Collarblind (Anon x OC) (Slave x Master fetish)

Jun 26th, 2015
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  1. >You are Slave.
  2. >You had a name - a name befitting a pony - at one point, but you forgot it many, MANY years ago.
  3. >Serving Master for years and Him calling you by your real name made it easy to forget.
  4. >All you wanted to do was obey your Master.
  5. >He would take care of you.
  6. >He would have you do your daily chores while He did all the hard thinking.
  7. >Every night, He would fuck you in a way more befitting a slut than a pony.
  8. >Every night, he would stroke your ever-sensitive horn with his soft, tender hooves and make you feel tingly all over.
  9. >Master was the best, and you, His loving Slave, wanted nothing more than to serve Master.
  10. >Because obeying brought pleasure.
  11. >There was no pleasure greater to you than obedience.
  12. >So you obeyed your Master every day and every night for as long as you could remember.
  13. >That was a year ago.
  14. >Or a month ago.
  15. >Or somewhere in between. Slaves don't tell time that well.
  16. >Presently, you were being detained.
  17. >Each and every day you were visited by ponies of all kinds.
  18. >Ponies with guard armor to try and keep you from running if you made attempt to escape.
  19. >Ponies with medical equipment who would keep you...'healthy', they called it.
  20. >Ponies with clipboards and suits who would tell nasty, horrible lies about Master.
  21. >None of them were Master.
  22. >You hated them, and you hated this place - a Manehattan Psychiatric Ward, they called it.
  23. >It was nothing more than an asylum.
  24. >A place for crazy ponies who had lost their minds.
  25. >You were not crazy. Your obedience to Master was completely justified.
  26. >They just didn't see that.
  27. >You wanted nothing more than to go back to Master, to return to Him and continue serving under His hooves forever.
  28. >But one of the very few 'truths' they told was that Master was gone.
  29. >You nearly had a heard attack when they told you that.
  30. >Without Master you had no place to turn.
  31. >Begrudgingly you served the ward to give them the illusion of 'recovery'.
  32. >Or to give yourself the illusion of servitude.
  33. >Then, one night, you had a dream.
  34. >No, not a dream.
  35. >A message from Master.
  36. >As it turned out, in His absence He had chosen a new Master for you.
  37. >His final wish was for you to serve this new Master like you had served Him for years.
  38. >He granted you a visage of this new Master.
  39. >He was beautiful... Absolutely beautiful.
  40. >You nearly came at the sight of Him.
  41. >You definitely felt shivers through your body.
  42. >But he was a perfect Master nonetheless.
  43. >So you made the decision to escape this horrible, horrible 'psychiatric ward' and track down your new Master...
  46. >Day 'Wild Orgy' in Equestria.
  47. >"Ahnnnnnnn... Nonny~~" squealed Pinkie Pie.
  48. >You are Anon.
  49. >"Ohhh... Nonny-Nonny-Nonny~"
  50. "Ahhhhhhhhhh... P-Pinkie..." you gasp.
  52. >Suddenly, your ever-favorite pony to bug, Starbutt, comes rushing into the room.
  53. >"Are you two having an orgy in here, or what?"
  54. >You blink.
  55. "No, why?"
  56. >"Because it sounds like you are."
  57. >You shake your head, inciting a scowl from Twilight Sparkle.
  58. "I don't know what you're talking about, Starbutt."
  59. >Pinkie giggled. "I'm surprised you even know what an orgy is, Twilight!"
  60. >"W-What?! Of course I know what it is," she hufffed.
  61. >"Suuuuure you do..."
  62. >You snicker. Twilight could be so innocent sometimes.
  63. >"Well if the two of you plan on having a wild orgy right now, GET A ROOM."
  64. >She goes back into the other room, and you give a fistbump to Ponk.
  65. >Operation: ANATSOOTS is a success in progress.
  66. (Annoy 'N Aggravate The Shit Out Of Twilight Sparkle)
  67. >In actuality you're busy skimming through a huge-ass book Twilight found a while ago.
  68. >Apparently it held clues to some sort of 'Ancient Human Tribe' that disappeared long ago.
  69. >She thought it would link your appearance in Equestria to the humans of Ancient Equestria.
  70. >You called bullshit on principle, but the idea was too implanted in Twilight's mind for her to let go.
  71. >So you were working with Pinkie this morning to see if there was any credence to the AHT theory.
  72. >So far, no luck.
  73. >"Ooh! Maybe the human world you lived in IS the AHT Twilight was talking about!"
  74. "Prolly not. I mean, considering there's a shitton of satellites orbiting the Earth back home, you'd think they would still be in the sky right about now."
  75. >"You mean your planet has a lot of really tiny moons?"
