Mega Prompt 2

Apr 2nd, 2018
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  1. >Eyes
  2. >You could feel them on you
  3. >You had no idea how many, but at least two dozen
  4. >The looks of fear and distrust you were getting as you walked by ponies weren't the eyes that had you worried
  5. >Nope
  6. >To those little horses you were just some baby-eater
  7. >All they needed to do was keep their kids away from you and maybe neigh if you got too close and that was that
  8. >The eyes that made you a tiny bit nervous were the ones whose owners you couldn't really see
  9. >Princess Twilight had warned you about some of the laws when you had first gotten here
  10. >She had been particularly thorough on laws pertaining rape, kidnapping, and other such delightful things
  11. >Apparently, stallion theft was a bit of a pastime in this country
  12. >Rape also really wasn't a thing, or at least not a thing that would get you thrown in the slammer
  13. >Twilight had suggested to you never to go outside without a mare you trusted or a group of stallions that knew what they were doing
  14. >Since you really didn't have any mares that you trusted, and every stallion in this town stayed away from you like the plague, you had been forced to improvise just a little bit
  15. >You tapped the stick in your hand as you walked along, quietly surveying the area
  16. >You had found this particular hunk of wood on the side of the road one day whilst trying to find work in town
  17. >While you weren't a wood expert in any sense of the word, you were pretty sure that it was hardwood
  18. >That, along with being thick enough not to break when you swung it, meant that you had the perfect "guardian" to walk around town with
  19. >The stick probably wouldn't do much more than give an earth pony a headache, but you were pretty positive that pegasi and unicorns would be free game
  21. >The marketplace was dead silent as you passed through it
  22. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see a teal pegasus eyeing you as she weaved through crowds of ponies
  23. >Off to the left, in a dark alleyway, you could see a pair of golden eyes staring at you intently
  24. >You were no hunter, or army guy
  25. >You had no idea how many of these crazy fucking horses were actually stalking you
  26. >Hell, if they did jump you there was a good chance that that would be that
  27. >This was one of the many reasons why you didn't like going to this fucking market, or coming into town at all
  28. >Still, it needed to be done
  29. >Tomorrow was going to be your first day at the farm
  30. >You had been putting this off for a week, trying to find different alternatives to the problem
  31. >But there had been none, so you were here, looking for a very particular creature
  32. >Unfortunately
  33. >Princess Twilight had said something about him being at a little cafe near Sugarcube Corner
  34. >He and Fluttershy would go there at least once a month to chat
  35. >Usually they'd stay for at least an hour, so HOPEFULLY you'd have plenty of time to talk to him and get to the farm to meet everyone
  36. >The crowds lessened somewhat
  37. >You could still see movement out of the corners of your vision
  38. >Your pace quickened--not too much; you didn't want anyone getting excited--until you came upon the cafe that Twilight had told you about
  39. >It was a tiny little place
  40. >A little rundown to be honest, though it was plain to see that the owners were doing their best with the place
  41. >In front of this little cafe were some tables
  42. >All of them were empty, all save one
  43. >There, sitting with a cup of tea and what looked like a rose sandwich, was Fluttershy
  45. >Beside her, somehow drinking the glass from around some ice tea, was the one you were looking for
  46. >A weird, terrifyingly powerful demon-goat-monster
  47. >Otherwise known as Discord
  48. >"--And I said to him, "Oh my goodness! Who could have stained that sweater?!" We had a laugh about it afterward, but in the moment it was really--"
  49. >Stopping just short of the table where the two sat, you cleared your throat
  50. >Discord stopped talking to look at you
  51. >Fluttershy did the same, her eyes immediately focusing in on your stick
  52. >"Anonymous! Darling!" Discord said, spreading out his arms wide. "It's wonderful to see you!"
  53. >A wave of nervousness passed over you, prompting you to look over your shoulder
  54. >Your grip on your stick tightened as you let out breath
  55. >Come on...
  56. >Just ask him...
  57. "Would it be alright if I talked to you for a moment?" you asked, her gaze settling on Fluttershy, who shrank back a bit."Alone?"
