Diplomacy 7

Jun 19th, 2017
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  1. >"Hold him down. Hold him down, dammit!"
  2. >Be Twilight
  3. >Be having a very, very, VERY bad day
  4. >Oh, it HAD been going swimmingly for a good deal of it
  5. >The humans had been answering your questions, and asking some of their own
  6. >You had been chipping away at the wall of distrust that most had around themselves
  7. >If the day would have been uneventful you might have even left on friendly terms with more than a few of them
  12. >While you considered yourself a mare that didn't lose her composure when things when to horse apples, watching the lord of a kingdom you were trying to build diplomatic ties with get IMPALED by a chunk of wood caught you more than a little off guard
  13. >You had freaked out
  14. >Badly
  15. >"Get those belts on his arms and legs. Hythia, if he breaks this chair hold onto him tight. I don't want him biting any of us."
  16. >Standing beside you was Princess Celestia
  17. >Just like you, the princess looked like she was doing everything in her power to keep herself composed
  18. >She couldn't stand still, and there was a worry unlike any that you had ever seen on her face
  19. >There was also anger
  20. >Anger that somepony dare attack a guest of Canterlot Castle; and a stallion no less
  21. >Anger that somepony was trying to ruin what you were all trying to build
  22. >But the anger in her eyes was a drop of water in an ocean compared to lord Aegis
  23. >"Cunting, pissing, pig-fucking, sodding CUNTS!"
  24. >At that moment, the lord was sitting in a very large, sturdy looking chair
  25. >All around him were his knights, every northerner that he had brought with him in fact
  26. >They were watching him closely, some holding him against the chair as others used thick leather belts to tie his arms and legs down
  29. >The crossbow bolt was still in the lord’s shoulder
  30. >His wound was still leaking blood, continuing to soak his already blood-soaked tunic and pants
  31. >The lord himself looked pale, a thin sheen of sweat coating his entire body
  32. >You might not have been a doctor by any stretch of the imagination, but you didn't need to be one to tell that he had lost a lot of blood
  33. >It was bad enough that somepony his age getting a wound like that, but running through the streets for nearly two hours trying to catch his attacker no doubt made his condition all the worse
  34. >In fact, you were really surprised that he was still conscious
  35. >Surprised and very, very scared; more for his wellbeing than anything
  36. >Both you, Princess Celestia, and every doctor that you had on the staff had insisted that he get proper treatment, but the lord’s knights had refused
  37. >As weak and pale and shaky as the lord looked, he was at his most dangerous now, you were told
  38. >Apparently, if a northerner was exposed to enough physical trauma, they could go into a state of extreme aggression
  39. >They'd become almost animalistic, so much so that they couldn't be reasoned with or stopped unless extreme force was used
  40. >And while he looked as weak as you every seen him, there was a red tint to lord Aegis's eyes, and his teeth her drawn back into a snarl like some kind of angry bear
  41. >He wasn't quite in a berserk state, but if they weren't careful he'd most certainly lose it
  42. >The other northerners, being experts and dealing with these situations, were the ideal people handle their lord
  43. >They SHOULD be able to keep him from losing it, as long as everything went well
  44. >THEN you could come in and heal him
  45. >So, powerless to help the aging stallion, all you could do was watch as the other northerners readied themselves , both you and Princess Celestia sick to your stomachs
  46. >Standing beside you was a southerner knight that went by the name of Ser Thomas
  47. >Standing beside him was young Anon
  50. >While you didn't agree AT ALL with having such a young colt in the room, the other knights had insisted on it
  51. >In fact, as you all stood there, Ser Thomas as giving the colt a lecture
  52. >"Remember boy, if you ever see one of these big bastards with red eyes you stay still. When the northerners get like this they're like rabid wolves, the second something runs or moves they'll chase it, be it a rabbit or a man."
  53. >"Yes, my lord," Anon said, watching as the northerners grabbed lord Aegis's arms, legs, head, and shoulders
  54. >”And if one of ‘em runs at you anyways climb up a tree. I’ve seen these bastards rip arms and legs off but I’ve never seen ‘em leg it up a pine or oak.”
  55. “Yes, my lord.”
  56. >Each of the stallions were large, strapping specimens, and most of them were younger than the lord by a great deal, but even so you could see them struggling
  57. >Every time lord Aegis jerked an arm the northerner holding it would nearly lose his feet, and every time he tried to kick out the northerners holding his legs would have to hold on with all of their might
  58. >The knight behind lord Aegis, who was holding a wooden club to knock the lord out if he lost it and broke free, readied himself
  59. >"Damned pisshead... I'm going to go out there and find that blighted assassin and TEAR THEIR FUCKING HEAD OFF!" lord Aegis roared, thrashing in his seat. "Let me up lads! LET ME UP!"
