1/26 "Justice is blind"

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  1. Nikara would stumble a bit as the shock puts her off-balance.
  3. "I never said your clan is a bunch of liars, miss, but, maybe drunk me does bad decisions. Yes I do agree I was dumb for telling the little bits of info that I did -- but I did so fucking Nerin and the other Order cunts don't fucking kill me for the cucks they are -- they already threatened my life once." Nikara would dodge the foot just barely, as it catches a strand of her hair.
  4. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  5. Elias says, "Well.. hello."
  6. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Hi."
  7.  Sarasha Fenrir says, "Elias? No matter really. I have my confession."
  8. Elias says, "... I was LITERALLY there."
  9. Elias says, "Aye, Dun got me."
  10. Sarasha Fenrir exclaims, "I know you were there. Though this one believed she could lie!"
  11. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I spew shit out of my ass when I'm drunk."
  12. Elias says, "That's why I came and you didn't seem drunk."
  13. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I never said Elias wasn't there."
  14. Sarasha Fenrir exclaims, "If you don't take it like a woman I will just make this worse!"
  15. Elias says, "You all were talkin' about that 'Tali' person, and about Rain."
  16. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Fine."
  17. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I came here to clear things up with Rain."
  18. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Everyone has said he killed my best friend Tali."
  19. Nikara M. Kirk says, "We resolved it wasn't it."
  20. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I'unno who did but some shits in Moonfall did."
  21. Elias says, "Caesar even mentioned lurin' him out and that doesn't detract that you mentioned Cameo."
  22. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I heard Rain literally can't leave Theria."
  23. Elias says, "Being here."
  24. Nikara M. Kirk asks, "Hmm?"
  25. Nikara M. Kirk asks, "Wait, Caesar being smart for once?"
  26. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I'm amazed by that."
  27. Nikara M. Kirk says, "He's a huge retard."
  28. Nikara M. Kirk says, "And, Elias, if you wanna complaint against Caesar, go talk to Teodor, he's a thunderbirg."
  29. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Thunderbird, 'cuse me."
  30. Sarasha Fenrir says, "Not anymore."
  31. Elias says, "You both opened yer' gabs."
  32. Nikara M. Kirk asks, "Did he get demoted?"
  33. Sarasha Fenrir says, "He was exiled and in tandem cast out of the guild."
  34. Elias says, "He's exiled."
  35. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Oh."
  36. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Didn't know that."
  37. Elias says, "As are you, actually."
  38. Sarasha Fenrir says, "Expect this /vixen/. You will be punished for your crimes against Theria. Major consenquences await you."
  39. Nikara M. Kirk asks, "Is there a law book or some shit?"
  40. Sarasha Fenrir says, "I am th'fuckin' law."
  41. Dun says, “We are the law.”
  42. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I wanna read up on it."
  43. Lucian Valintine says, "No snitching."
  44. Lucian Valintine says, "What happens in Theria stays in Theria."
  45. Lucian Valintine says, "Y'know."
  46. Nikara M. Kirk says, "..."
  47. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Ok."
  48. Nikara M. Kirk asks, "So Dillion and everything else that has happened here is snitching too?"
  49. Elias says, "Should've been common sense."
  50. Lucian Valintine says, "Too little, too late."
  51. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I was drunk."
  52. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Common sense is hard when your drunk."
  53. Elias says, "Doesn't erase the crime."
  54. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I know."
  55. Sarasha Fenrir says, "Dun, do with her what you see fit. Nothing to kill her and this room is to be locked on your exit."
  56. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I'm not denying the crime."
  57. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I get stuck with Dun, yay."
  58. Dun says, "Very well."
  59. Dun says, "I shall deliver punishment."
  60. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Creampie me so hard my head comes off -- oh god."
  61.  Elias asks, "Dun. Will this be funny 'nough to watch?"
  62. Dun says, "Elias will remain as witness."
  63. Elias exclaims, "Yes!"
  64. Lucian Valintine says, "..."
  65. Lucian Valintine says, "Lucian as well."
  66. Nikara M. Kirk says, "This is cursed."
  67.  Sarasha turned back to Nikara and pointed the remote at her once more. Letting her thumb jab the pain button several times! The look on her face wasn't that on satisfaction, but true frustration for the matter.