  58. >Discord gasped
  59. >"Oh? Equus's only human wishes to converse with moi, in private no less?"
  60. >Drinking the rest of his... glass, he tossed away the ice tea
  61. >It hit a bush, instantly turning it into a pile of rubber ducks
  62. >As you were processing that, Discord floated out of his chair
  63. >"Fluttershy, you'll have to excuse me for a moment," he said, looking at the little pegasus with a smile
  64. >Fluttershy, nodding, opened her mouth to speak
  65. >Before she could say a word though, Discord was somehow at your side, half leading, half dragging you down the street
  66. >He was wearing a tight-fitting black one-piece
  67. >It fit him badly, as if it were made for a human
  68. >You might have found it just a little bit funny, if not for the fact you were still trying to process... him
  70. >"So what's the hubbub, my human chum? Did you want to share some hair-care secrets? Maybe you want to know how I get my goatee so luxurious?"
  71. >Discord perked up
  72. >"I do believe you said that you wanted to speak along," he said. "So lets get rid of some nosey nere do wells..."
  73. >He snapped his fingers
  74. >All around you, there were yelps of surprise, then silence
  75. >Alright...
  76. >Smiling, Discord wheeled you around
  77. >"That's MUCH better! Now, what can dear ol' Discord do for you?"
  78. >For a moment, you had the thought that maybe this wasn't the best of ideas
  79. >Even if a tiny amount of what you had heard about Discord was true, staying as far away from him as you could seemed like a really good idea
  80. >If you asked him what you needed to ask him he'd definitely want something in return
  81. >With your luck, it'd probably be less than great
  82. >...
  83. >Fuck it
  84. "I need your help with something."
  85. >Discord's smile turned toothy
  86. >"Help? This is the first time we officially meet and you're DEMANDING that I help you?" he said, placing a claw on his forehead as he swooned in the air. "And here I thought you wanted to be besties."
  87. "It's for something important," you replied, trying not to grimace. "Something only you can do. I think."
  88. >"Oh?" Discord said, his eyes popping out of his skull to float around you. "And what might that be?"
  89. "I need you to go inside of my head and... pull out some things."
  90. >For a good minute, Discord didn't say a thing
  91. >Even his eyes stopped moving,
  92. >You did your best to stand your ground, even as the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end
  94. >This was a bad idea...
  95. >This was a really bad idea...
  96. >Why the hell would you ever fucking think about going something as stupid as this?
  97. >All at once, Discord started laughing
  98. >You leapt back in surprise, hands shooting up to protect your face
  99. >"You want?... For me?... And... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  100. >He twisted and jerked in the air, clenching his sides
  101. >His laughter changed tone, pitch, and volume
  102. >One moment he sounded like a dolphin, the next his voice sounded like a horse neighing
  103. >Tears of varying colors spilled from his eyes and floated upward
  104. >Hell, even his goatee looked like it had grown a face and was laughing
  105. >Your face heated up, but even so you stood your ground and waited
  106. >Eventually, Discord's laughter turned into giggles, the demon wiping his tears away with his paw as he looked down at you
  107. >"That... whoo... It's been a very long time since I've laughed that hard," he said, before breaking into another fit of giggles. "Most creatures don't want my marvelous self anywhere near their minds, and here you are just giving me an open invitation!"
  108. "I just a few things from home," you said. "Some books I've read, some figures. I know that every bit of it is in my head, and I know that you can pull it out for me to have."
  109. >Discord pressed his muzzle against your nose, yellow eyes staring at you intently
  110. >"And how would you know such a thing?"
  111. "Because you can do literally anything," you said, gesturing toward him
  112. >Discord looked down at himself, then at you
  113. >Letting out a deep hum, he nodded
  114. >"You know what? I think you might be right, Anon ol' chum," he said. "I MIGHT be able to help you, but the question that I'm thinking right now is why I would do such a thing, especially for such a rude stallion?"
  115. "I should have steady income coming in soon, so I can pay you?"
