Sep 23rd, 2017
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  1. **** SYNOPSIS ****
  2. of some 20 points of anon interest, for: https://anonfile.com/DaL1y9M6n2/FirstTablets_r8011_pdf
  4. Breaking the Matrix - p133 Ancient view of present society, new creative forces, and future vision.
  6. Paul Goes to Rome - p131 Paul points out the basic architecture of the now-present, alternative, social model substitute for "church."
  8. Four Cavalries of World Authority - p129 An Acts parallel on Trump coming to power with the help of internet anons, social media and alternative news figures and nationalism.
  10. Parable of the Plagues - p125 The Exodus story of the plagues describing truth promotion of the last 20 years, the 2016 election, anons as finger of God, what we see happening now and future vision.
  12. Beasts of Religion - p123 The Daniel 7 view of the religious beasts and globalism in Europe as the ancients expected us to see them now.
  14. Anonymous - p117 A scriptural take on the Anonymous movement and anonymity.
  16. Second Advent of Christ - p114 Roundup of the many biblical views of the second advent (for adults only).
  18. Lost Tribes - p84 Discovery of ancient's reasoning for why the white nations have always been lost.
  20. The Last Noah and the Narrow Path - p81 The 120 yr old, narrow path of "outsider theology" engendered by Protocols subverting commercial doctrine, which created an "ark" of salvation all the while.
  22. Inheritance of Benjamin - p67 The true identity of and reasons for the modern Jewish state, wrongly called "Israel."
  24. Parable of Judah - p62 The motherload deciphering of Genesis 38 explaining the JQ undermining of the West. Several keys to this parable are in the five shorter sections preceding it, from the middle of p58
  26. Ordinances of Heaven - p50 Encrypted indication of physical forces of life as driven by cosmic forces by means comparable to music theory (together with the next section).
  28. Solving the Puzzle - p43 How the second tablets of Moses differed from the first, as based on many other sections before this.
  30. Jerusalem - p36 What this name means and where it is and is not.
  32. Turning the World Upside Down - p32 The kings dream of Daniel as key to metaphysical and time interpretation contexts.
  34. The Third Generation of Israel - p28 Where and who these people are and have been for many centuries.
  36. Esau and Jacob - p24 The relationship of these two as that of Judaism and Christianity throughout time.
  38. Sacred Context - p8 Portrayal of the distinction between how preachers know the Bible and how we now can.
  40. The Seven Objects - p5 Bible as written in object oriented computer programming language.
  43. Thousands of music lyrics virtue-signal this study, particularly some from about fifteen years ago, but more recently too. It was a driving force behind some of the greatest artists of the recent age.
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