Native - Enhanced Edition Changelog

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  1. [MOD] - Native Enhanced Edition
  3. Taleworlds:,380522.html
  5. Current version: v1.4
  7. NOTE: Things with the "New game:" prefix requires a new game to take effect.
  11. v1.4 (Requires a new game)
  12. 1). Removed town fights from taverns.
  13. 2). Fixed town fights happening when the player was the owner of the fief.
  14. 4). Player will be taken prisoner if he's knocked out during a town fight.
  15. 5). Fixed player losing relations with village lord if he killed a fugitive.
  16. 6). Fixed execute prisoner dialogue string error.
  17. 7). Changed orange text messages to yellow for better visibility.
  18. 8). Changed MINIMUM lord creation and threshold options for all fiefs to 0 from 1 like the readme says it does.
  19. 9). Fixed lord culture not displaying correctly in notes.
  20. 10). Reduced the minimum amount of skills required to enlist in a division in freelancer
  21. Mounted: 2 or more in riding
  22. Archery: 2 or more in power draw or throwing or 100 proficiency with crossbows
  23. Infantry: 2 or more in power strike
  24. You still need to be of the same level as the troop you want to enlist (so swadian knight = level 28).
  26. 11). Fixed lords not being recognized as being prisoners of a fief.
  27. 12). Fixed village fights activating when the bounty quest was active in that village.
  28. 13). Fixed sea raiders and escaped prisoner parties not being attacked by NPC kingdom parties like patrols or lord parties.
  29. 14). Fixed Floris bank slots being overriden by new slots and causing the player to already have acres in fiefs in a new game.
  30. 15). Fixed all noble starts receiving king start item modifiers (e.g. player vassal getting champion horses). Now they receive items on their level.
  31. 16). Fixed player receiving items from the troop he bodyslided into after winning a battle.
  32. 17). Fixed script error that occurred when the player changed any of the lord creation thresholds (villages, castles and towns) to 0.
  33. 18). Fixed player being "framed" for a king's assassination everytime that happened.
  34. 19). Fixed guards of a fief not changing to be of their appropriate faction when the player conquered a fief.
  35. 20). Fixed drunks being sometimes of the same troop ID as tavern mercs and thus sharing their dialogue.
  36. 21). Removed 40 troop IDs that were used for random lord generation. This will increase performance and reduce save size.
  37. 22). Fixed patrols not appearing in the budget report.
  38. 23). Added target center name to all patrols.
  39. 24). Lords defeated in battle with the player participation can now die from wounds.
  40. 25). Implemented new heir system. Player Prince will become king if the latter dies independently of renown.
  41. 26). Fixed scouts, war parties and mercenary companies not joining any nearby battle with their own faction.
  42. 27). Fixed player not getting a minister and other staff after becoming king by succession and not having a culture as well.
  43. 28). Fixed player being able to request a new execution or assassination even if there was already one in progress. Now the constable will inform if there is one scheduled.
  44. 29). Added option to send a companion for a non agression pact with another kingdom through companion dialogue.
  45. 30). Increased default random lord creation rate to 5 days from 3.
  46. 31). Fixed player receiving mercenary renewing message if he was the king of a existing faction.
  47. 32). Fixed player not receiving a notification that his court was lost if he became the king of existing faction by sucession.
  48. 33). Fixed player faction declaring war/peace without the player input if the latter became king by succession.
  49. 34). Fixed no vassals appearing in the list of vassals that can be awarded a fief after the player conquered it and if he had became king by succession.
  50. 35). Fixed no fiefs appearing in the list of fiefs that could be offered to a companion in exchange of him becoming a lord (King by succession).
  51. 36). Fixed vassals not appearing in list when asking about the mood regarding a fief (King by succession).
  52. 37). Fixed constable reporting that the player faction was not at war with any faction regardless if it was true or not (King by succession).
  53. 38). Fixed option to ask constable about a report of the kingdom's army not appearing (King by succession).
  54. 39). Fixed no fiefs appearing in "Please give me a status report about the garrison of a fief" dialog (King by succession).
  55. 40). Fixed no player kingdom lords appearing in constable prisoner exchange and ransom dialogs (King by succession).
  56. 41). Fixed player kingdom lords appearing in the list of friendly non-player faction lords that the player could ransom (King by succession).
  57. 42). Fixed companion diplomacy missions not working (King by succession).
  58. 43). Fixed player being unable to ask to make peace with a kingdom by talking with one of that kingdom's lords (King by succession).