  116. >As you expected, Discord snorted
  118. >"Please. I don't need bits."
  119. >To prove his point, he snapped his fingers
  120. >A mountain of gold appeared next to the two of you
  121. >At its peak was a diamond bigger than your head
  122. >With another snap, all of that wealth was gone
  123. "I could tell Princess Twilight that you helped me out? Maybe she'd ease up on your restrictions a little bit?"
  124. >"I very much doubt that, Anon old boy," Discord said, appearing as a tiny version of himself on your shoulder. "Mrs. Sparklebottom won't be swayed so easily, much to my personal dismay."
  125. >He looked at you expectantly
  126. >You frowned
  127. "Please don't make me do it."
  128. >Discord's smile returned, toothier than ever
  129. >"Make you do what?" he asked, a halo appearing above his head as he clasped his hands together
  130. >Your frown deepened
  131. >Though Discord had sent your stalkers to... wherever, there were still ponies about
  132. >Most of them within eyeshot were staring at you two of you
  133. >You sighed
  134. >Closing your eyes, you quietly counted to ten before opening them
  135. >Fine
  136. >If he was gonna be like that you'd have to play his game
  137. >With what little dignity you could muster, you get down into a fully obeisance
  138. >On hands and knees, with forehead touching the floor
  139. "I would very much appreciate it if you helped me with this. Please."
  140. >The laughter is even louder this time
  141. >You ignore it as best as you can, keeping your head to the ground
  142. >This was so fucking stupid...
  143. >Before you could properly ridicule yourself, you were no longer on the ground
  144. >Instead, you were in the arms of a giant Discord, who was rocking you back and forth like some new born baby
  146. >"Oh WHERE have you humans been all of my life? I can NEVER get these ponies to bow, and even if they try it never looks as demeaning as I want it to! I swear to the me that--"
  147. >You squirmed awkwardly, not daring to look down
  148. >Discord didn't seem to notice--or care-- about your discomfort, bladdering away about something or another
  149. >You don't have time for this...
  150. >You needed to get to the farm...
  151. "Discord."
  152. >"-There was that one time when a tribe of zebras had every one of their members getting hit in the face with pies. It was funny but a little... safe if I'm being honest."
  153. "Discord."
  154. >"Then there were those yaks. A group of them launched this one big gal through the air with a catapult. She went over a mountain range. That was funny, if a bit messy--"
  155. "Discord, will you plea--"
  156. >A sensation flowed through you, odd and unnatural
  157. >Like someone was poking around in your head
  158. >You twitched, but before you could voice any outrage or complaint it was gone
  159. >"There we are. That should be enough for me to get you everything you need, my wonderful little green stallion," Discord said, giving you a pat on the cheek
  160. >He snapped his claws
  161. >Blinking, you found that you were back on the ground
  162. >A normal-sized Discord was staring back at you with a grin
  163. >"Now run along. All of your things will be waiting for you at that silly little farm," he said with a wave of his paw
  164. >You looked around, checking to see if everything was normal
  165. >Thankfully, it was same old shitty Ponyville
  166. >Looking back at the demon, you let your shoulders slump
  167. >You had a great many questions that you wanted to ask Discord
  168. >But, in lieu of what you had just gone through, maybe it'd be best to run along
  170. "Thank you very much," you said, bowing your head. "You have no idea how much this means to me."
  171. >"Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that," Discord said, turning away. "I was just rooting around in your noggin just a moment ago."
  172. >He giggled to himself, as if he had just remembered something funny
  173. >"Now run along I say! We wouldn't want to keep Harriett waiting now, would we?"
  174. "You're right, thank you," you said again
  175. >Turning, you took off down the road
  176. >Your stick was gone, but you didn't care
  177. >This nonsense with Discord had taken way too long
  178. >If you didn't haul ass, you'd be late
  179. >While you might not have been a marathon runner on your best day, you managed to get to the farm in good time
  180. >Sure, your lungs felt like they were going to shoot out of your ass, and your best shirt was now covered in sweat and more dirt than you'd like, but you had gotten here
  181. >Just like last time, Henriette was leaning against the farm's entrance, her arms crossed
  182. >"There you are, skinny," she said as you approached. "I thought you were gonna be late."
