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  1. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  2. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to tc_hydro --
  3. <Ardy> !rcon mp_timelimit 0
  4. <CafeBarista> iikka connected.
  5. <CafeBarista> Snacks disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  6. <CafeBarista> Snacks connected.
  7. <CafeBarista> JoshuaC connected.
  8. <CafeBarista> Erich connected.
  9. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: i feel quite important
  10. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Thank you Ardy
  11. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: getting in with no password
  12. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n connected.
  13. <Ardy> the server crashed, so the password was lost momentarily
  14. <Ardy> pro tip: do not kick replay
  15. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: a moment was all i needed :D
  16. <CafeBarista> Snacks disconnected (No Steam logon).
  17. <CafeBarista> Jake changed name to Jake | Recording!
  18. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Hahaha
  19. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better! connected.
  20. <CafeBarista> ShinyMew connected.
  21. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: well that took like 3 weeks
  22. <CafeBarista> SoreBean connected.
  23. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: HI
  24. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Hello Iikka.
  25. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: hi iikka
  26. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: anyway, yeah. hi everyone
  27. <CafeBarista> Snacks connected.
  28. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: you're a bro
  29. <CafeBarista> Zhan: hello!
  30. <Penguin> Hi Iikka.
  31. <CafeBarista> Seba: you should be here penguin
  32. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Hi Iikka
  33. <Ardy> I should be there too, but I cannot :(
  34. <CafeBarista> Erich: penguin get your penguin butt on here
  35. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: it's been forever since I last played this map haha
  36. <Penguin> Erich: I am a little busy but I hope you guys have fun!
  37. <CafeBarista> Havoc teh Raven connected.
  38. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: this must've been a pain to make
  39. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Nerdboy: penguin did ted turn you gay and a half yet
  40. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: Penguin i love you
  41. <CafeBarista> iikka: it's pretty funny
  42. <Penguin> nerdboy: this is not a productive area of discussion
  43. <CafeBarista> iikka: I did spend a lot of time on it
  44. <CafeBarista> Seba: how long did it take you to make this map? sorry if you've been asked this before
  45. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Penguin, finish Super Scout Bros
  46. <Penguin> What were you thinking when you designed the hydro dish point?
  47. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: :C
  48. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy you keeping a record of this chat like you did last time?
  49. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: there should be like an achievement for defending this
  50. <CafeBarista> iikka: that location was originally based on the Arecibo radio telescope
  51. <Ardy> 100000 line scrollback in xchat
  52. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: the one from goldeneye?
  53. <Ardy> so hopefully thats enough
  54. <CafeBarista> iikka: it was just a cool thing to make.. it was in a james bond movie yeah
  55. <Penguin> Why did you make the actual capture point so tiny in contrast to the massive dish?
  56. <CafeBarista> Zhan: it is really one of the most unique CPs in the game
  57. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: stickies lawl
  58. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: if you knew back then that this map will turn out rather underplayed, what would you have done differently?
  59. <CafeBarista> Erich: Was barnblitz your map, or was it the new person's
  60. <CafeBarista> Snacks: I support this question
  61. <Penguin> So many questions!
  62. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Haha
  63. <CafeBarista> iikka disconnected (iikka timed out).
  64. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: lol
  65. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: lets wait for an answer now
  66. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: I am recording over here
  67. <CafeBarista> Snacks: :(
  68. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: :p
  69. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Yes
  70. <CafeBarista> void connected.
  71. <Penguin> show's over go home
  72. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: frozen's mic killed his pc
  73. <Penguin> alright everyone get out
  74. <CafeBarista> iikka connected.
  75. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: AGH SCOUTS
  76. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: iikka dont you scare us like that
  77. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  78. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Hehe
  79. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Is it Ick-uh or Eek-uh
  80. <CafeBarista> Seba: what is your favourite snack from the Valve snack bar
  81. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: ^
  82. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  83. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Oh boy
  84. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: If my mic sounds like its being eaten, even though its on the other side of my head.
  85. <CafeBarista> iikka: it's hard there are so many
  86. <CafeBarista> Seba: do you prefer to eat healthy or the unhealthy stuffs
  87. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Twinkies and Ho Hos
  88. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Wait. Obligatory "Are you a My Little Pony fan"
  89. <CafeBarista> iikka: more healthy stuff... odwalla is like a liquid snack
  90. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin connected.
  91. <CafeBarista> Zhan: odwalla is great stuff
  92. <CafeBarista> Goo connected.
  93. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* (TEAM) Jake | Recording!: Sentry down
  94. <CafeBarista> Erich: Was barnblitz your map, or was it that new guy's map? Dario said it was yours on his day
  95. <CafeBarista> iikka: no, barnblitz is from the community
  96. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :O
  97. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Nice
  98. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: iikka, My question is....How do you feel when you hear someone's doesn't like your map?
  99. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: someone*
  100. <CafeBarista> iikka: usually I try to figure out what they don't like
  101. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Hey cool Void's here too
  102. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Iikka, what is your proudest mapping accomplishment?
  103. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: thought it was mostly furries
  104. <CafeBarista> iikka: not at the moment, I'm working on some counter-strike stuff
  105. <CafeBarista> Seba: is there anything major comiing to CSS?
  106. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Nerdboy: grid_nerdboy
  107. <CafeBarista> iikka: can't really comment right now
  108. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oooooh,
  109. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Nerdboy: i count for 5 votes
  110. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: I'll take that as a yes c:
  111. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Ardy: Move it on to Badlands!