  76. "Artificial satellites, not natural. A lot of NATURAL satellites would fuck Earth over completely."
  77. >"Well that makes sense...I mean it'd be super-duper hard for your leaders to coordinate all those moons with magic."
  78. >What.
  79. "First of all, we don't have-"
  80. >"Oh! Maybe you can get Twilight to get those satellites in order. I mean, she already knows how, so-"
  81. >You rub your temples.
  82. "Pinkie. First of all, we don't have magic so controlling satellites by magic is impossible. Second, we technically already have a system, we call it NASA."
  83. >"Nasa? Is that an ancient relic?"
  84. "If by ancient relic you mean government controlled space program with a lot of scientists coordinating space shuttle launches and satellite orbits, then I guess NASA is pretty ancient. By about 57 years."
  85. >You sigh.
  86. "Point is, Earth is probably completely different than Equestria in that regard."
  87. >You skim through the book again. Something feels off, however...
  88. >Almost as if this 'off feeling' will dictate the very near future and will be very awkward and erotic for everyone involved.
  89. >, it's probably nothing.
  90. >As you flip through a random page, you realize what this 'off feeling' might be.
  91. "Oh shit."
  92. >"What?"
  93. "I think I have something ancient by Earth standards on my table. Some artifact or something, I dunno what you call it. Maybe, just maybe, it can help Twilight in her research!"
  94. >She tilted her head. "I thought Earth was different from Equestria."
  95. "It probably is, but it might serve as a good starting point for her," you point out. "Plus it'll get her off my back for a few days. Be back in a bit!"
  96. >You run back towards your house to see if it's there, racing so as to not keep Pinkie and Twilight waiting.
  97. >Thankfully you didn't run into any trouble on the way back.
  98. >You searched and scavenged throughout the house in trying to find it.
  99. >Ahhh, there it is!
  100. >A Tucson Lead Cross.
  101. >You don't know how you came into possession in one.
  102. >Dad said it was through a trade at one point.
  103. >You're not sure what kind of trade Dad had to do to get an ancient relic but you didn't question him.
  104. >He has his reasons, y'know...
  105. >You rush out the door, not bothering to clean up after yourself.
  106. >At least you didn't spill anything this time.
  107. >As you walk back to Twilight's castle (it only takes about a 15 minute walk, surprisingly), you have a repeat of the 'off feeling'.
  108. >So the artifcat wasn't the thing that would be very awkward and erotic for everyone involved.
  109. >Fug
  110. >Well it made sense.
  111. >Who in their right mind would use a Tucson Cross for their fetish?!
  112. >...
  113. >Don't answer that.
  114. >Anyway, you walk back in the door and locate Ponk.
  115. "Found it!"
  116. >"You did?"
  117. "Yep!"
  118. >You show her the cross.
  119. >"...what -is- it? It looks like a bunch of weird alien words on a plus sign."
  120. "It's a Tuscon Cross, one of thirty-one found in Arizona back on Earth."
  121. >She grinned. "Looks really cool! I'll have to show this to Twilight!"
  122. >You smile.
  123. >Although, it's a weaker smile because of your 'off feeling'.
  124. >You think it's a sort of Pinkie Sense you're obtaining.
  125. >God you hoped not.
  126. >Pinkie rubbed off on you a little too much for your liking.
  127. >You get back to skimming the book for until Twilight came back from whatever she was doing.
  128. >That's assuming she comes back after Operation: ANATSOOTS.
  129. >Was still worth it.
  130. >You glance at the clock. 11:30AM.
  131. >In that moment of time awareness you realize something else.
  132. >Something very much 'off'.
  133. "Oh SHIT."
  134. >"What now?"
  135. >You had nearly forgotten about your lunch with Rarity.
  136. >You had this planned since Yesterday, with confirmation last NIGHT.
  137. >FUCK
  138. "Late for lunch with Rarity, gotta change into nice clothes, gotta run okay bye!"
  139. >You race out the door, not bothering to elaborate beyond it.
  140. >Thankfully no pony stopped you from getting to your house, least of all Rarity.
  141. >As you step into your house, you saw something really unnerving.
  142. >Your house was...
  143. >Well, normally it was a mess.
  144. >Today it was a wreck
  145. >When you last left it it was in a state of impossibly bad housekeeping.
  146. >In the 15 minute walk plus however long it took to realize you were late for a date it would have been near impossible to get it cleaned, and even more impossible to find the motivation to clean it.
  147. >So imagine your shock when you find it not only cleaner than it was but almost spotless.
  148. >You immediately deduce that someone broke into your house.
  149. >With that in mind you slowly, quietly start to walk the house, trying to find any source of noise.
