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  1.     >You wake up groggy and confused
  2.     >With sand in your clothes and waves lapping at your feet
  3.     >Oh, and there is a crab picking at you like a dead fish
  4.     >You groan and get up, a glaringly bright sun shining high in the sky
  5.     >All around you on the sand is washed up bits of wood and barrels on the white sand
  6.     >Behind you is the start of a lush rainforest, the noises of birds and nature echoing out all over
  7.     >Why are you here, in this situation?
  8.     >It all starts coming back to you
  9.     >You were on a large four mast trading ship full of goods headed for south america
  10.     >Not as a ship-hand, you were there to take care of trading the goods once you arrived
  11.     >All the goods that seem to be washing up on the beach
  12.     >Most of it must have sank
  13.     >Not that it matters now
  14.     >What happened though?
  15.     >Oh yes
  16.     >You decided to go through the triangle
  17.     >Oh sure, the sailors and captain protested
  18.     >But you were more concerned with reducing travel costs than superstition
  19.     >Nothing will happen in the triangle!
  20.     >Everything will be fine!
  21.     >Nothing to worry about!
  22.     >Then that portal to hell opened up below the ship
  23.     >And you and that ship fell from the sky onto another ocean
  24.     >From there you black out
  25.     >How much of that was a hallucination though?
  26.     >Probably just hit a reef in a storm or something
  27.     >You are dehydrated, you are starting to hallucinate mermaids leaping out of the water on the horizon
  28.     >You know enough not to drink sea water, and check around the surf
  29.     >You're in luck, and the fresh water barrel from the ship washed up with the tide
  30.     >It's tough pushing it out onto the sand and standing it up
  31.     >But it's well worth it to take that first drink of fresh water
  32.     >A bit of salt water seeped in but it does rehydrate you
  33.     >It was lucky a banged up tin cup washed ashore with everything else
  34.     >Now that you can think clearly, you make a plan
  35. >If you only drink what you need and eat whatever washed ashore you should be able to last a while
  36. >It's a busy trading route, if you get a fire going someone ought to see the smoke
  37. >Like hell you're going into that jungle
  38. >Horror stories abound about eels, snakes, spiders, fish, and jaguars
  39. >Basically the place wants to kill you
  40. >You'll be safer on the beach as long as you have shelter and a fire to ward off the insects
  41. >It does cross your mind that it's odd nobody else washed up on shore
  42. >But it's rather lucky
  43. >For you
  44. >Anyone that did would be trying to fucking murder you
  45. >Literally
  46. >You gather together what you can
  47. >Lots of broken timber, part of a sail, all sorts of barrels that floated into the little lagoon you ended up in
  48. >Before long you have a makeshift shelter made up using sections of the ship's hull and the sail
  49. >The rest you try and dry off while you search for a way to start a fire
  50. >No such luck, no flint to be found
  51. >Of course that would sink out at sea
  52. >You have to shut your dark shelter off from the beach as the sun starts going down so you can avoid the worst of the biting gnats and mosquitoes
  53. >They sure are bigger here than back home
  54. >But smaller than the stories made them out to be
  55. >Your first night sleeping on sand goes poorly, those nasty bugs sneak in through the tiniest opening
  56. >Over the next few days you try and start a fire to no avail
  57. >On the fifth day, a gigantic boar larger than a carriage came into your camp and raided all of your food
  58. >Looked like the spawn of the devil
  59. >Never went near you, but did spill over your water barrel
  60. >You wait a day, hoping for rain while you search along more of the beach for washed up supplies
  61. >But there hasn't been a drop since you washed up
  62. >And anything else has already been raided by animals
  63. >You only have two choices now
  64. >Walk along the beach
  65. >Or go into the jungle
  66. >The beach will lead you to a trading post
  67. >Eventually
  68. >And you can waive down ships
  69. >But you'll need to find water eventually
  70. >It'll mean leaving your shelter behind though
  71. >And that means you'll be at the mercy off whatever wanders out near you
  72. >And all those biting bugs
  73. >But going into the jungle is the last thing you want to do
  74. >So you try and pack up at least the sail and some of the lighter pieces of wood
  75. >After a test setup, you figure you can live with the makeshift tent each night
  76. >So you set off down the sandy stretch of the beach
  77. >There is more large jumping fish out at sea from time to time
  78. >And with some luck you find a stream where you can get some more fresh water the day after you set out
  79. >And some raw turtle eggs for dinner
  80. >Something dug them up but didn't eat them all
  81. >You start to set up your new camp by the stream, since you can't take the water with you
  82. >The sea is still in view, so you're not entirely in the jungle here
  83. >But as you head towards the fresh water for another drink, you see something moving in it
  84. >Something that doesn't have the shape of a fish
  85. >And there are a number of them
  86. >Three, you think
  87. >You can't make them out that well
  88. >Until one of them picks up speed and leaps out of the water onto the bank
  89. >Whatever it is, you can see it clearly now
  90. >At first it looks like a nude woman with long black hair and tanned skin
  91. >But you quickly see the unnatural arms, legs, and is that a webbed tail?