  112. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Next map he means
  113. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Snacks: Doing anything with DOTA 2?
  114. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: AHHHHHH
  115. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: sometimes
  116.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: I play archer a lot
  117.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: oh its suddendeath
  118.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: what is one thing about today's TF2 that you stronlgy disagree with?
  119.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Haha
  120.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: they have a "make a map" button
  121.     <CafeBarista> Seba: like a difference between launch TF2 and today's TF2
  122.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Badlands, Ardy.
  123.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: we dont
  124.     <CafeBarista> iikka: strongly disagree? hmm
  125.     <CafeBarista> Seba: or like the least
  126.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: i map one map, compile another. no problem
  127.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Valve have playtesters that get paid, so they put up with a lot of crappy test versions
  128.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: I thought playtesters were volunteers :S
  129.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Goo: i wanna play halo maps on tf2
  130.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: I'll volunteer
  131.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I think one disadvantage it has is that it's become much more complex and maybe harder for new players for that reason
  132.     <CafeBarista> kankuro195 disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  133.     <CafeBarista> Moos connected.
  134.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Hey Ardy!
  135.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Hey! Hey!
  136.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Badlands please.
  137.     <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry, too many people talking at once
  138.     <CafeBarista> Seba: waht is your stance on community theme packs, like Swamp, Construction, and Bullet Crops
  139.     <CafeBarista> Nerdboy: what is your favorite beer?
  140.     <CafeBarista> SoreBean: wHERE DO YOU WORK?
  141.     <CafeBarista> iikka: arena is kind of a throwback to a quake mod called rocket arena.. I don't think that style of play is very popular these days
  142.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: :/
  143.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: didn't fattony make arena_hydro?
  144.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: that was pretty fun
  145.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Erich: WHO MADE THE HYDROSHIELD
  146.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: ^
  147.     * Ardy (Ardy@cpe-75-84-200-20.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  148.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I like it in short bursts, like just deathmatching for a bit
  149.     <CafeBarista> (TEAM) Randdalf: what's the hydroshield?
  150.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: it's those props around the dish
  151.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: oh them
  152.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: >Prop
  153.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: the best prop is oildrum001
  154.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: why?
  155.     <CafeBarista> iikka: on the community theme pack thing, I like the idea a lot
  156.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: badlands spire > all
  157.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: they are in every custom map
  158.     <CafeBarista> Seba: have you downloaded the Construction Pack, Iikka?
  159.     <CafeBarista> * Fr0z3n points to the construction pack... sorry, has 2 arena maps :/
  160.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: well, 1.
  161.     <CafeBarista> (TEAM) Randdalf: stop asking loadsa questions seba :P
  162.     <CafeBarista> Seba: no
  163.     <CafeBarista> iikka: haven't downloaded it, no
  164.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Have you played arena_hardhat at all?
  165.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy, could we switch to Badlands?
  166.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Nerdboy: no
  167.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: badlands bestmap
  168.     <CafeBarista> iikka: no, I don't really play tf2 a lot these days
  169.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: waht is your favourite gamemode?
  170.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: iikka, why does the stickies bounce off this surface?
  171.     <CafeBarista> void: What is your stance on a multi-stage KOTH map?
  172.     <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Iikka have you contributed to Team Fortress in any non-mapping way?
  173.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Okay, what's your favourite game at the moment? What are you hooked to?
  174.     <CafeBarista> iikka: aah too many questions lemme think
  175.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: next question earns a ban
  176.     <CafeBarista> iikka: on non-mapping stuff, the whole game design is a group effort
  177.     <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: Kill Marry Fuck one..... Robin Walker, Gabe Newell, Dave Riller
  178.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy!
  179.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: !fb nodraw :O
  180.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Hahahaha
  181.     <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: what about community map
  182.     <CafeBarista> iikka: haha that's a loaded question
  183.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: soo many questions o.o
  184.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* void: do you think i'm cute
  185.     <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: \
  186.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I'll pick a community-ish map - the last halloween map was awesome
  187.     <CafeBarista> Seba: ofc it's YM's map ;)
  188.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Youme's?
  189.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: It's ace
  190.     <CafeBarista> JoshuaC: Do you think updating arena_watchtower to give it better visuals would be a good idea
  191.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: How about a view?
  192.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: :P
  193.     <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: yes joshua
  194.     <CafeBarista> Seba: what's your opinion on CTF, Iikka?
  195.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Ardy
  196.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I like CTF enough that I tried to improve on 2fort
  197.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :D
  198.     <CafeBarista> Seba: oh really? how?
  199.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: doublecross
  200.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: doublecross is a great map in my opinion
  201.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Alpha test tuesday, eh
  202.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka is there a map of yours you would play first? We seem to be lackign our admin to change maps. He's disappeared.
  203.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Never knew
  204.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Haha
  205.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: So when he comes back, which would you like first
  206.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: badlands now?
  207.     <CafeBarista> iikka: badlands is ok
  208.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: I should put Muschio on there so you can feel pain every week
  209.     <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: is there any big differance between the the valve version of hammer and the one that consumers can get?
  210.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: ARDY
  211.     <CafeBarista> iikka: really any level order is fine with me :)
  212.     <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: iikka Do you like playing your own maps?
