Unravel Two (V2) uninstaller problem

Sep 14th, 2018
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If you've downloaded my V2 version of Unravel (Unr2avelTw22oV2-elamigos), never start uninstaller (".../game folder/unins000.exe"). To make uninstallation impossible, delete these two files "unins000.dat" "unins000.exe" and you're safe now. After you've done playing this game - simply delete entire game folder (+desktop/startmenu icons) to uninstall it. Also, delete V2 ISO image.

I made a mistake in my script and uninstaller is deleting too much system data. Instead of deleting "Windows/System settings/Unravel Two settings" uninstaller is deleting "Windows/System settings". This is fixed in V3 version (Unr2avelTw2oV3-elamigos).

V2 uninstaller may corrupt your Windows user profile (after rebooting some icons/user preferences might be missing etc). System restore will fix that, but if you had other problem you can write me an e-mail.

My other releases are safe. This is one-time exception where game language settings are stored in sensitive system location. I didn't notice my mistake in first place.

Sorry for the mess. This info will stay on top for a couple of days.

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