Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >And you are currently playing a game with Moon Dust
  3. >He’s sitting in your lap, moving about while playing the game
  4. >And you have to admit, it’s pretty distracting with his soft rump squished against your loins and moving about as he shifts around on your lap, absorbed in the game
  5. >You are losing the battle of not getting a boner here
  6. “Dodge that…yes!”
  7. >Moon Dusts hops a bit in your lap, excited about clearing a hard part of the level
  8. >And it’s making his butt impact against you in just the right way
  9. >Yeah, battle lost and boner is a go
  10. >You are powerless against it as it erects fast and presses against Moon Dusts butt
  11. >He lets out a small squeak and you can feel him jolt a bit in your lap
  12. >You say nothing and just sit there, waiting for his reaction
  13. >But instead of saying or doing anything, Moon Dust just sits there, and gets to playing
  14. >You glance at his face
  15. >He’s blushing, and has his mouth in a slight scrunch, but he just keeps playing
  16. >You decide to test the waters a bit and make your cock give a strong twitch
  17. >Moon Dust almost messes up a jump in the game but stays silent and unmoving in your lap
  18. >You smirk and push your hips upwards a bit, making your bulge press even more against him
  19. >He makes some noise, but still says and does nothing
  20. >You pretend you don’t notice the small glance he takes at you and keep your bulge pressed against his soft butt
  21. >What happens next surprises you Moon Dust squishes his butt against your bulge himself now
  22. >It sends pleasant shivers of pleasure around your body
  23. “Mhhh”
  24. >You smirk as you see Moon Dusts blush deepen as he keeps his eyes fixated on the screen
  25. >Suddenly you feel even more pleasure down there
  26. >Moon Dust is now grinding his butt against your bulge
  27. >The motion is very gentle, but enough to be noticeable
  29. >You feel like you want to pet his soft tummy now, so you move your hand towards it, careful not to mess with his folded wings
  30. >But the back of your hand brushes against something completely different which makes Moon Dust let out a surprised Squeak
  31. >You are pretty sure you know what it is but just to be sure, you shift a b tang glance at Moon Dusts front
  32. >Moon Dust lifts his head upwards and glances at your face, but then turns to look at the screen in embarrassment
  33. >He’s sporting a full boner
  34. >”Liking the attention that much?”
  35. >Moon Dust looks at you wile puffing his cheeks cutely
  36. “S-shut up, I can’t help it…”
  37. >You smirk at him and gently trace your fingers up and down his shaft
  38. >”You should be more honest Moony~”
  39. >Moon Dust whimpers erotically as his whole member shakes gently at your lewd touch
  40. >Suddenly the sound of game over shakes the both of you back to paying more attention towards the game
  41. “Maybe we should stop playing…”
  42. >You are about to agree but then an idea comes to you
  43. >”…no, I worked pretty hard to get to that point in the game, you’ll just have to keep playing”
  44. >Moon Dust looks at you with another cute scrunch on his face
  45. “If you cared about the game so much maybe you should just let me play it in peace…”
  46. >You smile before shaking your head at him
  47. >”Nope!”
  48. >Moon Dusts scrunch deepens as he furrows his brows
  49. >Too bad the rosy blush on his face is keeping it from looking anything else than adorable
  50. >”I’ll help you play though”
  51. >Moon Dusts look softens
  52. >You grasp his till erect, twitching member
  53. >”I’ll tell you where to go with this. And when I want you to jump, I’ll do this”
  54. >You gently prod his tip with the tip of your finger
  56. >It seems to do the trick as you feel him shiver gently in your lap while biting his lip to keep himself from letting out a moan
  57. >Moon Dust looks at you once again
  58. “…is this really necessary Anon?”
  59. >You give him a nod once again and he just sighs and turns to look at the screen once again
  60. >And then you two start playing
  61. >Moony does fine, at first, but as you keep moving his erection around and giving it the teasing touch, one after the other, his gameplay becomes pretty crappy
  62. >But you don’t really mind, Moon Dust has started to do something for you now
  63. >He’s grinding you again, and your own member is starting to reach critical state as you find you’re starting to lose focus in the game as well
  64. >You move your free hand and grasp Moon Dust by his hip and pull his butt more against your crotch
  65. “Mhh~”
  66. >God those moans of his are so cute
  67. >You move your free hand around while trying your best to pay attention to the game as you start to stroke Moon Dusts cock more than necessary for guiding the character
  68. >You cup his buttock and give it a firm squeeze, feeling the perky softness on your hand while the other feels his throbbing large horsecock
  69. >You spread his buttocks and then search for his ponut while stroking
  70. >Soon enough you find his outer gates and get to drawing circles on it with your finger
  71. >Moon Dust shifts in your lap a bit so your finger has an easier access to his goods
  72. >As you gently prod it while Moon Dust moves around in your lap you suddenly feel moistness on the hand that’s stroking him
  73. >You glance at his cock and notice that he’s letting out a fair amount of precum now
  74. >”Well aren’t we enjoying this hmm?”
