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Aug 22nd, 2019
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  1. >>34186861 is homo impostor
  2. Kirko is based and we need him back
  4. > So, apparently, there's a new girl at your work place
  5. > You've seen her a couple of times but never had a proper conversation with
  6. > All short, skinny and always dressed in a strict professional way. While she looks like she's still in her late teens.
  7. > You're only casually greeting each other and that's it
  8. > She would ignore you sometimes and she would never even look at your direction
  9. > But what you heard about her is that she's a hell to work with
  10. > Very cold and emotionless, but taking her job very seriously, while sacrificing many other things in return
  11. > And oh boy
  12. > No one knows anything about her, she refuses to discuss casual topics on the workplace or simply to talk to anyone, always isolating herself from the others and constantly scolding her working partners for every little sloppiness
  13. > It looks like she's scared shitless to lose her job or something
  14. > So yeah, after a while everyone already hates her and kept asking the superior to change partners
  15. > Settings up dirty tricks on her and making her work more than the others
  16. > As so do you seen them doing
  17. > One day on the meeting this topic was brought up, that's no matter who she works with, everyone is just pushing her away because of her stubborness and closeness. And that maybe she should consider finding a new job
  18. > "So now... of course we can't get you fired for no reason, Sparkle, but everyone here is like a family. Working in the collective is not just about professionalism and deontology. You're not gonna do any good for yourself if you'll just keep pushing everyone away. And you didn't get accepted on this job quite legally, in case you forgot."
  19. > She squeezed the hem of her skirt tighter, a small shiver running through her body
  20. > "Y-you have no right t-to..."
  21. > "Of course, of course not. But we'll find a reason if we want to. I'm really sorry, Sparkle. I really do. Sue us if you want, but that's how things been working here from the start."
  22. > And all of sudden there's a ruckus of approval everywhere
  23. > Jesus fuck, man...
  24. > "Now, ok, everyone, let's don't be disrespectful here. I think we can give you one last chance, per se."
  25. > You look closely at her
  26. > Hunched over, she's looking at her feet with emotionless expression, trying to make herself look as little as possible
  27. > What did she even done to everyone to deserve all this shit? If she's quiet and not suffering from the gabbing diarrhea, that doesn't mean that she had to be put down. Or so you thought
  28. > "Ok... who's willing to partner up with miss Sparkle in the next month?"
  29. > And the sounds of uncontrollable silence started playing. No one cares about her. Even the ones who had different shifts from her.
  30. > You look at her again. She winces, then drops her head in her hands, shaking
  31. > Poor girl
  32. > ...well, your drunkard buddy is going on a vacation soon, anyway
  33. > And she looks pretty cute
  34. > Aw, what the hell
  35. > "So, Sparkle, it that case, we have to... oh."
  36. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8H3W7r4baM&t=11s
  37. > Determined, you raised your hand and everyone looked at you with mixed expressions of surprise and disapproval
  38. > While she slowly averted her sad expression from her feet to look into your eyes for a second, then hung her head back
  40. > It's been a few weeks since you took her under your wing, and... yeah, no matter how hard you tried, she just won't open up to you. Girl's been avoiding discussing anything beside work, telling you what to do and how to do things right
  41. > Even when she's not quite correct sometimes
  42. > Slacking at work has become way harder
  43. > And there's a 5 or more years of the age difference between you and her, and your new colleague is still awkwardly trying to boss you around
  44. > Which you don't hate her for
  45. > Which you don't care
  46. > Which you don't mind at all
  47. > Which you find cute about her
  48. > You do as she say with a smile on your face. Even when she's not right, you will wittily explain it to her, and she'll just turn away without saying anything
  49. > You will try to make her life easier
  50. > She never thanked, apologized or asked you for anything
  51. > After so much time you spend with her, she won't even accept a piece of chocolate bar of a cup of coffee from you
  52. > Saying that she brought her own. Which is a lie
  53. > Saying to focus on the work instead
  54. > Saying to stop distracting her
  55. > To stop calling her Taiga and remind you of etiquette
  56. > Which you don't mind at all
  57. > And everyone is still asking you to stop bothering and help to kick her out
  58. > Asking how the hell did you manage to make her so attached to you
  59. > And you will ask in return, how can you call this an attachment at all
  60. > But you wish she was
  61. > You really want to see her smile, at least once
  62. > But one day, after an exhausting week of neverending work, you really got used to her rhythm and achieved a lot together
  63. > And the next morning, instead of an indifferent "hi" she actually offered you a handshake
  65. > Which was the most heartwarming thing that has ever happened to you in your entire lifetime
  66. > Feeling the skin of her skinny palm in your hand was so intimate, that you swear your heart has skipped a dozen beats in a row
  67. > You almost cried a little while changing into your work uniform
  68. > Just be professional, Anon
  69. > That what she wants, afterall
  70. > She still won't open, but seems a little bit more relaxed in your company. She's been more around you overall, in fact. Avoiding the others for obvious reasons. But you won't mention it. She is welcome to sit at your little dining table in the corner at any time.
  72. "Hey, Twilight. How are you today?"
  73. > "I'm ok, why?"
  75. "Twilight! How are we doing today?"
  76. > "...
  78. "Oh. Good morning. How are you today?"
  79. > "Ok."