  68. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  69. Nikara would flinch a few times. The pain given isn't enough to bring her onto her knees, but it was noticeable.
  70. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  71. Sarasha Fenrir says, "Start with the ears."
  72. Dun would whistle away as he paced forward slowly as he glanced over Nikara's form, clown mask gazing blankly into the snitch's eyes as he clapped his hands together slowly, steadily. The clown was told to punish, and punish he would do. With each step forward, the dense black metal of the fool's sabatons would clank steadily against the stone with ominous reverberation.
  74. Stopping before the woman, the clown would raise a single, calloused finger upwards as he began to speak, raising his right sabaton lightly as mana began to condense and harden around it, imbuing the already thick metal with an ethereal density and sheer strength that only imbuement of raw mana could manifest.
  76. "What do you call someone who talks too much to the wrong people, and causes problems?"
  78. With a sudden, vicious twist of his ankle, the clown would suddenly spin with immense force and hook his mana hardened sabaton to the side of Nikara's head with a brutal roundhouse kick, not the slightest bit of force held back as it was directed right into the woman's cranium.
  80. "A head ache."
  81. (Dun)
  82. Nikara would swallow a bit of spit right before the forceful kick, her head hitting the wall with quite a bit of force, her hood luckily cushioning it a tad bit.
  84. She would look up at Dun with a smile. "'Dats a good one Dun, got any more?"
  85. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  86. The Matriarch strutted with her heels taping the stone masonry. She did not bother to look back to the Vixen because of how little they cared for their well being. Many more lives were at stake because of the beastkin's tongue.
  88. Though a gentle smile formed on her exit, one that Lucian would catch. As she departed, the icy chill in the room left with her.
  90. "We will make an example of you yet, vixen."
  92. Then only her heels could be heard down the hall.
  93. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  94. Dun would glance over Nikara with a thoughtful tap of his mask's chin, looking down at his sabaton for a moment before lowering it to the ground. It appeared the woman was quite thick skulled, admittedly something that made sense considering her previous actions. It appeared he'd need to think of a better punchline if he was going to adequately punish the snitch.
  96. This was the way of things, after all.
  98. "I'm a merciful clown, I understand at times one has a bad habit of speaking too much, seeing too much. So I'm going to leave this next part up to you. We can't have you talking about what you see, and we can't have you seeing things you'll talk about."
  100. The clown would smile, spreading his ring and middle fingers before their lengths would appear to be coated in a black, condensed aura of hardened mana. They glinted with a black hue that appeared the same sort of hardening as that of his sabaton for the kick.
  102. "So I'll give a choice. Your eyes or your tongue. That's the toll for being a rat. Otherwise, how can we know you've learned your lesson, the importance of good character?"
  103. (Dun)
  104.  Murphy says, "... quite the crowd."
  105. Murphy says, "Miss Fenrir sent me"
  106. Murphy asks, "Perhaps I can help?"
  107. "I have an idea, what about one of my eyes, and my tongue for an earlier release? Will be like a grape on the grape stem -- that sounded better in my head. Probably couldn't think good over the raddling of the pebble in the brain I got."
  109. Nikara would lower her hood. She seems ready for it. She looks directly at Dun with a grin -- just taunting the clown, and then she turns towards Elias, with the same look.
  110. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  111. Nikara M. Kirk says, "I do like the respect you guys do give me."
  112. Murphy asks, "You're taking body parts from her for early release?"
  113. Nikara M. Kirk says, "It's high-quality."
  114. Dun says, "No, there's no early release."
  115. Nikara M. Kirk says, "Damn."
  116. Dun says, "This is merely punishment."
  117. Murphy says, "Punishment doesn't need to involve crippling her."
  118. Nikara M. Kirk says, "..."
  119. Murphy asks, "Have you even bled her?"
  120.  Dun says, "Probably shouldn't have snitched."
  121. Nikara raises both of her sleeves, revealing a left prosthetic arm, and her right arm, her nerves being a golden color.
  122. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  123.  Nikara M. Kirk says, "I already am technically crippled."