  213.     <CafeBarista> void: iikka would you date me
  214.     <CafeBarista> Seba: do you work with any other world editors besides Hammer?
  215.     <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: JIF or Peter Pan
  216.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* (TEAM) Jake | Recording!: spy as me
  217.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I do like playing them, it's like building a house and then living in it and enjoying it
  218.     <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: iikka can you give me a comm. weapon?
  219.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: lol
  220.     <CafeBarista> iikka: no
  221.     <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  222.     <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: I tried
  223.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oh, Iikka, Do you think Hammer will be getting any upgrades or changes to it sometime in the future? It's pretty dated.
  224.     <CafeBarista> iikka: good question
  225.     <CafeBarista> Seba: can you give 3dnj a comm weapon because he still hasn't gotten any
  226.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: can you give him a community hat instead?
  227.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* void: can you give me a kiss instead
  228.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: 3dnj definitely has a comm weapon
  229.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: it's a comm rocket launcher iirc
  230.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy
  231.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Or Doc
  232.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: The TF2M Lazy 72 hour contest?
  233.     <CafeBarista> iikka: is the portal2 hammer out yet? I haven't really been following what's out in terms of mod development tools
  234.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Yeah, it is
  235.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: yeah
  236.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: yes it is
  237.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: it's great
  238.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: iika, TF2Maps.net recently had a 72hr mapping contest, what is your thoughts on speed mapping? and have you tried it
  239.     <CafeBarista> iikka: should be able to build TF2 in that
  240.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Haha
  241.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: really!
  242.     <CafeBarista> Zhan: that would be worth a shot
  243.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: p2 sdk has a number of improvements to the orange box sdk
  244.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: surely it'd look the same
  245.     <CafeBarista> JoshuaC: Not really
  246.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Hey Ardy or Doc
  247.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: the only difference is the env_projectedtexture
  248.     <CafeBarista> JoshuaC: It's pretty much the same as the orangebox sdk
  249.     <CafeBarista> Goo disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  250.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: lightmap scale 1 and youre good :D
  251.     <CafeBarista> Rexy connected.
  252.     <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry what was that?
  253.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Who made the hydroshield props
  254.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Who made the hydroshield prop.
  255.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Erich: the props around the hydro dish, who made them
  256.     <CafeBarista> iikka: oh those
  257.     <CafeBarista> Erich: the man needs a medal
  258.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: and a promotion
  259.     <CafeBarista> iikka: I think it was Laura Dubuk
  260.     <CafeBarista> void: and a hug
  261.     <CafeBarista> Seba: how many modellers do you have over at Valve anyway
  262.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: surely that's miningcrate001
  263.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Whoever made them. Next time you see them, hug them and tell them the entire community of TF2Maps and Cafe of Broken Dreams
  264.     <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Love her
  265.     <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  266.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: oildrum.mdl
  267.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: rtv
  268.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: overlays/stain
  269.     <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: rtv
  270.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: nominate
  271.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: badlandsspiredx8.mdl
  272.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: nextmap
  273.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: rtv
  274.     <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: RTV TO BADLANDS
  275.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: nominate
  276.     <CafeBarista> Snacks: rtv
  277.     <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: !nominate
  278.     <CafeBarista> Randdalf: where'd ardy go?
  279.     <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: rtv
  280.     <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: rtv
  281.     <CafeBarista> void: i should work on tachyon
  282.     <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: nominate
  283.     * Ardy (Ardy@cpe-75-84-200-20.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #cafe-admin
  285. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: iikka, recently TF2Maps.net held a 72hr mapping contest, what do you think about speed mapping and have you tried it?
  286. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: voteban
  287. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: !voteban
  288. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: how long does it take you to detail a map once you've done the layout?
  289. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Everybody rtv, get to Sawmill, rtv again, and success
  290. <Ardy> sorry my internet died im back now
  291. * #cafe-admin :Cannot send to channel (+m)
  292. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Rexy: rtv
  293. >nickserv< identify ****
  294. -NickServ- You are now identified for Ardy.
  295. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Ardy
  296. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: ARDY!
  297. <Ardy> hi im back sorry
  298. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: badlands please
  299. <Ardy> my internet died
  300. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy!
  301. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Badlands please
  302. <Ardy> !rcon sm_map cp_badlands
  303. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  304. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to cp_badlands --
  305. <CafeBarista> Rikka connected.
  306. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: get to mid faster than scouts 8)
  307. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Ardy can you find the line abut Laura Duburk and forward that to hibnikir
  308. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: *hibikir
  309. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: So Iikka, what was your inspiration to create the most overused prop in all of TF2?
  310. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Who made the spire, Iikka
  311. <CafeBarista> Rikka: i made it
  312. <CafeBarista> Snacks disconnected (ERROR! Reliable snaphsot overflow.).
  313. <CafeBarista> void disconnected (ERROR! Reliable snaphsot overflow.).
  314. <CafeBarista> iikka: I think the spire was Moby Francke
  315. <CafeBarista> Snacks connected.
  316. <CafeBarista> Kira connected.
  317. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: iikka, what do you think about speedmapping, and have you ever tried it?
  318. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: i have shield for the ovwerdose
  319. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: who does?
  320. <CafeBarista> Rikka: was tf2 supposed to teach about geological landforms, or was that an unintended side effect
  321. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Hahaha
  322. <CafeBarista> iikka: no, we're targeting the geology majors
  323. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: we're the only gaming community to know what a hoodoo is
  324. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: question from a sometimes competitive player: would you ever make another 5cp map (because badlands is perfection)
  325. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: sorry, couldn't really hear all that
  326. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: What do you think about F2P?
