Changing Tildes

Jan 2nd, 2020
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  1. Not much. I haven't thought about changing Tildes, to be honest.
  2. I don't think there's much I would. I would love to see a programmable API eventually, but for now, I'm very happy with the site and the direction its heading.
  3. More people
  4. Maybe we can make it mandatory activity fro accounts so that there are more content. I think there should be more subreddits like stuff.
  5. In an ideal world, I'd make sure Deimos gets enough donations constantly to ensure he can work on Tildes full-time, get the Trust System working, and be able to use Tildes as my primary or even only source of aggregated content for entertainment. Realistically, some sort of marketing/advertising that gets Tildes a steady flow of quality users but not a sudden influx of toxic people or shills for corporations.
  6. Nothing really. :)
  7. More users, add WebAuthn/U2F as a 2FA method
  8. Nothing. It's pretty good as it is.
  9. I'm new - don't know
  10. Mobile usability isn't great
  11. Search function, bookmarking
  12. Users need better ways to express how they feel about each other beyond the standard commenting, messaging, and flagging systems. Holistically, we need to know where we stand and how we can improve as contributing members of the community. Some kind of constructive feedback system specifically for users would help us all understand how we come across to one another in a cumulative way.
  13. More people!
  14. Can't really think of anything right now.
  15. Tag suggestions (to prevent misspelling, and prevent yeah fragmentation), more sub groups with less emphasis on intellectual correctness, more emphasis on relevance to modern ideas.
  16. Maybe add some more options for how comments are sorted. Maybe a "random" option. Or maybe some type of contest-mode where the OP's replies are sorted to the top. Or perhaps sorting by controversial comments, or where comments with many replies are pushed to the top. In essence, upvotes are good at finding popular comments, but you need to add more variables to sorting if you want to push thoughtful or challenging comments to the top. This website also needs better outreach to new communities. I don't have much of a solution for this though... (Sorry!) Once again, if this website simply tries to pick off Redditors one at a time, all that Tildes will accomplish is to be a more talkative version of Reddit. We can do better than this.
  17. More non Americans
  18. Invite people from different sites/demographics
  19. Unsure
  20. More work on growing the community
  21. Get the trust system and anonymous posting going.
  23. I wish Deimos had more money to support and promote the platform
  24. Native smartphone app and/or an API. More concise criteria for what can and should be a tag.
  25. Almost nothing besides the too much american views
  26. Spread out moderation responsibility; diversify community to include folks outside the nerd / geek demographic
  27. Aside from the above, I'd really like to see more growth and representation of niche interests on Tildes. I believe that niche subreddit communities are part of what made reddit popular initially, and to that end, Tildes should work toward trying to engage in more varied interests to attract these people.
  28. I'd like to see more creative stuff and more people outside of tech.
  29. Not much tbh. Idk how you would fix the bias.
  30. A mobile app would be neat, though the site works fine so it isnt extremely pressing right now. Id also use tildes more if there were more people/more content.
  31. Better Search, maybe a bit more content, but that comes with user growth
  32. Maybe some form of (optional) multimedia embedding in posts and comments.
  33. Add better support for long-running conversations
  34. Get groups & subgroups really going. Right now it's just an elaborate forum system, but I think the original idea of deep subgroups is really powerful.
  35. honest handles & profile pics
  36. Adding strong anonymous posting features, and possibly other specialized tags
  37. Add a new group for female tildes users to talk about their experiences, like r/AskWomen on reddit.
  38. Maybe remove invite only at some point.
  39. idk im not here enough tbh
  40. Not sure ...
  41. Open registration
  42. I want the moderation system. It's really interesting
  43. Nothing!
  44. Multiply the userbase 5-10 fold (hard to do), add the trust system (really hard to do) and maybe separate Tildes by language so people can share news or music in their own language.
  45. Make the site free for anyone to join, at least briefly. Although I suppose that'll happen eventually.
  46. UI needs work.
  47. ---
  48. I would add the ability to filter-in topics into the front page.
  49. Make specific areas for creatives to share what they've been working on - photographers, filmmakers, musicians, artists etc.
  50. I'd add more users, more diversity to the userbase, and more groups. I'd also like to see some way for content creators, such as blog authors, to more closely integrate with Tildes.
  51. not sure, there isn't much that should be changed aside from promoting the site so it brings in people.
  52. Add a "hide topic" button.
  53. More interesting people + some way to keep out the riff raff.
  54. Add some sort of limited public registration. Waitlist, time-limited invite link, X signups per invite link, etc.
  55. perhaps more lifestyle/general knowledge topics, but i expect this to improve as the community settles more comfortably into the system of tildes
  56. I think the site is doing fine as it is and I really appreciate the work being done by its creator(s). It isn't the same as Reddit, but it's not trying to be.