  124. Elias says, "... Murphy. Sarasha has put him incharge o' the process."
  125. Murphy says, "She sent me to get information"
  126. Murphy says, "I cant get information from a tongueless cat"
  127. Dun exclaims, "Oh right!"
  128. Dun says, "We do need you to talk."
  129. Dun says, "Eyes it is."
  130. Elias says, "Plural."
  131. Murphy says, "I don't think that's needed either..."
  132. Murphy says, "If you insist."
  133. Elias says, "See no evil."
  134. Dun would realize that Murphy raised an EXCELLENT POINT, they still needed Nikara to speak to them after all. A false tongue would likely cause difficulty, and the clown did not like complications if he could avoid it. Approaching the thick skulled woman, Dun would place his left, calloused palm gently on her head, doing his best to hold it steady as he prepared to work.
  136. "Now, consider this an important lesson! In Theria, you didn't see nothin! If you did, you won't ever again. Consider it honor amongst thieves, or perhaps merely a measure of mutual respect. But when one tells the knights things they don't need to know, well, it means they end up coming here to start trouble. They end up a real..."
  138. The clown would harden his fingers before proceeding to, in one brutally swift tug, tear out the first of Nikara's eyes. Wiping it on his cloak, he'd toss it in his pocket before thrusting his fingers forth into the other eyehole with abrutal curve of his blackened, hardened finger, ripping out the other with a messy, sickening pop before cauterizing both wounds with superheated mana.
  140. "eye sore..."
  141. (Dun)
  142. Murphy says, "youch."
  143. Dun would toss the blind woman a sandwich to clean themselves up with,
  144. (Dun)
  145. {Item} You drop Sandwich.
  146.  Nikara would feel the burn. The eyes. The pain. The suffering. It doesn't matter to her. Her body reverberates in pain, yet her subconscious doesn't seem to acknowledge it -- is she fucking insane?
  148. "Where's the sandwich at Dun?"
  149. (Nikara M. Kirk)
  150. Sajid asks, "Who is this?"
  151. Dun says, "Consider it your first test."
  152. Dun says, "Learn how to not see things."
  153.  Dun says, "Now Mister Glass, we have a meeting. I trust you can handle things from here Mister Murphy."
  154. Sajid says, "Hm."
  155. Murphy says, "Aye."
  156. Murphy says, "She'll talk"
  157. Sajid would lean into Lucian, handing them a simple, small dagger and saying some words off the lines of 'Finish it. Do it. Show your true colors.' before walking out with Dun.
  158. (Sajid)
  160. Leading the group back on their trip to the destination, the clown had time to revel in his opportunity to punish yet another that had personally betrayed him. Nikara bore the cloak of the watch and dishonored it countless times with her lack of loyalty and shiftiness. That it aided in perpetuating the image of the clown as a ruthless entity while sating his own, warped sense of justice was merely the cherry on top.
  162. If Id saw him now, using her teachings for these wanton displays of violence, she’d probably try to hunt him down. It wouldn’t end well for her, his stubborn will had been regalvanized in vigilantism and mercenary violence. The mask had never felt more like his real face.
  165.  Dun would quietly lead Sajid and Rosalette into the depths of the murkey, frigid inn room buried in the depths of the mountain. It was impossible in truth to actually find a place within the city one could genuinely call warm, even the most heated venues of Theria had a habit for suddenly getting....chilly.
  167. The clown would take a comfortable seat before gesturing for the younger pair to do the same, briefly rustling through the confines of his sanguine cloak before, with a swift sleight of hand, tossing a pair of fresh eyeballs upon the table, still coated with viscera and ocular veins as they wiggled about before settling upon a nearby groove.
  169. Blood slowly pooling with a steady "drip drop, drip drop" as the pool of ichor reached the edge with sluggish pace.
  171. "I think it's time for a performance review Mister Glass, and perhaps a revelation. I must judge your efforts if we are to continue working together on my grand comedy. I believe it's time you come to understand how I see the world behind this mask."
  172. (Dun)
  173. deal.
  175. The way that they let the blood flow on his carpet - that was something that he could take away from and enjoy at another time. However, it was time for the meeting. It was time to see how well that Sajid had came through.
  177. However, the clown was something of fear. Something that he himself had come to fear from the very essence of their soul. But it is with this, that everything about him had to really consider in general.
