Celestia Fuk (Casual Sexx)

May 30th, 2017
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  1. >"--And your meeting with the Gryphon ambassador had to get pushed back to tomorrow for personal reasons. The ambassador sends his sincerest apologies, and hopes that you can forgive him."
  2. "Send a message to the ambassador telling him that there is no need to apologise, and that I humbly look forward to our meeting."
  3. >"The leaders of the artisan guild may be coming over today as well. They wanted to talk to you about something happening in the Horseshoe District..."
  4. >Be Princess Celestia
  5. >Lady of the Sun, Ruler of Equestria, and biggest pony in the land
  6. >You were slowly making your way down one of the many hallways in the castle
  7. >Your trusty assistant Raven was filling you in on today's schedule
  8. >As luck would have it, your day was a relatively light one
  9. >A few meetings, a document or two that needed signing, and perhaps a quick trip to Dodge City to speak to the City's mayor
  10. >After all of that was finished, you'd be free to do as you will
  11. >But first, before you could tackle any of that, you had to go to the Day Court to listen to your subjects and hear their problems, thoughts, and concerns
  12. >A difficult and sometimes frustrating job, yes, but no matter how much you sometimes wanted to hop out of your throne and slap some mare or stallion on the back of the head, you knew that the Day Court was important
  13. >It showed your subjects that you cared for them, that you wanted to help them with their problems and hear them out
  14. >Because you did
  15. >Pain in the flank they might sometimes be, but they were your little ponies, and you loved each and every one of them
  16. "During our lunch intermission, be sure to bring me those documents, Raven," you said, nodding to the pair of guards standing outside the doors of your throne room. "I'd like to get those finished and sent out as soon as possible."
  17. >"Yes your highness," Raven said with a bow
  18. >You took a deep breath, a small smile working its way onto your face
  19. >Court was in just a few minutes
  20. >You could already see a line of ponies leading all the way down the hall and wrapping around the corner
  23. >Alright...
  24. >Time to shine
  25. >The tip of your horn glowed
  26. >With a spell, you opened the massive, golden doors of the throne room
  27. >Your guards standing on either side of the door, the picture of stoicism and duty, quickly flanked you as you stepped inside
  28. >Just as it always was, the throne room was a thing to see
  29. >The floors and marble pillars had been scrubbed until one could see oneself in them
  30. >The stain glass windows let in colorful rays of light
  31. >Your throne stood above it all, high and mighty and grand
  32. >This was a grand place, almost sacred in its nature
  33. >Many good and bad things had happened in this throne room, and the blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of ponies, yourself included, was steeped into every inch of it
  34. >But there was something different about your throne room this morning
  35. >An unexpected guest had somehow found himself sitting at the base of your throne
  36. >A guest that you knew very well
  37. >He was your friend, alien to Equus, and a giant of a stallion
  38. >Anonymous
  39. >You paused mid step and smiled
  40. >And what was that mischievous colt doing in here?
  41. >How did he even manage to get in here unnoticed?
  42. >The doors are thick and heavy, and you couldn’t see him braving a thousand foot drop to climb through one of the windows...
  43. >Raven, her nose buried in her notebook, didn't notice the human, trotting toward your throne like nothing was out of the ordinary
  44. >Anon, seeing her making her way over to him, grinned, leaning forward with a hand at the ready
  45. >One of your guards opened his mouth to warn her, but you quietly shushed him
  46. >"Alright, your highness. It seems like we have everything in order," Raven said, scribbing something down on that little notebook of hers. "The last thing I need from you is what you'd like for lunch. The head chef sent me a letter saying that she had a nice chocolate cak--DKNflsdns!"
  49. >When you assistant was in arm's length, Anon sprung his devilish trap
  50. >Reaching underneath Raven's notebook, he pressed a finger against her nose
  51. >The effect was almost immediate
  52. >Raven stiffened, her eyes crossing
  53. >When the human applied a little more force her nose scrunched up, and you could even see her pink little tongue poking out of her mouth
  54. >"Whattheheck?!" Raven cried, nearly dropping her notebook as she hopped backwards. "Anon? What the heck are you doing here? AND WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT BOOPING ME?!"