  183. "I was just getting some things settled," you said, wiping the sweat from your face
  184. >Henriette cocked her head to the side
  185. >Nostrils flaring, she looked at you with slightly narrowed eyes
  186. >"Did you run all the way here or somethin'?"
  187. >You nodded
  188. "Didn't want to be late," you replied
  189. >The tauress blinked
  190. >A snort escaped her
  191. >"Really? I've never 'eard of anyone running to get to this place," she said, a small smile coming to her face as she pushed off the entryway. "Come on, skinny. The other girls have been dying all week to see your little self."
  192. >Gesturing for you to follow her, Henriette made her way into the farm
  194. >Wiping your face off with your shirt, then straightening it as best as you could, you followed
  195. >Almost immediately, you could tell that something was different about this place
  196. >The quiet, stillness that you had experienced the first time you were here was nowhere to be seen
  197. >You could hear chattering
  198. >Not too far away, you could see movement, as well as a crowd
  199. >A large one
  200. >"Pick up the pace, skinny. They're waiting," Henriette called over her shoulder
  201. >Realizing that you had slowed down to a snail's pace, you hurried to catch up with the minotaur
  202. >There must have been close to two hundred minotaurs standing in the crowd
  203. >Most were as large as Henriette, with dark blue coats, while others were a bit smaller, with coats of different shades of brow
  204. >All of them were powerfully built, wearing blue overalls that just barely covered their cleavage
  205. >Not to far from these giants were a group of much smaller creatures
  206. >The tops of their heads might have reached your chest
  207. >Just like the minotaurs, their faces were eerily similar to a human's
  208. >They had large eyes, and a pair of short, stubby horns poking out of the tops of their heads
  209. >As a group, their coats were the same chocolate brown
  210. >Their hairstyles wildly differed, though most had hair that was snow white
  211. >They weren't the titty monsters that the minotaurs were, but even so many would have put any woman you knew back home to shame
  212. >Your gaze drifted to their lower bodies, which consisted of powerfully built goat legs
  213. >Huh...
  214. >Those must be the satyrs...
  215. >You've never seen one close before...
  216. >As you drew closer, more and more of the crowd began to notice you
  218. >"Is that the new bull?"
  219. >"Kinda small, ain't he?"
  220. >"Where's his fur?"
  221. >"What's wrong with his legs?"
  222. >"Why's his face so flat?"
  223. >"Eh, I'd still sit on his face. He'd have to ask nicely but I wouldn't say no."
  224. >Standing in the middle of the crowd was Harriett
  225. >"Anon there you are," she said, waving you over
  226. >You walked over, and she placed a hand on your shoulder, looking toward the crowd
  227. >"Ladies. This is Anon, the new hire."
  228. >You waved
  229. "Hello."
  230. >"For the foreseeable future he'll be staying with us. I expect you to remember your manners."
  231. >Harriett looked over at the satyrs, who began looking around with their hands behind their backs, whistling little tunes
  232. >"It's going to take a little bit for him to get used to farm life. If you see him struggling with anything and you're not busy try to help him if you can. If he comes to me with any bullshit I swear to the Gods I will tear you a new one. You got it?"
  233. >There were nods, some salutes, a few vocally saying yes
  234. >Harriett nodded, giving your shoulder a few pats
  235. >"Fantastic. Now, I'm going to show him to his room. After he's gotten situated and if he's in the mood--"
  236. >A few satyrs giggled
  237. >Harriett pointed at them then closed her hand into a fist
  238. >"--you can come and introduce yourself. If not, you'll have plenty of time to do that anytime during the week."
  239. >She looked down at you
  240. >"Do you have anything you'd like to say, Anon?"
  241. >Before you knew it, you were gently nudged a few feet toward the crowd
  242. >Hundreds of eyes stared at you expectantly, causing you to shy away a bit
  244. >Whoo...
  245. >And you thought introducing yourself at school was nerve-wracking...