  179. "Why yes - of course, of course! I would love for my audience to tell me about my art. It is something that brings great joy and tremendous amounts of gratitude," he said.
  181. Pushing out a glass live figure of the deceased Dragmire towards Dun, he would just smile and wave. Afterwards? He sat down in general.
  182. (Sajid)
  183. She came along with the two adults following them into a rooms upon rooms! The young vixen had forgot that there was so many rooms inside of a hotel it was nice as she smiled.
  185. The door behind them was locked as the Kitsune took her seat dangling her legs from the chair. Swaying her head from side to side humming a soft melody in her head. All while listening to Mr. Dun Dun the clown talk.
  187. She tilts her head wondering if this was the time she would get to see the face of the clown!? Unless not.
  189. "Mister Glass sooo goood at what he does! Also does that mean we get to see whose behind that mask hmmmmm?!" She says turning her gaze back to Mister Dun.
  190. (Rosalette)Sajid says, "--"
  191. Proteus walked into the room, mithril armor very visibly scratched up. A frown marring his visage briefly before it was wiped clean by a smile, a wave thrown the trio's way as he took a seat for himself.
  193. "Was in a cell in Osrona. Ran into Blake."
  195. He paused in his speaking, shuffling in the chair to reposition himself as his elbow dropped onto the table's surface, chin falling into his open palm.
  197. "She's trying to join the knights, also she's looking for her kid. Ended up getting arrested after a brief fight, and an Exarch came and spoke to me."
  199. "Well, that led to me striking a deal. Spreading the word about a bounty on a Sibylle to a few others. And looking for information about Blake's kid. Got work, and just need a few words to pass along about her kid."
  200. (Proteus)
  201. Dun would tap the chin of his mask steadily as he whistled a jolly tune, bumping the table just a bit to make the eyeballs roll back and forth as he contemplated his words. Drip drop, drip drop, how they went about their business as the world shifted around them. It was a fascinating contemplation, a small microcosm of the very world that shaped those people that dwelled within it.
  203. People like him.
  205. "That punchline comes later Miss Rose. Mister Glass. And welcome Mister Water, you've arrived just in time for the meeting. Come, grab a scone, take a seat. Let us all chat."
  207. There were no scones, and yet he was still compelled to take a seat.
  209. Upon hearing of Blake's efforts, a smile would spread behind the mask's face so wide he nearly cackled with glee, slapping the black plate of his cuirass with a metallic cacophony as he almost wheezed at the information from sheer entertainment.
  211. Now that was comedy.
  213. "Good work Mister Water. Fine information, this is an excellent step forward for Act 2. The predictable pawn has been agitated, her sources of support seized from her. The world shrinks around her, and she struggles to breathe as she flails right into our hands. For now, you can cease pursuing Blake, she is exactly where I want them."
  215. The clown would slowly place a cigar into the mouth of his mask, sparking it with an ethereal blue flame coalescing from his finger before blowing a few harsh, smoky rings up towards the ceiling of the dreary inn room. Before him were his associates within Theria, his own fingers from which he had orchestrated a grand and intoxicating comedy.
  217. What fun.
  219. "First things first, let's start with a little guessing game. It'll be a fine introduction to the topic of discussion at hand. Mister Glass, Mister Water, Miss Rose, why do you think I wanted Ser Dillion Endore dead? Why I compelled you to make him disappear?"
  220. (Dun)
  221. "There are numerous reasons, my dear Dun. There could be simply because his hair was yellow. It could be because he was trying to fuck an occultist. It could even be because they smelled like raw onions on a pig's ass. Either the reason - it was a just one," he suggested.
  223. But that was when his grin turned into a further smile that went cheek to cheek. "But let's not make the joke here - let's be honest! We all know that we did it because you enjoyed the idea of making Blake suffer. But you also did it for your own case of justice, was it?" He tilted his head as he asked. "It was because he was a traitor to everything that he stood for? A knight loving an Occultist? A knight giving birth to a future occultist that will hate the order?"
  225. The laughter started to come as the artist seemed to let his head look towards the ceiling. "Regardless - traitors - evil people? All the same~ They just have varying degrees of evil to them. No one is every innocent in the art piece. They are all simple things to be drawn up and made."
