cleartonic Feb 26th, 2019 347 Never
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  1. It's my birthday! Usually on this day I often think about the people I know & communities I'm involved with and how much I appreciate them.
  3. I tend not to talk about my problems because I think there's a lot of other people who are worse off than I am. But I don't take winter well at all, and it usually is a time of putting my head down for multiple months and grinding out work to get through it. And my birthday being at the end of February is typically a turning point every year where I can take a breath of fresh air and move on from winter. Doing races with pals and weekend streams really helps me get through it, and I'm grateful for anyone around to hang out.
  5. Hopeful to make some work/lifestyle changes going into this summer, but otherwise living full throttle like usual & not letting another year to my age get in my way.
  7. Thanks for being cool, everyone~
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