  60. >His knights ignored him, holding him all the tighter while two stood before one
  61. >One, a stallion not much older than Anon, pulled out a knife
  62. >Grabbing the steel tipped end of the bolt, he started cutting into it
  63. >Lord Aegis hissed in pain, snarling at the stallion as the other northerner, who looked closer to the lord's age, roughly grabbed him by the face and forced him to look at him
  64. >"Look at me, you cunt," the knight growled. "Look at me and keep your fucking senses.”
  65. >Aegis bared his teeth, his eyes reddening
  66. >Ser Thomas, as well as the other knights not helping in the procedure, took a step back
  67. >"If you see those eyes go completely red, you stay right where you are, lad. These other big bastards should be able to keep our lord from killing all of us."
  68. >Anon nodded, looking on as if he were utterly fascinated with what was happening
  71. >"Yes lord."
  72. >Ser Thomas looked over at you
  73. >"That goes the same for you lasses. If our lord manages to get up just let us handle it."
  74. >Princess Celestia opened her mouth to say something, but stopped at the last moment, instead nodding
  75. >You nodded as well, trying your hardest not to look at all of the blood that was dripping down onto the floor
  76. >The young northerner continued to cut into the wooden shaft of the crossbow bolt until he was almost all the way through
  77. >He then slipped his knife back into his belt and grabbed the sharpened end
  78. >Lord Aegis tried to look over to see what he was doing, only for the older knight to wrench his head back
  79. >"Snap that end quick, boy. The rest of you hold onto the lord nice and tight."
  80. >He slapped lord Aegis's cheek
  81. >"And you. You keep your eyes on me, fucker. There's nothing you need to be worried about over there. Just look at me."
  82. >Lord Aegis growled, his hands curling into fists
  83. >Holding the shaft with one hand, the young knight yanked on the tip of the bolt
  84. >A snap filled the air as it was broken off, which was immediately followed by a yell
  85. >"MOTHER CUNT!"
  86. >The older knight slapped lord Aegis again, harder this time, then again
  87. >"Now pull the bolt out, boy. Be quick about it."
  88. >You could feel yourself tensing as you closed your eyes
  89. >You were going to be sick...
  90. >The young knight reached out and grabbed the bolt shaft
  91. >Without warning, he pulled it out of lord Aegis's shoulder
  93. >Bellowing like a hydra, the lord thrashed and jerked as hard as he could
  97. >The leather belts holding his arms and legs grew taunt
  98. >The knights holding him held on for dear life, and the chair he was sitting on groaned in protest
  99. >You simply tensed, pressing yourself against Princess Celestia, who was quick to wrap a protective wing around you
  100. >Pleasebeokaypleasebeokaypleasebeokaypleasebeokay...
  101. >After nearly an agonizing minute of screaming, yelling, and thrashing, lord Aegis slumped into his chair
  102. >The redness had left his eyes, as had the fierceness and rage
  103. >He just looked like a tired, old, sweaty, pale, panting stallion
  104. >With a sigh, the older knight took a step back
  105. >"He's alright at the moment, lads," he said. "You can let him go."
  106. >The knights holding lord Aegis quickly released him, standing up
  107. >As they did that, Princess Celestia took a step forward
  108. >The tip of her horn glowed, and with a spell she sealed the gaping wound in the old lord’s shoulder
  109. >Lord Aegis didn't seem to notice this, however, his eyes closed as he tried to catch his breath
  110. >"There you go, my lord," the older knight said, giving lord Aegis a pat on the shoulder. "You're all fixed up. Now you just need a bit o' food and drink in you and you'll be as right as--"
  111. >"Minotaurs," lord Aegis interrupted. "It was... the fucking minotaurs."
  112. >The knights looked at each other
  113. >"My lord?"
  114. >Slowly, lord Aegis lifted his head and opened his eyes
  115. >They were half-lidded and hazy you noticed, no doubt the result of all the blood that he lost
  116. >"That damned... Taur empress tried to kill me... to avenge her damn... mother," he growled
  119. >"It was not, my lord," the older knight said. "That's a gryphon bolt if I've ever seen it, though I'd bet my sword the thing was fired from a pony crossbow, since the thing barely went through you."
  120. >Lord Aegis didn't seem to hear him, staring at nothing
  121. >"I'm going to... find that fucking... assassin," he said, attempting to rise out of his seat, only for his restraints to stop him. "I'll find them... and tear their god damned arms off. And... and then I'm going to..."