  55. >Anon's smile widened
  56. >"Well good morning to you too, Ms. Grumpy Pants."
  57. >"Grumpy? I'm not grumpy! I just don't like you touching my nose with your weird grabbers!" Raven cried, poking him in the chest with a hoof
  58. >"If you pulled your muzzle out of that notebook you would have seen me coming a mile away," Anon replied, reaching out to boop her again
  59. >Raven, looking less than pleased, slapped his hand away
  60. >As she did that, she didn't see Anon's other hand moving up to boop her again
  61. >"DKFNLDlskdsl!"
  62. >Your guards chuckled, and even you couldn't help but let out a giggle yourself
  63. >What a silly stallion...
  64. "Good morning, Anonymous," you said, slowly making your way toward him
  65. >"Morning, your highness," he replied.
  66. "I trust that your sleep was a restful one?"
  67. >"Yeah, I slept like a baby, as usual. How about you?"
  68. "Oh, it was a very long night but I managed to get some sleep in the end, thank you very much for asking."
  69. >When you came within range of the human's hands, he reached over and bopped you as well
  70. >You let out a giggle, closing your eyes and sticking your tongue out at him
  71. >Raven frowned
  72. >"Please stop humoring him, your majesty."
  73. "Oh don't be like that, Raven," you said, extending a wing to boop Anon right back. "It's all in good fun."
  76. >"Yeah, and if you don't want your snoot gettin' booped you gotta protect it," Anon added
  77. >Raven let out a huff, though you could see a small smile working its way onto her face
  78. "So what brings you in here, Anon?" you asked, looking back at the young stallion. "Have you come to keep this old mare company while she hears her people's problems?"
  79. >For a brief moment, Anon stared at you with an expression that you couldn't quite identify
  80. >"...Yeah, something like that, princess," he said
  81. >With a grunt, he rose to his feet
  82. >"But I just don't want to keep you company for a couple of hours, I'd like to keep you company for a whole lot longer than that.”
  83. "Oh?" you said, cocking your head to the side
  84. >Anon gave you a smile that seemed to light up the already well-lit room
  85. >"Yep! I'd really like to marry the prettiest princess in the world and be her prince, if she'd have me," he said, just a bit of nervousness mixing in with his usual confidence
  86. >Oh did he now...?
  87. >Eyebrow raised, you looked over at your assistant
  88. >She was staring at Anon with a furrow brow, as if she didn't know what to make of his response
  89. >And you couldn't blame her
  90. >You hadn't taken a lover or husband for a very long time
  91. >Almost two hundred years in fact
  92. "And might I ask what brought this on?" you asked
  93. >"I've been living in this castle for a almost a year, and a whole lot of that year has been spent with you," he said with a shrug. "It's kind of hard to try and find someone else when you live two doors down from the perfect mare, so I figured I'd see if you were interested."
  94. "Perfect? Oh you flatterer," you said, tittering. "I'm sure there's a million other mares better than me."
  95. >"If you find one I'd like to see her."
  98. >That had you laughing
  99. >It was incredibly sweet that Anonymous had come all the way in here and asked you like this
  100. >Usually your suitors would send gifts and letters, or have minstrels sing songs
  101. >But gumption alone wasn't going to win you over
  102. "You know it's been a very long time since I’ve had a husband, yes?"
  103. >"Yeah, a couple hundred years ago right? After the guy turned two or three hundred he asked you to let him pass."
  104. >You nodded, remembering Loose Caboose
  105. >He had been a real talker, quick to laugh, and somepony that absolutely LOVED to be dominated
  106. >Hmm...
  107. >He took a strapon like a champion...
  108. "Yes, and after him I had a string of lovers before doing away with the business altogether," you told Anon, brushing past him and climbing onto your throne. "After sampling every race this world had to offer I simply lost interest in carnal pleasures."
  109. >To your surprise, Anon grinned
  110. >"Your sister said you'd say something like that."
  111. "And you still came here to try to win my heart?" you asked curiously
  112. >"Nope. I'm not trying to win your heart," the human replied. "At least not yet. Right now I want to win a completely different part of you; all of that love stuff can come later."