  81. "Oh hello, Twilight. How are you today?"
  82. > "I'm ok."
  84. "Yo, Twilight!"
  85. > "Good morning."
  87. "Are you hungry, Twilight?"
  88. > "I will take a break, you don't have to worry about me."
  90. "Oof. You wanna take a break? I'm starving!"
  91. > "You can go. Don't worry about me."
  93. "Hey, take a cookie. It's really good!"
  94. > "I'll decline."
  96. "Whoa, damn... that was a crazy day today, eh?"
  97. > "It was busy, yes."
  99. "Man, what a shift..."
  100. > "It was, indeed, busy, why?"
  102. "I'm really exhausted! Are you?"
  103. > "Yes."
  105. "Twilight, have you slept today? You look tired."
  106. > "It's my business."
  108. "Hey, let me handle that. You go take a rest."
  109. > "No need. It's my turn."
  111. "Whoa. You look good today!"
  112. > "O-ok."
  114. "Oh hey there, pretty."
  115. > "A-anonymous! You're at work!"
  117. "Oh, hi. Nice haircut."
  118. > "U-um..."
  120. "Oh. Love the new dress. Looking good on you!"
  121. > "Sigh... ok."
  123. "Your... your glasses is a little dirty here."
  124. > "Ok."
  126. "Twi, your back is in plaster. You must have leaned against that wall."
  127. > "It's Twilight. I... ok."
  129. "Whoa, let me help you carry those!"
  130. > "...ok."
  132. "Hey, you forgot your phone! There."
  133. > "Ah... I see."
  135. "Mornin'. You forget to sign a few papers yesterday. I did it, don't worry."
  136. > "Oh! Um... ok."
  138. "You go can go home and rest, I will handle those."
  139. > "B-but, I... ok."
  141. "Damn, those cases are bigger that you. Let me carry those."
  142. > "Y-yeah. Ok."
  144. "Your stomach hurts? Wait, I have a pill for that..."
  145. > "It is... ok."
  147. "You broke it? Ah, don't worry. I know a tech guy who'll fix it for free."
  148. > "Oh..."
  150. "Lost your ticket? Hey, stop shaking, it's fine! I'll buy you another one!"
  151. > "Y-you will? Ok."
  153. "Hey, get under the umbrella, jeez! You wanna catch pneumonia?"
  154. > "O-ok."
  156. > ...
  158. > " ...t-thank you."
  160. "Come again?"
  162. > "N-nothing."
  164. > But, unfortunately, good times don't last long.
  165. > Firstly, your partner came back from the vacation.
  166. > And, apparently, you both did so well, that you got a big promotion. You, but not her
  167. > Which is a little unfair. You have been working for this company for years afterall and everybody don't quite appreciate her, but still
  168. > Guess you have to discuss this with the big man later
  169. > And your buddy now has to work with her instead
  170. > Oh well
  171. > You just hope that you managed to make her life a little bit easier. And hope that they can handle each other. Maybe he'll make her open up a little more than you did
  172. > But that's for later, because now it's time to party! You're a big business trip man now. Travelling across the whole country and all. Hotels, hookers and money. And you don't even have to work tomorrow, woo!
  173. > Hosting a little party at the local cafe, you thought about inviting Twilight, but... eh. Now way in hell she's gonna go. And nobody would really want to see her here.
  174. > So there's that. Hope she won't be mad about it. Not that if you could tell if she's offended or not. No matter how hard you tried, you can't even imagine her dancing, drinking and having fun at the party.
  175. > Your train of thoughts was interrupted by a cheerful chorus and few bottles of champagne, showering you from above
  177. > It's 8 am. You feel like shit. Finding yourself sprawled at the sofa, still dresses in your partying suit with the awful taste of yesterday's booze in your mouth.
  178. > You tried to look around
  179. > Your apartment is a mess
  180. > And what's that noise?
  181. > Ah, right... new phone.
  182. "Y-ye ? Hullo?"
  183. > You hear a bunch of guffawing hungover hyenas from the other side.
  184. > Are they STILL partying?
  185. > "Woo! Man, you did it! Ha ha, dunno how, but you did it!"
  186. > Apparently
  187. "W-wha, what is it? Didn't we celeb... celebr..."
  188. > You feel a rising lump in your throat, but you suppressed it
  189. > "Aww yeah, man! Congrats again, haha!"
  190. "What are you talking about? You know I'm not the only one who deserve... Twiligh.. is..."
  191. > And you had to lunge from the sofa to say hello to your porcelain friend. Still hearing the uncontrollable laughter from the other side, even if your phone is on the floor in another room
  192. > You wipe your mouth, pick up the phone and turn it on a loud speaker.
  193. "Alright. C-come again. What... uh..."
  194. > "Yo! Ye, man, that shit Twilight, oh, you had to see her!"
  195. > You're still trying to wake up and wrap your head around it. Why do you have to see...
  196. > Oh
  197. > "Oh shit, ha ha! Man..."
  198. "Hey, calm your tits! What about her?"
  199. > "Dude! Now we got her! Like, just as she heard that you're moving, she fucking went nuts!"
  200. "Oh dear..."
  201. > "Started crying her fucking eyes out on a shitter, then sprinted outside! Man!"
  202. "WHAT?!"
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