  227. But that was when he let his eyes look towards Dun. "But if I am wrong~ Tell me. Let me know it all!"
  228. (Sajid)
  229. It was quite a lengthy talk he was saying but Rosa was indeed listening while still swaying from left to right. She glances at Mr. Water for a moment hearing about his news. It was sad that such a thing happened but she was glad that he was alright.
  231. Ears perk up slightly hearing that this was a game?
  233. "Game? Hmm I can only guess that he was just annoying? or something like that? I dunno really I didn't hear much about the guy but the piece of art Mr.Glass made him out of was reallllly nice."
  235. She comments on that. The tail frails around her own waist for the moment she didn't like her tail lingering within the air and touching the ground.
  236. (Rosalette)
  237. An amused snort left his nose at the jest from the Clown, eyebrow raising towards Dun's mask as he made a show of looking around for these scones that were spoken of.
  239. A shame too, because he was hungry from the exertion he had been forced to deal with earlier.
  241. "She was very close to blowing up. And yeah, doubt she'll be leaving Osrona any time soon, not worth the hassle."
  243. The question from the Clown had him humming in thought, not expecting such a question to be sent their way, his head tilted further into his open palm, before a carefree response left his lips.
  245. "Because you're partially insane. And it no doubt causes you joy seeing people freely dancing within your palm."
  247. Blinking, Sajid's answer had him glancing towards the gas-mask wearing man, and then towards Rosalette, someone he hadn't spoken to for more than a few words.
  249. "Yeah, sounds about right." Trulyhe wasn't bothered by the reason.
  250. (Proteus)
  251. Dun would take a long, thoughtful drag from his cigar as his masked visage slowly trailed from face to face across the table, an idle hum emanating from his mouth in-between puffs of smoky rings as he watched the eyeballs slowly, steadily roll back and forth across the table. The clown would snap his fingers as small, glowing blue goal posts of ethereal mana rose at the two sides of the wooden expanse, still tilting it back and forth like it was a small game, and not human viscera.
  253. Drip drop. Drip drop.
  255. "There were numerous reasons Mister Glass, you are right. And most of them are right on the money, Mister Endore was a depraved degenerate of a human being with no morals or loyalties, driven only by his own accumulation of power and personal wants. A knight willing to protect those he was sworn to defeat, and then to dare walk into Theria as if he owned the place."
  257. The clown would snap his fingers together, the goal posts dissipating as the eyeballs slowly rolled back to the center of the table almost like dried grapes, the ichor of blood slowly growing stickier as the fresher remnants of viscera ran out.
  259. "But the most important one is that he was a symbol. A symbol of everything wrong with the Order of the First Light. A knight who was tolerated, even rewarded with promotion in spite of his excesses because he was, purely and simply, strong. A microcosmic caricature of the sorts like Ser Eustace Salis, blood thirsty monsters who powder themselves and shine their fancy plate, turn their noses up at their lesser, and are rewarded for their might where their character is lacking."
  261. Dun would slam his fist into the table, knocking the eyeballs briefly up into the air before the clown would catch them with a sleight of hand, puffing his cigar once more as he lit it freshly with a snap of his finger on his free hand.
  263. "The law protects people like him. That's how I realized the law....isn't just. It exists to create a society where people like that are on the top, protected by their mantles of service and allowed to freely do what they desire with no consequence. So, my dear Mister Glass, I orchestrated the beginning of this grand comedy. A spark to a flame. When you cannot find justice in the pillars of society, when the laws betray the common people, you define your own sense of it and never look back."
  265. The clown would ash his cigar upon the table at the final word, nodding steadily as he turned his masked visage to Mister Water.
  267. "And now, destabilized, she who made a mockery of the law entrenches herself within the depths of her former captor's bosom, always watching the shadows in fear of vindication. She has been punished, and yet her life remains. Do you believe Blake deserves more now that her happiness has been stolen, her false sense of security shattered? Mister Glass, Mister Water."
  269. (Dun)
  270. "Yes, yes... I see. They order is corrupted in it's own right. Everything about it down to the pillar - but there are some lights that go so beautiful in an art canvas that I like. But the others?"