  113. >You stared down at the young stallion, amusement and more than a bit of interest welling up inside of you
  114. "And what part of me do you wish to win over?"
  115. >"I'm gonna win over your lust, make you so addicted to my cock that you can't help but want to marry me!" Anon said, as if saying such a thing was commonplace
  116. >Before you could stop yourself, a snort escaped you
  117. >That snort turned into a giggle, which then turned into a laughter that had you holding your belly
  118. >Oh the BALLS on this stallion...
  121. "Make me addicted to your cock?" you asked, wiping a tear from your eye when the laughter subsided. "My, my. That's the first time I've heard something like that..."
  122. >"I'll make a bet with you, princess," Anon said, climbing up onto your throne. "You let me fuck you during the day court. If you enjoy what I'm bringin' to the table then we you gotta go on a date with me. If you don't then you can just say so and I'll drop it."
  123. >You nearly started laughing again
  124. >And here you thought it was just going to be another regular day!
  125. >Leaning back into your throne, you thought over Anon's request
  126. "Hmm... Will we be rutting until completion or do you mean for us to go on until court is finished?"
  127. >"Until court is finished or you can't take it anymore," Anon said
  128. >Ohohohoho!
  129. >Until YOU couldn't take it anymore he says!
  130. "And how do you expect to go on that entire time? I'm here for four hours after all, and potions and magic would be cheating in this little "bet", would it not?"
  131. >"No magic. No potions, just you, me, and Anon Jr. duking it out until the little guy’s down for the count.”
  132. >Another chuckle escaped you, and you looked into Anon's eyes to see if he was actually serious
  133. >To your surprise, you saw complete sincerity
  134. >He actually wanted to do this...
  135. >To win your heart and be your prince...
  136. >A very small, but very genuine smile wormed its way into your face
  137. >All of… this was oddly endearing...
  138. "What do you think, Raven? Should I consider Anon's proposition?"
  139. >"As long as he doesn't make a fool of himself during court I don't see why not, your highness," your assistant said with a shrug
  140. >She then shot Anon a glare
  141. >"But if you cause a ruckus I'll toss your big flank out the door myself!"
  142. >Anon chuckled before looking up at you with hopeful eyes
  143. >"So whatcha say, Celestia? You willing to take that bet?"
  146. >That WAS the question wasn't it?
  147. >You let out a thoughtful hum, tapping your chin with a hoof
  148. >...
  149. >Why not?
  150. >You may as well indulge the young colt...
  151. "I'm going to have to focus most of my energies on my subjects, so you'll have to do most of the work, Anonymous."
  152. >"That's fine, but you're gonna have a hard time concentrating on anything by the time I'm done with you."
  153. >You let out another pearl of laughter
  154. >If anything his gungho attitude with all of this was going to make it worthwhile
  155. "Very well then. I'm yours for the entirety of the Day Court."
  156. >As Anon let out a cheer, bumping a fist into the air, you turned back toward one of your guards
  157. "Private, can you be a dear and call for ponies to come in?”
  158. >"Yes your highness," your guard said with a bow, trotting out of the throne room and into the hallway
  159. >With that settled, you looked back over at Anon
  160. >The human was already out of his pants and shoes
  161. >Neatly folding the pants, he took them and his shoes and placed them behind your throne
  162. >He then pulled off his silly smiley face boxers, revealing his slowly hardening, sheathless cock
  163. >You took a moment to look over the thing, letting out a whistle
  164. >"My goodness, it really matches your stature, doesn't it?" you said
  165. >Anon, folding his boxers and tossing them on top of his pants, looked up at you
  166. >"Could you get up for a sec?" he asked, climbing up your throne
  167. >You did as he asked, quietly watching him as your subjects began to trickle in
  168. >With a grunt, Anon sat down and leaned back into your throne
  169. >Making himself comfortable, he then looked over at you and patted his lap
  170. >"Come on. It's the best seat in the house."
  171. >You snorted, booping his nose
  174. "The silliest seat in the house perhaps."
  175. >Still though, you sat yourself down in Anon's lap
  176. >The moment your rump touched his legs the human leaned forward, wrapping his arms around you, holding you close
  177. >He buried his face into your shoulder, inhaling deeply
  178. >You ruffled your feathers, pressing your back against his chest
  179. >To your pleasant surprise, the human's lap was actually quite comfortable
  180. >You also rather enjoyed the feeling of his arms wrapped around you
  181. >Usually you were the one that had to hold your partner, what with your size and all...