  150. >You didn't grab a frying pan or anything like that, only because no one was explicitly robbing you.
  151. >These ponies are too nice to rob you, right?
  152. >Anyway, you hear a set of wet noises in the bedroom.
  153. >Real wet noises.
  154. >Not sexual wet noises.
  155. >Gotta make the distinction.
  156. >You crack open the door to see who's inside.
  157. >...oh!
  158. >Very interesting.
  159. >Apparently inside your room was a unicorn maid, with an outfit and a horn ring.
  160. >And that unicorn maid was cleaning your room from top to bottom.
  161. >You don't remember hiring one, though.
  162. >Eh, just roll with it.
  163. >You open the door some more, your fear disappearing for the time being.
  164. "Uh, hello."
  165. >She shuffled towards you and smiled. "Good morning, Master."
  166. >Okay, her calling you 'Master'?
  167. >That was too much.
  168. >Play it cool, though.
  169. >It might just be a thing she calls all her clients, like 'honey' or 'darling' or something like that.
  170. >A habit of sorts.
  171. "Morning. Uhhh... I wasn't expecting visitors today."
  172. >She frowned, almost as if she were disappointed. "I'm sorry, Master."
  173. "No no, it's fine, just...y'know."
  174. >She seemed to understand, and her smile returned to her face really quick.
  175. >You look for your closet.
  176. >Okay, phew, your clean clothes are intact.
  177. >And wow, there's a nice-looking pair still there!
  178. "Gonna go change. the bathroom still being worked on?"
  179. >"No, Master."
  180. >Okay this 'Master' thing is getting annoying really fast.
  181. >You run to the bathroom to go change.
  182. >And to use it, obviously.
  183. >Don't want a repeat of your first date with her.
  184. >...
  185. >Flushhhhhhh
  186. >After you go change and do your business, you glanced at the clock.
  187. >11:42.
  188. >You had to meet up with Rarity by 11:55.
  189. >Which wasn't too bad, actually.
  190. >You just had to hurry.
  191. >But first...
  192. "Okay, uh, ma'am, I'm not sure how much you wanted to be paid for cleaning, and I really, really apologize for the trainwreck in this house today-"
  193. >"You do not need to pay me anything, Master. There's no need to apologize," she states matter-of-factly, her smile not leaving her facy anytime soon.
  194. >No need to pay?
  195. >Wut.
  196. >Your bullshit meter is off the charts.
  197. "Uh, I'm pretty sure someone hired you to come clean my house."f
  198. >"No pony hired me to clean your house, Master. It's just a natural process."
  199. >Natural process?
  200. "Well I mean it's your job."
  201. >"Yes it is, Master-"
  202. "I mean, you being the maid and all."
  203. >She sighed. "I'm not a maid, Master, that implies I'm more than a pony. All I am is your slave."
  204. >...
  205. >Oooooooookay.
  206. >This got awkward really fast.
  207. >Maybe -this- was the 'off feeling'.
  208. >Uhhhhhhhhhh
  209. "..."
  210. >She tilted her head, confused by your silence.
  211. "...alright, who put you up to this?"
  212. >"Nopony, Master."
  213. >On a scale of 1 to 10 how bullshit was that?
  214. >Pretty bullshit.
  215. "I mean, I'm pretty sure this is a prank of some kind."
  216. >"This isn't a prank, Master."
  217. >You doubt it.
  218. "Well if you're so sure it is, then-"
  219. >"Anonymoeeeee~? Where are youuuuuuu~?"
  220. >Oh SHIT.
  221. "Then uhhhh..."
  222. >You were NOT expecting Rarity to come over instead of the other way around.
  223. >Okay, Anon. Think quick.
  224. >Rarity was here, and there's no bullshitting with her.
  225. >Some pony claiming to be your slave was also here, which is very awkward for you right now.
  226. >You are at risk of spilling your spaghetti.
  227. >Uhhhhh
  228. "Can you, er, stay here and clean?"
  229. >"Yes Master."
  230. >Okay good.
  231. >That'll keep her from embarrassing you in front of your pony girlfriend.
  232. >"Anonymoe? You in there?"
  233. >Speaking of which, with that out of the way you walk out the front door to greet Rarity.
  234. "Morning, Rarity. How are you?"
  235. >"Exemplary, darling, how are you this fine noon?"
  236. "I'm alright. Got a lot of research done with Twilight and Pinkie today."
  237. >She nods. "That's wonderful. I'm sure you'll have a lot to talk about at the 'King's Garden'..."
  238. >You bet you will.
  240. >One hour later
  241. >You are stuffed.
  242. >Again, it's weird.
  243. >You're not a fan of spinach, which Rarity made you eat for lunch.
  244. >But it's actually tolerable.