  75. >Moon Dust is too distracted to answer you and settles into just staring you into your eyes with his hazy ones while he breathes hard
  76. >You push more forcefully against his ponut hole with your finger and feel it contract and relax as you keep prodding it
  77. >”Maybe I should put this into good use?”
  79. >Seemingly lost in the enjoyment Moon Dust gives you a nod
  80. >You stop the prodding and move the hand to the one that’s now just giving him a squeeze every now and then, making more precum leak out
  81. >You apply some onto the tips of your fingers and then move to spread it on his ponut
  82. >Moon Dust shivers more strongly in your lap now as you spread his precum on his ponut, giving out a sound that resembles a mix between a purr and a moan
  83. >You don’t even need to apply that much force as you go to slip your finger inside him, it slips in very easily, almost like he was desperate for it
  84. “Oh Anon~”
  85. >Suddenly the game let’s out another game over sound, which brings the two of you out of the sexual haze a bit
  86. >Moon Dusts ponut squeezes down on your finger and tries to suck it in a bit more
  87. >You shake your head
  88. >”Moony, if you die I’ll stop”
  89. >Moon Dust gives you a soft glare
  90. “You big meanie…”
  91. >You start pumping your finger in and out as you grasp his cock once again and start telling him what to do
  92. >Truth to be told you are at your limit as well, your cock feels like it could rip through your pants at any given moment
  93. >Moon Dust keeps panting while barely staying alive in the game as his cock now gives stronger and stronger twitches and at an increased pace
  94. >His ponut keeps milking lewdly on your finger as you move it around inside him
  95. >A new devious idea enters your mind
  96. >”I think I need to shock you a bit to get you focused”
  97. >Moon Dust seems oblivious at your words as he squirms in your lap
  98. >You pull your finger out of his now moist anus, which makes him glance at you, pleading for you to continue with his eyes
  99. >”The game Moony”
  100. >Moon Dust scrunches and turns to look at the game again, just in time to avoid dying once again
  101. >You keep moving his cock around like a joystick, and using your free one you prepare for the surprise
  102. >”Moon Dust, mind lifting up a bit?”
  104. >Moon Dust keeps looking at the game and uses his hooves to push himself off of your lap, making you miss his warmth and softness immediately
  105. >Not to mention the way he keeps lewdly moving his body on your lap, unf~
  106. >You undo your belt, button and fly at record speed and slip your now raging hardon free from the front of your boxer shorts
  107. >It makes immediate impact on Moon Dusts butt, slapping against his buttocks
  108. >Moon Dust lets out a squeak, but does not move his butt away
  109. >You still have a grip on the base of his erect member
  110. >You feel a trail of precum dribble onto your hand
  111. >You move your cock and position the tip against his ponut
  112. >You can feel it twitch as you make contact with the waiting moist hole
  113. >”You can sit back down now, but you might want to do it slow~”
  114. >You have no idea what’s going on in the game anymore, and you could not care less
  115. >Moon Dust lowers himself slowly and you can feel your cock slowly slipping inside him
  116. >You can feel the moist warm grip on your glans as the tip slips in
  117. >You can feel Moon Dusts cock twitch very strongly as you hold it by the base
  118. >His wings twitch as well
  119. >Moon Dust now arches his back lewdly, pushing his buttocks out and then comes down the rest of the way, making you slide all the way in
  120. “NNNNHHHH!”
  121. >Moon Dust throws his head back a bit in enjoyment as you do too
  122. >You can feel his walls milking you
  123. >There’s the sound game over again but neither of you pays attention to it
  124. >You move your hips so that you give an awkward thrust into his butt
  125. >Moon Dust now rests his head and back against your chest while closing his eyes
  126. >You never knew a pony could look it’s enjoying something that much
  127. >You grasp his slick cock with both of your hands and start to wank him off vigorously
  128. >Moon Dust starts to move about in enjoyment while gently grinding on your cock
  129. >You feel his hoof caress the side of your face as he opens his eyes and looks at you with glimmering eyes
  131. >You can’t resist it and pull in for a kiss
  132. >As the two of you dance tongues and Moon Dust moans softly into your mouth, his antennae start to gently caress your face
  133. >All of this, plus the way his bowels feel like they are trying to suck the life out of you through your dick sends you over the edge
  134. >As the two of you keep kissing you pump your hot seed deep into his butt
  135. >This triggers a chain reaction as Moon Dusts body starts to shake strongly and you feel his cock jerk strongly as you keep stroking it with both hands
  136. >Moon Dust breaks the kiss to let out a loud moan as his seed sprays into the air
  137. >You let go of his cock and hold him close as he shakes and quivers in your lap
  138. >Soon his movements subside
  139. >The two of you stay like that, close, while both of you breathe hard
  140. “I love you…”
  141. >You look at Moon Dust and find him looking at you with a happy satisfied smile on his face
  142. >You rest your head on his
  143. >”I love you too”
  144. >The two of you stay like that and cuddle on the floor lovingly for a long while
  145. >Moon Dust is such a cutie~
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