  182. >As much as you would have liked to close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of being held, you had work to do
  183. "You may begin whenever you're ready, Anon," you said, your voice barely above a whisper
  184. >Anon let out a sigh, rubbing his cheek against your neck
  185. >"Alright, give me a minute. I wanna enjoy this..."
  186. >One of your guards stepped in front of your throne, slamming the butt of his spear against the marble floor
  187. >"The Day Court shall begin. May the first parton please step forward!"
  188. >A young earth pony mare trotted forward
  189. >An Apple by the look of her
  190. >"Mornin', yer highness," she said with a bow
  191. "Good morning to you as well, my little pony," you warmly replied
  192. >The mare shifted in place, eyeing Anon as he ran his hands up and down your belly
  193. "Pay no attention to Anonymous here. He and I are having ourselves a little wager. I would ask the same for the rest of you, if you’d indulge me," you told both the mare and the crowd. "Now please, tell me whatever was troubling you."
  194. >The mare looked at Anon for a moment longer before looking back toward you
  195. >"If ya say so, yer highness. Now, I gotta problem with a neighbor o' mine. The old cuss..."
  196. >Anon's hands dug into the your coat, parting your fur
  197. >He pressed his lips against the back of your neck, humming as he did so
  198. >You could feel his cock slowly stiffening on your inner thigh, growing longer and thicker with each passing moment
  201. >Though you didn't look down at it, Anon's stallionhood must have been something to behold because you could see the Apple mare eyeing it as she told you about some land troubles she was having with her neighbor
  202. >Anon continued touching you while nipping at and kissing your coat until he was completely hard
  203. >It was only when he was throbbing against you, a bead of pre trailing down his length, did his hands behind to wander downward
  204. >Though you paid attention to the young filly in front of you, you couldn’t help but take a deep breath, taking in Anon's scent
  205. >It was the scent of a stallion, slightly musky, strong, and potent
  206. >But there was something else...
  207. >Something that made your heartbeat pick up and made you take an eve deeper breath
  208. >Hmm...
  209. >Were those pheromones you smelled?
  210. >"I'm gonna start now, Princess," he murmured, pressing his face against the space between your wings and rubbing his nose back and forth
  211. >A bolt of pleasure raced up the length of your spine
  212. >You shivered, ruffling your feathers
  213. >He was going for the back muscles?
  214. >Sneaky devil...
  215. "Very well, Anon. Proceed."
  216. >Growling into your coat, the human placed his hands on your rump and gave it a squeeze
  217. >You pressed yourself back against the human, lifting your hips so--
  218. >"So whatcha think, Princess?"
  219. >Blinking, you looked down at the Apple mare
  220. >Oh goodness...
  221. >You hadn't heard the tail end of what she had said...
  222. >Another bolt of pleasure washed over you as Anon began gently biting one of your flight muscles
  223. >Your marehood clenched, sending a spurt of cum out of your cunny to stain his manhood
  224. >Giving your head a shake to help you focus, you cleared your throat and gave the filly your best smile
  225. "Yes, well, my little pony. Since the tree is hanging over your fence you have every right to cut it back so that it isn't on your property, but I'm sure you and Mrs. Lemon could find--"
  228. >Anon lifted his hips a bit
  229. >You gasped as you felt his fat, mushroom-like head sliding up the length of your slit
  230. "--a solution that you’d both be happy with. The two of you are n-neighbors; you should treat each other with respect, not contempt and unnecessary anger ."
  231. >The Apple mare let out a thoughtful hum as Anon continued to grind his maleness against you, coating his length with your juices
  232. "Ya know what? Ah’ think yer right, princess. Ah’ should go an' talk with ‘em."
  233. >Anon's fingers fingers dig into your rump as he slowly, carefully, began to lift you into the air, positioning you over his throbbing stallionhood
  234. >The tip of your horn glowed, grabbing his cock and holding it for optimal penetration
  235. "I'm very glad you think so, my little pony. If you were to still have issues, feel free to--O-Oh~!"
