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  1. >Big McIntosh marenaps Rarity, keeping him in his basement and forcing her to have his foals.
  3. Rarity wakes up, her mind a bit foggy as to what happened last night. Where is she? All she remembers is being invited to Sweet Apple Acres for a small celebration. Everything else gets a bit murky from the moment BigMac complimented her dress and offered some "special Cider".
  4. She looks around, but can't really make out where she is. There are no windows in this room and she sees some random barrels here and there, a faint smell of apples in the air - she must be in some kind of storage basement.
  5. Finding out where she is immediately becomes her second concern as she realizes that she can't really move. Looking at herself she can feel her tears well up in her eyes for a bit - her beautiful dress was not only torn to shreds, but replaced by some rough harness that appeared to be far more suited for a farm animal. Her legs are affixed to spreader bars, making it impossible to walk and with her tail being affixed to her side, everypony who would walk into this scene could have a free view of her most private parts.
  6. Rarity feels panic and fear rising up in her. Who did this to her? Who would dare to take a lady and put in her into such an embarrassing situation? She would have shouted for help if it wasn't for the gag in her mouth. Well, not really a gag, more like a ring of sorts, oddly enough tasting slightly sweet and of apples.
  7. She has to get out of here! First, her restrictions. Rarity starts to focus on the lock on the front spreader bars (seriously, who would put her in a pose like this? She almost looks like one of her mannequins.), as she feels a sharp pang in her head.
  8. "Ah wouldn't try to do that." she hears a familliar voice say behind her. Is that..?
  9. She turns her head around as far as possible and sees him: Big Macintosh, big brother of AppleJack and probably the biggest and strongest stallion in ponyville. She can feel her cheeks blush as she realizes that the angle from where he came into the room gives him plenty of oppurtunity to check out her every detail. He points to the tip of her horn. Rarity can barely see something resting near the top of her horn. A shiny little ring, golden and filled with all kinds of jewels. Had the situation been different, she would admire how finely crafted it is.
  10. Rarity wants to shout "Let me go you ruffian, this is no way to treat a lady!", but because of her gagged mouth all you could hear is a slurred mess of moans and marbled words.
  11. "Shhhhh.." he steps closer to her, too close for her to feel comfortable in the current situation. She couldn't really see him anymore, her bindings allowing her not to see straight behind her, but she could feel his hot breath on her right flank. Rarity wanted to scream, to flee, but all she is able to do is to thrash around in her harness, the shackle on her legs clink-clanking as she starts to panic the moment she can feel his hooves resting on top of her flanks.
  12. "NO! He wouldn't dare to-" she just managed to think before her eyes go wide in sudden shock. He dares.
  13. His hot breath streams up her backside as his tongue goes aggressively to work in her folds. Rarity shakes her head violently. "This isn't happening!", she tries to tell herself, all the while she can feel her blush grow stronger and her breath grow heavier.
  14. Big Mac's attack on her senses continues for a while. He makes sure to reach every spot he can, sometimes even gives her rump a small slap, eliciting a sharp moan from the bound fashionista, followed by a sharp moan.
  15. Soon his efforts start to show results. Rarity begins to tremble in her confines, her arounsed vagina doused in several juices, her winking inviting any stallion to have her way with her. Betrayed by her own body, Rarity sinks her head and closes her eyes, bracing herself for what is coming next.
  16. Big Mac began to align himself with the mare, his already hard member prodding at Rarity's entrance. He pulls her hair with his teeth, forcing her to lift her head.
  17. "Do you know why you're here?" Rarity shakes her head, moaning something that sounds close to "No, please, don't!". Well, with some imagination.
  18. "Ah'm gonna make you the prettiest mare of them all." He begins to girate his hips, causing his erect member to rub along her slit. Rarity can't contain her arousal as a moan escapes her, followed by a short yelp.
  19. "You're gonna be part of the Apple Family soon." With that, he finally thrusts his hips. Rarity almost falls over in her restraints. The sheer impact of BigMac's penis sliding down her wet tunnel is almost too much for her mind to handle. He definitely is the biggest stallion of ponyville!
  20. Rarity tries to focus, to concentrate, only to realize that she is moaning like a filly in her first heat after discovering a vibrator. Only that a vibrator of his size would probably tear a filly apart.
  21. Each of his violent thrust sends a wave of pleasure through her body as the room is filled with wet slapping noises. Each time she can hear BigMac grunt aggressively, his nostrils flaring up and blowing hot air an the back of her head.
  22. "UNF...you will make..UNF...a fine...MMPH..mother!"
  23. "AW BWHAT?" Rarity doesn't have time to be shocked however, as Big Mac pulls over her fronthoof spreader, causing Rarity to fall over, her rump facing up while her face rubbed against the floor. Big Mac's thrusts become even more aggressive, the new angle allowing him to completely hilt himself inside his mare.
  24. As she is laying there in the dirt, getting rutted and moaning like a cheap whorse, Rarity couldn't help bu thinking that this is wrong. She has been foalnapped and is being raped! Yet at the same time she can't stop thinking about Big Mac's mighty tool. She can feel it filling her completely, every thrust of him prodding her innermost places. If this torture goes on any longer she will go crazy!
  25. He suddenly increases his pace, just before pulling almost out. Rarity looks around confusedly. "What is he doig? Is he not-?"
  26. A chuckle escapes him, followed by a "Here comes."
  27. A last mighty thrust comes after. Rarity screams in surpise and lust as she feels his length rushing along her slick, expecting tunnel until he is completely inside. A deep growl comes from Big Mac as he can feel his shaft erupt deep inside Rarity filling her with copius amounts of cum.
  28. Rarity once more thrashes in her restraints as the feeling of Big Mac's hot sperm splurtimg into her finally sends her over the edge. A muffled scream echos through the cellar, a nervewrecking orgasm rendering her a twiching, moaning mess. She rides the wave of bliss for a moment, her mind waits for Big Mac to pull out his softening member out of her, accompanied by a long wet schlick sound before making her realize what just happened.
  29. She can feel tears well up in her eyes.
  30. Big Mac leans down to her, pecking her on the cheek. "Eyup, you sure look good like this. You better get comfortable like this, Ah plan to break the family record."
  31. He walks out, leaving Rarity alone with her thoughts for now.
  32. "Welcome to the Apple Family."
  33. The lights turn off.
  34. In the darkness, somewhere between AppleCider barrels, a soft sobbing can be heard.
  36. END
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