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May 31st, 2018 (edited)
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By clicking any of the buttons above you can buy premium account, support me and my work. premium gives you 100GB of traffic every day, only one simple rule. Traffic is being renewed at midnight European time. biggest premium plan has 12TB of traffic per year (around 33GB/day, but there's no daily limit and even few hundreds gigabytes can be downloaded within a day). DDownload is cheaper and with best deal (1 year premium account) will cost you 4 EUR monthly. Both servers offer speeds around 1-2Gb/s (100-200MB/s).

Thank you for your support!

Use email below for general questions, reporting mistakes in descriptions, reporting dead/wrong links, problems with my releases, requests for updates and so on. I recommend to create email at, other email services may block each other while sending/receiving and you'll never see my reply.

Response time will vary from few minutes/hours to few days, it depends on many things.

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