  236. >You twitched as you felt Anon's cockhead press against your folds
  237. >The human grunted, biting your shoulder none too gently
  238. >Your marehood gave some slightly resistance, but soon you felt his tip slip into you
  239. "Oh m-my..."
  240. >You bit your lip, your wings tapping against Anon's arms as they tried to flap
  241. >He pushed you down another inch, forcing your marehood to stretch to accommodate his cock
  242. >Oh goodness...
  243. >It had been quite a while, hadn't it...?
  244. >Anon let out a groan, rubbing his face against your back, pushing you down so that your cunt swallowed inch after inch of him
  245. >You tried to focus back on the Apple mare standing there looking at you expectantly
  246. "F-Feel free t-to come back a-any... time and I'd be h-happy to--O-Oh~!"
  247. >Your back legs twitched as a bolt of pleasure exploded from your marehood
  248. >Your breathing hitched, your eyes rolling
  249. "O-Oh..."
  250. >Your back side clenched and wiggled, trying to force Anon to hilt faster
  251. >But he held you tightly, content to move at his own pace
  254. "I'd b-be happy... be h-happy all t-that I can t-to... help w-with this--"
  255. >You tensed, tail swishing back and forth as Anon throbbed inside of you
  256. >You could feel a spurt of cum erupting from the human's tip
  257. >Your marehood was quick to tense, trying to milk him for more
  258. "--With this... matter..."
  259. >"Thank ya kindly, princess," the Apple mare said with a bow, letting her gaze wander down to your marehood before she shook her head, muttered something to herself, and turned around
  260. "W-Would the n-next... patron p-plea--"
  261. >The air left your lungs as Anon pushed you down those last few inches, setting you back into his lap
  262. "Heeeeeee...~"
  263. >You grabbed at empty air as another bolt of unexpected pleasure overwhelmed you
  264. >Your cunt tried to milk the cock buried oh so deeply inside of you, but no cum came from the human
  265. >It had been FAR longer than you thought it seemed
  266. >You couldn’t recall the last time you had cum this quickly, if at all
  267. >Anon's hands left your from to wrap once again around your belly, holding you as you rode out your orgasm, nuzzling and kissing your back, neck, and shoulders
  268. >When the pleasure eventually subsided, leaving you sweaty and more than a little breathless
  269. "E-Excuse me... my little... ponies," you said, licking your lips. "I had... thought Anonymous here... would be a bit... easier to... ignore."
  270. >"Are you doing alright, Celestia?" Anon quietly asked, sounding a bit breathless himself. "I'm not hurting you or anything?"
  271. >You let out a quiet groan, grinding your hips against his lap
  272. "Is it... is it all the way in?" you asked, not daring to look down
  273. >"It is," he replied.
  274. >Good...
  275. >You wouldn't be able to take an inch more...
  276. >...
  277. >Sweet Sun above did you feel full...
  278. >Taking a few deep breaths, you looked out at the crowds of awaiting ponies
  281. "Would t-the next p-patron please s-step forward?"
  282. >An elderly donkey stepped forward and bowed
  283. >"I'm going to start... thrusting now, Celestia," Anon murmured in your ear
  284. >You bit back a groan, looking up at the ceiling
  285. "Go r-right ahead... my little h-human..." you whispered back
  286. >Anon replied with a kiss to the back of your neck
  287. >Your marehood clenched, sending a spurt of your cum onto your throne
  288. "N-Now my subject... please tell m-me what's bothering you..."
  289. >"Good morning, your highness," the donkey said, tipping his hat. "My name is Silver Slipper, and I was hoping that you'd be able to help me out."
  290. >Still holding onto you tightly, Anon began to pull himself out of you
  291. "It's v-very nice... very n-nice to meet you, my l-little jack."
  292. >You paused, squirming in Anon's lap
  293. >Your marehood tried to force the human's length back inside of you, but his strength was unyielding
  294. "Now, w-what seems to... to b-be the problem?"