  245. >Fucking ponies and their implicit ability to make god-tier food.
  246. >The rest of the food was GOAT.
  247. >What is their secret?
  248. "Oh, maaaaaaaan...that was a good lunch."
  249. >"Really? You enjoyed that, Anon?"
  250. "Yeah, it's really good."
  251. >Apparently it's shit by pony standards.
  252. >Or at least Rarity thought so.
  253. >"I thought the appetizer was a little dry."
  254. >Maybe she was picky.
  255. >You shrug.
  256. >"Anyhoo, I have to head back home. I'm rather backed up on orders for customers in Manehattan.."
  257. "Well, lemme know how it goes."
  258. >"Farewell, Anonymoe~"
  259. >You groan.
  260. >She came up with some sort of cringe-worthy nickname for you.
  261. >Anonymoe.
  262. >At least it wasn't Anonymoose.
  263. >Or Anonymouse.
  264. >Or some bullshit like that.
  265. >You waved goodbye to Rartiy, and as she walked out of your sight, you wonder what you're going to do now.
  266. >Maybe you can go bug Twilight and Ponk again and see if they have made any progress in the research.
  267. >Or you could stop by the bookstore and buy something.
  268. >The new Daring Do book sounds pretty interesting.
  269. >Or you could also go home and start cleanin-
  270. >Wait, no, you can't.
  271. >That pony was doing that for you.
  272. >Hmmmm, maybe you can try to-
  273. >WAIT.
  274. >SHIT.
  275. >Somehow during your lunch you forgot that some pony was in your house cleaning it up and claiming to be your slave.
  276. >Or...
  277. >Maybe you were imagining things.
  278. >You walk back home to see for yourself.
  279. >The house is spotless.
  280. >You WEREN'T imagining things.
  281. >Fuuuuuck.
  282. >...maybe you were cleaning it without noticing.
  283. >The unicorn with the maid outfit walks in from the other room. "Welcome back, Master. I've cleaned the entire house, just as you asked."
  284. >You weren't cleaning it..
  285. >GOD DAMMIT
  286. "Uhhhh, hello again."
  287. >She nods.
  288. >Well, this is going to be interesting.
  289. >Maybe she's still bullshitting you.
  290. "Okay, really, I'm sure you're messing with me now."
  291. >"I have cleaned the house. Is it not clean enough, Master?"
  292. "No I mean, I'm not denying that it's clean. It's good."
  293. >She grinned. "Thank you, Master-"
  294. "But I mean, this whole 'Slave' thing. I think you're messing with me."
  295. >She frowned. "I truly am your slave, Master."
  296. >You groaned. Okay...
  297. >If she truly isn't bullshitting you, maybe you can get some answers.
  298. "Alright, you'll have to forgive me for this, but I'm apparently behind on a lot of things right now. Who are you?"
  299. >"I am your Slave, Master."
  300. >Not a good answer.
  301. "No, I mean...what is your name?"
  302. >She thought about it for a moment before responding. "I don't have a name, Master. I've forgotten it a long time ago."
  304. "Why?"
  305. >"Because a Slave doesn't need a name."
  306. >This is kinda getting creepy.
  307. >"Do you wish to give me a name, Master?"
  308. >Forget 'kinda'.
  309. "I...."
  310. >Think, Anon.
  311. >You are at risk of getting everypony on your back for supposedly enslaving a pony.
  312. >You need to cover this up as much as possible.
  313. >What's a good name for her?
  314. >...
  315. >You decide Biscuit is a good name for her.
  316. >It's pony enough to pass as legit.
  317. >Probably gonna have a lot of fact-checking by Ponk if she finds out.
  318. >Because in this town, Pinkie knows everyone's names.
  319. >Yeesh.
  320. "Alright, your 'new' name, unless somewhere along the line you remember your old one, is Biscuit. You are you call yourself that in public. Do you understand?"
  321. >"Yes Master."
  322. "And you do not call me 'Master' in public. Please, call me Anonymous. Is that clear?"
  323. >"Yes Master."
  324. >Well...technically the two of you are not in public.
  325. "Alright. Then my next question is, why am I your 'Master'?"
  326. >"Because I remember you appearing in my dreams."
  327. >Uhhhh, what?
  328. "Elaborate."
  329. >"When I first saw you, I immediately knew that you were my Master, and that I would devote my life as your slave."
  330. >Okay now this is freaky.
  331. "Are you under any trance?"
  332. >"No, Master."
  333. "Any spell cast on you?"
  334. >"No, Master."
  335. >Uhhh okay
  336. >Trance and mind control aren't in play here.
  337. "Well, are you really doing this willingly?"
  338. >"Yes Master. I willingly serve under your hooves..." She glanced at your feet to double check. "Or whatever those are."