  59. 44). Fixed player being unable to ask to make peace directly with a king (King by succession).
  60. 45). Fixed player being unable to give troops to a lord from his kingdom (Member of a existing faction).
  61. 46). Fixed player being unable to start a feast through his wife (King by succession).
  62. 47). Fixed bugs that occurred in the character and faction report (King by succession).
  63. 48). Fixed the conversation that happens after a siege not happening if the player became king by succession.
  64. 49). Fixed faction relations appearing incorrectly when joining a battle in the map (Member of a existing faction).
  65. 50). Fixed player not being recognized as king when entering his castle(s) (King by succession).
  66. 51). Fixed player needing to pay to wait in a fief from his kingdom (Member of a existing faction).
  67. 52). Fixed several issues that occurred when the player court's was lost (King by succession).
  68. 53). Fixed diplomatic notifications like alliances and peace proposals not working correctly (King by succession).
  69. 54). Fixed bugs related to mongol camp menu and recruitment (King by succession).
  70. 55). Fixed player inability to move his court through the town menu (King by succession).
  71. 56). Fixed lords wanting to join the player faction not appearing in the player's court (King by succession).
  72. 57). Fixed player being able to incriminate a lord from his own faction (Incriminate commander quest) (Member of a existing faction).
  73. 58). Fixed player not receiving a notification when a center from his faction was lost (Member of a existing faction).
  74. 59). Fixed player not receiving a notification when enemy armies came close to a center from his faction which had a messenger post (Member of a existing faction).
  75. 60). Fixed player not receiving a notification when a village from his faction was raided (King by succession).
  76. 61). Fixed player not receiving a notification when a fief from his faction was under siege (Member of a existing faction).
  77. 62). Fixed player not receiving a notification when a village from his faction started being raided and the player party was within 30km of it (Member of a existing faction).
  78. 63). Fixed marshall from player kingdom being automatically removed when his controversy was too high or if he was captured (player king) (King by succession).
  79. 64). Fixed several issues related to faction relation changes when player king was involved like war declarations and peace (King by succession).
  80. 65). Fixed player not receiving king party bonus from leadership (King by succession).
  81. 66). Fixed player not receiving notification about peace, alliance, defensive pacts and trade offers (King by succession).
  82. 67). Fixed minister change of culture not working (King by succession).
  83. 68). Fixed player being unable to customize his custom troops through the constable (King by succession).
  84. 69). Fixed custom troop menu not appearing in towns and castles owned by the player (King by succession).
  85. 70). Fixed player not having any culture in the prince and vassal starts and thus having copies of himself as guards of his fief's castles.
  86. 71). Fixed lords and player receiving vassal quality equipment when they became kings.
  94. v1.3 (Requires a new game)
  95. 1). Fixed prisoner/rescued transfer screen not appearing after winning a battle.
  96. 2). Fixed defeated parties not getting destroyed after a battle ends and they had wounded.
  97. 4). Added dismemberment and decapitation to the mod.
  98. Decapitation requirements (default):
  99.   1. Weapon must not be a mace or staff
  100.   2. Attack direction must be right or left swing
  101.   3. Damage inflicted must be 30 or more
  102.   4. Victim must have -10 or less HP after being hit (so if he only had 10 HP left and you dealt 35 damage the script will run)
  103.   5. After all those variables are met the chance of decap is damage dealt divided by 2 (e.g. 50 damage = 25%)
  104.   6. Heroes cannot be decapitated.
  105. Those variables can be changed in the new menu under camp > enhanced options
  107. 5). Fixed wagon train dialogue arrangement.
  108. 6). Removed CTT fix menu since it's no longer necessary.
  109. 7). Minor fixes and adjustments to EE presentations.
  110. 8). Battle casualties can occur at night in the overworld map, but both parties will have their strenght reduced to 30% (to account for attrition).
  111. 9). It will take up to a week for a lord of a defeated faction to join another one.
  112. 10). Fixed player monarch not receiving troops at game start.
  113. 11). Fixed player monarch fiefs having the "foraging party" culture at game start.
  114. 12). Fixed bug where player couldn't leave culture selection dialogue with minister if he did not have 15k gold.
  115. 13). Fixed player receiving party bonuses when not king or marshall.
  116. 14). Player can grant unnassigned fiefs to himself through his minister.
  117. 15). Fixed missing age and family info from troop notes.
  118. 16). Fixed mnu_order_attack_2 script errors.
  119. 17). Fixed maximum tax innefficiency option doing nothing.