  295. >Your ears perked up, then flattened against your skull
  296. >You could see the donkey's lips moving, but you couldn't hear a word that he said
  297. >Your entire focus was what was going on between your legs
  298. >Anon had pulled half of his length out of you
  299. >Because of the position that the two of you were in, he couldn't pull out any further without lifting you back up
  300. >So, instead, he thrust
  301. >You tried to hold back your groan, but failed miserably
  302. "A-Aha~"
  303. >The human throbbed inside of you, coating more of your insides with more of his pre
  304. >"Fuuuuuuuuuck," he hissed, his grip around you tightening. "Fuck..."
  305. >When he was hilted once more he sat stayed where he was
  306. >This allowed you to catch your breath and listen to what the kind old donkey in front of you was saying
  307. >"--And I told that darned colt to stop messing up my lawn but--"
  310. >And he was moving again, stealing your breath and your senses
  311. >Every so slowly he moved, allowing you to feel every vein, every twitch, every spurt of precum
  312. >But then he began quickening his pace
  313. >Your wings flapped and your lower body tensed
  314. >Another orgasm was already welling up inside of you, just as strong as the last
  315. >Inhaling, you took in the scent of sex, sweat, and human
  316. >You had gotten this feeling…
  317. "Hmmmm~"
  318. >That wonderful heat exploded upward
  319. >Your back arched and a curse escaped your lips
  320. >Your marehood clenched and spasmed, milking the length buried deep inside of you as you soaked the seat of your throne
  321. >And still Anon was not done
  322. >He had given you no seed, was not softening inside of you
  323. >You could feel his teeth nibbling and biting along your back, sending little sparks of pleasure down your spine and elongating your orgasm
  324. "Stars above... H-Harder..."
  325. >The donkey went about his merry way and was replaced by a unicorn mare, Lady High Horse if you remembered correctly
  326. >"The grant you gave the Choir of the Sun simply isn't enough, your highness! Why, just the other day we--"
  327. >As she spoke Anon began to move even faster
  328. >The sounds of your wet rump slapping against his soaked lap echoed throughout the throne room
  329. >Another orgasm rocked through you, causing you to cross your legs
  330. >Anon reached down with a hand and forced them back open
  331. >He wanted everypony in attendance to see...
  332. >Wanted everypony to witness as you came around his cock...
  333. "B-Buck..."
  334. >His thrusts grew more forceful, bouncing you up and down his length, sending your mane flying in all directions
  337. "--Your highness? Are you even listening? This is a very important--"
  338. >One of his hands reached down to play with your teats, tugging on them and rolling the sensitive nubs between his fingers
  339. >You hissed, trying to bend forward, but he clamped down on your shoulder, forcing you back against him
  340. >The sudden movement caused your crown to fall from your head
  341. >Raven dove forward to grab it, saying something to you, but you barely heard it
  342. >A part of you wanted to question just how this stallion was going this long
  343. >No creature that you had taken to bed had been able to leave you in such a state
  344. >Make you feel this way
  345. >But another part of you didn't care
  346. >You rather enjoyed feeling his arms pinning you against him possessively
  347. >You liked to hear his ragged breathing
  348. >But most of all, you becoming very fond him being inside of you
  349. >The feeling of his mushroom-like head tickling your deepest depths
  350. >Feeling his thick shaft forcing your inner walls to make way
  351. >Yes…
  352. >Very fond...
  353. "F-Faster... R-Ruin me..."
  354. >You managed to utter a few words to the noblemare as another orgasm turned your brain to mush
  355. >For the life of you, you couldn’t remember what you did, but it seemed to placate her
  356. >Another pony took her place; minstrel by the look of him
  357. >"Greetings your highness. I bring greetings from Lord Fancy Pants, who hopes that he is--"
  358. "BUCK!"
  359. >"--in your thoughts and heart. He humbly begs that you'd come to his mansion this evening--"
  361. >"--so that he may sup with you and speak on the finer things, which as love and romance. Now, if it would please her grace I'd like to sing her a song--"
  363. >"Ahem. There once was a filly from Millsberry Hollow. She couldn't carry a tune but boy could she swallow..."
  364. >Anon growled
  367. >His cock throbbed as you grinded yourself against his lap
  368. >You could feel that fat tip of his growing larger
  369. >He was also twitching sporadically now
  370. >He was going to cum soon...
