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Dec 28th, 2015
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  1. Ian Murdock
  2. 5h5 hours ago
  3. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  4. @StrawberrySabre abcolucity i'll tweet it or twitch it or whenever the rufk can i have 30 minutes toe wtie my suittyes ?
  5. Ian Murdock
  6. 5h5 hours ago
  7. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  8. @littleidea And what is that? I'll give you title to Google it.
  9. Ian Murdock
  10. 5h5 hours ago
  11. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  12. @NAACP Please contact me. I'm white, rich, and they did the same thing they've done to the blacks.
  13. Ian Murdock
  14. 5h5 hours ago
  15. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  16. @NAACP Please contact me. I'm write, rich, and they did the same thing they've done to the blacks.
  17. Ian Murdock
  18. 5h5 hours ago
  19. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  20. I am a white male, make a lot money, pay a lot of money in taxes, and yet their abuse is equally doned out. DO NOT CROSS THEM!
  21. Ian Murdock
  22. 5h5 hours ago
  23. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  24. @littleidea who are you? you seem to have a lot of opinions about me
  25. Ian Murdock
  26. 5h5 hours ago
  27. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  28. This was right after the female officer ripped off my underwear.. I guess that's not considered rape if you're not a woman being raped.
  29. Ian Murdock
  30. 5h5 hours ago
  31. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  32. "We're the police, we can do whatever the fuck we want.."
  33. Ian Murdock
  34. 6h6 hours ago
  35. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  36. What does one have to get education wise to become a police officer.. asking for a friend.
  37. Ian Murdock
  38. 6h6 hours ago
  39. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  40. @imurdock @kairyssdal I'm a big fan. The police beat me up last night and sent me to the hospital..can you help me?
  41. Ian Murdock
  42. 6h6 hours ago
  43. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  44. The rest of my life is to fight against the police.. they are NOT friends, so don't ever ever believe otherwise.
  45. Ian Murdock
  46. 6h6 hours ago
  47. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  48. The police are uneducated, evil, and sadistic. Do not trust them.
  49. Ian Murdock
  50. 6h6 hours ago
  51. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  52. (2/2) They are uneducated, bitter, and and only interested in power for its own sake. Contact me if you can help. -ian
  53. Ian Murdock
  54. 6h6 hours ago
  55. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  56. (1/2) The rest of my life will be devoted to fighting against police abuse.. I'm white, I made $1.4 million last year,
  57. Ian Murdock
  58. 6h6 hours ago
  59. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  60. i'm hoping coming from a successful white guy it will help everyone
  61. Ian Murdock
  62. 6h6 hours ago
  63. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  64. i'm going to post my case on my blog.. if anyone can post it on hacker news or wherever i would apprieciate it
  65. Ian Murdock
  66. 6h6 hours ago
  67. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  68. @jackstormwriter hates athiests
  69. Ian Murdock
  70. 6h6 hours ago
  71. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  72. @jackstormwriter wants me very very dead
  73. Ian Murdock
  74. 6h6 hours ago
  75. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  76. @jackstormwriter wants me very dead
  77. Ian Murdock
  78. 6h6 hours ago
  79. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  80. @jackstormwriter wants me dead
  81. Ian Murdock
  82. 6h6 hours ago
  83. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  84. @jacksormwriter wants me dead
  85. Ian Murdock
  86. 7h7 hours ago
  87. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  88. @jackstormwriter What you have fucking done for humanity?
  89. Ian Murdock
  90. 7h7 hours ago
  91. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  92. @jackstormwriter How the fuck are you?
  93. Ian Murdock
  94. 7h7 hours ago
  95. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  96. @jackstormwriter You the fuck are you to call me any kinds of names.. what have you fucking done?
  97. Ian Murdock
  98. 7h7 hours ago
  99. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  100. @jackstormwriter Fuck you
  101. Ian Murdock
  102. 7h7 hours ago
  103. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  104. @jackstormwriter You're a lawyer, yes?
  105. Ian Murdock
  106. 7h7 hours ago
  107. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  108. Writing up my experience for others to hopefully prevent others from police abuse then you won't hear from me again
  109. Ian Murdock
  110. 7h7 hours ago
  111. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  112. @jackstormwriter Never had any rights read to me.
  113. Ian Murdock
  114. 7h7 hours ago
  115. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  116. where they put you in a cell with absolutely no instructions whatever aside from the spell on the floor in piss?
  117. Ian Murdock
  118. 7h7 hours ago
  119. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  120. shall i post pictures for all my bruises from my against the police officers?
  121. Ian Murdock
  122. 7h7 hours ago
  123. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  124. they said no
  125. Ian Murdock
  126. 7h7 hours ago
  127. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  128. i asked if they had cameras
  129. Ian Murdock
  130. 7h7 hours ago
  131. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  132. then followed my home from there
  133. Ian Murdock
  134. 7h7 hours ago
  135. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  136. i had to have swtitches
  137. Ian Murdock
  138. 7h7 hours ago
  139. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  140. then they pulled me out of my house and did it again
  141. Ian Murdock
  142. 7h7 hours ago
  143. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  144. they followed me home
  145. Ian Murdock
  146. 7h7 hours ago
  147. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  148. i had to go to the hospital
  149. Ian Murdock
  150. 7h7 hours ago
  151. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  152. they beat the shit out of me twice, then charged me $25,000 to get out of jail for battery against THEM
  153. Ian Murdock
  154. 7h7 hours ago
  155. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  156. if anyone wants to come over and see what the police did to me i would be more than happy for that
  157. Ian Murdock
  158. 7h7 hours ago
  159. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  160. I'm not committing suicide today. I'll write this all up first, so the police brutality ENDEMIC in this so call free country will be known.
  161. Ian Murdock
  162. 7h7 hours ago
  163. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  164. Maybe my suicide at this, you now, a successful business man, not a NIGGER, will finally bring some attention to this very serious issue.
  165. Ian Murdock
  166. 7h7 hours ago
  167. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  168. My career is over now, so I'll be gone soon.
  169. Ian Murdock
  170. 7h7 hours ago
  171. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  172. @andreagrandi Dude I appreciate that but they have all power and until all have cameras they wlll abuse it.
  173. Ian Murdock
  174. 7h7 hours ago
  175. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  176. Quote: "We're the police, we always win."
  177. Ian Murdock
  178. 7h7 hours ago
  179. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  180. I'll write more much later. They still don't have cameras on all police so I'm going to use my somewhat celebrity to hopefully stop this.
  181. Ian Murdock
  182. 7h7 hours ago
  183. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  184. My bail for "assault against a police officer" are all that: $25,000.
  185. Ian Murdock
  186. 7h7 hours ago
  187. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  188. Then beat me up some more.
  189. Ian Murdock
  190. 7h7 hours ago
  191. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  192. I'll write more on my blog later. But the police here beat me up for knowing on my neighbor's door.. they sent me to the hospital.
  193. Ian Murdock
  194. 7h7 hours ago
  195. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  196. @andreagrandi No juke man. Congrats. You can an at reference. -ian
  197. Ian Murdock
  198. 7h7 hours ago
  199. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  200. …
  201. Ian Murdock
  202. 7h7 hours ago
  203. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  204. watch my blog later
  205. Ian Murdock
  206. 7h7 hours ago
  207. Ian Murdock ‏@imurdock
  208. i'm committing suicide tonight.. do not intervene as i have many stories to tell and do not want them to die with me #debian #runnerkristy67
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