  339. "...Feet. Those are feet."
  340. >You suspect Biscuit's behind the times.
  341. >Though you've never had to explain what feet are.
  342. >Supposedly they know what feet are.
  343. >Mainly because of Spike.
  344. >"Okay, Master. I willingly serve under your feet."
  345. >Fug.
  346. >"Is there anything I can do for you, Anonymous?"
  347. >Okay, last ditch effort.
  348. "Is it okay if I set you free and have you not be a slave, Biscuit?"
  349. >pleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesayyespleasesay-
  350. >"No, Master. That is the one thing I will not do."
  351. >Fuck.
  352. >It was worth a shot.
  353. >You'll have to take her to Twilight as soon as possible.
  354. >But it wouldn't hurt to get as much information as you can about Biscuit.
  355. "Well, why do you feel like being a Slave?"
  356. >"Because for me, there's nothing better than the pleasure of obedience."
  357. "Aren't there any other options for you out there? Preferrably ones that don't involve you being a slave."
  358. >"There are many, but I prefer being a slave. It's better for me. Other ponies will disagree with me, but this is what I want."
  359. >...
  360. "Well, now I'm a little curious."
  361. >Time to get some more detailed information.
  362. "What kind of fetish do you have?"
  363. >For research purposes, obviously.
  364. >She sighed.
  365. >"My fetish is whatever yours is."
  366. >Wow. That's cliche.
  367. >Not helping the case that this isn't a prank.
  368. "Don't you have a fetish of your own?"
  369. >"I do, actually..." She blushed as she began to describe her fetish. "I enjoy sensory deprivation a lot. Being stripped of everything but my thoughts is just exciting, especially when my thoughts are drowned out by music or makes me want to cum just thinking about it."
  370. >She sighed. "But in the end, as your slave it doesn't matter what I enjoy. What I enjoy most is what you enjoy, Master."
  371. >holy shit
  372. >She's really is obedient.
  373. >This really is happening.
  374. >Ron Paul would be proud.
  375. >Uhh
  376. >Panic.png
  377. "Okay, well...that's interesting."
  378. >"Thank you, Master."
  379. >You try to think of what else you can ask her.
  380. >"May I have permission to ask something, Master?"
  381. >uh..
  382. "Go ahead."
  383. >"What kind of fetish do you have?"
  384. >Oh no you don't.
  385. "I'm not at liberty to share, so..."
  386. >"...why not?"
  387. "Because there's this other pony who keeps trying to find that out, and I really don't want her finding out what it is."
  388. >You glance down at her.
  389. >Okay, Biscuit's mane is brown and her coat is a light blue.
  390. >Not even remotely close to fucking Fluttershy.
  391. >God dammit you're paranoid now.
  392. >"How was your date with Miss Rarity, Master?"
  393. >THAT was not a question you hoped she'd ask.
  394. >See, you and Rarity are a thing.
  395. >Problem is, Biscuit here thinks you're her Master and she's your Slave.
  396. >And she's apparently happy about that.
  397. >That implies she's in love with you.
  398. >Being in love with Rarity meant things were going to get awkward.
  399. " was fine. Just.."
  400. >Okay, no more stalling.
  401. "Okay look, there must have been a miscommunication. I wasn't aware that I was your Master until just now."
  402. >She looked disappointed.
  403. "The problem is, I'm currently dating Rarity on and off, meaning a relationship between you and me is going to become a huge issue when she gets involved. Do you still want to be my...y'know."
  404. >"Yes Master. I am completely willing to share you with Miss Rarity."
  405. "I mean, well, this is all rather sudden. I mean, I'm not even sure I'm supposed to be your Master."
  406. >She beamed. "You are."
  407. >You grimace.
  408. >Okay, that settles it.
  409. >You need to find Twilight.
  410. "Alright, Biscuit. I want you to come with me. We're going to visit somepony."
  411. >She smiles. "Yes Master. Who are we visiting?"
  412. "Princess Twilight Sparkle."
  413. >She nodded.
  414. >You start to head out the door...and bump squarely into Twilight herself.
  415. >oof...
  416. >On one hand, bumping into her made it easier to find Twilight Sparkle when you needed her most.
  417. >Especially after Operation ANATSOOTS.
  418. >On the other hand, you were now with Twilight AND Biscuit in your house with nowhere to run.
  419. >A quick silence passes before Twilight breaks it.
  420. >"Anon, there you are. Thank goodness, I was wondering where you went."
  421. >Right.
  422. >You had ditched the research because of Rarity.
  423. "I was gonna come back anyway, but since you're here-"
  424. >"Where -were- you?" she asked.