  122. >Ser Thomas leaned over toward you and Princess Celestia
  123. >"This is nothing to worry about, your highnesses," he said. "My lord’s just a bit woozy from the blood loss is all. Made him a bit senseless as it were. He'll be as right as rain in a day or two."
  124. >Gathering up your courage, you managed to pick your head up and look at the lord Aegis
  125. >Though the old stallion looked a little worse for wear, at least he didn't have a crossbow bolt in him anymore
  126. >And now that he did you and the other princesses could do everything in your power to make sure that he fully recovered, as well as find his would-be assassin
  127. >At the moment, you had nearly every guard in the city combing the streets
  128. >There would be nowhere for the criminal to go
  129. >You'd find her and she'd face justice
  130. >You'd make sure of it...
  131. >"Ser, if there's anything that you need, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask," Princess Celestia said, bowing her head. "We'll do everything in our power to get it for you."
  132. >The knight inclined his head as lord Aegis continued to mumble threats and curses
  133. >"We will, your highness."
  134. >"And, if its alright with you, I'd like to have a few ponies come in and check up on your lord, as well as have a few guards posted outside your doors. Whoever this assassin is they may have friends."
  135. >Though Ser Thomas looked a bit hesitant at that, he nodded all the same
  136. >"That's fine, your highness, but you may want to wait an hour or so until my lord gets his sense back. We don't want him getting excited."
  139. >There was a knock on the door
  140. >Everypony in the room tensed, the knights reaching for their blades
  141. >"Your highness, it's me, Raven," a pony called from the other side of the door
  142. >A sigh of relief escaped you
  143. >It was just the princess's assistant...
  144. >Thank goodness...
  145. >You could see Celestia relax somewhat as well
  146. >"Did something happen, Raven?" she asked. "Did they find our would-be assassin?"
  147. >"Not yet, your grace," Raven replied, a bit of nervousness creeping into her voice. "An unexpected guest has made her way into the castle, and I thought it wise to come and immediately tell you."
  148. >Guest?
  149. >You didn't remember anypony other than lord Aegis and his knights being scheduled to visit...
  150. >From the look on Princess Celestia's face, you could tell that she was thinking the same thing
  151. >Still though, she kept her composure
  152. >"And who would our uninvited guest be, if I may ask?"
  153. >There was a pause on the other side of the door
  154. >"Well... it's the minotaur empress."
  155. >You tensed
  156. >Princess Celestia tensed
  157. >The knights all around you tensed
  158. >Oh no...
  159. >Lord Aegis slowly lifted his head
  160. >The exhaustion had left his face, and he seemed to grow three sizes in his chair
  161. >His eyes had not only regained focus, but their red tint as well
  162. >"Empress?" he growled.
  163. >He pushed against his restraints
  164. >The leather belts grew taunt
  165. >With a yank, the belt holding his left arm snapped
  168. >The lord's eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth as you all stood there, frozen
  169. >"That cow's dead."
  171. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  173. >Be Helga
  174. >First of her name, ruler of Labyrinthia, and rock of the empire
  175. >"Please, your grace, if you would just follow me back--"
  176. >You looked down at the stallion desperately trotting after you and your bodyguard
  177. >He was okay looking, for a pony at least
  178. >If you weren't a heifer on a mission you might have taken a moment or two to flirt with him
  179. >But not today
  180. >You had someone to meet
  181. >Someone who had somehow managed to enter your lands with a hundred knights right under your snout
  182. >He was the bane of the taurs
  183. >The one that slew your mother with a swing of his club
  184. >The lord-commander of a very powerful order of knights
  185. >Lord Aegis
  186. >Also known as the coolest bull this side of anywhere
  187. >For most of your life you had been trying to meet this big human
  188. >Time and again you had asked Drfual to send your regards, invitations, chocolates, anything you could think of
  189. >But no matter what you did, the old bull snuffed you
  190. >Not that you could blame him
  191. >He was probably busy being the coolest sonovabitch in the whole world, so he didn't have time for a little ol' taur like you
  192. >But you just wanted to sit down and talk with him ONCE
  193. >You wanted to meet the bull that managed to not only best ol' mom in battle, but half of the old taur nobility with nothing but an old club
  194. "Don't you worry your pretty little head, cutiepie. There's no need to give us any fanfare," you said, giving the colt a quick pat on the head.