  57. Create an attitude of at the very least considering others opinions rather than outright declaring them unacceptable from the get go. We have a lot to learn from each other.
  58. the interface, everything about the interface. The digg/reddit format is a cancer and tildes seemed to lean headfirst into an only mildly less headache-inducing version of it. both too much information and too little information, somehow. Why are titles huge and blue, and comment links blue, and usernames blue, but the self text of the post is some sneaky gray colour that doesn't care if you have white/dark theme because it's just as unreadable in both? "JUst cLicK On THE ThReAd thEN you IdIOT" but that misses the point. I click on tildes to check what's happening there, not to actually study each and every fucking thread. It shouldn't be hard to glance-read the front page after I've been using the site for over half a fucking year I'm probably the only one but I fucking hate it, who decided that was a good thing to stick with? can anyone actually look at a link aggregator and go "hmm this is readable" because in my experience I've always had to install some fucking extension to make it usable at a glance /rant, while it's still in the formative stages ig
  59. Idk I'm not an expert
  60. Make moderation a more public effort. Allow for a formal way to flag a post for unfactual or fallacious content.
  61. I'd like to see more content focused on the humanities (literature, history, philosophy, etc.).
  62. Never change, baby. Except if you must.
  63. The arguments that flare up suddenly about stupid topics need to be addressed imo. People here get very into it.
  64. Let it grow more
  65. For posts in which an image is relevant, it would be nice for tildes to have a checkbox for a thumbnail to be created, similar to Reddit. I think people should also have the option to not see any thumbnails on their feed, if they don't want it. I think this would be useful for visual arts related posts.
  66. More community events.
  67. Mobile app
  68. Ability to mute users.
  69. Nothing
  70. Hide usernames from everyone except moderators. Votes should be hidden to everyone except for the person who made the comment
  71. More people and probably fitting more to the "hierarchy of stuff" rather than the "closely linked but different groups". Although I don't think this is possible with how empty it is rn :/
  72. Ability to hide individual topics would be great! Maybe some light merch or affiliate links would help with the money situation without being obtrusive
  73. I like Tildes quite a bit right now, and can't think of anything specific to change.
  74. Implement the trust system and move forward on promoting the site more.
  75. Add anonymous posting.
  76. There should be some community involvement when deciding if a user gets banned.
  77. increase diversity
  78. Unsure, as of yet.
  79. Add a RESTful API. Even if you start with read-only!
  80. The site to grow, and bring in more donators.
  81. More effort made into gaining new users
  82. Try to encourage more discussion about non-technical subjects
  83. RSS or some form of Share to Submit. Cool App.
  84. Tildes should loosen up a bit. Sometimes heated discussions are necessary and productive. This is common in every assembly. Sometimes I feel like a child in a playpen.
  85. controlled opening (as in open registration by default but limited number or percent growth each day, and gates could be closed any time)
  86. Wider mix of people and opinions.
  87. Comment elitism, for some reason it feels like there's a high barrier of entry into discussions. We don't want to come off as snobs, do we?
  88. I would add a link to post topics to the main page instead of hiding it in the group page. Maybe then we'll get more content?
  89. N/A
  90. Native ability to tag users
  91. Magically diversify the userbase and conjure up a second developer-admin to assist Deimos
  92. More diversity of perspectives
  93. Haven't given it enough thought to say anything meaningful.
  94. Make it a F2P game and allow whales to manipulate content in any way they please.
  95. Make the themes setting more accessible for those who have an account and like to change themes frequently.
  96. I believe the intention is to grow Tildes cautiously, so that it increases in size and activity without compromising its values. I agree with this and want Tildes to be successful on a larger scale. If and when Tildes does grow larger, the community will inevitably feel different and people accustomed to the status quo will become disappointed in at least some respects, that is unavoidable no matter how much care is taken. Use this time to lay a strong foundation to influence the direction of future growth in a positive way.
  97. not sure, just needs more traffic, i think
  98. Invite only to public registrations. It’s a needless artificial tightening.
  99. Provide the ability to save comments before posting them. Many times on mobile I multitask and am at risk of losing a whole typed up response if my browser clears its memory.
  100. Get more people to join.
  101. Change ownership model.
  102. Nothing at present. I trust the development path and the decisions made by those running and creating the site.
  103. Add keyboard navigation
  104. I would focus on making discussions more long term and facilitating the discovery of an actual answer.
  105. Nothing, really
  106. Not sure.
  107. If I could change something about the site, it would be to introduce more casual-yet-refined avenues for chatting about things that are not important. I am a big fan of subreddits like /r/CasualConversation and especially /r/PointlessStories. These communities are not low-effort or toxic, they are just designed in a way that encourages... casualness, and niceness, and appreciation. Even in ~talk etc., Tildes can be a little bit, eh, intimidating?
  108. Currently the community is very technical oriented, which leaves creative subgroups a little barren. However, this can only be changed with more users.
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