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  1. Kayree, Wolf Female
  2. Rank 2
  3. Abilities:
  4. Animal Senses - Larger detection radius
  5. Improved Animal Senses - spend an action to learn specific number and traits for detected enemies. has a chance to detect invisible/hidden enemies.
  6. Animal Toughness - Harder to kill than a human
  7. Skills:
  8. Healer - Trauma kit has 3 uses
  9. Presence - Autocalm adjacent units. Calm at a range.
  12. Yiann, Horse Male
  13. Rank 1
  14. Abilities:
  15. Animal Senses
  16. Animal Toughness
  17. Skills:
  18. Steady: Firearm attacks with an aim bonus deal extra damage
  21. Eilie, Fennec Female
  22. Rank 1
  23. Abilities:
  24. Animal Senses
  25. Animal Toughness
  26. Leggy - all movement is increased
  27. Skills:
  28. Headlong Charge - when taking enemy lookout fire, enemies have a penalty to hit
  31. Fucc, Parrot Male
  32. Rank 1
  33. Abilities:
  34. Powerful Beak: Can pry open some locked doors or containers
  35. Bird: Sometimes gains an extra action. Sometimes doesn't follow commands
  36. Skills:
  37. Walking Fire - when the C.Org misses, his next attack has a bonus to accuracy.
  40. Rockit, Thresher Shork female
  41. Rank 1
  42. Abilities:
  43. Animal Toughness
  44. Waterborn - gains bonus movement in water. Can't drown.
  45. Skills:
  46. Headlong Charge - Lookout fire has penalty to hit
  47. Injuries:
  48. Missing left arm - severe penalty to hit with weapons that don't have the 1h feature. 1h weapons lose their advantage and must be holstered as normal to use CQC attacks.
  50. Ixander, Coyote male
  51. Rank 1
  52. Abilities:
  53. Animal Toughness
  54. Animal Senses
  55. Skills:
  56. Area Denial - Can spend an action to use 2x burst with full auto heavy weapon to hit a 45 degree arc with lower damage.
  58. Baetriss, Centipede female
  59. Rank 1
  60. Abilities:
  61. Alien Anatomy - Can carry an extra weapon, tougher than a human. Affects armor.
  62. Extra Venomous - Deals very high CQC damage that also gives penalties to the target
  63. Skills:
  64. Eagle Eye - can Lookout with S. Rifle for 1 action.
  66. Danovin, Badger male
  67. Rank 0
  68. Abilities:
  69. Large Frame - tougher to kill than the average C.Org, increased CQC, less benefit from cover.
  70. Animal Senses
  71. Skills:
  74. Zarah, Offering female
  75. Rank 0
  76. Abilities:
  77. Offering - Cannot equip Items or Armor. Can only equip weapons with the 1h characteristic.
  78. Otherworldly Vigor - Takes reduced damage from all sources, increasing as she gains ranks. Can be revived and continue to act with the use of a Trauma Kit. Heals from being Wounded or a Casualty even if she doesn't rest.
  79. Broken - This unit doesn't become shaken or panic from most events, and doesn't take morale penalties from most sources.
  80. Unnerving - Roommates have trouble liking her and may suffer morale penalties. Squadmates may take a Calm penalty when near her.
  81. Special Powers - this unit can spend actions to use the following abilites:
  83. Hanging - For two actions, the Offering's staff magically transfixes itself to the ground and she folds her legs, hanging herself. Once she begins Hanging, she will continue to do so and cannot move, although she can still use actions while hanging.
  84. The Offering takes temporary damage each round, and cannot become Wounded due to this damage if it causes her to drop below half health.
  85. All enemies in a large radius around her being to choke, suffering reduced movement and taking cumulative penalties to calm and to hit with any skills or abilities that have a chance to miss. The Offering must spend two actions to stop Hanging. She will recover the temporary damage caused by Hanging. This effect can't miss and ignores most defenses.
  87. Transfusion - for one action, the Offering opens a vein in her neck, thigh or wrist. She can heal a friendly unit within a short radius 4xs the damage she took from the attack. It has no chance to miss.
  89. Disembowelment - The Offering stabs herself in the stomach to deal unpreventable damage with no chance of failure to an enemy she can 'see' within a moderate radius. The damage is equal to 4xs the damage she takes herself, and ignores all armor and most defenses. It has no chance to miss.
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