  425. "With Rarity. Had a lunch planned that completely blindsided me."
  426. >"Ahhhh...I see. Then my next question is..."
  427. >She glances over at Biscuit, who was sitting still in her maid outfit, horn ring, and collar.
  428. >Wait
  429. >Collar
  430. >Oh shit you forgot to remove it
  431. >uhhhh
  432. >"...who is she?" Twilight asked, pointing at your so-called slave.
  433. >Play it cool.
  434. >Starbutt or not, you're dealing with the fucking Princess.
  435. "Well, that's what I was going to-"
  436. >"Good morning, Princess Twilight," said Biscuit. "I am Biscuit, Anonymous' slave."
  437. >An awkward silence passed.
  438. "I can explain."
  439. >Twilight scowled at you. "Please do."
  440. "Well, let me start from the beginning...after I went back home to get changed for the lunch with Rarity, I found this pony in my house, cleaning it from top to bottom. I didn't think it was much outside of the initial shock of ponies breaking into my house, and I thought maybe you or someone brought a maid here because you all know how messy mr room gets."
  441. >"Uh huhh..."
  442. "But then she started calling herself my slave, and it started weirding me out. After I got back from lunch with Rarity, I tried to ask a few questions. Apparently she's not under any spell or trance, she's willing because she likes the 'pleasure of obedience', and-"
  443. >"Wait, hold up," Twilight interrupted. "You expect me to seriously think she's enjoying this?"
  444. "Again, I have no idea what's real about this. I think she's actually under a spell-"
  445. >"I am not under a spell, Anonymous."
  446. >Thank GOD she isn't calling you Master in front of Twilight.
  447. "-but the reason for that is because she saw me in a dream and found me based off that. Why? I have no idea."
  448. >...
  449. >Totally not suspicious.
  450. >"Alright," Twilight sighed, "lemme do a quick check-up."
  451. >Twilight's eyes and horn lit brightly in the confines of your entry hall as she cast a spell on Biscuit.
  452. >After a few moments, they dimmed down.
  453. >"Well, the good news is she isn't under any sort of spell. No trance either, as far as I can tell."
  454. >Okay so Biscuit wasn't bullshitting there either.
  455. >"However, that raises a number of potential questions as to who she is and where she comes from."
  456. >Welp, this was gonna take a while and be a pain to deal with.
  457. >Twilight looked over at Biscuit. "Biscuit, that is your name, correct?"
  458. >"Yes, Princess Twilight."
  459. >"Where did the name come from?"
  460. >She smiled. "The name came from Anonymous, Twilight."
  461. >Twilight scowled at you again. "It came from WHO, now?"
  462. "Well I mean, she apparently forgot her old name because apparently she didn't 'need' one."
  463. >"But you just decided to give her a name?"
  464. "Yes."
  465. >"Why?!"
  466. "Because it was either that or she called herself 'Slave' in public, which would be even MORE frustrating than it already is."
  467. >"...alright."
  468. >You think of a question that in hindsight you should've asked before.
  469. "Biscuit, I have a question."
  470. >"Yes, Anonymous?"
  471. "Where did you come from?"
  472. >Her face grew to that of sadness.
  473. >Not sadness of something she'd done wrong, but one of something she never wanted to face again.
  474. >"A place I never wish to go back to or talk about, Anonymous."
  475. >Ooof.
  476. >On one hand you need to drill Biscuit for information on account of her being creepy obedient horse.
  477. >On the other hand, she seemed so innocent otherwise.
  478. >On the OTHER hand, you couldn't go the rest of your life with a slave to submit to your every desire, even if you thought it was kinda hot.
  479. >On the OTHER hand, it was very, very arousing.
  480. >On the OTHER hand, you wanted to help her become less of a 'slave' somewhere along the line.
  481. >On the OTHER hand Biscuit was really nice to you.
  482. >...
  483. "Alright. But we're gonna get things worked out, is that clear?"
  484. >Her sadness faded a little. "Yes, Anonymous."
  485. >She then embraced you in a soft, soft hug, a small smile forming on her face.
  486. >C-Cute.
  487. >You glance back over at Twilight.
  488. "So... what do?"
  489. >She pondered about it for a second. "Well, did you try setting her free?"
  490. "Yeah. Didn't work, because she refused."
  491. >"...well, horseapples. I think the only thing to do for now is ask around," suggested Twilight. "She doesn't seem to be from Ponyville, but maybe I can get around the rest of Equestria and ask about a 'light-blue unicorn with brown hair' who disappeared."
  492. "Alright. You need me to tag along?"
  493. >"No, actually, I want you to do something else for me."
  494. >Uh-oh.
  495. >She looked over at you and Biscuit, who was still embracing you in her hug.