  272. He let a tsk escape from his mouth as he moved over towards the two, hoping they would agree with him. "Justice? Now, I like justice - but justice is flawed in itself. Bias to those who seek it out - that is why I will never say I am a hero."
  274. "I am just, simply, an artist. Art is worth the pain. But when the curtains rise, the performance will be so beautiful it kills. And when the curtain calls, the one who was the truth will stay," he suggested. "And that is all that is good enough for me~"
  275. (Sajid)
  276. She lingers humming a soft melody still and this time she would keep her self silent. This sounded definitely like a conversation for adults and Dun the clown lost Rosalette as soon as he used the word Microcosmic. Her mind goes blank for a moment. Then blinks serval times.
  278. Though she sort of understood what he was talking about how the knights were wrong in almost every way and Rosa say that in her own eyes after that one time at what happened at the gate.
  280. However the little girl took note of this information that the clown was giving and listen to Mr.Glass's response and Mr.Water's as well.
  281. (Rosalette)
  282.  There were eyeballs on the table.
  284. ..That was something he hadn't even realised, eyes pausing on the two eyeballs that were being toyed around with by the Clown, a sigh leaving his lips as he didn't comment on the matter. It was Sajid's room after all, no need for him to worry about the blood stains.
  286. "True true. Surprised he was foolish enough to actually wander into Theria with his armor still on." he replied, elbow leaving the table when Dun's fist slammed down, that would of been a hassle to deal with, the eyeballs back in Dun's palm.
  288. Proteus's head nodded along, it was all things he had heard before. Power allowing others to do as they please, protected by their position within the Order. It was one of the main reasons he disliked most knights.
  290. "Amusing really, that she wishes to join the Order's ranks with her past. And that does sound like a fitting punishment. Constantly watching over her shoulder in fear of betrayal, thoughts constantly whirling around what is happening to her child."
  291. (Proteus)
  292. Proteus says, "Sliding small bits of information their way, keeping her on the edge. A hand so close, yet so far away from touching what she desired."
  293. Dun would blink steadily as he a slow, satisfied smile spread across his face. A sort of...epiphany in that moment as his eyes trailed once more across the table at the first of his associates. These were merely the first pieces in his grand game, after all, the beginnings of the organization he'd begun to assemble. As much part of his influence within Theria as his mask, or his fists.
  295. It was an important revelation. He was speaking with himself once again, in a way. More extensions of his psyche's manifestations. His ambition's coils bound them as well.
  297. "People...are awful, Sajid. Nine out of ten of them would look the other way if you were in trouble, stuck in a ditch. The tenth watches the other nine with a sigh, but does nothing, and so is complicit in the crime of apathy. Art is the truest expression of the self, I'm told, and what better display of art is there than the theater of reality? Cold and harsh as it is, the performance must go on."
  299. The clown would raise his mask just a bit, halfway up as it settled upon his nose to reveal the missing toothed, jagged grin that seemed to never leave Dun's face these days, even concealed as it was. He'd finally become unbound by the chains that shackled him, the commitments and duties that suffocated his true sense of justice with bureaucracy. Corrupted as it might have become, the clown did not lie about who he was.
  301. He was exactly the man he wanted to be, at last. All it had taken was to finally stop pretending. Killing Crowley was the first time he'd truly felt alive, and he'd mistaken it for horror.
  303. True justice was often....horrific.
  306. " an ideal. In the perfect world, people who deserve to be punished are, without prejudice or bias. The law exists to protect innocents from the corrupt, but its often the other way around. When those who control the law do not adhere to this ideal, when theyshift it to fit their designs, that is when the law cannot be trusted any longer. For you see, my associates. Mister Glass, Miss Rose, Mister Water..."
  308. The clown would smile, tossing the pair of eyeballs from the traitorous snitch once more as he fitted his mask back over his visage.
  310. "...Justice is blind."
  312. Dun would slowly rise from his seat as he began to puff once more on his ashed cigar, relighting it with another flick of his ethereal flamed finger as he smiled.
  314. "This concludes our meeting for now. Continue with your duties, I will share the next rung of the grand comedy soon enough. Consider Dillion's slip and fall on the cliffside a one-off slaughter however, I'd prefer we have more....theatric punishments for our future quarries in the future. He served his purpose, and they will too. You are dismissed."
  315. (Dun)
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