  120. 18). Disabled civil wars until i find what's causing the bugs (the options are still there but they don't do anything).
  121. 19). Fixed villager elders refering incorrectly to the player gender when donating money to the village.
  122. 20). Fixed extra info (reputation, wealth, army size) being displayed for kingdom ladies.
  123. 21). Fixed bank report presentation (it now displays all towns and villages, as well as having the values aligned correctly).
  124. 22). Fixed player not becoming king when the king dies and he has the highest renown in the faction.
  125. 23). Ransom for the player now is 300 gold coins per level if king, 200 if prince, 150 if vassal and 100 if commoner.
  126. 24). Fixed ranged troops not switching to melee in sieges if a enemy was close enough.
  127. 25). Did some changes in CTT. Now there's only 1 troop tree with 3 branches (multiple branches was very buggy).
  128. 26). Increased the maximum number of items that appear when viewing a troop's inventory when using the troop tree presentations.
  129. 27). Fixed some lords having a fief attached to their party in the map instead of their flag.
  130. 28). Fixed some error messages that occur when player creates his kingdom from scratch.
  131. 29). Reduced increase in chance of capturing lord prisoner by 4% per level of prisoner management (it was 5%).
  132. 30). Fixed player not getting increased chance of capturing lords due to his level of prisoner management (before this increase only happened to NPC lords on the map).
  133. 31). Fixed player getting stuck in the exchange prisoner dialogue if there wasn't anyone from his faction to exchange. Now the player will not have the option to exchange if he doesn't have a prisoner or/and there isn't anyone from his faction imprisoned.
  134. 32). Fixed fief ownership not being cleared when a NPC lord gets killed.
  135. 33). Fixed freelancer bug where when enlisted lord died there wasn't a way for the player to complete the enlisted quest, thus he was labeled as a deserter and lost honor and relations. Now when this happens, the quest will complete automatically.
  136. 34).  Fixed renown not deciding which troop the player got to be when enlisting. Also modified the renown requirements:
  137. Tier 2 troop = 50 renown
  138. Tier 3 troop = 100 renown
  139. Tier 4 troop = 200 renown
  140. Tier 5 troop = 300 renown
  141. Note that not all factions have mounted troops in the top tiers.
  143. 35). Player can now keep all the weapons/horses that he got from a battlefield just like the original 1257. Note: This only works for weapons IF the player doesn't have the same weapon in the same slot equipped.
  144. 36). Joining sieges now has consequences: negative relations with the opposite faction and relation increase with faction that the player is helping.
  145. 37). Kingdom ladies that don't have any father or guardian will be assigned one if they have a relation of 20 or more with one of the lords of their faction. The check happens once a week so it may take a while.
  146. 38). Fixed betrothals not being cleared when a lord dies.
  147. 39). Fixed dead lords being considered valid targets for a lady's father or guardian roles when the script that checks this is called.
  148. 40). Increased the time it takes for NPCs to be able to shield bash the player again.
  149. 41). Fixed dead/inactive lords being angry at the player for not having a fief.
  150. 42). Fixed fugitives having a different name than what the quest log says when confronting them.
  151. 43). Added new line in lord's notes for their culture.
  152. 44). Fixed player not becaming the new king when the former king was assassinated and the player had the highest renown in the faction.
  153. 45). Fixed assassinated lords not disappearing from the game map. Now their party will be redistributed to one of their walled fiefs (50-66% of the amount of troops) or the fief that they're currently in if they don't have any (25-33%).
  154. 46). Increased the amount of renown the player wins when capturing a fief to 30 from 5.
  155. 47). Lords will have a relation hit (-2 with the victor) every time they are defeated in the map (before this only happened when a lord was captured or set free).
  156. 48). Player can appoint a companion minister directly by talking to that companion in the party screen (it's under "let me ask you something"). This is helpful when the player minister notification doesn't appear for whatever reason and the player is left without a way to get a minister.
  157. 49). When enlisting, the lord's culture is taken when deciding which troop the player will be instead of the faction culture (e.g. If you enlist on a Hospitaller lord's army, you will be assigned the rank and equipment of a Hospitaller troop).
  158. 50). Fixed player inability of enlisting in any lord's army.
  159. 51). Fixed the correct lord's culture not being displayed in their notes.
  160. 52). Fixed bug where the player enlisted and was assigned the rank of "{insert the name of your character here}". Now if the lord's culture cannot be found for whatever reason, their faction's culture will be used instead.