  197. >"I-It's not that, your grace," the stallion said, running a hoof through his now mussy mane. "There's been a incident, and the castle is on lo--"
  198. "It'll be fine," you interrupted with a dismissive wave of the hand. "Just let me talk to Celestia and I'm sure I can smooth everything over."
  199. >Sure, ol' sunbutt may be a bit grumpy that you just up and showed up without a word of warning, but you were sure she'd be fine with you staying for a day or two
  200. >You'd even give her a better deal on a trade agreement or two to keep her grumbling
  201. >And then you'd get to meet him
  202. >You'd get to see him in the flesh, in all of his glory
  203. >Ohhhhh!
  204. >Youweresoexcited!
  205. >You nearly skipped down the hallway, a great big smile on your face
  206. >While you had no idea where the heck Celestia would be in this castle of hers, you were positive that she'd appear at any moment
  207. >You looked over at your advisor
  208. "Do you have that triple chocolate cake ready, Helena?"
  209. >"Yes ma'am," the taur answered, showing you the absolutely MASSIVE cake in her hands
  210. "Good," you said with a nod. "That should put a smile on the princess's face when she sees us."
  211. >The stallion following you let out a frustrated squeak
  212. >"Your highness, I simply MUST insist that you come with me," he said with a stomp of his widdle hoof. "The princess is busy at the moment and she can't--"
  213. >"MINOTAUR!"
  214. >You and your bodyguard jumped
  215. >Looking down the hallway, you saw someone making their way toward you
  216. >It was a giant of a human, an old northerner by the look of him, his left side covered in blood
  217. >While seeing ANYONE covered in blood might have given you pause, or at least made you concerned about an injured male, you barely noticed it, instead looking into the human's face
  218. >Was...
  222. >Was that him?!
  223. >You thought of all of the descriptions that you had collected of lord Aegis over the years
  224. >Giant of a human... aging... with a small scar under his left eye...
  225. >...
  226. >You think it was him...
  227. >A low, excited sound escaped you
  228. >Ohmygosh!
  229. >It was him!
  230. >It was him and he was COMING RIGHT TOWARDS YOU!
  231. >You stopped in the middle of the hallway, your eyes wide
  232. >"MINOTAUR!" the lord roared again, his hands curling into fists
  233. >You could hear your heart pounding in your chest
  234. >You could feel your knees getting weak, and a wave of nausea swept through you, but you did your best to ignore it
  235. >Alright girl...
  236. >Don't screw this up...
  237. >First impressions are everything..
  238. >You had been waiting for this moment since you were a teenager….
  239. >You needed to show this bull you were a big, strong, super cool heifer
  240. >You looked down at your tits, making sure to smoosh them between your arms
  241. >Good, good...
  242. >An old bull like him probably didn't care about big old boobs anymore, but it'd really be nice if he snuck a peek at your rack
  243. >Not for long...
  244. >Just a second or two would be REALLY nice...
  245. >Running a hand through your hair and straightening your tunic, you cleared your throat, smiled, and stood to your full height
  246. "Hello there, sir, my name is Empress Helga Hienifer, ruler of Labr--urk!"
  247. >Somehow, the human managed to close the distance between the two of you without you noticing
  248. >Slipping between your guards, he let out an animalistic growl, and before you could so much as spit, grabbed you by the throat
  249. >"FUCKING TAURS!" he snapped lifting you bodily into the air
  250. >OhsweetCelestiaabove!
  253. >The coolest bull in the world was TOUCHING YOU!
  254. >His hands were so ROUGH!
  255. >And he was STRONG!
  256. >Thiswassofuckingcool!
  257. >...
  258. >Wait...
  259. >He was strangling you...
  260. "Urkshksl!"
  261. >You kicked and struggled as your bodyguards and advisor let out a shout
  262. >Some of tried to reach out and grab the bull, but were beaten back with fist, foot, and teeth
  263. >As he did this, he shook you back and forth like some sort of rag doll, roaring like an angry dragon
  264. >Down the hall, you could see a very panicked Princess Celestia racing toward you
  265. >Behind her was her old student, along with about fifty knights, who looked just as freaked out as the white alicorn did
  266. >"Lord Aegis!"
  267. >"My lord!"
  268. >"Put her down!"
  269. >Your eyes widened as the giant human's grip on your neck tightened
  270. >You weren't a weak taur by any means, and just like your mom you had a pretty thick, muscled neck
  271. >It was this thick neck that was probably keeping your windpipe from being crushed
  272. >As you struggled, kicking and gurgling and trying to wrench yourself out of the human's iron grip, you wondered if maybe it would have been a better idea to send a letter first
  273. >...
  274. >Nah...
  275. >This was AWESOME...
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