cards! "We'll call you soon! Once the Prodigy Center is done we're going to bring everyone in for a tour."
  63. ag167: Ai picks up her card, reading over it - she mouths the words out to herself quietly.
  65. SomethingWitty: Raikiri accepts her card with another respectful bow of her head, reading it over - and not mouthing the words out like some sort of dummy - and tucking it away into her robething. "Thank you for having us, Bom-Pom and Tutor. We look forward to working together with you in the future."
  67. GeneralFreedom: "Likewise! This team is going to be number one and nothing is going to stop it!" Bom-Pom says with a confident smile before going back to her phone. "Have a pleasant day," Tutor adds.
  69. ag167: Ai waves, getting up out of the chair and excusing herself.
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