  161. 53). Fixed player not being enlisted as a higher ranking troop even if his renown exceeded the requirements.
  162. 54). Fixed player starting as adventurer and being at war with all factions when total war mode was on.
  163. 55). Fixed player not being assigned the correct rank and equipment when enlisting (before player always received tier 1 rank and equipment regardless of what the lord said the player would be when enlisting).
  164. 56). Fixed the oath renewal menu appearing when the player was enlisted in a lord's army.
  165. 57). If the player is a king and doesn't have a minister yet, a notification will pop up after 12 hours where he can appoint a temporary minister (Note: if you didn't start a new game after applying this patch you may need to wait until your game date is 30 days for it to appear).
  166. 58). Added option to activate cheat menu through the Camp > EE misc options.
  167. 59). When a king dies, all his fiefs will be given to the new king.
  168. 60). Fixed the "Your kingdom no longer holds any land" notification that appeared when the player became a vassal (non-noble start).
  169. 61). Fixed lord reputation string in notes.
  170. 62). Fixed ranged troops not switching to melee when enemy came closer.
  171. 63). Fixed the player appearing in the list of lords that can be assassinated when talking with the constable.
  172. 64). Fixed "Random End" lord spawning in the Kingdom of Swadia at the game start.
  173. 65). Fixed grant fief bug.
  174. 66). Fixed constable prisoner exchange.
  175. 67). Fixed player receiving option to "send word to the king" after conquering a fief even if the player was the king (this only happened if the player became the king of one of the AI factions).
  176. 68). Removed relation penalty when taking control of garrison. Also added a missing check (that if missing would cause the garrison to disband if you gave it to the town).
  177. 69). Fixed player being able to hire men exceeding the limit of troops defined in the options in castles or towns.
  178. 70). Fixed player not being able to return to service after vacation in freelancer.
  179. 71). Fixed Kingdom of Sarranids having pretenders and "Random End" NPC as lords when the player started as king of it.
  180. 72). Fixed mercenary payment notification appearing during freelancer and decreased the time it takes to renew contract to 14 days from 30.
  181. 73). Fixed player being able to take equipment from prisoners a unlimited amount of times.
  182. 74). Fixed all issues related to the player appearing as a option when he wasn't supposed to. Also fixes dead lords appearing (e.g. Fixed player ability to indict himself for treason through the minister).
  183. 75). Fixed bug where the faction culture always got selected when determining what troops would be available in NATIVE recruitment. Now the fief culture is selected (e.g. Hospitaller fiefs will give Hospitaller troops).
  184. 76). Walled fiefs now also have mercenaries in their garrisons (chance is 35% per recruitment round).
  185. 77). Player can customize his troops through the camp menu if he has at least 1 fief and knows the player culture.
  186. 78). Added new dialogue that makes walled fiefs surrender if they don't have food for more than a day during sieges.
  187. 79). Due to several problems, NPC lords no longer change the culture of their fiefs to their own.
  188. 80). Added a new menu to the new game menu where the player can choose NPC party spawn presets.
  189. 81). Fixed player not being able to keep the loot he got from the field after a battle.
  190. 82). Fixed the minister notification appearing even if the player started as adventurer.
  191. 83). Fixed script errors that sometimes appeared when a siege was lifted.
  192. 84). Lords will receive 4-6 troops of their culture per recruitment round in addition to the lances that they get from fiefs. This is done so that they can get some of their native troops even if their fiefs don't match their culture.
  193. 85). Fixed player receiving king and marshall party size bonuses at adventurer start.
  194. 86). Added new start: Mercenary captain.
  195. 87). Fixed script errors that occurred when the player entered a keep with a lady that didn't have a protector.
  196. 88). Fixed CTT horse archers not switching to melee when needed.
  197. 89). Fixed all quests involving a lord not being cancelled when that lord dies.
  198. 90). Faction marshall will be displayed in his faction notes.
  199. 91). Added town fights from Azgad A Story Of Calradia v1.0 mod.
  200. 1. The entire garrison will try to fight the player if he starts to kill people.
  201. 2. Will work on taverns too alongside brawls.
  203. 92). Reworked belligerent drunks:
  204. 1. There will be up to 6 of them in the map
  205. 2. They change locations/respawn every 48 hours
  206. 3. They can spawn as troops/mercenaries from the fief they're in
  207. 4. The amount of renown required to discourage them depends on their level
  208. 5. Upon killing them player will receive one of their weapons/shields.