  327. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Rexy: O:
  328. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Do you have opinions, did you have a say in it?
  329. <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry, can you just type it?
  330. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: What is your opinion about tf2 going free to play
  331. <CafeBarista> Erich: what are your opinions about tf2 going free to play
  332. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: What's your opinions on f2p tf2, did you have a say.
  333. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: 5cp map?
  334. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: waht are you opinions on free to play and did you have a say in it
  335. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: yah
  336. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: oh the free to play.. I wasn't involved
  337. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Do you mind it? or not really care?
  338. <CafeBarista> iikka: I don't really mind it
  339. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: cool.
  340. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: why would he
  341. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: we call badlands-style maps 5cp, whaddya call em
  342. <CafeBarista> iikka: brings in more players
  343. <CafeBarista> iikka: 5cp, I was just trying to figure out which question to answer
  344. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Would you make a new 5cp map i think was the original question...
  345. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Kira: last point=heavy.
  346. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: lol
  347. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: oops
  348. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: DAMN
  349. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: RAINBOWRIDE
  350. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka: Tell Driller or Dario or another Level Designer to work on a tc map.
  351. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: revote
  352. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: !revote
  353. <CafeBarista> iikka: if I made another TF2 map it could be 5cp
  354. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: What Little said
  355. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: yay 5cp rules
  356. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Oh good.  Get on that Iikka.  5cp will do great.
  357. <CafeBarista> iikka: doublecross was originally 5cp
  358. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :O
  359. <CafeBarista> Rikka: what was yoru thinking behind the spire as the second point
  360. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: what woould the say would be the key points in making a 5cp is?
  361. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: *you say
  362. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: the ones you control :P
  363. <CafeBarista> iikka: but I then took the middle area of it and turned into CTF because there were like two CTF maps in the game
  364. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: why? D:
  365. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Havoc teh Raven: oh
  366. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: cuz ur a h4x0r
  367. <CafeBarista> Havoc teh Raven: :o
  368. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better!: What's your favorite weapon in tf2?
  369. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: omg iikka hax
  370. <CafeBarista> iikka: that would be this one
  371. <CafeBarista> iikka: huntsman
  372. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: hey iikka, did you see that rexy made the huntsman?
  373. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: MIC SPAM
  374. <CafeBarista> Rexy: lol no
  375. <CafeBarista> Rikka: don't be modest rexy
  376. <CafeBarista> Rexy: yes?
  377. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Iikka, what was your inspiration for being a level designer/artist/etc
  378. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: Iikka how much money do you spend on keys, per month
  379. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha I haven't bought any keys
  380. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: Valve pays him in keys
  381. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Mann Co Store Credit
  382. <CafeBarista> iikka: I've been designing levels since 1994
  383. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: I was 2
  384. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: D:
  385. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: What was the first game you designed for?
  386. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: 3...
  387. <CafeBarista> iikka: Doom + high school
  388. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: I wasn't born :D
  389. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Nice
  390. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka we need to know.
  391. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Are you a My Little Pony fan?
  392. <CafeBarista> SoreBean: harry potter or twilight?
  393. <CafeBarista> (TEAM) iikka: haha
  394. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: We asked Dario during Dario Day.  It's your turn.
  395. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Havoc teh Raven: ggs, sanctum time
  396. <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry, I'm not
  397. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Good.
  398. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: good.
  399. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Thank god
  400. <CafeBarista> Havoc teh Raven disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  401. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Rikka: nextmap
  402. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Nova| Replays are better!: nextmap
  403. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: !nextmap
  404. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: NOOOOOOOOO!
  405. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: YES
  406. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: lol
  407. <CafeBarista> Rexy disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  408. <CafeBarista> JoshuaC disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  409. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: ES
  410. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  411. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to pl_rainbowride_b5a --
  412. <CafeBarista> Snap connected.
  413. <Ardy> wait thats not supposed to happen
  414. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: accident
  415. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: D:
  416. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: oh god what is this
  417. <Ardy> the worst map
  418. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: nominate
  419. <Ardy> what should I change to
  420. <CafeBarista> Seba: upwards
  421. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: dont change
  422. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: rtv
  423. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: keep it rainbowride!
  424. <CafeBarista> Seba: nucleus
  425. <CafeBarista> Kira: rtv
  426. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: what
  427. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: This is Iikka's best map
  428. <CafeBarista> iikka: I should get a raise just for seeing this
  429. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :D
  430. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: :D
  431. <CafeBarista> Zhan: hahaha
  432. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ahaha
  433. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oh, wait till you see the payload cart
  434. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: is it a pony>?
  435. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: This was the winner of our Orange Mapping Contest
  436. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: We had to make a map using only dev textures
  437. <CafeBarista> iikka: that makes sense
  438. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Ardy, the server admin here, made this map.  The contest was created by Rexy here
  439. <CafeBarista> Seba: nominate ornj_penguin_pakked
  440. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: I'M ACTUALLY LOST
  441. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: We'll let you experience it real quick
  442. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: rtv
  443. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: !rtv
  444. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: rtv
  445. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: upward now?
