ME Easy Glitchless skips.

Jun 30th, 2014
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SwVGAwBfzk
  4. Big tricks to learn:
  6. Side boost
  7. Wall Boost
  8. Fall Reset Roll
  9. balance beam jump
  10. higher climb thing
  11. higher wallclimb turn jump
  12. fast climb
  14. Side boost is just look to the side, hold left or right, hit space, then turn into the direction you're looking. The faster you can do this without losing accuracy, the better.
  16. Wallboost is just setting scroll down to jump, running along a wall, looking in at it, scrolling down, then looking back the way you were running. This can also be used to speed up your travel along ziplines, like the one at the start of the jacknife race, but you need to do it at the far edge of the pylon the zipline is attached to or you will fly up into the air, losing speed (though it looks hilarious, you gotta do it at least once).
  18. fall reset roll, drop onto a surface and roll at the very edge of it, if the roll ends in midair, it resets your fall, letting you drop a lot further than normal.
  20. jumping on balance beams
  21. doesn't come up much, but you can jump across balance beams. Just jump into them, and scroll down slightly before you land each time so you jump exactly when you touch the beam. you'll jump straight across
  23. higher climb thing. Wallclimb up a wall, do the side jump (hold left or right and press jump), then quickly turn back to face the wall you were climbing up.
  25. higher wallclimb turn jump. when doing a wallclimb turn jump you can get extra height by pressing Q then delaying when you press space to jump. You'll have to learn the timing for this yourself. Also don't press Q at the highest point in the wallclimb. This is the final secret to doing the boatskip by the way, but also useful in many places, like the start of chapter 4.
  27. When hanging on a surface, you can look to the left or right a bit, and press jump. It does a faster climb animation instead of the normal slow one. This works on pipes, ladders, and nearly any other thing you hang off of.
  29. no real big time savers in chapter 1 or prologue
  31. In jacknife, the first big time saver will be the storm drain drop. When you enter the storm drains you will be on a red board that drops a short distance at first, then drops all the way to the bottom. Move to the back of the board, not the front where you are expected to drop off, and stand on the right corner (from the direction you will be facing at the time). Just stand there and you'll land fine.
  33. When you enter the big gate area, you previously thought the second gate opening and closing was controlled by load times, not true. it's controlled by when the previous gate closes. So you can speed that up by quitting to the menu then returning to the game here
  35. Next in jacknife, there's a skip you can do right at the start, instead of grabbing the first ladder you see in the stormdrain after opening the big gate, hug the pillars to the immediate left. On the third pillar you'll notice there is a catwalk right there. Wallrun on the pillar and grab it.
  37. When exiting the stormdrain, you'll remember there is a waterfall you have to turn off. This can be skipped. In that area you first climb up two red pipes, and would normally jump left where there is a springboard. Instead of that, jump to the platform on the right. On this platform, very carefully jump onto the railing by the wall, then instantly wallrun as you get on the railing to go across the wide gap. It's critical you land exactly on the railing (don't overshoot or you'll fall, it's safe to undershoot) and that you wallrun as soon as you land on it (the railing can only be stood on for a second.)
  39. in the jacknife race, most of it is pretty normal (be sure to wallboost off the zipline pylon) but there's a significant timesaver after the first springboard. You climb over or slide under some pipes, then follow jacknife up onto a higher roof, which has a small step up to a slightly higher roof. Instead of following him directly there, you'll notice there is a large electrical unit to your left. Go on the left side of this unit, between the unit and the edge, and you'll notice a fence beyond you on a roof that is safe to jump down to. you can jump clear over this fence to save time.
  41. The last thing is that fancy trick I was able to do at the end of the jacknife chapter. This one is just, you swing on the two beams and on the second one, when your feet are up and visible, jump, coil, and smoothly turn the mouse around, and jump off the little radiator when you are at the very edge of it. The majority of success here is jumping perfectly straight at the rooftop across the way.
  43. in chapter 3, the first big time saver I think you could do without much practice is in the office area where you grab the gun. shoot the first window you see, go on the left side of the fence and climb up the walls here as high as you can while staying close to the white wall at your back, from the area you came from. You need to climb up that white wall. You'll notice there are hand holds on the white wall, each wallclimb distance up. When holding onto a handhold, look to the side a bit, jump up, coil, and jump off the small ledge you were just holding onto to wallclimb up. Repeat until you're at the top of the wall.