  210. 93). Fixed marshall being appointed even if the player was king. This only happened if the player took control of a existing faction.
  211. 94). Fixed player inability to give a fief to one of his vassals if he became king of a existing faction.
  212. 95). Fixed minister not recognizing the player as the king when talking about the resolve dispute quest.
  213. 96). Fixed death camera bug.
  214. 97). Added player auxiliary feature (take control of one of your troops after you get knocked out) to bandit lairs.
  215. 98). Fixed siege bug (besiegers attacking the center after conquering it).
  216. 99). Reverted arena fights back to normal.
  228. v1.2
  229. 1). New game: Fixed bugged landowning/bank feature due to incorrect slot numbering.
  230. 2). Fixed lord party ultra speed bug.
  231. 3). The terrain that a party currently is at influences the party's speed. The modifiers are:
  233. Steppe: +15% speed bonus
  234. Mountain: -8% speed bonus
  235. Plain: +10% speed bonus
  236. Snow: -5% speed bonus
  237. Desert: +5% speed bonus
  238. Bridge: -10% speed bonus (army can't cross all at once)
  239. River: -20% speed bonus
  240. Mountain Forest: -13% speed bonus
  241. Steppe Forest: +10% speed bonus
  242. Forest: -5% speed bonus
  243. Snow Forest: -10% speed bonus
  244. Desert Forest: no change
  246. 4). Fixed the loot menu bug (selecting the "leave the items in the pool and continue" option made the game display the game start menu).
  247. 5). Some fixes to faction statistics.
  248. 6). New game: Added options to turn lord killing/generation on or off at the beggining of the game.
  249. 7). Fixed budget report not appearing when player was the only one in party.
  250. 8). Fixed reports leave option disappearing when cheat menu was on.
  251. 9). Fixed town menu leave option disappearing when cheat menu was turned on and/or because there was a tournament active.
  252. 10). Fixed budget report not considering party wages.
  253. 11). Merged formations, dickplomacy and diplomacy menus into one presentation (Camp > Merged Preferences).
  260. v1.1 (This update requires a new game)
  261. 1). Fixed bugs related to the tavern bounty quests.
  262. 2). Fixed tavern bug (townspeople not positioned in the right places).
  263. 3). Fixed a crash related to a missing male hair mesh.
  264. 4). Player can join any siege assault as long as he has -5 or greater relation with the besieger. Similarly, he can help defend against any attack if he has -5 or more relation with the defenders.
  265. 5). Added a new options under misc menu where things like shield bash can be turned on or off.
  266. 6). Fixed player and NPC lord party sizes not being affected by the menus.
  267. 7). Added ability to turn off random lord creation by setting the rate to 0.
  268. 8). Civil Wars can no longer occur in rebel factions unless they defeat their original faction.
  269. 9). Added a optional Portuguese (BR) translation inside the languages folder. Read the readme there for instructions on adding it.
  270. 10). If the total amount of walled fiefs that disgruntled lords own is less than 1, the civil war will not be triggered.
  271. 11). When a lord is dead, the faction he was from will be displayed in the notes together with the cause of death.
  272. 12). Added option in misc menu to enable/disable freelancer item equipping when upgrading rank.
  273. 13). Reverted back to old UI because people had difficulty seeing dialogue.
  274. 14). Fixed bug where the option to leave a lord's service didn't appear when enlisted.
  275. 15). Generated lords have randomized stats depending on their culture (e.g. Nords have better atlethics, while Khergits/Swadians better riding than other cultures).
  276. 16). Moved the "speak with merchant merchant" option to the marketplace submenu to prevent a bug with a hardcoded limit of the initial menu in fiefs.
  277. 17). Added 25k/50k/100k treasury withdraw/deposit options.
  278. 18). Fixed a bug where if a king died and the new king was a vanilla lord his name would change to NO STRING! NO STRING!.
  279. 19). Generated lords will receive clothing based on their culture that they will wear in court.
  280. 20). Removed the Advanced Soldier Management in Exchange Screens which was causing game breaking bugs to some people.
  281. 21). Removed the luck stat that made player lose stats if he was knocked unconcious too much times in a gameplay.
  282. 22). Fixed wrong title being applied to player when starting a new game as noble.
  283. 23). Fixed bug where player didn't receive money from land when enlisted as freelancer.
  284. 24). Fixed faction statistics report not displaying correct information.
  285. 25). Mercenary Crossbowman now always wear a helmet.
  291. v1.0
  292. Initial release
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