  446. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Nucleus
  447. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Hahaha the Gabe ending
  448. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: I remember this
  449. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Rikka: rtv
  450. <Ardy> !rcon sm_map pl_upward
  451. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: nucleus
  452. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  453. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to pl_upward --
  454. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: pootis
  455. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Ohw ell
  456. <CafeBarista> iikka: ok that map was pretty sweet
  457. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: We'll go to nucleus after
  458. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: haha
  459. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: nominate
  460. <CafeBarista> Seba: Iikka do you like bacon
  461. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: was the speedmapping question answered?
  462. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Iikka, what did you think of that last map
  463. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Iikka, did you ever watch MST3K?
  464. <CafeBarista> Kira: wincest
  465. <CafeBarista> iikka: I rarely eat bacon, but just recently my father-in-law gave us a bunch of wild boar bacon he hunted himself and it's awesome
  466. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Iikka will valve be buying Rainbowride next week
  467. <CafeBarista> Snacks disconnected (ERROR! Reliable snaphsot overflow.).
  468. <CafeBarista> Snacks connected.
  469. <CafeBarista> Zhan: wild boar is good stuff
  470. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: was this difficult to make, with the whole circular thing going on?
  471. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: iikka, what do you think about Speedmapping? TF2Maps.net had a 72hr mapping contest and had some amazing results.
  472. <CafeBarista> Nova| Replays are better! disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  473. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka: Are there any new maps being developed right now?
  474. <CafeBarista> iikka: speedmapping is fun, I like contests with limits like that
  475. <CafeBarista> iikka: I once made a quake level with 100 brushes
  476. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: you should have joined that then :p
  477. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: You should try one sometime Iikka, and beat us to the ground
  478. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: now THAT'S an idea for the summer
  479. <CafeBarista> Seba: you should participate in the next 72 hour contest Iikka
  480. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: 100 brush tf2 map
  481. <CafeBarista> Zhan: iron mapper with valve mappers?
  482. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: If you are bored, and have nothing else to do with your life, you should check out TF2Maps.net recent contest.
  483. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: OR, make Iikka the judge!
  484. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: iron mapper VERSUS valve mappers
  485. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oh god
  486. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: we'd kick their butt
  487. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: OKAY THEN
  488. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Are there any maps in development right now, Iikka
  489. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Oh god
  490. <CafeBarista> iikka: I don't work on maps in my spare time these days
  491. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Stick em on TRAINGRID
  492. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Lets see who's boss
  493. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Erich: be_ballwater
  494. <CafeBarista> Seba: Iikka can you have Valve make me a move_nope entity
  495. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: lol
  496. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: lol
  497. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  498. <CafeBarista> Seba: it would be like move_rope but just not move
  499. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: nominate
  500. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: do you know why we need keyframe_ropes AND move_ropes and just not 1 entity?
  501. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: nice
  502. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: i win
  503. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: just me
  504. <CafeBarista> iikka: move_rope starts the rope and keyframes add to it
  505. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: @iikka, whats your favorite Color
  506. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: answer in the form of a TF paint
  507. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka, I'll be sure to send you, Driller, and Dario an email when we host our next 72 contest :D
  508. <CafeBarista> SoreBean disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  509. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: I might hold a iron detailer comp :/
  510. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: soonish
  511. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: got whalerace on this server?
  512. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: sorry guys, I have to go, will probably be back soon
  513. <CafeBarista> Zhan disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  514. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: what's your favourite control point that you've made?
  515. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: hydrodish obv
  516. <CafeBarista> Erich: what kind of maps have you never finished?
  517. <CafeBarista> iikka: favorite control point... I kind of like badlands middle
  518. <CafeBarista> Rikka: what you allow me to consider you a father figure?
  519. <CafeBarista> Rikka: would.   jerk
  520. <CafeBarista> iikka: do I have to pay child support?
  521. <CafeBarista> Rikka: no
  522. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: in keys
  523. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: What do you do, when your not working on Valve related thing? Hoppies or anything?
  524. <CafeBarista> Rikka: you have to pretend to like my grandchildren, though
  525. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: hobbies*
  526. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Yeah, that's a good question
  527. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: hoppies, yeah
  528. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: About the payload explosion
  529. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Did you run out of time making a good one or?
  530. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: i bet css goes f2p next
  531. <CafeBarista> iikka: sometimes I do art or make something out of wood
  532. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: woodwork is fun
  533. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: so i can be on top again
  534. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat connected.
  535. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: why is there nothing in this maps pit?
  536. <CafeBarista> iikka: done a lot of home improvement lately
  537. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Good at it?
  538. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: I wish there was more combat on this part of the map where the cart is now
  539. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: Iikka ia map building IN REAL LIFE
  540. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: his house is brush based
  541. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: isn't some german guy making de_dust2 in real life?
  542. <CafeBarista> Fubar connected.
  543. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  544. <CafeBarista> iikka: the pit's empty because a good pit is its own reward
  545. <CafeBarista> Rikka: i'm gonna assume you agreed
  546. <CafeBarista> Ritz connected.
  547. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: How does Valve/Tfteam find community maps that go official?
  548. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Dark [Tf2m]: nextmap
  549. <CafeBarista> Rikka changed name to rikka
  550. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: nominate
  551. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Do people just send them in, or do you look around forums?
  552. <CafeBarista> iikka: we tend to just play a bunch of them
  553. <CafeBarista> ShinyMew disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  554. <CafeBarista> iikka: both
  555. <CafeBarista> Seba: rikka, add an i to your name
  556. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Ah
  557. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: have you played finalway_boss?