  496. >"Since the two of you seem to be getting along pretty well so far," she said with a smirk, "I want you to just let her focus on what she 'wants', at the very least until I cna find somepony who knows what's going on."
  497. >Wait
  498. >What
  499. "Uh, you're not saying-"
  500. >"Biscuit wanted to be your slave. Whether that's true is another story, but for now just roll with it."
  501. >Well, shit.
  502. >"However, I'd advise not telling the others quiiiiiite yet, becuase... well, I know you and one of the others are very close, and you know how-"
  503. >You fully agreed.
  504. >Rarity knowing would be a disaster for everyone involved.
  505. "Right, don't tell Rarity. Got it."
  506. >"...I was gonna say Pinkie, but I wouldn't tell Rarity either. In fact, I'd rather you keep Biscuit a complete secret until this gets sorted out. Is that fine?"
  507. "Yep- wait say what about Pinkie?!"
  508. >Twilight giggled.
  509. >So let's review:
  510. >You have a pony you called Biscuit that is apparently your slave by choice.
  511. >She refuses to be set free.
  512. >Twilight's going to try and find out where she came from, because Biscuit isn't going to tell one way or another.
  513. >You can't tell anyone about it.
  514. >Yet you'll have to something with Biscuit, unless you can let her do whatever.
  515. >This was gonna suck.
  516. >"Well, if you need me, I'll be packing up to go to Canterlot later tonight. Maybe Princess Celestia will know a thing or two about Biscuit."
  517. >You nod, and watch as Twilight Sparkle leave your house.
  518. >That just left you and Biscuit to do whatever for the rest of the day.
  519. >Okay, since you were pretty much stuck with her for a few days, it MIGHT be helpful to get more info out of her.
  520. >Just in case Twilight needed it.
  521. "Biscuit, come with me for a second."
  522. >"Yes, Master."
  523. >Welp, here we go again.
  524. >You can only roll your eyes as she resumes calling you 'Master'.
  525. >As the two of you walk to your (incredibly clean) room, you sigh.
  526. >This was gonna be hard to ask.
  527. "Okay, Biscuit. I need to talk with you. About that place you came from."
  528. >Her smile faded as you began to talk.
  529. "Again, I don't know much about your past, having only just met you. However, I'm pretty sure you're withholding something from me."
  530. >She looked downward.
  531. >Yep, that's a tell.
  532. "Is that correct?"
  533. >"Yes, Master."
  534. "Okay, if you wish to continue serving under me, I want you to tell me where you came from. Is that understood?"
  535. >She paused for a few seconds before responding.
  536. >"...Yes, Master." She took a deep breath in, and explained her story in greater detail. "I came from an asylum."
  537. >An asylum?
  538. >"I had a Master, a long time before I found you as my new Master. With him I was happiest; Old Master treated me well and gave me a reason to live. But the ponies of the asylum took me away from him, and I never saw him again. The asylum treated me horribly; they..."
  539. >She paused, and you noticed a couple of teardrops form from her eyes.
  540. >"T-They told me I was crazy, that I was legally insane for wanting to serve Old Master, that I needed to not be a slave and I needed to be free. That my kind Old Master was a cruel Master, that he was taking everything I had from me...b-but he wasn't, I swear!"
  541. >Okay, you have to jump in for a moment.
  542. "Look, Biscuit, again, I can see why you'd be angry at them, but in all fairness being a slave is not a preferable thing for any pony. Or any human, rather. You've admitted as much."
  543. >"T-That's what they told me, Master. B-But they... they did something horrible, something cruel to Old Master, that I couldn't forgive them for."
  544. "...what did they do?"
  545. >"T-They... they took him away from me. Said he was too dangerous to be around me anymore."
  546. >...
  547. "O-oh. They did?"
  548. >She weakly nodded.
  549. >"T-They talked about how Old Master was cruel, and sadistic, but he was trying to protect me. They're the ones who were sadistic, not Old Master..."
  550. >You sigh.
  551. >So there WAS a Master before you.
  552. >And if she was to be believed, this Master was nice and fair to her.
  553. >But the asylum...
  554. >The asylum was a place for insane people.
  555. >Biscuit clearly was not sane.
  556. >It wasn't a surprise she was kept in there.
  557. >However, every time you heard about an asylum, it was usually horror stories.
  558. >Things like 'keeping heretics under control', 'keeping old men hostage because he claimed to have a beast', that sort of shit.
  559. >You look down at Biscuit.
  560. >Her eyes were red from the number of tears dripping down from them.
  561. >God dammit, you're growing soft these days.
  562. "Biscuit?"
  563. >"Y-Yes, Master?" she whispered.
