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  1. <copypaste> you guys want to hear my theory about current events
  2. <PatMan> Which events?
  3. <copypaste> i think with my email to tucows the pressure on n t technology has become too great. jim is afraid 2ch will go down
  4. <copypaste> he's moving the servers for 8chan to some other datacenter. the server type matches the ones that 8chan was hosted on last i knew
  5. <copypaste> down to the brand etc.
  6. <copypaste> that way centauri is not a single known point of failure
  7. <oho> nobody said yes
  8. <copypaste> i don't care
  9. <PatMan> Well, copypaste
  10. <copypaste> what's going to be critical is figuring out the true origin after the move. if opponents can't do that his hand is strengthened
  11. <PatMan> You said you don't want Jim to control any imageboards.
  12. <copypaste> if they can, it's weakened
  13. <copypaste> if a single DoS against centauri brings 8kun down, it's a bluff
  14. <copypaste> this move is super interesting
  15. <copypaste> drama like this i live for
  16. <PatMan> Would you try to take down 2ch as well?
  17. <copypaste> finally an interesting move
  18. <copypaste> if 2ch goes down incidentally that's acceptable collateral damage for me given hiroyuki runs an alternative anyway
  19. <copypaste> and hiroyuki > jim, always
  20. <oho> i'm sorry?
  21. <jmanfatty> hey copypaste check out the election meddling this year
  22. <oho> running an alternative is unacceptable to you now?
  23. <oho> how soon can we expect reddit to go down?
  24. <PatMan> copypaste, right, but you said you don't want jim owning anything like this, right?
  25. <PatMan> So why wouldn't you want 2ch taken down as well?
  26. <copypaste> 2ch doesn't affect my life. i'd be happy if it went down as thta's a big source of money for jim gone
  27. <copypaste> i make sure to let people know that it's the source of his income
  28. <PatMan> 8chan/kun doesn't affect your life either.
  29. <copypaste> are you me
  30. <PatMan> You can easily walk away from 8chan
  31. <copypaste> i can't walk
  32. <copypaste> :)
  33. <PatMan> :^)
  34. <PatMan> You can easily stop caring about 8chan/kun
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  36. <PatMan> ...
  37. * LiftLeft has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  38. <PatMan> You're totally going to start going after 2ch when you're convinced 8kun isn't coming up, aren't you?
  39. <jmanfatty> copypaste:
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  41. <squid92> Patman, he can't stop caring about 8chan/8kun because he's a gamma male
  42. <YT-info> YouTube » The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy: GAMMA (12:31) · by Voxiversity on 2019-03-20 · ↑1,710 ↓104 · 42,816 views
  43. <oho> [22:32] (+copypaste) if 2ch goes down incidentally that's acceptable collateral damage for me given hiroyuki runs an alternative anyway
  44. <oho> he just said that alternatives are unacceptable to him
  45. <oho> anything you use in the place of 8chan now personally affects him
  46. <oho> do i understand that right
  47. <copypaste> no
  48. <copypaste> 2ch goign down is acceptable collateral as jim owns it too
  49. <squid92> you're no different now than the faggots that took out 2ch incidentally when they ddos'd 8chan
  50. <copypaste> ok
  51. <copypaste> im not directly targeting 2ch other than by mentioning constantly it's the source of the family fortune
  52. <copypaste> and may have been stolen
  53. <copypaste> but i'm not emailing anyone about 2ch only
  54. <copypaste> i'm sure hiroyuki is working on that, i'll leave him to it
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