  558. <CafeBarista> iikka: no
  559. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: lol
  560. <CafeBarista> Fubar: don't
  561. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: never do it
  562. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: No
  563. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: arena_hardhat? :P
  564. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: is playing community maps just part of the work day?
  565. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: !nominate finalway_boss
  566. <Ardy> what are the chances of pl_rainbowride going official
  567. <CafeBarista> rikka changed name to riikka
  568. <CafeBarista> iikka: yeah, about once a week somebody starts a playtest with a few community maps
  569. <CafeBarista> Seba: oh that's cool
  570. <CafeBarista> Seba: do you only consider fully detailed, beta maps?
  571. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: have you played some of 72h maps?
  572. <CafeBarista> iikka: I haven't
  573. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: SUPER SECRET GABE'S FRIDGE CLEARANCE
  574. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: how many people are still on the tf2 team?
  575. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Now I feel bad
  576. <CafeBarista> iikka: well, I haven't been involved in tf2 very much so I don't know what's been on the server lately
  577. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: did you work on half-life 2?
  578. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Bummer. I'd love to know what you guys play.
  579. <Ardy> iika when is dota 2 coming out?
  580. <Ardy> *iikka
  581. <CafeBarista> iikka: can't say
  582. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: are the maps for DOTA 2 still made with hammer?
  583. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: will it have a lot of hats?
  584. <Ardy> will I be able to make gimmick pudge hook maps?
  585. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Why do no valve emplyees own microphones? I have played with you, Dario, Robin and Dave Riller and none of them spoke over mic!
  586. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: there's a video on youtube of robin using a mic
  587. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: ffff my replay download errored
  588. <CafeBarista> iikka: actually some of us play with a mic here
  589. <CafeBarista> iikka: I'm just lazy
  590. <CafeBarista> Seba: lol
  591. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  592. <CafeBarista> iikka: two years
  593. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat: how much does she weight
  594. <CafeBarista> Seba: waht is your mother's maiden name
  595. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat: *weigh
  596. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: are you iikka?
  597. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  598. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: \
  599. <Ardy> can you say how big the dota2 team is right now iikka?
  600. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: Just icefrog
  601. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Or at least compare DOTA2 team to TF2 team - which is large and by how much
  602. <CafeBarista> Zhan connected.
  603. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: what do you think about the effect of multiple heavy-medic pairs on tf2 dynamic?
  604. <CafeBarista> iikka: my havorite color? not sure, depends on where I'm putting it
  605. <CafeBarista> Seba: is it aquamarine
  606. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fubar: hat color?
  607. <CafeBarista> iikka: haha
  608. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat: for window treatments
  609. <CafeBarista> weapon_penguin: Are you and Dario good buddies?
  610. <CafeBarista> iikka: just got some grey curtains that I like
  611. <CafeBarista> riikka: i just ate an amazing cheeseburger.   do you wish you had that cheeseburger instead of me?
  612. <CafeBarista> Seba: lmao
  613. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: that's where I got the curtains
  614. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :D
  615. <CafeBarista> Snap disconnected (No Steam logon).
  616. <CafeBarista> iikka: I considered making a fake sign to use in TF2 that would say "IIKKA furniture store"
  617. <CafeBarista> Seba: lmao
  618. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: YES
  619. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: YOU NEED TO
  620. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: furniture store theme
  621. <CafeBarista> Seba: can I do that
  622. <CafeBarista> Seba: I want to do that
  623. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Do it, so badly
  624. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Whoever does it, does their map become official?
  625. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat: can I be Kanes
  626. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: WHAT?
  627. <CafeBarista> dr. chicken ·ƒ· connected.
  628. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: nucleus?
  629. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Erich: nextmap
  630. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  631. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to koth_nucleus --
  632. <CafeBarista> Zhan: ardy
  633. <Ardy> hi
  634. <CafeBarista> [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes connected.
  635. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Okay so, what was the inspiration for THIS map, Iikka?
  636. <CafeBarista> Zhan: oh okay
  637. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: who hosts the cafe ardy?
  638. <Ardy> nfo
  639. <CafeBarista> Fubar: what is this I don't even
  640. <CafeBarista> Erich: rainbowriiiiiiiiiide
  641. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: I thought arena was the real version of this?
  642. <Ardy> arena is the better nucleus
  643. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* riikka: ^
  644. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: false
  645. <CafeBarista> Zhan: koth is far superior
  646. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: whats the better version of this map iikka?
  647. <CafeBarista> Seba: iikka, would you convince Robin to buy a theme pack based on a furniture store called IIKKA
  648. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: what was the quickest it took you to make a tf2 map?
  649. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: sorry, I was on the phone for a few minutes there
  650. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: nominate
  651. <CafeBarista> iikka: traveling is fun
  652. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Do you enjoying traveling? or are you a stay at home kinda of person?
  653. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: nvm.
  654. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Which of your five maps took you the least amount of time to make, Iikka
  655. <CafeBarista> iikka: going to finland and then france later this summer
  656. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: will you trade the reserve shooter for a summer crate?
  657. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Nice
  658. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: Iikka do you know Tess Rinearson?
  659. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fubar: fuuu
  660. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: hah
  661. <CafeBarista> iikka: I don't know who that is
  662. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: does valve just have a bunch of spare mod modelers? If not why are there so many hats?