  371. >Fill you to the brim...
  372. >No doubt impregnate you if you had been in heat...
  373. >...
  374. >Hmmm...
  375. >The small part of you that could still rationally thing pondered if Anonymous could put a foal in you
  376. "BUUUUUUCK~!"
  377. >You couldn’t see why not...
  378. >A stallion as large as him was no doubt virile enough to fill this entire castle with little ones…
  379. >Create a whole new line of nobility if he wished...
  380. >And even if he couldn't, you were positive that magic would find a way...
  381. >"Princess... I'm gonna cum soon," Anon whispered in your ear. "Where do you want it?"
  382. >Pawing at the air as yet another orgasm made you see stars, you reached down and grabbed one of the human's hands
  383. "INSIDE!" you screamed, sliding it up to your belly and holding it there. "BY THE SUN AND STARS, INSIDE!"
  384. >Groaning, Anonymous jerkily thrusted a few more times before slamming you down to the hilt and holding you there
  385. >You let out a happy groan as you felt the first spurt of cum firing inside of you
  386. >Your tail snaked down, wrapping around his middle so that there was no possibility of him throwing you off
  387. >You wanted all of it...
  388. >ALL of it...
  389. "YES!" you moaned, feeling another orgasm tearing through you as he began to fill you to the brim. "Y-YES!"
  390. >You had absolutely no idea how long Anon came
  391. >You only knew that, when you finally came to, your throne and your lower body were covered in thick, white cum
  394. >You looked down at yourself, then up at the minstrel, who was looking at you with a smug smile on his face
  395. >"So should I send word to Lord Fancy that you'll be supping with him this evening?" he asked
  396. >Panting like you had just run to Yakyakistan and back, you opened your mouth to reply, only to close it
  397. >Anon grinded himself, making your eyes cross
  398. "I..."
  399. >Your marehood clenched as he fired one last volley inside of you
  400. "I... Please t-tell Fancy... t-that I must decline..."
  401. >Anon's stallionhood slowly began to soften
  402. >This allowed you to slowly, carefully lift yourself off of him with a wet plop
  403. >His cum tried to follow, but you quickly contracted your vaginal muscles, keeping it in place
  404. >You liked all of that where it was, thank you very much...
  405. >Climbing onto shaky legs, you looked over your shoulder to see Anon, though no longer hard and panting, still looked as eager as when you had sat in his lap
  406. >It would no doubt take a few minutes, but you were positive that he'd be hard again in no time...
  407. >Licking your lips, the tip of your horn glowed
  408. >You grabbed the human with your magic and carefully settled him on your back, climbing down your throne
  409. >Raven, your crown still in her hooves, suddenly appeared in front of you
  410. >"Princess, where do you think you're going?! You still need to--"
  411. >With another spell, you lifted your crown from her hooves and sat it on her head
  412. >You then picked her up and sat her down onto your cum-soaked throne
  413. "Raven... I task you with... overseeing the Day Court for... the rest of the morning..."
  414. >A shiver ran down your spine when you felt Anon grab your mane and give it a tug
  415. >Already you could feel him hardening against you
  416. >Your marehood clenched, sending a spurt to the stallion's cum onto the floor
  418. >You already wanted him back inside of you where he belonged, thrusting away until you were nothing more than a shimmering, pleasure-filled mess
  419. >And he was going to be in you
  420. >Again and again for a few long time
  421. >Magic would keep him young and strong and hard
  422. >And he’d be yours...
  423. >Your big, strong prince…
  424. >You looked back at your throne, wondering if it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let Anon take you a few more times on your throne, to say that you hadn’t been so easily broken if nothing
  425. >But you quickly discarded the idea
  426. >No…
  427. >You wanted to focus your full attention on this stallion
  428. >Soon to be YOUR stallion, if you had your say
  429. "Anonymous and I... still have a bet... to see through and... I'd like to... finish it in the... bedroom. Have a... wonderful day... my little... ponies..."
  430. >With that, you began to make your way to the door
  431. >The crowds of ponies parted way for you, their marehoods winking and their stallionhoods slapping against their bellies
  432. >Hmm...
  433. >You wonder if Anon would take you to Donut Joe's for your date…?
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