Mar 25th, 2018
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  1. >Be Twilight
  2. >It was a lovely Saturday, and you walking around Ponyville's market with Rarity
  3. >Both of you weren't really looking for anything in particular, just walking about chatting about things
  4. >At first your discussion was about your personal lives
  5. >How Rarity's business was doing, what events that you needed to do princess things at
  6. >The longer you spoke though, it got a bit... risque
  7. >Both you and Rarity were unicorns after all
  8. >Well, you HAD been a unicorn
  9. >"I do not CARE what those ridiculous magazines say, Twilight dear. To be perfectly frank, you shouldn't even be reading such things."
  10. "I know it's a bit colty, Rarity, but they do bring up some good points," you said. "Stallions do want thoughtful, caring mares."
  11. >Rarity scoffed
  12. >"Pl-ease. Those silly articles are nothing but lies," she said with a wave of the hoof. "While thoughtfulness and caring are important, a stallion cares not about such things."
  13. >Your friend puffed her chest out, her blue eyes taking on an odd intensity
  14. >"Stallions want commanding mares! Powerful, towering figures that can make them swoon with but a look! They wish for one that cares not for their feelings, but treats them as if they were theirs!"
  15. >You couldn't help but roll your eyes
  16. >This filly was so full of horse apples it was coming out of her ears
  17. "Really?" you asked
  18. >Rarity nodded, a smirk coming to her face
  19. >"I would be more than happy to teach you if you'd like," she said, placing a hoof against her chest. "I know some mares lack the confidence to be so forceful with a stallion, but I can assure you that it's--"
  20. >Rarity paused
  21. >You watched as her eyes widened and her body went ramrod stiff for a moment
  22. >Frowning, you followed her gaze to see what the hay had suddenly gotten her so excited
  23. >Your answer was in the form of Anonymous, who was making his way toward you with a grocery bag in either hand
  24. >He appeared to be humming a tune to himself, looking at something to his left
  26. >Rarity sucked in a lungful of air through her teeth
  27. >You did your best not to groan
  28. >Oh here we go...
  29. >A quick glance around showed that you could probably get away before the big stallion saw you
  30. >But Rarity seemed to be rooted in the ground, and honestly you were feeling a bit too lazy to move her with your magic
  31. >Anon, of course, was walking right toward the two of you, so you just stood there, getting ready for some silliness
  32. >It took a bit longer than you were expecting, Anon usually could find Rarity's white coat in a snowstorm, but his green eyes eventually settled on the two of you
  33. >He gave you a small smile, as he usually did when he saw you
  34. >With Rarity though, he got down on one knee, placing both of his bags on the ground
  35. >One of his arms went behind his back, while the other he pressed against his chest
  36. >"Oh, Mrs. Rarity, you wound this poor, horrible creature."
  37. >"Wound?" Rarity asked
  38. >Anon nodded, extending a hand
  39. >"Yes. You've made my miserable self live without the light of your beauty for far too long."
  40. >It took a few moments for what Anon said to register, but once it did Rarity's face lit up
  41. >"But you saw me just yesterday, Anonymous," she said with a giggle, playfully swatting his shoulder
  42. >Without missing a beat, Anon took her hoof in his hand
  43. >"Even just a few hours is far too long to be without you," he said as he placed a kiss where hoof and leg met
  44. >Rarity giggled again, a blush making its way to her face
  45. >"Oh you just STOP, you silly colt."
  46. >Anon bowed his head
  47. >"I fear that I cannot, my lady. When a man sees such majesty all he can hope to do it give it proper worship."
  48. >You groaned
  49. >Rarity didn't notice the sound, giggling like some school colt
  50. >"I pity any creature that looks upon you, my lady, for what is there after you? Perfection as I see before me cannot be matched by any other creature. I fear that I don't even look upon a unicorn, but an angel sent by god himself."
  52. >"Well... you see... you... hehehe," Rarity shimmered before giggling some more
  53. >You could see her bouncing in place, her tail flicking from side to side
  54. >You rolled your eyes
  55. >Anon looked up into Rarity's eyes
  56. >"If I could I'd do nothing but gaze upon you, my lady, and if that was my last task on this earth I'd go into the next life a happy man."
  57. >He bowed his head again, a little lower this time
  58. >"But you'll have to excuse your horrible, worthless servant. I have eggs that need refrigerated, so I fear that I must leave you, though it breaks my heart."
  59. >He kissed Rarity's hoof again
  60. >He then pressed it against his forehead before letting it go and standing up
  61. >Rarity tried to cover her muzzle with a hoof to hide her grin, but just ended up looking even sillier than she already did as Anon grabbed his bags
  62. >"I will do nothing but pray that the lord almighty permits me to see you soon, Mrs. Rarity. Until then the old joy I will take is that I will walk the sacred ground where your hooves stepped."
  63. >With a low, silly bow Anon left the two of you
  64. >You and Rarity watched him go
  65. >You were frowning a bit
  66. >Rarity seemed to be lost in her own little world, giggling and giggling and giggling some more
  67. >Eventually, you got tired of it, elbowing her
  68. >That got her out of her stupor
  69. >She looked around, her face bright red, before clearing her throat
  70. >"Did you see what I did there, Twilight dear?" she said, pointing toward Anon's retreating form. "FORCEFUL."
  71. >Shaking your head, you walked away from her
  72. "Forceful my behind..."
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