  663. <CafeBarista> AuraFox connected.
  664. <CafeBarista> Zhan: she's a friend of mine who works for Valve
  665. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: the ultimate question: favourite hat?
  666. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: :(
  667. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: I have the most hats of anybody here
  668. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Which of your five maps took the least amount of time to make, Iikka.  and how long?
  669. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: You have all of them, plus some only known to gabe?
  670. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: errr, robin.
  671. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* iikka: nucleus was the fastest
  672. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: how many unfinished tf2 maps do you have?
  673. <CafeBarista> iikka: it took less than a month initially, maybe three weeks.. but then slower process of testing and improving
  674. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: how do the diplacements in this map work? I never understood the process
  675. <CafeBarista> AuraFox disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  676. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Yeah how did you manage the curves
  677. <CafeBarista> Bocian connected.
  678. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: just subdivide?
  679. <CafeBarista> Seba: disps
  680. <CafeBarista> iikka: it's pretty fidgety
  681. <CafeBarista> iikka: subdivide isn't good enough
  682. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: yeah i know, i tried :/
  683. <CafeBarista> [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes: steel is a circle
  684. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: does it involve tweaking displacements vertex by vertex?
  685. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Man it's almost 2am
  686. <CafeBarista> iikka: you can make a template out of brushes with the arc tool
  687. <CafeBarista> iikka: then carefully match the displacement to it
  688. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: ooo
  689. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: ooooo wow
  690. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: never thought of that
  691. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* riikka: i have no idea what any of that meant
  692. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: how did you make the hydro dish?
  693. <CafeBarista> dr. chicken ·ƒ·: ha
  694. <CafeBarista> iikka: hydro dish - with great skill and patience
  695. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :D
  696. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: you can do it easily if you keep disp on grid and the set the exact vertex offset in geometry painting
  697. <CafeBarista> riikka: i hate mapper language
  698. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: like my castle towers are displacements exactly matched to geometry
  699. <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry, which tool?
  700. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fubar: it's not evil
  701. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Carve
  702. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: carve
  703. <CafeBarista> iikka: carve
  704. <CafeBarista> iikka: oh
  705. <CafeBarista> iikka: it's a trap
  706. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: hahaha
  707. <CafeBarista> riikka: have you seen the video of the kid making his map wiht carving
  708. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oh god not that map
  709. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: there's a video on youtube of some guy carving a sphere into a box to make terrain
  710. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: nonononono
  711. <CafeBarista> iikka: I think the carve tool has been there since prehistory of man
  712. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* dr. chicken ·ƒ·: isn't that how half-life 1 was made?
  713. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: It was used to kill Mammoths in the stone age
  714. <CafeBarista> dr. chicken ·ƒ·: carving
  715. <CafeBarista> Moos: So it has enough sentimental value that you can't remove it?
  716. <CafeBarista> iikka: and nobody ever uses it, so they don't know it exists
  717. <CafeBarista> iikka: so it won't be removed
  718. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: lol
  719. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Yes please
  720. <CafeBarista> dr. chicken ·ƒ·: i heard that there wouldn't be an upgrade
  721. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Also include that 'Make Map' button that you guys have
  722. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: when can i stop crashing when looking for a texture?
  723. <CafeBarista> iikka: don't know at all
  724. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: when is hammer getting a "make a map" button
  725. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: isnt vdc a wiki
  726. <CafeBarista> iikka: I have to leave in about 15 minutes.. did you want to play doublecross?
  727. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: what are your thoughts on random map generation? (if you have any)
  728. <CafeBarista> riikka: ARDY
  729. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: DOUBLECROSS TIME
  730. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: ARDDDD
  731. <Ardy> hi
  732. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: E
  733. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Doublecross!
  734. <CafeBarista> riikka: SWITCH TO DOUBLECROSS RIGHT NOW
  735. <Ardy> !rcon sm_map ctf_doublecross
  736. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: XX now
  737. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  738. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to ctf_doublecross --
  739. <Ardy> server is still full
  740. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Best CTF map in TF2, methinks
  741. <CafeBarista> Fubar disconnected (No Steam logon).
  742. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: i really love this map
  743. <CafeBarista> AuraFox connected.
  744. <Ardy> I agree
  745. <CafeBarista> Moos: iikka what is your favorite snack
  746. <CafeBarista> Dark [Tf2m]: iikka, why don't you have any valve weps?
  747. <CafeBarista> Bocian: hai Aura
  748. <CafeBarista> dr. chicken ·ƒ·: :P
  749. <CafeBarista> iikka: I rarely play on public steam
  750. <CafeBarista> Snacks disconnected (No Steam logon).
  751. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Because no-one needs a sniper rifle more OP'd already?
  752. <CafeBarista> func_door connected.
  753. <CafeBarista> iikka: we do our inhouse tests on a closed system
  754. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: Feel free to invite some TF2Map players to those tests.
  755. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TheHarriboKid: how come we saw barnblitz on a public server?
  756. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: *cough*
  757. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Littleedge: :P
  758. <CafeBarista> Ritalin Rat disconnected (No Steam logon).
  759. <CafeBarista> Fubar connected.
  760. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: why does this map has those rather unaesthetic diagonal roofs cutting into wall at a diagonal angle :@
  761. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: How many playtesters do you have on average for each game test team, Iikka?