  92. >All it's limbs are webbed and have those large, amphibian limbs
  93. >It almost keeps you from noticing the nasty looking fishing spear in her hand
  94. >And that she's seen you
  95. >Her eyes are wide, and she points with one webbed finger
  96. "Slooot!"
  97. >The two other heads pop up out of the water
  98. >They're the same as the one before
  99. >And they see you
  100. >You aren't being eaten by inhuman new world monsters!
  101. >Turning around, you run as fast as you can away from the group
  102. >They give chase.
  103. >You're not exactly the best runner
  104. >But while the naked she-beasts chasing you are fit, they're not in their element on land
  105. >You'll tire eventually though, so you need to shake them somehow
  106. >You try to head a little bit more inland to get some more cover and potentially evade being made into long-pig
  107. >They're persistent, and try to flank you and chase you into a corner time and time again
  108. >In the chaos, you're going ever deeper into the jungle
  109. >Not that you have time to think about it
  110. >They are closing in as you are struggling for breath
  111. >Until some commotion explodes out of the jungle behind you
  112. "Jhairi!! Uhtyu kah!!"
  113. "Jikaaah! Jikaaaah!"
  114. >You dare you stop and look back as you gasp for breath
  115. >The things are running scared from something
  116. >It's big, and black in the shadows of the jungle
  117. >It has a definite feline nature to it, but you can't make it out clearly
  118. >Once it has chased the three off it lets out a mighty roar that stops the calls of animals from the treetops and makes the jungle silent
  119. >Then it's glowing yellow eyes turn to look at you
  120. >You're still on the menu
  121. >You take off as fast as your legs can carry you, second wind helping
  122. >The jungle is already scratching and whipping at you
  123. >And you can hear the thing chasing you through the jungle brush
  124. >This thing is much faster, and even makes use of the gigantic branches making a three dimensional maze above you
  125. >These trees are fucking massive
  126. >Somehow, you lose the thing chasing you and collapse with your back against a tree
  127. >Your lungs crave air, and your chest heaves to get as much of it as it can
  128. >Just when you start to relax, something big and dark falls out of the trees above right in front of you
  129. >You panic and push yourself against the tree trunk with flailing legs
  130. >And then cover your head with your arms to wait for the attack
  131. >But it doesn't come
  132. >Cautiously, you move your arms out of the way to see whats going on
  133. >It's still sitting right there, no more than three feet from you
  134. >And there is enough light in this area to get a decent look at it
  135. >It appears to be another woman, this one clothes in a black loincloth and strip of cloth that wraps around her sizeable chest
  136. >Her hair is tied into three thick braids, a twig caught on the hair atop her head
  137. >And she looks as leanly muscled as any sailor you've seen
  138. >The most striking features are the worst for your survival chances
  139. >Wide feline eyes, as yellow as any cat back home
  140. >Huge paws that are balancing her in the crouching position she's taking, jet black fur running up to her thighs and shoulders
  141. >There is even a long black tail flicking back and forth behind her
  142. >And two small, round, black ears on her head
  143. >She just sits there, staring at you as you stare back
  144. >Maybe this thing doesn't want you eat you?
