oot RTA credits warp rough notes

Jan 15th, 2020
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  1. RTA viable version for 1.0 (possible to adapt for 1.1 but I'm not gonna bother).
  2. not possible on 1.2 because we can't jump to filename
  3. 1.0 filename should be 080475E4 A43CA5DA (j 0x8011D790; sh $gp, 0xA5DA($at))
  5. heap manip portion
  6. when gathering rupees, get all 3 backflip rupees, and optionally also the sign rupee.
  8. start heap manip from deku tree.
  9. go to kokiri. go back to deku with mido visible and spin charged.
  10. go to kokiri. go back to deku with mido visible and seed out.
  11. go to kokiri. go back to deku with mido visible and seed out.
  12. go to kokiri. (note: all of these transitions require your camera to be particular otherwise item00s and babas will unload at the wrong time)
  13. destroy the circle rock the kid is facing. activate WWT and pause.
  14. walk far enough for the sign to heal. destroy both of the other two signs at once with a deku nut. with the signs broken, load the circle rocks.
  15. pick up the rock allocated 801FCB20 which is the easiest one.
  17. blindly walk all the way around the back wall of kokiri forest, behind the shop, and through the tunnel to deku and back.
  18. use flat wall to get link's angle to exactly 4000, turn around so that it's exactly C000, drop the rock.
  19. load the circle rocks, destroy the two loaded at 801FBFA0 and 801FC160.
  21. climb the central fence at a position that sets link's angle to 75F2
  22. take out slingshot, pause buffer 7 frames of rotating to the right to set link angle to 5DA3.
  23. exit slingshot, enter cup. move joystick Y axis to +31, which you can recognize because the waterline goes right between the cleft and cdown buttons.
  24. reset neutral with joystick still held in this position, and KEEP HOLDING IT.
  25. exit cup, enter slingshot, pause, and THEN let go of the joystick. because of neutral reset the Y axis will now be -31.
  26. unpause and pause buffer link rotating up with this input for two frames so that his vertical angle becomes FECA, then repause.
  27. reset neutral back to normal again and hold joystick all the way up.
  28. unpause and pause buffer link rotating down with this input for four frames so that his vertical angle becomes 0CAE, then repause.
  29. let go of the stick, and unpause. link's overall angle should be 0CAE5DA3
  30. press C then B to cancel a seed on the third frame to write the angle "0804697D E6EA0000" to 801FC000, which is a jump to filename.
  32. on controller 3, hold ddup + cleft + -128,-128 (this is out of normal range and will require one or more neutral resets)
  33. this forms the opcode 08028080 which is j 800A0200 which is just a RTA-viable jump to safety.
  35. on controller 1, take out slingshot and hold up until the screen starts jerking downwards at the slowest or second-slowest possible rate.
  36. this means your input is +9 or +10. reset neutral here so that neutral will now be -9 or -10.
  37. hold Z + ddown + cup + cdown.
  38. walk a bit to make the rock next to the punching kokiri visible.
  39. hold R. move the joystick X axis to -1.
  40. all this combined will make the controller 1 inputs 241CFFF6-7, which is the code addiu $gp, $r0, 0xFFF6-7, which will trigger credits warp.
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