  564. "I don't know what's going to happen in these next few days, but until we can get someone in here who knows what's going on and work it out with him or her, I have no option but to trust your words."
  565. >She nodded.
  566. "However, because you talked about another Master, I want to know the truth. How'd you jump from him to me?"
  567. >"H-He appeared in my dreams one night. He told me that you were his successor. That I was to obey you like I obeyed him."
  568. >Huh.
  569. "And what did he look like?"
  570. >"H-He was absolutely amazing. Blonde mane and green coat, beautiful blue eyes...the best Master I could have asked for, before you."
  571. >You don't remember seeing any pony that looked like him.
  572. >Very interesting.
  573. >Perhaps Biscuit -was- actually insane, if she claimed that 'Old Master' had known about you.
  574. >However, she seemed so nice.
  575. >You almost pitied her for what she's gone through.
  576. >Hmmm...
  577. "Alright. If it helps, I'll do my best to be a good, ahem, Master. Just so you don't walk away disappointed."
  578. >She nodded. "M-Master, will you promise me something?"
  579. "Hmm?"
  580. >"W-Will you keep me here, away from the ponies of the asylum?"
  581. >You nodded.
  582. "I'll try. No promises, but I'll try."
  583. >She gave a weak smile. "Thank you Master."
  584. "However..."
  585. >Her smile faded. "W-What?"
  586. >A mischievous grin spreads across your face.
  587. "I don't like it when anyone, especially those who serve me, withholds information from me. You've been quite the naughty girl on that front."
  588. >Her eyes widen as she realizes what you're about to do.
  589. "On the bed. Now, Biscuit."
  590. >She jumped onto the bed, awaiting your next few commands.
  591. "Front down, butt up. Now."
  592. >She made no hesitation to do as you asked, and you were soon greeted with a face full of flank.
  593. >Welp, there it is.
  594. >Boner activated.
  595. >But you weren't gonna bone her in the butt.
  596. >No...
  597. >Instead, you slapped her butt.
  598. >She yelped as your hand made contact.
  599. "Just making sure it's sensitive enough."
  600. >She looked back at you.
  601. >You could see the fear in her eyes as you prepared to give her your punishment.
  602. "What would be better for the information you withheld, Slave? Ten spanks, or twenty?"
  603. >"T-Twenty, Master.."
  604. >You're a little surprised.
  605. >Giving her a choice in her punishment might have meant she'd pick the easier one.
  606. >But you're not gonna complain.
  607. "And do you truly believe you deserve twenty spanks?"
  608. >"Y-Yes, Master..."
  609. "Why do you believe you deserve twenty spanks, Slave?"
  610. >"Because I've been a bad girl, Master."
  611. >You could already feel the throbbing in your dick as Biscuit accepts her punishment.
  612. >You give her a shit-eating grin.
  613. "That you have, Biscuit."
  614. >And with that, you give her a whole twenty quick spanks to her bare flank.
  615. >She doesn't yelp, but rather she moans with each spank you gave.
  616. >After the 20 spanks, you look at her once again.
  617. >She's breathing heavily as she recovers from her punishment.
  618. "20 spanks, as promised. However, Biscuit, I will say this..."
  619. >You give a gentle smile this time.
  620. >Somehow, Biscuit picks up on the type of smile you give, and gives a very weak smile of her own.
  621. "You've been really good about accepting your punishment. That alone doesn't warrant less than 20 spanks, does it?"
  622. >"No, Master."
  623. "But, Biscuit, with how good you've been about that, I think that deserves its own reward, doesn't it?"
  624. >"N-No, Master. It doesn't."
  625. >You smirk.
  626. "Too bad. Tell you what..."
  627. >You looked at the clock.
  628. >It's currently 3:00 PM.
  629. >Still a while before dinner.
  630. "I'm going to go shopping for a bit, and I'll bring dinner home. Is there anything in particular you want?"
  631. >"No, Master."
  632. "Are you fine with whatever?"
  633. >"Yes, Master," she said. "Whatever you pick for me, I'll eat."
  634. "Fair enough. Until I get back, I want you to do me a favor and just walk around the house, make yourself at home and all. Provided you don't get into mischief while I'm gone, I may bring something back for you for being such a good girl. Is that alright?"
  635. >She smiled. "Yes, Master. I'm perfectly fine with that."
  636. >You nodded.
  637. "Alright, I'll be back in a bit."
  638. >With that out of the way, you walk out the door, making entirely sure to lock it behind you.
  639. >Where to go?
  640. >You wanted to surprise Biscuit when you got home.
  641. >But you wanted it to be a good surprise, not a disappointing surprise.
  642. >Hmmmmm...
  643. >You remember there a adult kink store opening up recently in town.
  644. >You decide to head there first...
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