  145. "Jahweh?"
  146. >She tilts her head slightly to the side
  147. >"What was that?"
  148. "Jijah kukwah."
  149. >"Mhm, that's what I thought you said."
  150. >You can't understand a word of this
  151. >After an awkwardly long staring match, you take a chance
  152. >You carefully start to slide away, this panther-woman not moving from her spot as she watches you
  153. >Even as you stand up and back away
  154. >Feeling somewhat safe, you turn around
  155. >That's when you feel the paw grab your ankle
  156. >This is how you die, isn't it?
  157. >She yanks you back and makes you fall on your face
  158. >And is on you without a moment wasted
  159. >As you protect your head, she crawls all over sniffing and pawing at your body with curiosity
  160. >She pulls your shirt up while you arms are occupied
  161. >You feel her breasts press against your leg as she leans down, and take a peek
  162. >She is big, at least a head taller than you
  163. >And you aren't short by any means
  164. >Feeling no danger, you remove your hands and try to figure out what is going on
  165. >She's looking you over like some new toy
  166. >The paws feel at your skin and you don't make a move to stop her
  167. >There are claws in there
  168. >Finally, she takes a lick from your salty belly and sits up
  169. >She really seems to be analyzing something
  170. >And finally crawls off of you
  171. >But only so she can turn around and struggle with your pants
  172. >You try and struggle, but with her tail lifted up like that she accidentally gives you a view of her bare lowers
  173. >The savages really don't wear underwear on this place
  174. >There is a growl, the fumbling leading to claws coming out
  175. >You panic as she bites at the belt and tears your pants to shreds, annoyed with the conquest of technology that is the button
  176. >You protest, but it falls on distracted ears
  177. >Her pupils widen when she sees your manhood, before a big grin spreads on her face
  178. "Sloot!"
  179. >She looks back at you as she says this
  180. >You wish you knew what that meant
  181. >But before you can ask, you're lifted up onto her shoulder by her powerful arms and kept in place by one
  182. >At first you try to get away
  183. >Until the she-panther ascends into the trees with surprising speed
  184. >You get a rear view of the trip as you're carried through the darkening jungle, calls of animals returning to the area
  185. >The panther keeps leaping from giant branches, swinging around tangles, and moving through clusters of leaves
  186. >It's a stressful ride for you
  187. >But eventually she slows down and carries you into a tree hollow, entrance covered by a large thick animal fur
  188. >It's too dark inside to see shit
  189. >But you're not about to run, the outside of this tree hollow is a straight drop hundreds of feet
  190. >Why are these trees so freakishly big?
  191. >You're dumped onto a soft pile of furs after being carried deeper
  192. >The panther scurries away, gathering wood someplace while you struggle to see
  193. >You see sparks and hear stone hitting stone
  194. >After some effort, a fire is started and the orange glow fills the hollow
  195. >You had worried about burning the tree down until you saw the rocks set down to make a fireplace
  196. >But you worry more by the sheer number of furs lining the floors and walls of this surprisingly large hollow
  197. >The panther woman, fire lit and grin stuck to her face, runs to a pot and reaches in
  198. >And takes out some dried meat
  199. >Your stomach growls at the sight of it
  200. >She brings it over, but doesn't let you have it
  201. >Instead she sits on your lap and takes a big bite
  202. >She has rather big sharp teeth, doesn't she?
  203. >After chewing it for a bit, she lowers her head towards yours
  204. >Wait, what are you-
  205. >She kisses you and forces the chewed meat into your mouth
  206. >She pulls back and stares down at you expectantly
  207. >You swallow it
  208. >And a growl-purr comes from her as her smile returns
  209. >She takes another bite and starts to chew it
  210. >You decide to try and communicate
  211. >She obviously doesn't want to kill you
  212. "My name is Anon. Anon."
  213. >You point to yourself
  214. >It seems to get her interest
  215. "What is your name?"
  216. >You point towards her
  217. >She seems confused, but leans down to give you more pre--chewed meat
  218. >It's salty, and you feel her tongue snake into your mouth to help push it in again
  219. >She pulls back, taking another bite
  220. >You decide to try again, to keep you from looking at her bust and all that brown cleavage
  221. "Anon." You point to yourself.