  45. In the fight with the bad guys, where merc is like, "you're gonna have to fight" you don't actually have to fight. Just climb up the radiator by the pipes, then jump at the higher pipe and climb up it. Be sure to do the fast climb at the end unless you enjoy being shot.
  47. The next big one is all the way later in the crane and scaffolding area. There's a red balance beam you use to cross between the buildings, then scaffolding you climb up. at the top level of this scaffolding, do a side boost to get up to top speed, then smoothly turn the mouse around and jump straight across the gap between the buildings. if you jump straight enough, you'll grab onto the top level scaffolding on the other side. From there finish the level normally. (also be wary that the helicopter does not disappear)
  49. at the end of the level, there's a huge landing mat. When landing on this, hit Q to turnaround and land on your back. Then hold the direction you're going to just slide off the mat. Easy, impossible to screw up.
  51. nothing big in chapter 4, have fun. Also remember to use the red sign at the end of the subway ride to get off.
  53. wait, I lied. the first time you pass a subway line, there's a nice inviting ladder there, ignore it. Instead go close to the tunnel the subway exits through, and on the right side of that tunnel, you can wallrun along the wall, then wallclimb up the wall there, then side jump to get up to a higher platform (alternatively, just wallclimb up the wall and do a turn jump and hope to land on the small pipes along the wall there.)
  55. lied again, at the VERY start of chapter 4, you can do either the higher climb thing with the side jump to get on top of that little building you see at the start, or do the higher wallclimb turn jump to jump the electric fence
  57. At the start of new eden, jump down from the start and kill yourself in the alleyway below, closer to where you're supposed to go.
  59. After the first elevator ride, instead of going forward, go to your left. There are some radiator units by the wall, with a fence at the top of the wall. You can wallclimb abnormally high here to wallclimb up the whole fence.
  61. After that, there is a board you jump across to the other side. Instead of doing the normal climbup here. hop the yellow railing and notice that on your left there is a hidden springboard. Jump up this, going the way you came from to get to a higher platform, which can be used to get up quicker.
  63. You can skip the entire fight ahead by wallrunning on the wall with the pipe you normally climb up, wallclimbing on the vent there, then doing a turn jump onto the higher pipe, and climbing up to the zipline.
  65. After climbing up some pipes in an elevator shaft, there is a door leading outside, and a railing on your left. Jump over the railing and kill yourself. you'll spawn on the other side of the gap. If you're fancy, you can jump on the railing itself to get across.
  67. in new eden mall, after you've escaped the glass elevator, you pass over a small railing and run up an escalator. You'll notice a blue billboard to your right. climb up this, and face towards the yellow wall and railing above. Then climb up that. Then in this area you'll notice two large shutters with gray door frames around them. wallclimb up one of these, then turn to the left, jump, coil, and jump up. You're now at the vent for the end of this part of the level.
  69. After stopping the rotating fan, you'll enter an area with a lot of cops. in the door RIGHT before you enter this larger area, you'll notice a stack of long flat pieces of walling on the ground, step up on this, look up to get inbetween the square things in the ceiling. wallclimb up and either side jump to the left or turn jump to get up on the square things. Then jump over to the large glass window and finish the rest of the level normally.
  71. Do all of pirandello kruger normally. Except when you enter the large runnercop training room, after the first springboard, to your left, there is a sort of inverted corner there. Do a wallrun up on the inner part of this corner, then turn jump high and move your mouse to the right to grab the upper level. This skips the entire training facility.
  73. The boat, you can just roll fall reset at the start to get down to the truck. after the truck, do things normally. There's a complicated, and legal, trick to get past all the fights, but it's too hard. Watch the boat individual level speedrun linked below. Almost all the strategies in it are legal and really simple.
  74. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy6pQSsA1Lg
  76. In chapter 8, do everything up to the landing mat normally. After the reggaevator, there is a lot of stuff here and you ignore it all. jump over the fence below down to where you fight cops with guns, killing yourself. You'll respawn down there. Then do the rest of it up to the atrium normally.
  78. I have no strategies for the atrium and beyond, have fun.
  80. Do the final drop in chapter 8 with the fall reset rolls. Have fun.
  82. In the beverage lift elevator in the shard, when dropping out, you can grab the balance beam here, steady yourself and drop below. to the catwalk. You can then jump at the wall closest to the exit, hitting a small handhold that you will grab. then drop below safely
  84. In the final fight in the server room, jump over the desk, jump over the railing where the tree is, climb up on the small desk and climb up to the center of the catwalk intersection, disarm the guy in the center and shoot down the servers as you go.
  86. Skip the final cutscene and have fun.
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