  246. "I hope to get to know you all I guess," you said with a shrug. "I'm gonna do my best here, and I'll do my best not to step on any toes."
  247. >That got you some looks of confusion, but you forced yourself to continue
  248. "If you see me doing anything wrong don't hesitate to tell me. I know that I'll probably mess up a bit at first, so I don't have any any problem with criticism."
  249. >You tried to think of something more meaningful to say
  250. >Something that might get you a cheer or something like that
  251. >Alias, you couldn't think of one damned thing
  252. >So, with a nod and your best smile, you took a step back toward your very soon to be boss
  253. >"Alrighty then," Harriett said. "You girls get back to work. Anon, you come with me."
  254. >"Oh, I'm sure he'd be coming with you, boss," someone in the crowd said
  255. >Harriett didn't so much as twitch
  256. >"You just volunteered yourself to muck the pig pens, Esther. Get to it."
  257. >One of the satyrs deflated
  258. >"Fuck..."
  259. >Spinning around, Harriett began to make her way down the cobblestone path
  260. >You followed
  261. >She lead you past the row of white buildings to some smaller, more compact brown ones
  262. >"This is where everyone is housed," Harriett said. "They're no five star hotels, but the rooms are bigger than you think and each girl has their own. We use a communal bath, but they do have toilets so you can do your business privately."
  263. "That fine."
  264. >"They also get a bit hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but we've been toying around with some things to fix that. If the heat gets too much for you maybe ask that princess friend of yours for some kind of spell in the meantime."
  265. "I might. Thanks."
  266. >Harriett lead you to the far end of one of the buildings
  267. >She reached into her bust and pulled out a small silver key with a chain attached to it
  269. >"Here's your room key," she said, offering it to you. "Try not to lose it."
  270. >There was a bit of hesitation on your part, but you eventually did take the key off of her
  271. >It was warm, oddly so
  272. >Still, you pocketed it
  273. >"I've got your boots in there for tomorrow, a brand new bed and some sheets as well," Harriett said. "If you need anything else remember to just ask and I'll consider it."
  274. "There's no need. I think," you said. "I'm pretty sure I got the room kind situated before I came here."
  275. >The minotaur raised an eyebrow but didn't comment, taking a step away from you
  276. >"Breakfast starts at seven. I'll expect you to be up much earlier getting everything ready."
  277. >You nodded
  278. "I'll be up."
  279. >"Good," Harriett said, turning around. "I'll see you in the morning then."
  280. >With that she left
  281. >You watched her go before turning your attention toward the door
  282. >Your door you guess...
  283. >Opening and closing a hand, you took a step toward it
  284. >Lets see whether or not Discord actually did something...
  285. >Twisting the doorknob, you pushed open the door
  286. >Seeing that it was pitch black, you groped for a lightswitch
  287. >It took a few seconds, but you eventually did manage to find it and flip it on
  288. >The room was bathed in light
  289. >You could only stand there and stare
  290. >There was a bookcase filled with dozens and dozens of books
  291. >Good ones; ones that you had grown up with
  292. >On top of the bookcase were action figures
  293. >Gundams, godzillas, dinosaurs, even some trashy anime girls
  294. >Not far from that was a table
  295. >Sitting on that was a predator-shaped lamp along with paints, brushes, writing utensils, and anything else you'd want
  297. >Cautiously, you took a step into the room
  298. >There were pictures hanging on the walls
  299. >Some of pokemon, some famous works that you had seen in books
  300. >There was a map from that one rpg that you had loved to bits during college
  301. >On the ground was a Space Jam rug with Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan on it
  302. >Walking over to the closet, you opened it up to see not only closed but boxes of toys and figures and miniatures
  303. >A smile came to your face
  304. >Tears threatened to spill from your face, but you managed to hold them down
  305. >Perfect...
  306. >Walking over to the bed, you flopped down onto it
  307. >Sighing, you stared up at the ceiling, then over at the nightstand, where a Godzilla alarm clock sat
  308. "Welp. I guess I got work in the morning..."
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