  222. >Then you point to her
  223. >And repeat the process
  224. >Another kiss
  225. >You can't really complain
  226. >It's been a while since you saw a woman and this is pretty nice
  227. >She points to herself
  228. "Jhairi."
  229. >You take the chance to snatch the last bit of the dried meat and chew it yourself
  230. >It's a bit tastier this way, but the panther pouts and puts her paws on your shoulders
  231. >Like you could get away anyways
  232. "Anon?" She points at you.
  233. >You give her a nod, hoping they share the gesture
  234. >By the grin appearing it seems they do
  235. >The meat is gone, and your hunger satiated for now
  236. >But you're thirsty and need something to wash that salty pork down with
  237. >You're pretty sure it was pork
  238. >Please let it be pork
  239. "Water?"
  240. >She tilts her head
  241. >You make a drinking motion with your hand
  242. >Jhairi gets it now and gets off of you
  243. >As she bounces off to get water from another clay pot into a clay bowl, you move one of the furs over your exposed lower area to keep your modesty
  244. >She had to tear your pants apart, huh?
  245. >The water is a lot fresher than the murky stuff you got from the river
  246. >And you're fairly refreshed once you've drank the whole thing down
  247. >After you set the bowl aside, you find that Jhairi keeps staring at you
  248. >With her face no more than six inches from yours
  249. >It's a bit hard to look back into those big, expectant eyes
  250. >What would a cat want from you?
  251. >It's a long shot, but you reach up and pat her head
  252. >That's when she pounces you to the floor of the warm hollow and tears your shirt off with her claws
  253. >Some sort of hunger glowing in her eyes as she licks her lips above you
  254. >She sits on your stomach and sheds her garments, tossing them aside with far more care than your own
  255. >Then repositions herself so she can initiate a sloppy kiss, paws keeping your arms to the side
  256. >Your erection is caught at the bottom of her muscled stomach
  257. >She's straddling you, her large chest pressed into yours as a rumbling growl-purr comes from her
  258. >She releases your hands once her intentions are clear, and you reach down to grab at her round, toned ass
  259. >You hesitate and wonder what god would think of this
  260. >Fuck that guy
  261. >The purring, steamy make-out session continues for a while
  262. >Until she switches to licking at your face and neck
  263. >You're getting a bit frustrated before she finally repositions herself, sitting up on your hips with your cock pressed against her vulva
  264. >She's gotten rather soaked down below in anticipation
  265. >A lustful yet loving grin stares down at you as she lines up with your dick
  266. >You grabs her hips and try to force her down, but she's too strong
  267. >The head has sunk inside those warm, muggy depths and agonizes you
  268. >She grabs your hands and puts them to your side so she can continue
  269. >As she sinks painfully slow, you feel the rumbling vibrating through your shaft
  270. >It forces a groan out of you by the time she hilts herself
  271. >She starts off by grinding against you, enjoying the feeling of you within her
  272. >It's agonizing in a good way
  273. >Once she's used to you, the panther starts to bounce on top of you
  274. >It's far better than with any woman you've bedded
  275. >It takes all of your willpower not to burst after a few minutes
  276. >Her own patience seems to be wearing thin, so she begins bouncing harder and faster
  277. >Your hands are freed so she can balance on your chest
  278. >She's a bit heavy, but you can still breath even with the paws kneading at you as she moans
  279. >Finally, you can't handle any more and burst inside of her
  280. >She hilts herself and makes sure it goes as deep as possible
  281. >The soft furs and the massages of her internal muscles feel heavenly
  282. >After a short moment to rest, she begins grinding against your crotch again
  283. >It easily gets you full mast
  284. >And a though occurs to you
  285. >How many times is this going to go for?
  286. >The answer was seven
  287. >You're pretty sure the last two were blanks, but the ravenous feline didn't care
  288. >But you weren't about to complain about the ravishing
  289. >And when it was all over, and the fire began to die down, she held you close to her chest and drifted off to a happy rumbling sleep
  290. >Clinging to you the whole night with her arms and large paws
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