  762. <CafeBarista> [DADT] Pvt. Twinkletoes: this map was better when it had 3 moons
  763. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: didn't this displacement in the middle used to be a different texture?
  764. <Ardy> I agree bring back 3 moons
  765. <CafeBarista> iikka: sorry, phone again
  766. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Kira: !revote
  767. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Jake | Recording! :  How many playtesters do you have on average for each game test team, Iikka?[
  768. <CafeBarista> Seba: are you discussing secret Gaben-level clearance stuff
  769. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Oh noes
  770. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Iikka, you should invite TF2Maps.net regulars to your closed tests. Yep.  Good idea.
  771. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: like me
  772. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Moos: and me
  773. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Seba: make it not TPG
  774. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: TF2maps regulars should be regulars at the closed tests
  775. <CafeBarista> func_door: im here now
  776. <CafeBarista> func_door: guys stop talking about getting into closed tests
  777. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: well
  778. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* dr. chicken ·ƒ·: funcy ardoor?
  779. <CafeBarista> iikka: it's like a different instance of steam, it's not connected to the public
  780. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Do you ever NOT finish a map? Something you don't feel good about and therefore quit working on?
  781. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* AuraFox: nope
  782. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: I agree
  783. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: THIS is a closed...not really a test but still
  784. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* func_door: rainbowride next official map
  785. <CafeBarista> iikka: yeah I have had several maps that I never finished
  786. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: iikka almost said it but the map changed  :p
  787. <CafeBarista> func_door: nfo
  788. <CafeBarista> func_door: yes
  789. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: :o
  790. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: we will never know the fate of rainbowride
  791. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: are there a lot of unfinished tf2 maps/
  792. <CafeBarista> func_door: we have the third tier version
  793. <CafeBarista> func_door: becaues we like throwing money at tf2
  794. <CafeBarista> Zhan: iikka do you enjoy skiing?
  795. <CafeBarista> func_door: also replays eat up resources like a hog
  796. <CafeBarista> iikka: I used to ski when I was little and lived in finland
  797. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: iikka, how much do you deadlift?
  798. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* AuraFox: nominate
  799. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Zhan: nordic skiing, then?
  800. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: My kid is gonna be called badlandsspire.mdl
  801. <CafeBarista> iikka: downhill skiing, much easier to go up the hill in a lift
  802. <CafeBarista> Moos: rofl
  803. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Dark [Tf2m]: lol
  804. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* AuraFox: beiber tower for next official map
  805. <CafeBarista> AuraFox: beibertower was used in ETF2L tournament finals
  806. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: image rights
  807. <CafeBarista> PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: Do you come up with the layouts as well as detail them?
  808. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: rainbowride cant be discussed just like cs2 and dota2 :D
  809. <CafeBarista> iikka: varies from map to map
  810. <CafeBarista> Kira: blasphemy
  811. <CafeBarista> Fr0z3n: Do you do your own custom assets, or just make a list and other people make them for you?
  812. <CafeBarista> iikka: nucleus was almost all my effort, others like badlands had more people working on them
  813. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: some of your own custom**
  814. <CafeBarista> Kira disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  815. <CafeBarista> Terwonick connected.
  816. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: do you use propper? :D
  817. <CafeBarista> Moos: Is ball escort going to be an official gamemode
  818. <CafeBarista> Seba: waht did other people do on badlands?
  819. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: I'm a heavy that just capped the flag
  820. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: Come on BLU
  821. <CafeBarista> Terwonick: finally
  822. <CafeBarista> Zhan: cp_slush money
  823. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* TheHarriboKid: we should
  824. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: Iikka, ask Robin to make a Hydro Disk hat
  825. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: *dish
  826. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* weapon_penguin: When is this map getting 7 moons again
  827. <CafeBarista> iikka: when I'm working on a map here it makes sense to have other team members building models
  828. <CafeBarista> iikka: so it all gets done in parallel
  829. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Bocian: :O
  830. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* PlipPlop the Last Ploo Ploo: hydrothunder
  831. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Makes sense.
  832. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Have you guys ever produced custom assets for maps and then never released the map?
  833. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: NOOOOOOO
  834. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Jake | Recording!: DAMN
  835. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: And if so, have you thought about releasing those assets
  836. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Fr0z3n: Or the assets.
  837. <CafeBarista> func_door: iikka how is your name pronouned
  838. <CafeBarista> iikka: yeah sometimes there are assets that go unused
  839. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* dr. chicken ·ƒ·: i_i
  840. <CafeBarista> Seba disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
  841. <CafeBarista> Dook N Cover! connected.
  842. <CafeBarista> AuraFox: NEXTMAP
  843. <CafeBarista> *DEAD* Randdalf: nextmap
  844. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changing --
  845. <CafeBarista> -- Map Changed to pl_barnblitz --
  846. <CafeBarista> iikka: anyway, I have to go... have a good weekend everyone!
  847. <CafeBarista> Randdalf: thanks for coming
  848. <CafeBarista> Jake | Recording!: See ya Iikka!
  849. <CafeBarista> TF2maps.net^])72]v[^SquadSapper: BYE
  850. <CafeBarista> TheHarriboKid: bye
  851. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: Have a good Anniversary weekend!
  852. <CafeBarista> Littleedge: And thanks for coming
  853. <CafeBarista> iikka: no problem :)  I had fun
  854. <CafeBarista> riikka: thank ye, good sir
  855. <CafeBarista> iikka disconnected (Disconnect by user.).
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