WOTC sheet

Mar 18th, 2019
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  1. Nation Sheet
  2. --
  4. Fluff: [Backstory to your nation]
  5. Nation Name & Color: [What is the name of your nation? Choose the color that represents you on the map]
  6. Nation level: [Start at level 3. The amount of actions you can make in a turn and the maximum cap of elite armies depends on your nation's level.]
  7. Nation Perks: [Choose 2 perks from this list: . Perks give your nation its unique gameplay style]
  8. Starting location: [Choose 3 adjacent tiles as your starting location on the map, declare one as your city tile. You can't own rivers, cities must be build on plains unless you are druids]
  9. God: [You start as a heathen.]
  10. Ingenuity: [Start with 3. Ingenuity is used for technology advancement and inventing new buildings. Your ingenuity equals to your nation's level plus additional point for every 2,000 population in your nation]
  11. Population: [Start with 1000. Population is used to generate wealth and create more armies]
  12. Gold: [Start with 5000. You gain(Population*wealth) more gold per turn. Gold can be spent to erect buildings and craft weapon upgrades for elite armies]
  13. Progress: [Start with 0/4000. Progress is the nation's exp. You gain progress from cities and battles. You will gain more progress if you attack nations with a higher army strength and lose progress if you attack nations who are weak and unworthy compared to you. If you fill the progress cap your nation levels up.]
  14. Elite Armies: [You start with 3/3]
  15. Faith: [Start with 0. You gain faith each time you build a temple. Having high faith means the god of the game will be more in favor to answer your prayers.]
  16. Army#1: [Create your army here: . Roll 1d100 afterwards to determine your army's strength]
  17. Army#2: [Create your army here: . Roll 1d100 afterwards to determine your army's strength]
  18. Army#3: [Create your army here: . Roll 1d100 afterwards to determine your army's strength]
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